Alpha, Theta, Epsilon

Run Boy Run


"Hello boys! Get in the cab!"

The very sight of the taxi made Artemis nauseous. He would never climb into a vehicle that filthy and dilapidated. With its paint peeling off, the trash on the seats visible from three feet away and the smell of what could've been concentrated acid emanating from the cab made him want to puke.

"You've never been our customer, that we're sure of, kiddo. Get in, if you don't want to be eaten by a Minotaur for breakfast!" The lady at the wheel spoke. The other two beside were squabbling, holding what looked suspiciously like a fresh human eye. That's when he took a look at their faces, or more precisely, their eyes.

There were none.

"We'll take a standard cab, thank you very much," Butler led his charge away from the vehicle, who had recognised the mythical characters. That still wouldn't make him take that cab.

"Oh, but you're needed at the camp, Artemis Fowl II! What of the prophecy?" At that Artemis turned.

"What prophecy?"

"He doesn't know!" The lady in the middle cackled. "Like Jackson and Grace, Odysseus and di Angelo, he doesn't know! None of them ever know, do they?" Artemis felt his throat tighten.

"Is there a key detail I'm missing out on? And who are these people you equate me with?"

"You'll know when you get there. Now, now, get in. The Graeae don't wait for anyone." He eyed the cab for a while.

"I suppose there is another way to get to Camp Half-Blood?"

"Of course there is!" The lady at the other end spoke. "You take a normal cab and ask them to leave you at the Delphi strawberry fields at Long Island."

"Thank you very much. We'll do just that." With that, Butler rang up Hertz rentals for a taxi. The Graeae gave Artemis one last look of contemplation.

"I'll gladly avail your services later, but for now, a normal taxi it is for me." They didn't look offended, which made him feel relieved.

"Sure. Reach camp alive, and we'll be seeing you very soon. Goodbye!" The cab disappeared in a plume of smoke, leaving the two waiting for a normal taxi.

They had barely gotten to the fields when an explosion rocked the car.

Artemis extricated himself from the rubble. Thankfully, the cuts were few and benign. Butler offered him a helping hand, and the two stood up from the smoking mass which threatened to explode any minute. The driver was nowhere in sight.

No sooner had they gotten a few metres away from the car, the vehicle exploded, with a roar that couldn't be mechanical sounding behind them. Artemis vaguely registered hissing in the background. Turning around, a nine feet tall woman-no, monster, loomed over them, talons extended and her snake hair hissing. She roared once more, charging at the boy, who would be delicatessen meat had Butler not pulled him away.

"No use running for your life, godling! I will find you anyways!" Artemis broke into a run, heading towards the place he should've disembarked at – the strawberry fields. The trees obscured his view of the place, but he could vaguely see buildings behind them. Another Gorgon joined the previous, charging at them.

A cold feeling seeped up his chest, and he pulled out the black Victorinox his father had given him. This can save you from getting killed. Just twist it.

Artemis did as told, the object growing into a sword. He hefted the weapon, which felt light and strange in his hands, having never dealt with it before. "How do I use it?" Butler, who was busy firing at the gorgon, took aim once more after reloading his Glock.

"You've done fencing, right? Use those skills!" The boy did as told and calculated the best angle to strike from. However, he did not receive much time as a Gorgon charged at him. Instinctively swinging the weapon and narrowly avoided getting sliced by the Gorgon's talons. He swung again, the strike successfully wounding her.

The moment of glory was short-lived as the monster lost her cool and threw him into the pine looming behind him. Artemis vaguely registered the weapon falling from his hands as he hit the tree, blacking out.


Ana barely had time to react as the gorgon's roar shook the trees around them, the boy's body falling through a tree. He was wearing a suit, unarmed and definitely out. Which meant she was on her own, as most campers were away at school, the rest at practices. And there was no time to call anybody.

"DO something!" Drew looked panicky.

"Of course I will, you idiot." Ana pulled a lead pencil out, clicking the top. A Celestial bronze sword took its place, her readying the weapon as she charged at the monster. "Pull him to safety!" she yelled back at Drew, who was busy taking shelter, nowhere to be seen then. "Oh well," the daughter of Athena bit back a curse as she struck once more. The gorgon roared again, the deafening sound disorienting her a little. As soon as she found her footing, another roar shook the wood, and this wasn't a monster.

This was a man mountain being followed by one.

The second Gorgon, whom Ana registered as Euryale, was following the man, who was busy shooting at it. Finding a fallen sword, she tossed it to the man. "That won't kill her! This will!" He nodded once, then got back to Euryale.

The gorgon facing her was a little worse, and Ana registered the characteristic green snakes as Medusa's.

"Daughter of Athena, how nice to see you." The boy was now in her vice-like grip, and Ana would've to act fast if she had to save him. She replied with a strike to the arm, green blood gushing out – gorgon's blood.

Medusa let out a deafening roar, dropping the boy, and Ana had to make sure she did not look the woman in the eye. Tapping the watch on her hand, the shield sprung to life.

"Not for me, though." The girl swung, successfully lopping an arm off. Medusa charged, and Ana calculated the distance the Gorgon was from her, factoring in the convexity of the shield and subtracting the zero error. It was barely ten feet's distance. She ran to the boy, standing over him as she kept an eye on the shield.

"Surrender, girl. Your blessing doesn't do you any good." Ana wondered when having black hair qualified as a useful blessing. She took another look at her shield and charged, looking away from the monster as she plunged the sword into her, the weapon making a sickly sucking sound as she pulled it out of Medusa's body. Without further ado, she swiped at what should be the Gorgon's head. The absence of any sound after a final roar confirmed it.

She could hear the man mountain charge at Euryale, swords and talons clashing. Taking a look at the boy, she decided she was better off getting him to the infirmary than assisting the man. "Go!" he yelled at her.

Hefting the boy up, she slung his arm across her shoulder and ran for the camp boundaries.

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