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9-1-1 Meets Avengers


Chapter 2

Buck POV

" Like I said before I owe you an explanation." We all just shook our heads to stunned by the glowing eye girl to say anything. " You see my team and I aren't even from this earth, we are from earth 616 to be precise." I wasn't expecting her to say that at all.

And she went on to tell us everything from the infinity stones, to the battle, to this Thanos guy using them to wipe out half the human population from time, and how she used her powers to counter act his, but instead ended up sending them to another earth in general. " Ok if you have so much powers prove it." Eddie said while starring down The Phoenix.

She just shook her head, and without another word her whole body caught of fire.

" Oh my god she just self combusted, hurry get the hose." I said starting to run to the truck to get a hose " It's ok that's just one my powers of fire." The Phoenix said looking at me with so much intensity in her eyes.

" This has got to be some kind of trick, I mean your just comic book characters." chimney said looking at The Phoenix skeptically.

" Why would I lie about something like that." The Phoenix said looking at Chimney, and if looks could kill he would be six feet under.

" I'm afraid she is telling the truth my friend." The guy dressed as Doctor Strange says walking to stand next to the The Phoenix.

" Why don't we introduce ourselves, you know break the ice." The boy dressed as Spider-Man.

" Well we already know you names, yours is Peter Park, Stephen Strange, T'Challa, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and you The Phoenix, but the comics never gave us a name." Eddie said looking over to the group trying to hold his excitement in.

Eddie is a major comic book fan. " Well then you all will be the first to know then. my name is Jesse and I'm a 577 year old vampire, and that is another thing that I'm guessing your comic books haven't told you." Jesse said looking at each and everyone of us to gage our reactions. " Any questions." Jesse added. " Yeah why were your eyes glowing." I asked with my hand raised like I was in school. " I am the avatar for The Phoenix Force." Jesse said looking at me like I was the most amazing person in the world.

" Why do you keep looking at me like that." Curiosity getting the best of me.

" Your my mate, sorry I didn't feel like beating around the bush with you." She said looking at me like she was having a hard time controlling herself from doing something bad.

" I'm sorry but you scent is getting to me, and I can't hold myself back anymore." She said to me but before I could ask what she meant I saw her fangs elongated, and then she launched at me.

" Jesse no." I heard Bucky scream running after her to stop her from doing whatever she was going to do to me.

Your wondering why I'm not running. Well lets just say that I was literally frozen with fear, where I wasn't able to move.

When she finally got to me, she pulled my head to the side. " Sorry this will hurt for a second." She said before sinking her fangs into my neck.

And she was right it did her for a second before it turned into total and utter pleasure, where I'm pretty sure I came.

After she was done she pulled her fangs out of my neck, and licked up what blood was left.

" Now your mine mate." Jesse said before I blacked out.

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