Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 12 This Love

"Alice.." Bella whined as the short vampire drug her by the hand and into the dress shop.

"Oh, shush you. " Alice turned around and gave her girl a kiss, on the cheek then leaned in and whispered in her ear. " Do this for me and I'll make it up to you later. "

"Fine but it better be something good." Bella agreed to the blackmail.

Alice smiled out the corner of her mouth. "Oh, it will be."

"I'm going to the pants section, dresses and I don't mix too clumsy." Bella informed her love.

"Yes I know I've seen the outcomes of my making you wear a dress. None of them ennd without you in some sort of cast. I'll be in the formal gowns let me see you in your outfit before you buy it. "

" Yea, yeah, Hey wait you're psychic just envision it. "

"Bella dear my visions are subjective I can no more tell if you'll go with the blue one or the white one anymore than I can predict the exact date of the apocalypse. " Alice informed her human.

"A-poc-alypse?" Bella sounded out slowly with a gaping jaw.

Alice waved a hand in the air brushing off the topic. "It won't matter anyway it's hundreds of years away now go..shop."

"Okay, but I want a further report later...Ali.." Bella looked around only to realize she was talking to herself.

Halfway through Alice's dress shopping spree, she got a vision. Bella was going with a white on black ladies suit. Hmm... She thought this little blue number ought to complement her well. She met up with her girl at the checkout.

The totals were paid for and the girls were out of the store holding hands on their walk to the car. " You know Ali something occurred to me while I was shopping for this monkey suit. "

"The fact that when we show up to the dance together we'll be outing ourselves to the whole school ." Alice replied.

"Yeah." Bella nodded.

"Are you too nervous, are you ashamed to be with me. I mean I'm breaking like a thousand rules being-" Alice was interrupted by Bella's mouth on hers in soft kiss.

"No, I am none of the above just a little nervous as to what some peoples reactions will be. But I already know Angela knows, which means Eric knows and Charlie and Renee know. I don't care about the extra hundred kids I don't even know. Besides they're all gonna be jealous when they see. I brought the most beautiful date with me."

For one of only a handful of times in her UN-life Alice Brandon Cullen was speechless. She stopped walking by now they in the parking lot. It had started to rain nothing torrential yet just a fine mist. The short vampire pulled her human close and kissed her with all her usable might.

"What was that for?" Bella asked cluelessly.

"That was so sweet, what you just said and what makes it so sweet. Is that you're the first person to say that and mean it because you don't just see the outside of me and think that. You really think I'm beautiful.."

Bella put a hand over where her girlfriends heart should've been. " Right there that's the most beautiful thing about you. Nevermind that you sparkle in the sun like a thousand peices of glitter have been poured on your skin. Or that when you walk it's like you're dancing and that your eyes look like they're having an electrical storm whenever we kiss. I'm in love with all of you Alice not just the obvious. You must be too otherwise you wouldn't have stuck with me when I was so sick I couldn't even muster a smile in your direction. "

Alice mimicked Bella's movement placing a cold hand on her warm chest. Where her heart was located. "I love what I knew was in there waiting to get out. All of those months I watched the person I love most in this world. Turn into death itself and come back. I need you."

"I need you." Bella repeated breathless and tear soaked.

Silently they got into Alice's car and drove to the Cullen house. " My family is out hunting they plan to be gone for a couple of days."

"Really, did you bring me here to seduce me miss Cullen?" Bella asked with a grin.

"Maybe." Alice returned then leaning in close to her human to whisper. " I'd rather make love with you though. "

Bella felt her breath hitch. Alice laughed at her surprise. "What is it too much for a mere mortal to handle?" She teased trying to ease some of her girls tension.

"No it's not that, I thought..what about your promise to Esme , I mean how can hide it your brother that creepy little Edward reads minds."

"Easy I'll block it." Alice came back.

"You can do that?" Bella asked this time surprise in her voice.

"Yep, I've been practicing with Jazz. I'm of course no where near as good as he is at it. But I can hide this one memory from him. I want to be with Bella in every way that implies. But if you're not ready it's cool too we can just go to the waterfall. Or catch up on hom-"

Bella cut off her girl with a chaste kiss that was soon reclaimed and transformed into something deeper. Alice let her tongue do the walking right into Bella's mouth running her hands all over the warmer girls back. Which caused tiny goosebumps to raise on every inch of flesh she touch. A fire erupted inside the women and soon they were forcing each other to part long enough to enter the house.

They arrived in Alice's room with the large bed so close they eyed each other cautiously. Making sure both parties were willing. They were getting so serious that they couldn't handle it. The girls erupted in a fit of laughter.

" I love you Ali. "

" I love you Bell."

Bella smiled with heat in her eyes. "Make love with me."

Alice didn't have to reply with words. She kissed her human they started with small careful kisses one ending where the other began. Then Bella deepened the kissing by touching her tongue to Alice's lips.

The girls moaned at the contact of hot on cold. Bella put her arms around the pixie sized girl running her hands up and down her back. Alice returned the touch only on the stomach of the human girl. She loved to feel her abs as she breathed deeper and heavier.

Every single inch of their clothed bodies were touching. There wasn't enough room between them for an ounce of air to fit. Bella walked her girl over to the bed and lay her down gently on the mattress below them. Alice kicked off her heels and ran her bare foot up and down Bella's calf and ankle for her to take her shoes off too.

Bella let out a huff she wanted to keep kissing her girlfriend but oh, no off the with the shoes first. She bent down and undid the sneakers she was wearing. Then looked at Alice with a there happy expression. Alice bit her nails looking at her girl standing there waiting to take her to higher places. She stretched out her arm taking Bella by the hand and leading her down on top of her body. Bella placed herself between Alice's legs. She knew it felt good to the vampire when she let out a moan then grabbed her face and began kissing her breath away.

Bella took hold of one of the cold hands running through the short hair she had now. Pulling it away from it's operation scalp massage pulling out of the kiss to lavish kisses down the arm and up Ali's shoulders and neck. Bella licked then nipped at her girl's neck and upper chest by her collar bones.

All the time Alice ran her hands through Bella's short hair and moaned at the feel of every sensation Bella was giving her at this moment.

Bella worked her way lower She thought to herself it had been a good thing Alice wore her button up dress today. As she slowly unbuttoned the first three notches of the dress. Kissing every bit of flesh that was uncovered. Bella had started at the top working her hands and mouth down to the very last button. She hovered there momentarily to build suspense. Then undid the last two buttons at Ali's thighs. She then went back up to her stomach kissing and licking the muscled area even though her skin was hard and cool there was a soft femininity to it.

Alice raised her body from the bed so the last of the dress could fall down her arms. She gently pushed Bella's head into her abdomen to kiss it harder. When she did Alice moaned loudly. Bella stopped to look at her discovery of a bare skinned Alice. Her mouth gaped never had she seen so much beauty in the world than in this person. It made her so hot to be mere inches away from it.

Bella could take one moment away from the skin of her vampire no more. She charged at the pixie and knocked her back on the bed kissing her sweet mouth running her hands up the smaller girls sides and onto the mounds of flesh on her chest caressing them then breaking the kissing so she could nip and suck on them properly until their pink tips could've cut glass they were so pointed.

"Oh, Bella!' Alice moaned uncontrollably. Pushing the larger girl's mouth further down onto her breasts. "More..Oh."

Bella ran her tongue over the tender flesh circling the outside then sucking a nipple into her mouth. Alice couldn't take it anymore she had to show this girl what she was doing to her she rolled them over so that she was now on top and undid Bella's camp shirt quickly to reveal two larger perfectly rounded bra clad breasts. The girl underneath raised up for easy removal of the shirt Alice reached around while kissing her warm neck and unclasped her bra.

Slowly sliding it down her shoulders. Alice saw that her nipples were already erect and screaming for attention. She kissed her Bella wildly laying her back down on the bed never breaking the kiss. They were moaning now their bare skin touching. Breasts rubbing against one anothers. Bella ran her hands down to Alice's butt squeezing her cheeks the vampire sat straight up as Bella continued her course of action squeezing and letting go then running her hands over the backs and in between her thighs almost up to her center then stopping.

The teasing was driving Alice crazy. Much more of this and she would need an asylum. She tried with all her strength to ignore her girls touches and focused on her task. leaning back down she began kissing Bella's breasts licking them and sucking her nipples with her mouth on one and her left hand massaging the other breast. It worked she made Bella moan her name again and again.

When Alice trailed kisses up to her girl's neck Bella took the opportunity to begin her mission again. Rubbing the inside of Alice's thighs this time making her way up to her vampires folds. She was so wet it was amazing. She rolled them both over again so Bella was on top now. She kissed her way down Alice's body. Alice wasn't trying to gain control this time. She was moaning for Bella to take her over the edge.

Bella placed her hand over Alice's sex. "Oh, god so warm oh, Bella touch me ...please." The vampire pleaded.

Bella needed no further invitation. She kissed Alice hard and slid two fingers into her soft depths. The vampire moaned into her mouth. Bella was slow at first then faster.

"Bella, please faster baby." Alice pleaded again.

The girl doubled her speed then rubbed her most hidden treasure with her thumb. Alice was pumping her hips it only took five strokes of Bella's thumb over the sensitive nerve ending.

"Cum for me Alice." The mortal pleaded in a husky tone.

"I ..I..I'm cumming Bella!" Alice was gone. Her eyes lidded over as wave after wave of pleasure rose and fell inside her through her whole body.

"That was ..you're so amazing." Bella stated.

Alice looked at her with darkened lust filled eyes. "But Bella dear we aren't done yet. It's your turn."

Sure enough twenty minutes later Alice's head was bobbing up and down between Bella's creamy thighs. Bella was teetering on the edge Alice could feel it. Bella pressed her pixie's head further into her as she began to feel her self nearing the edge of the cliff. " Oh, Alice!" The vampire kissed her way back up to Bella looking into her eyes. Pulling a sheet over the two of them. As Bella shivered slightly from the intense pleasure rushing through her.

"What are you thinking?" Alice asked after a few minutes of holding her girl in her arms.

"I was thinking that I hope you hide both of our thoughts from Edward otherwise I'll never be able to look your family in the eye again." Bella deadpanned.

Both girls laughed.

"Seriously I wanna know whats goin' on in that brilliant mind of yours."

"I was thinking how lucky I am, to be with you. How good this feels here in your arms. I dream about this you know."

"You dream about ruining five hundred thread count Egyptian cotton sheets." Alice teased.

"No, I dream about being this way with you forever." Bella replied in a sleepy voice.

"Uh, oh I've worn out the human. Time for you to sleep." The vampire commanded.

Bella nodded sleepily. "I know, will you hold me while I sleep?"

"Duh, Now sleep and when you wake up maybe we can have a shower then I suppose I'll have to feed you." Alice grinned. "You're worse than a puppy dog."

"Hey you better watch that I have puppy dog blood now." Bella warned shaking a finger. Alice grabbed it and kissed it.

"Goodnight, Alice."

"Goodnight, Bella."

Alice did something that evening she hadn't done in eighty some odd years. She fell asleep in her lovers arms.

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