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That's what Anastasia's day was going to shape up as, she was sure. After all, how can a day with Drew Tanaka on patrol duty with you go well?

"And then Travis and I kissed! Katie was strawberry red with jealousy, that poor honey. After all, I did kiss her bae-"

"Cut your stupid banter and focus on the woods, Tanaka." Beyond the irritation, the former Cabin 10 counsellor's words registered. "And why in Olympus' name did you kiss Travis Stoll? Don't you fear Katie will end up changing your mattress to a cactus, or destroy your vanity kit?"

"What's a relationship without some drama, hon?" At that Anastasia rolled her eyes. "But what would you nerds know? Except for you sister Annabeth. Damn, she got that honey-cake Jackson. That boy is one gorgeous male." Drew would've continued, but the daughter of Athena beat her to it.

"Any more fangirling over Percy, and Annabeth will know." At that, Drew rolled her eyes and mumbled a whatever, but shut up. Ana prayed to the gods, Nike and her mother in particular, that she wouldn't have any more bad luck today. As Malcolm and Annabeth having left for college, she was made head counsellor for the cabin, and today was patrol day for them. The draw of lots yielded Athena and Aphrodite. With Piper on a quest to retrieve her mother's scarf, she was stuck with Drew Tanaka for a partner.

Apparently the last night's sacrifices were less, because the exact opposite of her prayer happened, with a half-dead, suited young male crashing through a pine tree, a gorgon not far behind. Now she had to battle a gorgon with no help at all, and make sure that guy crossed the barrier. All with Drew Tanaka's screaming as background music.



Artemis had landed at John F Kennedy Airport, checking the reply he'd received again. They retreated to an alleyway, where Artemis took out his stash of drachmas.

"I find it incredibly stupid to be tossing a drachma into the street and muttering an Ancient Greek chant. As a matter of fact, I still find this entire exercise a waste of time." Domovoi Butler couldn't help but agree with his charge, but he remembered the fiasco that had occurred at the Fowl Manor when the letter reached Madame Fowl's hands, and Artemis Fowl Sr. got wind of the situation. It went down like this –

Angeline Fowl had been sifting through her son's wardrobe to make sure he had acceptable teenage clothes to wear for Miriam Marshall's daughter's birthday. No suits for Arty! She had informed Angeline. While looking for a pair of skinny jeans for her son, she found the letter, safely hidden away in a corner of his trouser drawer. The reaction was instantaneous.

The moment Artemis returned with Myles and Beckett from their school, she hugged the twins and sent them off for a shower while pulling her older son aside for a conversation in Father's personal study.

"Artemis Fowl II, may I know when you received this letter?" The boy raised an eyebrow, only fuelling his mother's pent-up ire. "Don't give me that look, young man! When did you get this letter?"

"How is it important, Mother?" She only stared with an accusatory glare at the wall and rang for her husband, who promptly reached home within ten minutes.

"What is it, dear?" he asked his wife, who looked conflicted between crying and screaming angrily. He had only seen Angeline this angry twice before. Once, when Artemis disappeared for three years in Limbo, and the other time when his father revealed the truth about the Fowl family.

"I thought I and your father had a deal." At that Artemis Fowl Sr. paled a bit, their son staring at the duo in confusion. Artemis Fowl Sr. read the letter, sighing audibly as he finished.

"He will go."

"Timmy!" The man shot his wife a look.

"Angeline, it's time he knows his legacy." He turned to his son. "Artemis, the Greek gods are real. And I'm not insane, telling you this. You've descended from a god. A rather powerful god, to be precise." Artemis, at first, felt like questioning his father's sanity, but ignored the feeling. His father wasn't a mad man.


"You'll find out soon enough. The camp will help you. A very major reason of the power our family holds lies in our ancestry, and we happen to be privileged-"

"Or accursed," his wife interjected hotly. He continued.

"To have the gods visit our family thrice. The first was Zeus, the father of Hugh Fowl, your ancestor. The second was Athena, who visited my great-grandfather, and the last was my father, who sired me. It is in your best interests that you go to Camp Half-Blood. You will be safer there."


"I can assure you it isn't a prank, son. I have been to this camp as a teenager, and I know how it can offer you safety."

"So you're telling me I am supposed to attend a camp for demigods, which do happen to exist in reality." Artemis Fowl Senior nodded. Angeline Fowl looked like she wanted to wring her husband's neck.

"Timmy, he can die. Not everybody makes it to that place. You told me so."

"But he will."

"And what if he doesn't?"

"You know my father wouldn't let it happen, Angeline."

"Your father is a mad man."

"Anyone who looks at his eyes can say that. Either a madman or a genius. Maybe both. Artemis, you leave tomorrow."

And that's how they ended up in an alleyway, with Artemis and his bodyguard staring at the ground which had just swallowed a drachma, smoke curling around the sidewalk.

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