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Will had been lecturing Nico for the past fifteen minutes about eating more when Anastasia burst into the infirmary, a half-dead demigod being dragged along.

"Gorgon attack. Gotta go. Take care of him." With that she and Nico ran off, leaving him with the boy.

Ana was at the tree when Nico caught up. "Gorgon?"

"Two, initially. Medusa's done with, so one." His eyes widened a little – it wasn't everyday Camp Half Blood was attacked by the gorgons, in plural. By the time they had reached the scene of the fight, it was over.

Butler stood against a tree, breathing heavily. The moment he saw the girl, he took her by the shoulders and shook her a little too hard. "Where is he?"

"Inside – infirmary. Being tended to." At that the bodyguard eased a little, letting go of her shoulders. The girl didn't look like much, but the way she fought suggested otherwise. The boy beside her looked stronger. The girl said some words and they walked past the huge pine, the establishment coming in view.

Marble structures spread around a massive expanse of land, the place would look more in place had it been in Greece, not America. Right now, the only building of importance was the one the girl was leading him to – the infirmary.



Artemis woke up to a terrible headache, his entire body stinging with pain. He was still in his tattered Armani, but in a hospital bed with a blonde boy standing over him, eyes wide as he took his vitals. His surroundings resembled those of a hospital, and he was covered in bandages. The blonde looked slightly alarmed by his outburst. "Are you all right?"

Artemis seemed to recollect the past events, subsiding into silence.

"Dude, calm down. You're safe but you've got some really nasty injuries. That blow to the head should've broken a Colchis Bull's horns in half." He saw three more people behind the boy, one of them being Butler.

"I'd like to see Butler," he sounded like he'd gargled with battery acid.

"We're there. Your father wants me to go back." The boy was more alert now.

"Did you inform him of this?" He registered the Eurasian's nod.

"He says you'll be safe within the camp's boundaries."

The girl spoke. "He will be. They can't get in here."

"Will my bodyguard be allowed to stay here?"

"He can, considering he's been invited into the camp. But we received word from your father that he should go back. He needs him urgently, and you wouldn't, till you're here."

"Could I have a conversation with him, right now?"

"Sure." The girl pulled out a drachma and a prism, the blonde boy spraying some water before she put the prism in the line of the sunlight.

"O Iris, goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods, show me Artemis Fowl Senior." Artemis didn't have much time to dwell on how the girl knew his father's name as the air before him shimmered, and his father's face came into view.

"Artemis-oh, Hades." His father looked horrified, but not shocked. "Butler said monster, not which monster. What was it?"

"Two gorgons. Euryale and Medusa."

"Are you sure?" Beside him, the girl nodded.

"Yes." His father first looked horrified, then breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, thank the gods you're alive. Artemis, I need Butler – he has to go. And you'll be safe at the camp." He turned to the girl. "Can I speak to the camp leader?"

"You're speaking to head counsellor of the Athena cabin right now." The man nodded.

"Very well. I assume you'll take responsibility for acquainting him with camp?" She nodded. Artemis Senior turned back to his son. "Then you are in safe hands. I shall see you soon." The Mist began to dissipate as he spoke, and the parting smile disappeared in a puff of vapour. Artemis sank back into the pillows, exhausted by the revelations he was faced with.

"Now now, all of you, out of the infirmary." The blonde began to herd the others out, Butler shooting him a menacing look. The boy left it at that, busying himself with a glass of what looked like Irish Spring water. "Drink this." Artemis took a sip and almost put the glass down; it looked like iced water, but tasted like his mother's hand-baked brownies, melting in his mouth.

"What is this?" The boy Will, smiled.

"It's nectar. What does it taste like to you?"

"Brownies. And shouldn't nectar appear in the form of liquid gold?"

"Only to the gods. Demigods and mortals see it as a cocktail, or any such cool drink you prefer. It tastes like the things you love most – in your case, brownies. Your mom or dad bakes those?"

"Mother." Will nodded.

"Drink it up, now. You're a wreck. And eat this –"he motioned to the small bowl of pudding, "if you don't, Ana will personally force it down your throat. Not that it would be required."

"I'm taking a safe guess that this is ambrosia."

"Yup. Down with it, now. I'll be back in half an hour to check on you." With that Will left, leaving Artemis to finish his drink. He stretched his arm a little to reach to the table, wincing as he tried to set the glass down.

"I'll take that." It was the same girl he'd seen before. Taking the glass from him, she picked up the bowl and spoon. "Open up."

"I am perfectly capable of feeding myself." She raised an eyebrow, then shrugged, passing the bowl and spoon to him.

"Fine then." Observing him with a barely suppressed smile, Artemis gave the bowl and spoon to her after two spoonful's which hurt his arm every time he moved it.

"Such masochism," she sighed, taking it from him. Little by little, he finished the chocolate brownie flavoured pudding.

"Am I permitted to have more of this?" She touched a hand to his forehead.

"I wouldn't risk it – you're already feverish. I can send some food, if you like. What would you like to eat?"

"Caviar." She let out a short laugh at that. "What's so funny in the request?"

"Nobody usually asks for caviar at camp."

"Well, does the camp have it or not?"

"I never said we didn't. I'll send someone with it." She rose to leave. "Oh, a word of advice – don't move out of bed without someone else's help. You most likely will end up falling face-first." With that she left, and after a few minutes, Artemis, rebellious as he was, tried to get out of bed, only to fall down, face-first. He could imagine her smirking and saying 'told you'.


Heading towards the mess hall, Ana wondered what kind of person would be fond of caviar. She personally despised that dish, having accidentally eaten it at a Presidential Gala her dad had dragged her along to. However, she grabbed a plate, filled with brisket, bread and cheese and headed for the braziers. Sacrificing to the gods, she prayed to her mom to help her through with the holographic watch she was working on.

"Who's the other plate for?" Her younger brother asked, eyeing the empty plate she had picked up now.

"Patient in the hospital wing." He nodded, then went back to his book, chewing on a buttered scone. Silently thanking Camp Jupiter for their gift of magical plates to the camp, the daughter of Athena headed back to the infirmary.

The boy, Artemis, was sitting in a chair overlooking the canoe lake, nursing a bruise on his nose. Shaking her head at his stubbornness, she set his plate down in front of him.

"This is empty." She nodded, chewing on a piece of brisket.

"Wish for what you want. It'll appear." The boy scoffed.

"Do you think I'm an imbecile, who would fall for your pathetic joke? If so, then you are sorely mistaken." His tenacity was further annoying her.

"Do you think I'm joking?" He studied her expression for a while, then closed his eyes and probably wished for what he wanted. Ana scoffed at the boy's childishness and wondered how he could be The Artemis Fowl, the one who stole the Fairy Thief painting from a Swiss vault in Munich.

Sure enough, the dish appeared, and he looked at the plate with a dumbfounded expression before smiling slightly. "No. 1 would be certainly impressed," he muttered, shaking his head before eating. "How does the energy-magic transformation work?"

"This is a question the Hecate kids can answer better. All I know is that there is a constant amount of energy generated by the Mist and a lesser amount absorbed for shielding mythical creatures – the remaining is used to fuel magic. Now, answer my question – who's No. 1?" Fowl's smiled melted off his face faster than the Stolls with Katie chasing them.

"That, is none of your business." His cold tone took her by surprise a little. So the Fowl heir has secrets. Very well.

"Okay. Changing the topic, you'll need to head to Cabin 11 once you're done healing."

"And why is that?"

"Because you're an undetermined camper – your parent/ancestor hasn't claimed you yet. All undetermined campers go to the Hermes cabin, which is Cabin 11. I'm in Cabin Six, which is the Athena cabin. Has your parent told you anything regarding your ancestry?"

"My paternal grandfather was a god." She considered the information for a while.

"So that rules out all the female goddesses." Studying the boy's face for a while, her gaze came to rest on the most striking feature – his eyes. They were a sapphire blue, halfway between the colour of lightning and the sea, just like the gemstone. She decided to further investigate. "What else did they tell you?"

"My family has been visited by the gods thrice." Her eyes widened a little – a kid whose family has been visited thrice by the gods meant trouble with a capital tau. "Once by Zeus, then Athena, and then my paternal grandfather."

"Have you ever seen your paternal grandfather?" He shook his head. That was normal. However, the number of gods and the ones who had visited him wasn't. She glanced at her watch and almost jumped out of her seat – it was wall-climbing practice, and she was ten minutes late already. "I have to leave – wall-climbing practice." The boy's face paled till a considerable extent.

"Wall climbing?" She was already running out of the infirmary, because any more delay would definitely guarantee her a trip back there.

This is just a filler chapter for the one ahead. I hope it wasn't too boring. The OC's are taking quite some work, and I'm still waiting for a few more entries, so it may be a while before the fifth chapter goes up.

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