Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 10 Changes

I was on my knees situated between Bella's knees and unclasping the last of her shirt buttons. Lavishing kisses on her taught yet soft skin of her stomach. When through Bella's bedroom door came Emmett and Rosalie ! If I could've actually turned into a bat like vampires can in the movies. I would've flown out the window at that moment in time.

Looks of horror and embarrassment were on everyone's faces. Bella had turned a shade of red I'd never seen a human turn before. It was somewhere between fuchsia and Newer Mustang red. Emmett after several seconds of realization grinned folded his huge arms across his large chest leaned against the door frame and said.

"No this isn't how it happens, where are the bikinis and pillow fights ?" To which I stuck my tongue out at him, Bella just snickered under her breath.

Rose had been on Emmett's back having wanted to speed up the stairs. Apparently when she'd heard the moaning she thought Bella had fallen and needed help. She quickly covered her eyes when she found out they were sexy moans not I can't get up moans. " Good, God Alice she's sick for heaven sakes you're gonna wear the poor girl out. Please button your shirts this is soo..wr- embarrassing. " She stated turning her back and keeping her eyes covered.

I buttoned mine in record time , then helped Bella with hers. Rose was tugging on Emmett's sleeve motioning for him to turn around. " You can all look again, We're decent. However there's a cautionary tale to this whole situation, It could've been avoided had you both knocked on the damn door !" Bella exclaimed.

"Well, sorry human but I thought the moans coming from up here were for help not because my sister was ...I mean that you two were...otherwise engaged. " Rose finally got out.

"Okay so any who, I have a present for you Bella since I knew you would be spending so much time at home and in your room..well it's actually a gift from the family. Rose and I- ''

" Oh, Emmett no more gifts please" Bella whined tiredly. " I can't give you guys anything back to you guys it isn't fair. "

"Bella, this was really my idea but the family wanted to give you something so I said it could be from all of us. " Alice explained. " You already do give me everything just by breathing and being with me. " She added in a tender voice.

Bella had a tear stream down one cheek. '' See that's..that's all I needed if I accept this one, are we in agreeance it's the last one..?"

" Yes. I suppose until Christmas..or your birthday or.." Alice just kept going and digging herself in deeper.

Emmett and Rose both chuckled. " There's no reigning Alice in once she sets her mind on something. You might as well surrender now Bella. " Emmett told the sick girl with a toothy grin on his face.

" Alright, " Bella said taking Emmett's advice and surrendering. " Let's see the damage. '" She joked.

Emmett sped back down the stairs and was back up them in a blink. This time instead of Rose he had a large cardboard box on his shoulders. " You wanna blindfold Bella or something Ali ?" He requested.

" Sure Em, " Alice replied retrieving a silk scarf from her purse. She leaned over and tied it around her girls head whispering in her ear. " Maybe we'll use this for other things later. "

Bella let out a gasp of air. To which Alice defended was just because her hands were so cold on Bella's skin. Both girls grinning in secret.

As soon as the blindfold was secured. Emmett was on the case he emptied the box , then using vampire speed he quickly assembled and ran all the wires to their prospective places. " 'Kay, reveal.." Emmett stated firmly like he was a magician in a magic show. " Seriously undo her, just her blindfold Alice. " He joked shaking his finger parentally.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah." Alice replied distractedly untying the not she had made.

" Tada !" The Cullen kid's all said at once.

Bella looked over where Emmett was standing mostly because that was the source of the noise. Her eyes went wide , There mounted to her wall was a brand new thirty two inch plasma television with speakers and the aforementioned Xbox was hooked up to it. Also the cable line had been extended to run up to her room as well. " Thank you guys I appreciate it so much, now please stop buying me things. " She pleaded with a smile.

" Ahuh..we'll uh..try that out. " Emmett said noncommittally. Knowing he couldn't keep himself from spoiling his newest family member.

When Renee came home from the store and the pharmacy having gotten Bella's mile long list of medicines. She nearly fainted when she saw the new t.v. Charlie was of course impressed and kept playing with the features since it was a different brand than his.

After the commotion once again settled down it was night fall and I settled into bed with my human. I had hoped would stay human after everything was said and done.

3 months later..

Alice's P.O.V.

Bella started reacting to the chemo after two more treatments, now she's lost weight and has circles under her eyes. She's still got her sparkle though her scent is fading from me.. I know it will come back after the treatments are over but we've got two more months of this torture on her fragile body.

Charlie's P.O.V.

I thought the worst was over when we found a donor for Bells blood type. I just didn't know the nightmare was only beginning. I have no choice over the matter I am forced to sit here and watch the light fade from my baby girl. Two more months of this will kill her. I don't want to think about it, but it's hard not to lately.

5 Months later...

Alice's P.O.V.

We're back in the hospital. Bella spiked a hundred and six temperature. I knew something was wrong when her skin was literally burning mine. They had to put cooling sheets on her and give her introversion fluids and fever reducers. An anti seizure medicine was also given to make sure she didn't have a seizure with her fever being so high and her immune system being so weakened now.

Her eyes don't even sparkle anymore, also the chemo did make her lose her hair. Apparently this only happens to a small amount of patients and my Bella is always lucky that way. I went shopping and got her some bandannas to wear until it grew back. She cried when we had to shave off the remaining strands.

I just hope she makes it another month to her transplant date. I have live over eighty years and they all passed like shooting stars. But this last month before Bella's surgery feels like it's just dragging on.

Charlie's P.O.V.

Alice has been a constant shoulder of unwavering support these past few months. I don't know what I would have done without her and her siblings helping me and Renee who has taken a temporary teaching job and the elementary school. To help with the bills that seem to be piling up. I keep telling myself there only a couple more weeks to go. Until my little girl will shine again. Like she used to her eyes are so dull and lifeless right now. It makes me want to cry when I look at her in so much pain. Trying to fight so hard not to worry everyone.

Renee doesn't go one day without crying. I hope this transplant does what it's supposed to and gives my daughter her life back.

6 Months later.

The day before the surgery.

Alice's P.O.V.

We arrived at the Port Angeles Hospital where Bella would be getting her transplant. Carlisle would be assisting in the surgery. He would also be doing the monitoring after the surgery to make sure Bella was stable and that the transplant was successful. When I said the last five months had been the longest of my life. It was nothing compared to the next twenty four hours. There was good news though. Bella had, had her last treatment two weeks ago. So she had begun to be more social. She talked more now, her eyes were still dulled and her hair was nothing more than some peach fuzz on her head.

Charlie , Renee and I got Bella settled in her room. It was likely that even with the best results she would be here for a couple of weeks.

The day of the surgery.

I walked into Bella's room at the hospital just at the nurses were administering her anesthesia pills and something through an I.V.

" Hey, Alice. " One of the nurses greeted they were all used to seeing me by now. The staff knew all of us by name. The problem was I couldn't for the life of me remember most of theirs.

" Good morning ..uh..I'm sorry what's your name again ?" I asked.

" Scott. " He replied disposing of the plastic containers the medicines had come in.

" Scott, right you were Bella's nurse when she had the last fever spike. How is my girl this morning ?"

" As good as can be expected. If you two have anything to say to one another you better do it soon that anesthesia works quick. " Scott explained patting my shoulder as he left the room.

" Gotcha. " I nodded and walked over to Bella's bedside and took her free hand in mine. She rolled her head over to meet my eyes. She smiled tiredly.

" Hey , Ali you say you can't sleep ever, you've never had this stuff you should see if Carlisle can sneak you some. " Bella smiled.

" I'll see if I can arrange that. " I joked back. My eyes were misting I could feel it.

" I love you Alice. " My girl mumbled as the drug induced sleep took her over.

" I love you Bella. " I said to her sleeping form.

After the nurses wheeled Bella to the operating room. Renee, Charlie and I along with my 'siblings' all sat in the waiting room. All of us completely blind to what was about to happen to Bella in that room. Would she live would she die. Would she end up becoming a wolf ? We had no idea and with Jacob and the pack of puppies hanging around the hospital. I couldn't get a clear prediction.

Almost six hours later we all found ourselves staring at the wall clock waiting. Renee held my hand to reassure me at first , then she squeezed it so tight it was beginning to be uncomfortable for even me. I mean it didn't hurt thought it wasn't pleasant either. I thanked my visions for preparing me for this yesterday. So I remembered to wear gloves today. The last thing I needed was another human in on my families secret.

Charlie had begun rhythmically tapping his booted foot against the linoleum floor. When suddenly the operating room doors flung open. Out walked Carlisle ahead of everyone else in the room. In his blue scrubs, cap, gown and mask.

" So how is she doc ? " Charlie asked frenzy in his voice he was the first of us to stand. The rest of us followed suit. Huddling around Carlisle like well pardon the expression sharks to blood.

" Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you all this..but..you're about to have a regular grouchy teenager again. " Carlisle smiled. " Bella came through the surgery with flying colors the surgen and I have no doubt she will be making a full recovery. " He explained shaking Charlie's hand.

Renee finally let my hand go she ran to Carlisle and hugged him tears streaming down her face. She gave him a small kiss on the cheek. " Thank you, thank you, you wonderful man you. "

" Really it was all in a days work and I'm not the only one to be thanked here. There are the nurses and the surgeon. Jacob Black. " That was Carlisle always modest.

Charlie looked like he was debating something. Then he threw his arms up in the air. " What the hell. Come'ere doc. " He said hugging Carlisle too.

When the hugging stopped Carlisle excused himself saying he had to go check on some other patients while he was here. I know Carlisle though and he was touched.

After one day in ICU and half a day of drifting in and out of consciousness. Bella Swan batted her eyes open and looked up at me. Charlie and Renee had gone down to the cafeteria to get some coffee. She looked over at me. Her sparkle was back. Her scent was still not like it used to be but it was returning. I just hoped she didn't end up smelling like one of those damn dogs.

However I was grateful to Jacob not many sixteen year olds even if they were werewolves. Would have volunteered for such a painful operation. In a way he gave her the one thing I couldn't blood.

" Hey sleepyhead. " I greeted my human she smiled at me her normal smile. Not the weak alternative I'd almost gotten used to.

" Hey, yourself. So where are my surviving surgery kisses ?" She asked with an evil smirk.

" Well they're right here. " I answered kissing her gently on the lips.

Of course it was soon getting more passionate and I didn't want to tire her out too much. I released my mouth from hers. She gave me a disapointed look.

" Someone feels better. " I stated firmly.

" Yeah, I feel even better than I did before I got sick, isn't that kinda weird ?" Bella questioned raising one eyebrow.

" No, cause you got genuine Black blood in ya' now baby," An unmistakably male voice stated with a smile in his voice and a wider one when wheeled himself through the door of Bella's hospital room. Hospital gown and all with a small grey box in his lap. " Thought I'd come check on my new sister. "

" Oh, funny Jake how are you feeling ?" Bella asked.

" Like a million bucks, although I'm starting to see why my dad hates these wheelchairs so much. " He replied trying to adjust the wheels to a better angle so he could wheel up to Bella's bedside. God how can Bella stand to smell him. It was like the creature from black lagoon crawled up from the California tar Pitts and never showered. Yuck !

" Good, glad to hear it. " Bella replied.

" So I uh..had to go up to Seattle a couple months ago for a new part on the bike. I stopped in this old junk shop and found these. I mean it's totally childish and completely cheesy but I thought since we're like blood brothers or something now that it would be funny. " He explained handing Bella the small box. She shook it and it made a rattling sound.

Quickly undoing the knot on the bow around the box and opening the box up. She grinned and held up two metallic rings. " Wow you're right this is cheesy. But it's also very sweet thanks Jake. " Bella said hugging that dog the best she could. She slipped her ring on and Jacob took his. Her fingers were all too thin from the weight loss to fit on them properly so she slid hers on her thumb. Then they connected their rings. "Wonder twin powers activate !" Bella and Jake exclaimed then erupted into fits of laughter. He gave my human one more hug before saying he had to go before the nurses found out he was missing.

I was starting to wonder where that mace was Charlie gave me. I know my jealousy was completely unfounded but I'm a vampire. We're all about unfounded jealousy.

Carlisle walked in Bella's room shortly after Jacob left. " How is my most stubborn patient today, up and around I see. " He observed in his doctor tone.

" Yeah, I feel great Carlisle. Like a new person. " Bella answered.

" Well that's because you're recovering at an exponential rate. I've never seen anything like it." Carlisle stated.

" So, does that mean I'm gonna..be a werewolf ?" Bella inquired looking worried.

" It just so happens I kept some sample tubes of Jacob Blacks blood to test against yours. Your blood is forever altered Bella, however you won't be howling at the new moon anytime soon. You aren't changing. " Carlisle reassured my human. Unable to suppress a chuckle at his own joke.

" So what I just have a faster healing time now ? Cause I gotta be honest wouldn't suck given my history of clumsiness. " Bella joked.

" Well yes and you may notice some extra sensory abilities like heightened smell or hearing later on as you begin to heal more thoroughly. Just enjoy the gifts nature gives you. " Carlisle smiled. " I have to go ladies, I'll be back to check on you later do me a favor don't test out your abilities by running off until then. Also if you keep healing at this rate you can go home in a week. "

" Yes !" Bella and I exclaimed.

" Also I met your parents in the elevator and I already told them that you could be going home early. Later girls. " Carlisle said in parting leaving the room to just Bella and I again.

We enjoyed our alone time for a good hour before being painfully interrupted once more. By Bella's parents. This wouldn't end until she got home..I was counting the days already.

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