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9-1-1 Meets Avengers


Where fox hit T.V. Show meets Avengers This story takes place after the snap, and we meet The Phoenix a 577 year old vampire who trried to stop Thanos only to wake up on another earth, and to also find her mate Buck. Come along on this story, and see what happens, and where the final battle will take place

Action / Adventure
Jesse Streeter
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The Snap

Chapter 1

The Phoenix POV

Before we get to the story let me introduce myself. My name is Jesse also known as The Phoenix. I'm a 577 year old vampire so I've seen a lot, and we will get to know more a lot me during the story. Now to the story we go.

The Avengers and I were in the middle of a battle with Thanos in Wakanda over The Infinity Stones. I knew that the battle was not going to go in our favor, and when I saw what he was going to do I used all my power to save who I could to counter act Thanos power.

But it didn't work because I started to feel funny, and I notice that I was disintegrating, and the next thing i knew I Black out.

Buck POV

Eddie and I were sitting in the back of the truck with Hen and Chimney, and we were heading back to our department from the store to get something to make for dinner. " Yeah Buck you have to get back out there you can do better." Eddie said to me because I was upset about my girlfriend dumping me, because she couldn't handle me being a firefighter. " And like I said before I'm not looking I've been hurt to many times." I said trying not to sound bothered by what they were saying.

As I was looking out the window I saw six unconscious people on the ground. " Captain we need to stop there are five unconscious people out there." I said while pointing to where they are at.

We stop the truck while the Captain called it in. Eddie and I got to them first, and it was a sight to see. You see all the people were wearing Avengers costumes. " Were they going to a comic book convention." Chimney asked while starting to take the pulse of the kid who was wearing the Spider-Man suit. " All their pules are good." I heard Hen say in the background. " Her's is very faint." I said while checking the girl dressed as The Phoenix. " Get the Narcan just in case they are over dosing." Captain Nash said. I got the narcan but before I could give it to the girl she shot up very fast and started looking around. " Thanos where is Thanos...Peter." She said while running over to the kids dressed as Spider-Man. " Ms. Calm down we are here to help." Captain Nash said while holding his hands up to show he meant no harm.

" How can you all be so calm, when Thanos is here." She screamed while looking around. " Um this Thanos is not here, so nothing to worry about." Captain Nash continued. " No no not now, stay out of my head." She screamed while falling to her knees, and holding her head. Captain Nash walked over to the girl on her knees. " It's ok we will help you."

When she looked up her eyes were no longer brown they were glowing orange, even where the white was suppose to be were glowing orange, and it was not the color orange, they were literally glowing orange.

She walked over to the boy dressed as Spider-Man, and touched his head before he woke up, and she did it to three more people, before they all woke up.

" It would seem that an explanation would be in order." The girl said while looking at us.

" That would be nice, because I'm confused." I said while looking at the woman in her eyes. And when she looked me in the eye I heard her say one word. "Mate."

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