Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 13 New Gifts And Complications

The next thing Alice knew it was morning. She awoke to Bella's snoring in her ear. Without thinking she jumped out of bed. Startling the woman beside her. Bella Sat straight up in the large bed wrapping a sheet around her.

" What ! What is it Alice ?" Bella asked quickly.

Alice threw on a pair of boy shorts and a tank top. Bella's clothes from when she'd slept over when she was sick. Because Charlie had to be out of town for some policeman's conference. " I..I don't know, Bella I was as sleep I just woke up. It was like one minute I was enjoying holding you and the next I'm waking up like poof and it's morning. "

" Wow, I'm better at making love than I thought I was if I can wear out a vampire. " Bella grinned.

" Ha ha funny Bells but seriously I think something might be wrong. " Alice stated worried setting back down on the bed and running her hands through her tufted bed head.

" I'm sure everything is fine sweety. " Bella reassured her lover rubbing her back gently.

" In all my years I've never heard of any vampire sleeping Bella. I don't know what this means. Which means I'm going to have tell Carlisle then he's going to know we were together last night. Then Esme will know because vampires don't keep secrets from their mates. " Alice explained freaking out once more.

" Calm down, we'll deal okay first let's just find out what's going on then take it from there. " Bella reasoned.

" You're right this is just one of those things that'll have to work itself out. " Alice replied calming down again.

" Good, now speaking of Esme what does she have in the fridge for little ol' humans because I'm starving !"

Alice giggled. " You wore out a vampire and I made a human hungry. "

Bella looked at her girlfriend sensually and smiled. " Yes, you did in more ways than one. "

" I've created a monster haven't I ?" Alice returned the smile.

" I don't know what you're talking about my dear, you know I was reading ahead in Biology that we need to conserve as much water as possible. I was thinking before I eat and you go off to hunt maybe we could conserve water by showering together. "

" Well I see your point it really is up to us to make a difference. Let's do it then. " Alice replied laughing at her own words. Kissing Bella clear into the bathroom.

Half an hour later Bella and Alice were steaming up the mirrors in the bathroom. When Alice zoned out in the middle of their steaming up. Like the graceful person she was Bella nearly slipped when Alice had let go of her. Grabbing her again quickly.

" We've gotta get outta here and into some clothes Bella, It's Carlisle and Esme they're returning early one of Carlisle's patients isn't doing well with is blood pressure medicine. " Alice said in a panic.

" Crap !" Bella exclaimed. " How long do we have ?"

" Approximately thirty minutes they're driving to look normal he's stopping at his office first. "

" Okay let's go. "

About a half hour later to the second Carlisle and Esme pulled up in his Mercedes.

Bella was calmly setting in the kitchen eating some toast and eggs drinking juice. Nothing out of the usual behavior when she was an overnight guest. Alice had gone off to hunt she found she was also starving after several minutes of not making out with Bella.

Carlisle and Esme could of course smell Bella the moment they arrived. " Bella, lovely to have you spending time here again. We're so happy you're healing. "

" Thanks Carlisle it's good to feel normal again. " Bella replied in as normal a tone as she could muster. Trying hard not to use her just made sweet love with your daughter grin. That had been spread across her face since she woke up this morning.

" I see you found the groceries I bought yesterday. Alice said you two might be having a sleepover did you find the bed in the guest room to be adequately comfortable ?"

Bella bit her tongue instead of her toast. " Bed ? Oh, right the bed yes it was very comfortable thank you so much. You guys do too much for me. "

" It was nothing really we want you to be at home here as you are in your own home. " Carlisle replied in his gentle voice.

" Where is Alice ? " Esme asked curiously.

" Out hunting she said to tell you both she'd be back in fifteen. " Bella replied then took a drink of cold juice to soothe the blister erupting on her tongue from biting it.

" Alright, well I will be in my office upstairs. If you need anything Bella. " Carlisle informed their human guest.

" I will be in the garden if you want to help you're welcome to. Those weeds don't pluck themselves you know. " Esme stated in her typical motherly fashion.

" Let me just finish eating and I'll be right there. "

" Alright no rush I'll probably be out there all day. Just whenever. " Esme said heading out the french doors that lead to the back yard.

Alice hopped through the window near the large oak tree and smiled at Bella. " Ok, so are you all ready to face the music ?" She asked.

" Of course my dear but I'll never be sorry about it no matter what he says. What we did was right and beautiful and I don't ever want to forget it. " Bella vowed standing up from the bar stool she had been seated in. Alice wrapped her fingers around her girlfriends and they went up to Carlisle's office.

Alice knocked tentatively at the office door. " Come In. " Greeted Carlisle's soft wise voice.

" Alice how can I help you, It seems I have plenty of time now since all my patient needed was the right prescription filled. He accidentally filled his wife's which was for low blood pressure. " The doctor laughed.

Bella snickered at the explanation.

" Well what I'm about to tell you it falls under doctor patient confidentiality, at least until Bella and I are married or living together or something. " Alice was as serious as Bella had ever seen her.

" Okay, so basically what you're saying is that I canot tell my wife ? " Carlisle replied his voice gatehring an edge to it. He sat at the edge of his deck and folded his arms.

" Right, last night Bella and I were together.."

" By together you mean together like you are right now or .." Carlisle let his words trail he wasn't going to say it for his daughter. If she was able to do it she should be able to say it.

" We made love doctor Cullen. " Bella stepped up.

" We didn't really plan but I promised Esme I wouldn't until Bella and I were married and well I didn't want her to think less of me if she found out. " Alice explained further biting her lower lip.

" I understand though I don't think your mother cold value you any less if she did know. But this in itself is not the issue is it ? There is something more that you have yet to tell me ? " Carlisle offered.

" After we..made love we fell asleep Carlisle I fell asleep I'm a vampire we don't sleep. What's wrong with me ?"

Carlisle grinned. " There's nothing wrong with you Alice. "

" Huh..explain please because Alice is around me all the time I've never seen her so much as yawn. " Bella stated stunned at Carlisle's calm demeanor.

" Bella has wolf blood in her now, it is true that most of the wolves around here detest our kind. However there are some werewolves whom actually fall in love with vampires. Werewolves have the ability to calm their mates into a sleep like state with their pheromones. I have heard some stories that there have been a couple of cases of a vampire experiencing this exact side effect. Bella I believe you've found one of your kickbacks from Jacob Black's marrow donation. " Carlisle explained looking the whole time like he would burst out in laughter.

" You have nothing to be worried about Alice , next time you're over here Bella guest room. I don't like keeping secrets from my wife and I would like to know how the bed is not in that way. You two can stop smiling like I cannot see you. Now was that all ?" The doctor stated firmly.

" Yes , Carlisle thank you. " Alice and Bella both answered. The girls left the father figure alone to his reading.

Alice got a curious smile on her face when she was walking at normal speeds down the stairs with Bella hand in hand.

" What ?" Bella laughed nervously.

" Nothing, I just thought since the sun is out today you might wanna go to the waterfall that's all. But if you wanna go home it's totally fine too. " Alice explained.

" I would love nothing more than to go to the waterfall with you, Piggy back of course right ?"

" Is there another way, " Alice shook her head. " Hop on. "

The girls were out the door and no less than ten minutes later at the waterfall. It was beautiful since the water hadn't frozen. Moving waters usually don't coupled with the small amount of snow still on the ground. It was really a beauty filled serene place to be in.

" You should see it when the flowers bloom in the spring it's breathtaking, if I had breath that is. " Alice said in a melancholy tone of voice.

" I bet, so I have werewolf pheromones now and I can really knock you on your feet with them. I guess we'll have to be careful from now on. I can't have you drifting off in the middle of school or anything. " Bella joked.

" No we can't have that, " Alice agreed with a giggle. " Bella what you gave me last night the ability to sleep I mean. It was something I never thought I would experience again. Some of my human memories have been coming back to me since I started seeing you.

Not alot of them you understand just flashes here and there of..another life, another whole time period. I remembered when my parents left me at that atrocious asylum because I had an ability beyond their understanding. Last night I got to dream and I dreamt a lot of things my turning. I can't remember the pain but I saw the shadow of an older man who did it to me. Turned me I mean. "

" Ali, I'm sorry you had such crappy parents, want me to go back in time and give'em a piece of my mind ?" Bella responded brushing her girls hair with her right hand. Alice rested her head on the taller girls shoulder.

" Hmm.. well it's a thought but alas no time machines yet. No I haven't seen when they'll be invented yet so don't ask. I'm not a magic eightball ya' know. " Alice drawled.

" Don't be silly I see you as more of a magic mirror or crystal ball. Besides even if you don't know everything I still wouldn't be the fool to bet against you Alice. " Bella affirmed.

" So you two are mates isn't that sweet, a vampire and a blood bag. " Hissed a voice from the depths of the woods causing the girls to jump and Alice to shove Bella behind her protectively taking a predatory defensive stance.

Out of the woods came a redheaded and a blonde man. He was shirtless and she wore a fur.

" Don't you me touch or I'll tear you to pieces, get out these are our woods !" Alice demanded to the sadistic looking vamps.

Alice sent a telepathic message to her telepathic brother. "Edward bring the others come quickly to the waterfall, bad vampires and they want Bella ! HURRY !"

Alice just prayed the others would arrive in time. She couldn't take them alone she'd die trying though. Edward was the fastest he would get there first. She hoped...

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