Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 11 Starting Over

One week later Bella arrived at her's and Charlie's house. As promised she had signed the waver at the hospital. So that she could walk out the doors herself. Without the blasted wheelchair. She even felt well enough to make Alice and Charlie give her at least one bag of her own to carry. Alice handed her the bag she was holding relinquishing hold of it with a look of impossibility.

Small sections of the once mouse brown hair were coming in. For that Bella was grateful but she wished it would've never fallen out in the first place. At least it was only permanent, Bella thought she couldn't handle being permanently hairless. She had taken to wearing those bandannas Alice had gotten her. She had a large variety to choose from too from tie dyed to plaid Alice had gotten just about every scheme and pattern there was available.

All the staff at the hospital and Bella's parents agreed her recovery was a marvelous and speedy one. Bella hadn't noticed any other abilities yet though Carlisle assured her she would get at least one of the wolf traits.

Alice was just happy she didn't inherit the god awful smell. Although she was hoping excessive body hair wasn't the trait that Bella would be receiving.

Bella opened her bedroom window and stuck her head out of it. Looking all around everything outside and in looked new somehow. Like she were viewing it for the first time through an others eyes. She knew how insanely lucky she had been some people didn't survive this type of aggressive illness. There was still a chance it could come back and for that reason she had made the definite decision to make the most of her time. In case she was living on a borrowed clock.

She was going to finally go cliff diving with Jacob and some of the other Quills. She had compiled a list in secret from Alice hoping every time she added something her girlfriend wouldn't have vision about it and whop her over the head with a frying pan. There was snow covering the ground now. Christmas was closing in and the air smelled less humid and more clear and crisp. Then a horrible smoke smell indicated the clean cold air,

Bella looked around for the intrusive stink it was Charlie he'd started burning some twigs and leftover leaves that escaped him. In earlier months he'd been far too concerned with his daughters well being to rake much. Now he was tending to his yard like a man should.

" Hey, dad. " Bella waved from her window.

" Hey, Bells how we doin', still feelin' okay ?" Charlie asked with fatherly concern.

" Yes, dad I'm fine can't a girl just wave to her father. " Bella asked sarcastically.

" Well, I suppose. " Charlie replied mistified. He scracthed his head. " You never did before. "

" There's a first time for everything Charlie. " Bella responded with a laugh.

" A-huh. " Charlie nodded and went back to work.

Bella just shook her head and walked away from the window to lay down on the bed. As she backed away to set in her chair she backed right into a cold , solid, form. The form quickly wrapped it's arms around her and drug her down toward the bed. The mortal girl was so startled she almost screamed.

" Shh.." The form silenced turning Bella around. Only to show her a fiery white toothed smile.

" Alice, you scared the hell outta me !" Bella said in a loud whisper.

" Well, being a member of the living challenged has it's perks sometimes. Like spooking the life out of your girlfriend so she'll be more turned on when I do this. " The vampire explained never losing her wide mouthed grin. Leaning forward so that she was lying on top of her mortal. Slowly drawing closer to her mouth agonizingly hanging her head mid air. Until Bella lost all patience raising her head up and closing the small piece of distance left between them.

Relieving the tension that had been building up inside of the two women for almost three months now. Bella had not had the energy , strength or breath to kiss Alice like she wanted to. Now all that was gone and she could kiss her girl how she deserved to be kissed.

Bella felt a sudden rush of flavors in her mouth. She had kissed Alice a thousand times before. Though never had she tasted so much inside the other girls mouth. She wasn't sure if this was a kickback from the wolf blood or just a side effect of having missed their..what was it Charlie had called it. 'Girl time.'

Alice sensed a change in the mortal and ceased her actions. " What?" She asked with her million dollar smile.

Bella looked away from her girl and shook her head. " I'm not sure, when we were kissing just now I could've sworn I could taste.."

The vampire looked panicked and wide eyed. She stood straight up off the bed and quickly smelled her breath. " I don't have blood breath do I ? I brushed before I came back from hunting. "

The taller girl stood up facing her vampire and placed her hands on Alice's shoulders. " No, sweety that's not..what I meant..I think I could taste everything in your mouth, right down to your breath mint I'm guessing you had one of those too ?"

It was Alice's turn to look down. " Maybe, I suppose I might have come back here for less than honorable reasons. " She beamed pushing Bella back down on the bed.

" Whoa !" Bella exclaimed as she fell backwards once more onto the soft mattress below her. " My, aren't we an aggressive little vamp today. " She flirted with fire in her eyes and grin that could only be described as mischievous.

Alice laid her body half on her human and half on the mattress this time. " I guess I am it's the hunt it makes my kind more ..aware of the animal like instincts within us. " She explained tugging on Bells shirt collar making her move closer. Drawing her in for more kisses..

" You can't lay it all on the hunt..you forget I've seen you in action when we've made out before. " Bella remarked still grinning.

" Maybe you bring it out in me..I'm your wild vampire.."

" That's right and don't you forget it. "

They wasted no more time on words as they made up for lost time and ravaged each others mouths. Both parties moaning once again at the contact. The feel of two bodies one on the other. The touch of a suddenly well lover.

When Bella parted the kiss for air she raised her hand to Alice's cold cheek. " I missed being with you like this, I love you so much Alice, I'm so in love with you.." She stated breathless and flushed.

"Oh, gods you know what it does to me when you say that. When you look like you do right now. Bella I want you so bad. More than I should want a human it's not good for you it's dangerous. " Alice said with seriousness in her gaze.

" I'm not scared of you Alice, you can control yourself, you won't hurt me. Unless I ask you too. " Bella smirked.

Alice wasted no time planting soft nips and kisses on her girls neck. She could feel the tantalizing blood of her human beating just under her skin. It was pounding her the vampire's ears. She sucked and bit slightly on it not enough to break the skin but just enough to bruise it. Bella could feel the small traces of venom left from the loves bites and it tingled. She ran her hands up and down the pixies back and through her hair. A tear began to roll down Bella's face.

Alice kissed it knowing what it was about she pulled the girls bandanna off and kiss her head. Letting her know that it didn't matter how much or little hair she had. She loved her girl unconditionally.

"Girl's I'm making lunch who wants gri- -Oh my Zeus!" Renee had walked right in on the two in their hot and heavy moment. She covered her eyes and turned around like Rosalie had done. " I'm so sorry girls, I hope you're being safe even if you can't impregnate each other you can still spread diseases. I-"

" Mom, get out please. " Bella asked with a laugh in her voice. Alice had collapsed her head into the cancer survivors neck.

" Well, alright then but if you work up an appetite. There'll be grilled cheese sandwiches down here. " Renee said. She nearly closed the door popping her head back in quickly. " Abstinence is a virtue you know. I'm gone. "

"Bella I'm buying you one thing and one thing only for Christmas a reinforced chamber door complete with deadbolts. " Alice choked out.

"You know I think that's one gift I wouldn't complain about. " The mortal agreed. Trying to rekindle the mood by kissing her vampires cheek. " This isn't gonna work now is it ?"

"Oh, honey, NO. " Alice said in a honey coated voice, The last word said pointedly. " But later if you're up to it, I'm taking you to my house, everybody wants to see you outside of a hospital for a change. "

"I think I can swing that. Just let me take a little nap after I eat something. Are going to wait up here or come down ?" Bella asked.

" I think I'll wait up here I don't think I can face Renee again so soon. " Alice answered embarrassment in her voice.

"Be thankful she didn't catch us in the throws of passion and she only saw us in the throws of..hickeys oh no. Ali , you gave me a hickey. A giant one I look like I made out with jaws !" Bella exclaimed worriedly looking in the mirror indeed the mark was worthy of the criticism it was given.

"Oh, calm down it's nothing a little make-up can't cure. Come here. " Alice ordered taking her powder puff and some tone enhancer out of her purse. She worked quickly at the mark. " There all done spaz. Now go eat something I can practically hear your stomach growling. "

" Yes, mom. " Bella teased. Making Alice's eyes widen again. " Chill out, Ali she's fine with us, I swear mom's more open minded than Charlie is even. I think she was a hippie in another life. "

Bella spent some time with her mom eating lunch of course Renee sent her daughter back up stairs to lay down when she was done eating. With an extra sandwich for Alice. That Bella would have to eat. However the girl didn't think it would be a problem she was suddenly famished. The girl stopped before walking all the way upstairs. " Oh, mom Alice is taking me to her house pretty soon. I'll be back before dark and-"

"That's fine Bella dear, you're in the home of a doctor I'm not worried at all. Have fun just don't overdue yourself on your first week back. " Renee said carefully.

"I won't mom, thanks." With that Bella hurried up the stairs and to her room scarfing down the sandwich and tossing herself across the bed. She patted the mattress with her right hand for Alice to get up from her seat in the comfy chair. " OK, cuddle time. " She grinned.

Alice made her way to the mortal before her and laid herself next to her warm body. " I was beginning to think you'd turned and decided to eat Renee instead eating with her. " She joked.

Bella slapped at her girl's arm having no effect of course but giving her satisfaction none the less. " That's not funny. I did eat a lot though, for me I had like three well actually four sandwiches. Renee sent one up for you. "

"Well, that's two.." Alice remarked vaguely.

"What's two ?"

"So far your taste has evolved and now you're eating like a wild man. " Alice explained. " Maybe you're going to get more than one trait, but at least you smell as good as before. "

"Alice my dear even if I was a werewolf I would still smell better than the average. " Bella commented before snuggling up to her vampire and falling asleep.

1 month later.

Bella had made great strides in her recovery, turns out the over sensitive taste. Was due in part by one of her medications for nausea. Even after not taking it for a couple of weeks you could still experience the side effects.

At this moment in time the mouse haired girl was setting in an exam room. Waiting for the results of her latest blood test. Alice was there holding her hand she told Bella earlier she knew the results of the test. But Bella wanted to receive them from Carlisle. She was nervous Alice knew the results and she wasn't freaking out and trying to carry her everywhere. So that was good wasn't it ? Then again maybe she was trying to spare her feelings from the terrible news.

'Oh, god I gotta stop thinking about this.' The teenager tried to think of other things instead. Like if her results were good enough this time around. Alice and Charlie would finally surrender the key to her bike. The two of them had conspired to hide them from her when she started chemo.

Bella was in the middle of a fantasy about riding in the country when a someone else entered the exam room. " Bella I have good news for you dear. " It was Carlisle she'd know that low handsome voice anywhere. She looked up and he smiled at her.

" Please just give it up already Carlisle I'm dying to ride my baby again ?" Bella pleaded then noticing the displaced and confused look on the doctors face she blushed. " Uh, I was talking about my motorcycle ! Alice and Charlie hid my keys from me and I haven't spent anytime with her in months. "

" Yes, I see, well without further ado then. " Carlisle pulled out the blood test results page. " Your white cell count is up to near normal levels again and you're in total remission. I think it's safe to say werewolf blood is the cure for cancer. " The doctor joked.

" YES !" Bella exclaimed hopping off the exam table and giving Carlisle a great big hug. Then she went to her girlfriend and gave her a searing kiss. " Cough up my keys lady right now. "

" Here, " Alice begrudgingly gave up Bella's keys. " I don't suppose there's not anything I can say to you. That'll make you not wanna ride that funeral on wheels ?"

" Nope. " Bella deadpanned. " But you can ride it with me. " She said with a grin.

" Okay. The things I do for my human. " Alice shook her head.

" You ladies have a good time, Bella please stay out of the hospital for awhile. I'll see you at home Alice. " Carlisle finished and left the two lovers alone.

" I'm cured, I have an awesome girl in my life and now I have the keys to my baby back. What more could a girl ask for ?"

Alice got a glint in her eye. " I could think of a few things..like shopping. "

" Oh, come on I'm gonna live I don't wanna feel depressed right now. "

" Too bad you're getting an outfit for the winter dance, we missed spring fling and I'm not missing this. So just take it like a man. " Alice teased taking Bella's hand as the couple left the hospital.

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