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Hearts Of Fire And Ice


Bella Swan returns to forks after 6 months in military school, her first day back at Forks High she meets Alice Cullen but can their seemingly instant connection survive.

Romance / Adventure
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Welcome Back Bella

Another wonderful day had descended on the town of Forks.

Well, that is if you were born an albino and completely immune to cold rains.

Which seemed to coat the entire peninsula of Washington. Forget those glory shots of the White House you've grown accustomed to seeing on you plasma televisions. It might be nice there but further north closer to the Canadian border. Is a complete dome of greenery.

I guess it doesn't bother me. Not as much as I let on it does. But that's just for popularity sake.

I was born here and grew up here for about fifteen years. At least, until I started seeing Mike Newton and one night we were both busted. What for you may ask. Well as ashamed as I am of this little tad bit of gossip worthy information. It was not for having sex or being pregnant. Nope, it was for underage drinking. That's right even the less popular girls succumb to temptation sometimes. That night was one of those times.

Lucky for me. And I mean that in the most sarcastic tone I can muster. My dad is the chief of police. I got off easy. No. Really. I did. Mike got six months in Juvenile detention. I only got shipped off to a military-style school for the same amount of time. Of course it was my first offense. It was like Mikes third in two months.

I don't blame him as much as I should he has problems at home.

His dad is like this complete douche about sports. He's even tried to get Mike to do steroids to add the all mighty edge to his game. But he wouldn't have any part of it.

Me well the reason I was in that car on that night. Getting drunk with the most popular guy at school. Was because I was running away. I could not stand being the police chief's daughter one more day. Everyone always assuming I was some goody, goody. Church going petite girly girl. Who would one day no doubt grow up to be the concubine of some ex-jock and stay right here in Forks. Raising two point five kids. Never doing what everyone is born for... Living.

I guess Charlie thought military school would put in line. Well it helped me alright you want rock hard abs and arms that even on a short woman like me could gag a maggot. Then Military school is the place to go.

Now here I am back in this god forsaken cloud covered gloom dome. Only until I graduate though. I am going to try for straight A's and perfect attendance this semester. I only have two years of High school left and I'm making them count. I'm getting a scholarship to some out of this world college. That is so impressive that Charlie won't help but want to ship me off. Bags packed or not when he sees the brochure.

Alice's Story.

I never thought much about what my life would be like. I never even pictured my wedding day. Like many girls my age did. I was locked away in the deepest darkest room. In the Brooks asylum. I knew somehow with a heavy sense of foreboding that my life would end there. Probably because I could see the future. When a good citizen as he called himself befriended me. I knew exactly who he was. He was not however the one who did me in. Nope. He saved me. He saved me from having my blood drained completely from my body and the marrow sucked from my leftover bones. By a sadistic vampire known only even back then as James.

The 'good citizen' just left me in a dark, dank basement to turn all alone. Not really knowing what was happening to my body. Other than it was shaking horribly. Like having an epileptic episode. Only ten times worse. The pain was excruciating too. It was even worse than the electric shock treatments they gave me in the asylum.

The only hope I could cling to. The only chance for my 'life' to heal. Has come to me in a vision before I ever met him personally. His name was Carlisle Cullen. A man whom if our kind could go to heaven would shoot straight up in ascending lights. I now refer to him as dad for obvious reasons.

All the kids in town gossip about me and my little family. They think they know what's going on with us. They think we're snobs or too good for them because we have a lot of 'extra' income. Since I am psychic I have the ability to predict uncanny trends in the stock market. Which helps fund our hefty moving and homeowners expenses. To this date we have accumulated about eight houses.

But I would give all of it up in a second. If I could have my one greatest wish come true. So every falling star I see and every turkey I suck dry I break the wishbone. Hoping to someday have a human friend. Who knows I am a vampire and yet doesn't care and isn't even the slightest bit bothered by the fact. That I could rip out her still beating heart and drink it's blood while enough of the life-giving supplement. Flowed through her emptied veins that she could watch it all as it happened.

Of course I would never do that I can control myself. Besides I don't even hardly crave human blood anymore. Now a good wild deer or occasionally a sheep. that hits the spot. I hate the thought of killing a person.

But I digress. I will never meet a human that would come within ninety feet of me. Unless she were followed by villagers with torches. My family and I have just recently moved back to our old house in the woods of a tiny town called Forks. The lush forests of the amazon. Like my family needs for cover in the sunlight.

Vampires don't melt in direct sunlight. Rather we sparkle like cheap fireworks.

So on those days we are dismissed from school. Because my 'dad' Carlisle informed the school we that is my brothers and sister Rosalie and I. Were all born with the same genetic defect. Allergies to sunlight. The man is brilliant for someone who hasn't really had any blood flow to his brain or body for over three hundred years. He has a knack for clever thought.

Tomorrow I start the agonizing process of getting used to another school. Where I will set everyday for two years. No one will talk to me or my family. In shorter words another time for loneliness.

Jasper was supposed to fill that void. But we only ended up being close friends.

Day 1 Forks H.S. the best and worst of...

Bella's P.O.V.

I arrived to the famous Forks high on my bike. No the kind of bike you're imagining either the kind with pedals and a little horn on it. I don't think so nope my friend Jacob is Quileute Indian he lives on the local rez. He rebuilds cars and motorcycles. He sold me this one he got from a junk heap the only thing that was wrong with it was something with the starter and the main belt.

Only cost him a hundred to fix. He sold it to me for two fifty that man is making bank I'll tell you. Everyone else in his family got some kind Indian , native American sense Jacob got mechanic sense. He owes it to his uncle who left the rez to as he called it rejoin civilization. If that's what you can call it. He manages a small auto repair and restoration service in Seattle. Jake spent the whole part of last summer with him. He comes home all of a sudden he's fixing cars.

But anyway enough about him. My bike is like this darker blue likes clouds before a big storm in Oklahoma. Which by the way was where the military camp was that I was forcefully sent to. With yellow lightning streaks on each side. It's a Suzuki I love it, it doesn't go fast , fast Charlie would've kicked the bucket had it gone as fast as I would've liked. However it's decent.

It's not like I get to take her out on the rez roads or to the country all the time anyway.

I walk into the main office with my paper explaining as if they didn't all know already. That I was released from a military school for this and that blah...blah..blah. I walk up to the desk there is to my surprise a small line formed which seemed to exist of. Me , Very tall bear of a guy , a shorter skinnier dude with the freakiest hairstyle I've ever seen. Looks like he's been struck by

lightening ! Yikes. Then there's a pretty blonde girl with curls in her hair looking very elegant as though she'd stepped out of an old black and white movie. Then there was a shorter girl ,skinny, looking like a dancer. She has short hair that formed little wafty spikes around at the ends.

Immediately I was enthralled. Her confident little stance. On the tips of her toes at the taller part of the reception desk. Oh, man I hope I get a seat next to her in one of my classes, or maybe all of them.

I watched her take her list of classes and school map then turn to leave to find her first room. She walked right past me flashing me a look and appearing to have taken a sharp inhale. I could see her breath hitch her eyes wide with some sort of shock. She picked up her pace as fast as her pixie toes could carry her.

Alice's Side.

I was minding my own business going through the motions of getting a class assignment and book list. When I sensed something ..someone they were close. I could only barely smell thinking it was just my hunters instincts getting the better of me in a place full of strangers.

As I walked out of the small office when my normally contained senses were assaulted by the same scent as before only in maximum concentration.

I did my best to maintain some semblance of normalcy. However, I could feel my animal instincts taking over. Something about this sexy mouse-haired girls blood was making me boil over. It smelled sweet, flowery...innocent. Pure.

I felt my breath hitch involuntarily as I hightailed my bloodthirsty self out of that tiny office as fast as my feet could go.

Venom flooded my mouth as I made my way down the hall towards the ladies room. as soon as I entered the bathroom I found it empty except for me of course. I spit the venom out into a sink and rinsed my mouth. Eh..water I much prefer well something thicker and more robust. I'll leave it at that.

I think I found my mate. Vampires are like animals in the way we choose our family and partners. We do it all by scent and this girl was the most beautiful of all the humans I had ever smelled. However, she smelled so powerfully floral my baser instincts just wanted to literally take a bite!

If I ever wanted to even befriend her I needed to get a grip. My entire time spent as an immortal I have dined on animal blood. I should be able to muster up some control...?

Bella's side of the events.

As I walked to my first class which was World History 101 with Mr. Burns.

To my eyes bewilderment there sat the pretty pixie girl. Oh and look there just happens to be an empty seat in the row next to her. I handed the older balding man my paper and he directed me of course to the only empty seat in the room. A chair I was sure had been added just for my presence. Since nothing stays a secret in this whole town. I'm pretty sure everyone already knew that I had come back mid-semester from military school in Oklahoma.

Okay, Bells try not to get too excited you don't even know if she's into you. Or for that matter what team she plays for. Now let's see if I can make my way to my seat without falling over my own feet. Then we'll progress to staring at the hot girl.

I managed my way over to the student size desk chair combo with no major falls or accidents along the way. Which was awesome cause who wants to bleed in front of the girl they like anyway.

The minute I got over there and sat down the pixie girls eyes went from golden honey to a crisp dark black color. How'd they do that I silently pondered? Every time it seemed that I looked towards her she turned away. As though I had caught her doing the same thing. She also moved her seat slowly and as quiet as she could I suppose. Closer to the window and not me. She kept covering her mouth with her hand. I thought maybe she had a toothache. Because that I would've at least understood. Teeth are a royal pain in the ass and require more maintenance than an old rusted Chevy. I personally cannot wait til I'm old and can get dentures.

I know it sounds gross but think of it this way. No more teeth cleanings. No more cavities. No more sensitive teeth. All the ice cream you want without the hassle of trying to make it go past those incisors again. I rest my case. Moving on.

As soon as the bell rang out through the hallways. Kids scattered from the room and the lecture on World War two. Lucky me Military school and now a lecture on WW2.

The pixie girl stormed out of the classroom faster than a bolt of lightening. What was her problem? Was she ill, was it I did she catch me staring at her flawlessly beautiful features and get turned off. Or was I going crazy and making all these scenarios up in my delusional mind?

I decided to follow her. See where she went to. If she was sick maybe I could help.

I shot out of the class tomb and bolted down the hallways as quickly as possible to try and keep up with her. I knew these halls better than some new girl so I took an educated guess that she was headed for the ladies room. So that's where I headed too.

Alice's Story.

All through the class lecture about WW2 which since I was there probably could've taught mister teacher man a thing or two about. I couldn't help but steal glances at the gorgeous muscular , toned , mouse-haired girl from the office. The one whom I nearly ripped open and chugged the life force from like frat boy at a rager. I did try to keep my distance from her though I knew that right now if I got too close. My scent glands would be rejoicing while I sat here and tried not to kill the hot girl.

As it would happen though it was humid today and so the windows were open in the classroom. The breeze came through the mesh screens. Blowing her scent all over the room and could feel myself losing it. My pupils dilated. My throat burned, my body physically ached to taste her blood.

Then like a merciful angel the bell rang and I dashed out of the class to go spit out more venom.

I was standing over my chosen sink from this morning unloading mouthfuls of thick yellow tinted venom. When I heard footsteps coming towards this restroom. Why now , why her. Why me why couldn't it have taken another hundred years for me to find my mate. What had I done to anger the powers that be. I had never killed a human, never tasted humans blood. I only ate when I absolutely had to. I mean come on give a vampire a break already.

Then she was there I could see her name in my mind. It was as beautiful as she was. "Bella." It rang through my head like music to my ears.

" Hi. " I greeted what else could I do. I tried to keep my head down though so as not to catch her scent as strongly.

" Hey, I'm sorry I followed you but you didn't seem well at all. You ran out of class so fast. I..are you sick ? Can I take you to the nurse or get you something cold to drink...?" She asked me in such a sweet concerned voice. Little did she know she should've been concerned for herself not for me.

" Yeah I'm fine , it's just new school anxiety I guess...oh, pardon my manners I'm Alice ..Cullen and you are ?.." I pretended to ask as if I couldn't already see what her name was.

" Uh.." Crap don't forget your name in front of the pretty girl who's name is as pretty as she is. " Bella, Bella Swan. " I answered after my internal argument over what my name actually was.

" Is that like Bond. James Bond. " I asked stifling a giggle.

" No, I guess that's my awkward teenage personality in front of new kids. " Bella responded.

The more she was close to me the less painful it was for me to resist her and the more obvious it was I wanted her for my mate. Let's be rational about this Alice she's human , mortal, fragile. Any second her life could end. I just suppose I'll have to keep my third eye open for just such occasions when she could be in danger.

" Listen I'm sorry to interrupt you dealing with your panic attack and everything so I'll just go now." The mouse-haired beauty said moving towards the door.

How do I make her stay then it dawned on me I'll play dumb new girl. " Wait !" I called out to Bella. " I'm guessing you know your way around this school but I'm not sure how to find my next class. Could you maybe help me out ?" I asked with the most pathetic eyes I could muster.

"Sure." She replied with a smile. "Let me see your class schedule?"

I handed her the printed out folded piece of paper. I guess it was a good thing I held on to it. Instead of tossing it in the nearest waste bin like I usually do. With Edwards mind reading and my visions we hardly have a use for maps of any sort. But today I did.

" Okay, looks like we have all the same classes. " Bella explained comparing her list with my own. " So I can take you to them all. If that's cool ?"

" Hmm...yes that's great. " I responded distractedly taking in her sexy appearance as she took in the appearance of my class list.

" Well, we've got like five minutes before the bell rings shall we..?" A confident Bella asked a surprised Alice when she held out her left arm jokingly. Both the girls giggled furiously. Finally, something had been said to break the tension in the air which by now was tangible.

Wonderful. Alice thought. Now I'll have to really watch that I don't lose control. However, it really seems to be easier than last period. I'm not nearly as bloodthirsty for her blood the closer I am to her. Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought. Maybe I'll finally get a human friend to shop with, tell secrets to, have sleepovers with and just maybe someone to fall in love with. Thought the quirky vampire.

I hooked my arm around her offered one. " Lead the way.." Alice said cheerfully.

It seemed every class we had after History there were no more available seating arrangements that put us near each other. I was starting to take it as a sign that I was out of her league and fate was being it's usual cruel self in telling me. Then came Biology lab partners. Great, I thought to myself why did Biology have to be a prereq for Algebra and a mandatory class. I closed my eyes as the cute pixie girl and I entered the lab.

Hoping no one remembered my passing out on dissection day. There was a reason behind my being mostly vegetarian you know. What I mean by mostly is that once in a while I'll have a burger with friends or if Charlie cooks out I don't want to offend his grilling efforts so I'll eat a few bites. Just to let him know I'm a supportive daughter. It really says more about my bravery than anything though to eat a lifetime bachelor's cooking. Any cold dead wet thing was just too much for me to bare. So most of the time I ate salads and soup and whatever meatless non-dead thing I could find at the small market we had here in Forks.

I entered the Biology class with Alice. We had showed to every class together. No doubt people were beginning to whisper amongst themselves. Can't a girl just be nice without any preconceived intentions. Well I'm sure I had some however I was more intrigued by Alice than I was interested in getting into the sheets with her.

The teacher Mr. Banner just took our papers and pointed to our seats. To my surprise or fates dirty tricks to make me believe maybe I wasn't getting too mentally and emotionally attached. To the cute dark haired girl at my side. The seats were adjoining we were lab partners. I didn't know whether to laugh , cry or dance around actually nix the last one me dancing isn't a safe idea at all. I wanna know her not fall on her. We slowly made our way to our assigned seats.


It was true the closer I was and the longer I was close to Bella the more the tension and blood lust eased up. However I had managed not to have a single seat next to her for a reason. I didn't want to put her in danger in case my instincts would flare up. However if I can tolerate holding arms down the halls. Then surely I can handle one hour long class next to her..Right ? I closed my eyes and prepared for the flooding of my senses to her scent so tantalizing. Like walking into a flower garden full of exotic plants and blooms. Her smell was every bit as invoking as her personality. Strong yet delicate and most beautiful.

I took my seat next to the wall. Bella took hers next to well me. We began the assignment which was a movie on insect reproduction and larval stages. Well at least I got the best seat in the whole class. The best partner too. At least I'd been to enough high schools to understand science classes and math.


Alice sat down next to the wall and I sat down next to Alice. Those odd looks she flashed me were all but gone from her now. We talked as we'd walked the halls to classes. She was indeed a different sort of girl. However I wasn't exactly what you would call normal either. So now all that's left to hope for is to see her at lunch. Who am I kidding she's not going to wanna sit next weird and unattractive me. When she can probably get a seat at the most popular beautiful people's tables.

I let out a sigh and lay my head on my hands on the desk to watch larva grow.


I made my way to the cafeteria Alice by my side. She made her way over to the line as did I.

She selected a can of soda and that was it. Well I didn't think much of it considering the girl was a ball of nerves earlier. Her stomach was probably a little icky still. I got the salad bar. Taking my bowl over to the little buffet area set up in the middle of the lunchroom. Getting some lettuce , tomatoes, shredded carrots, a little cheese some croutons and an apple for dessert. I arranged everything in my bowl like it was edible art.

Making my way to an empty table. I sat down alone. Alice had slipped off to join her family of beautiful people. I watched her laughing and being happy. Internally wishing I could feel as happy as she seemed to be at that moment or at least fake half of her joy.

I used to have friends but apparently they all hated me for Mike going to prison. He was only there for another couple months. Then in the height of my depressive thoughts. I felt a tap on my shoulder. Looking up it was Angela. " Hey." I said in a low voice.

" Hey, is this bench taken ?" Angela asked adjusting her glasses.

" No, please. sit. " I replied no longer lonely at lunch.

" Thanks, I can't stand those jerks all they wanna do is gossip about you and Mike. When frankly I'm just glad you're back. " Angela explained. " So what was the military school like? Did they make you do push ups like in the movies if you didn't listen ?"

Not that I really wanted to answer the line of questions. But Angie was my friend and she was only making conversation. Honestly with her the questions would've come if I'd gone to Jacksonville to see my mom and Phil. " Well , to answer all your questions. It sucked, yes they do, and it's worse than movies they can't compare at all. "

" Wow..how did you make it for six months ?" Her face was froze with a look of curiosity and concern at the same time.

" I honestly don't know..probably the thought that in two years I graduate and can leave this place," I answered in between bites of lettuce.

As we talked about everything that had been going on in Angie's life and mine in the last few months. I kept stealing glances towards Alice's table. The strange thing was every time I looked her way it was like she knew and returned my stare with her cute little smile.

Angie caught me on the third or fourth glance and her jaw dropped along with her fork. " You're so..into Alice Cullen !"

" I am not, you take that back !" I gasped, demanding her statement be retracted. However, it was too late once you're caught you're caught. " I just find her intriguing, that's all."

" Ahh, I bet. Tell me in this fantasy world you're in with Alice Cullen is the intriguing part of her naked or clothed ?" Angela smarted off.

I, of course, blushed candy apple red. I couldn't help it, I really hadn't been fantasizing about naked Alice. But once the suggestion was inserted to my visionary, teenage. Hormone-addled brain there she was.

" Oh, my God you're picturing her right now aren't you. God, get a room with your thoughts anyway. It's too easy to guess what you're thinking right now. " Angela stated in faked horror.

I returned my attentions to her and started a new direction for our lunchroom discussion. It was either that or hit the gym showers early. " So what the summer like since I got shipped off to Fort Dicks anyway ?" I asked voice dripping with sarcasm.

Angela almost choked on her BLT Salad. She had to take a sip of her coke just to regain composure. " Fort Dicks that's a good one. I'll have to tell Jessica you said that. Once she starts talking to me again. She's kind of pissed off I'm over here taking your side. But I just don't care."

" Well, It's good to know I have one friend left in the world. " I said taking a forkful of lettuce and dressing.

" Make that two.."

" Huh, what do you mean ?"

" Alice Cullen three O'clock. " Angela tilted her head in the direction she was coming from.

I didn't believe her so I looked for myself. To my surprise here came Alice so poised, so graceful, so sexy. Also so totally out of my league, didn't this girl get the memo beautiful to the right, clumsy dikes to the left. It was like the secret order of things since the beginning of high school everywhere.

" Hi, do mind if I set with you guys, my brothers are giving me a hard time. I just need to be around some estrogen you know. "

" 'Nough said I have three brothers at home and they're a royal pain in this girls rear. " Angela stated taking her foot and sliding a chair out from under the bench like the table. Toward our guest.

" Bella is it okay if I sit here or am I bothering you? She's been helping me find my classes all day long. I'll under.."

" No it's fine, it's totally cool please be seated. " I answered maybe a bit hastily on my part not even letting her finish her sentence. I stood and turned the chair helping her get seated like some guy looking to score on a first date. God, I disgust myself sometimes.

" So are you hungry do want to share my salad? " I asked hoping maybe her lips would, at least, wrap around my fork if not my lips.

" No, I ate a big breakfast this morning and my tummy is still a little butterflied from my anxiety attack. " Alice explained putting a hand across her small abdomen for effect.

" Okay, so are you ready for gym class ?" I asked jokingly not a lot of girls like that class. I do but I used to be so clumsy I'd beg the teachers not to make me play. However lets just say that the military school headmasters teach you to either walk or they make you crawl everywhere on your belly. For two weeks !

" Oh, is that our next class, finally something that doesn't require thinking ! " She exclaimed joyfully. " My head needs a break aftermath class and that Bio Lab about mind numbing worm life cycles. They only live six months we get it already. " Alice added.

Angela and I both were laughing hysterically. "Short with spunk I like it, so are you ready to do this then ?" I asked as I cleared my napkin and empty salad bowl from the table and headed for the recycling bin.

" Yep, As long as you're my guide I'll go anywhere. " Alice nodded assuredly.

We looped our arms together goofily and strolled out of the lunch building and into the gym locker room. I wasn't worried about seeing Alice change into her P.E. clothes. Because the lockers were set up in alphabetical order by last name. So that crisis had already been averted when we were born. Her last name being Cullen which is the third letter in the alphabet. My last being Swan which is the twenty-fourth one.

I must say though I had grown accustomed to the contact of our arms touching already. I would miss it when our arms parted their ways.


I didn't know how Bella felt if these were just friendly actions. Looping our arms together and walking around. These were things girls that were friends did even when I was a real teenager. I honestly was not sure what to make of Bella Swan.

She was beautiful, muscular, her scent was still driving me up a tree. Even six hours after meeting her and being near her. However I was at the very least not swallowing anymore venom. Which was great because I couldn't handle drinking another one of those awful Mountain Dew's. I just could not understand what humans saw in them. Sure they had a sweet flavor. Of course what did I know I drank blood for the sake of Peter.

Just when I had finished my mental rant. I got a vision, I saw Bella falling in P.E. and getting hit in the head with several dodge balls, Causing her to have a very nasty concussion and among other injuries a hideous black eye. "Oh, No !" Oops way to go Alice why don't you just announce you're a psychic vampire to the world.


I was just getting up the nerve to remove my arm from Alice's. So I could change for gym. When all of out of the blue she grasped my arm so tight I thought she would break it. Then exclaimed "Oh, No!" With her eyes closed.

Really, it was letting go of someone's arm for an hour. I had intended to let her hold it again. Even though her skin was inhumanly cold. However it did help cool my heated skin where she touched it.

" Alice, what the hell let go..!" I demanded probably not the best idea. But was this girl like secretly crazy or what. I had overheard the popular kids talking about the Cullen's being adopted at lunch. Maybe she was abused before she was adopted. She had like some unresolved issues from that or something. But wait a minute, since military school I could bench a good hundred sometimes if I was mad a hundred thirty pounds. How was it that someone no bigger than a minute with arms the size of toothpicks was hurting me ?


Now I've gone and broke her.

" Sorry, I didn't mean to. I uh." I waited to find the right words but I had already done myself in. Might as well just confess my secret. " Bella I have something to tell you, It's a secret though can you keep my secret ?"


What the hell I was already going to bruise. I might as well hear her out. " Yes." I nodded like the idiot I am.


" It's going to sound a little bit out there, sure you're ready ?" I wanted to know I had to be careful who I disclosed this to.


" Well, out with it Alice why did you go all Chris Brown on my arm ? !" There was a lot of things I'd put up with from girls but obsessive restraint was not one of them.


" Bella, I have psychic visions and I just had one about you in P.E. and you get severely injured."

" You're WHAT ! " Bella exclaimed with shock and irritation.

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