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Name of my love


Silver 'Sky' - an amnesic, who doesn't even remember her name - serendipitously intersects her path with Jeon Jungkook, a growing manga artist, and ends up at his home eventfully. Jeon Jungkook is trying out his luck in romance. Not in literal romance but in creating one, and impressed by the doodles of Sky, Jungkook offers her the job of his assistant, apart from food and shelter. Or maybe, just maybe, it's just one of his excuses to somehow help her. Would a room for her at his home lead to a room in his heart as well? But things go downhill pretty quick when part by part, Sky's past haunt her present in flashes. There's a story she left behind, and guess what? She's gonna make another with Jeon Jungkook. Will 'love' help overcome her past fears and mistakes?

Romance / Drama
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The dainty petals of cherry blossoms fall slowly like delicate feathers over the little grassy yard, creating a velvety light pinkish floor, and enunciating romantic rhymes down its way.

The scenery eventually stirs up my inner creativity to frame words into sentences of a moment well to remember. I absent-mindedly feel better looking up at the clear azure sky, and listening to the chirps and songs of the little birds. At this moment I don't care where I stand and where these appendages of mine will take me.

I'm just content to be alive and free.

I lift my hand high up in air to stroke the wind with my relaxed and slightly curled fingers, embracing the breeze swaying my hair and welcoming me. I take in a deep breath, closing my eyes and smelling the sweet aroma of spring, filled with pink blossoming flowers.

"You coming?" I hear his voice, which snaps me back to where I am, in reality, of what's next to come. And I'm still questioning my conscience, how I did trust him? I have no answer myself, it's just what I did out of utter loneliness, and add a bit of his mysterious charms to cover up rest. I hastily follow him up, and continue trailing behind a total stranger, about whom I know nothing except his name, Jeon Jungkook.

"What should I call you?" He asks, turning back abruptly, making me stop paddling my legs, just inches away from him. My clumsy self was about to somersault, but luckily I recovered and didn't clash against his broad chest.

I blink my eyes and sparingly battle over my blankness but later give up and just stare at his luscious eyelashes. "Name me ..." I pause midway, still not able to draw words out of my mind, especially when I see him putting his thoughts in it too. Then like the most natural thing I could muster up, I say, "anything you like."

"What about . . . Love?" He quickly brushes his hand at me shyly, and adds, "nevermind, we'll think about it later."

He starts walking again. I stand there in slight bewilderment but finding it cute to hear 'love' from him. Again, I find myself struggling to follow close enough to him, competing my short legs with his long strides. I'm vaguely scared, I may lose his sight even in an extreme plain land, where I can locate him till the horizon.

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