Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 14 The Others Of Our Kind Are Not

Alice shoved Bella behind her and took a defensive stance..

She sent a telepathic message to Edwards mind for help.

"Edward brings the others to the waterfall, there are others of our kind they want to hurt Bella, Hurry!"

Edward was in a bit of a tight spot when the message hit his brain. He thought there was only one cougar he was stalking for blood. However there were about three of them in the vicinity and they all came up out of the brush. To help their fellow animal pinning Edward to the side of a cave. Upon hearing Alice's message he jumped over the wildcats and headed for the others.

"Emmett, Rose, Jasper . We have to go to the waterfall Alice and Bella are in trouble! I'm going ahead since I'm faster." Edward informed the group in a voice inaudible to human ears.

The others were waiting for Edward to see how he would be getting himself out of the mess of cougars. Before the storm broke and they were all off and running. Even Rosalie who wasn't particularly fond of Bella. But did not wish her harm in any way either. Was running at a pace faster than normal for a vampire that is.

Edward was the first on the scene having gone ahead of his brothers and sister.

"You're not welcome here it is time for you both to leave." He ordered his voice dripping with venom.

"Well we could however it's a fair fight now and the winners get the human..whom smells ever so tantalizing." The blonde vampire shot back with a low growl.

"If it's a fair fight you're lookin' for dude you've just lost. Because now it's more like five on two and when our parents get here it'll be seven on two. You better just back your asses up and head back to wherever it is you came from." Emmet warned as he jumped out of a nearby spruce. Having jumped through trees his best ability and his fastest form of travel. The whole way back.

Rosalie and Jasper were the next to come out of the woods.

Esme broke through the door to Carlisle's office worry sketched all over her painfully beautiful features. "Carlisle there are others in our woods the girls went to the waterfall. They could hurt Alice and Bella we must hurry!" The couple took off like they had invisible jet packs on their backs.

Arriving a short time later making the total seven, Emmett had threatened the bloodsuckers with earlier.

Seeing the actual numbers instead of just the empty promises words can hold. The blonde vampire backed down and his red headed girlfriend with him. Before he left completely though he shook a finger at Bella.

"This isn't over yet human." He smirked evilly. "I'll be back with others who aren't so kind."

All the Cullen's knew what this meant. War. What was worse was that it was a war with their own kind. They would fight to the death if need be to protect the newest and still UN-turned member of their family.

The whole way back to the Cullen's house Bella couldn't stop shaking. She was being targeted by the very kind of people she'd befriended all those months ago.

Alice burst through the front door of the large house hidden in the trees. Taking Bella off of her back and placing her shaking , frightened form on the white sofa.

"Her pulse is weak she's in shock, There will probably be an anxiety attack to follow after. Alice get her a blanket from the guest room." Carlisle ordered checking the human girl's condition.

Alice came back as fast as she had left this time with a large flowery blanket in tow. She raised Bella up and slid between the space of her and the couch wrapping the blanket around her girlfriend.

"W-what does he want with me?" Bella stammered.

"He's a tracker , the hunt is his obsession he'll never give up now that he's smelled her blood. It's like his own version of crack." Edward explained in a tense tone. He liked Bella and he liked seeing his sister so happy. He wanted nothing to happen that would change this.

"So we need to leave." Alice said rationally.

"What, I can't leave Charlie he'll think I abandoned him like mom did." Bella replied somewhat calmer. Jasper was the man responsible for that. He was sending a calming emotion out into the room to help them think better.

"We don't have a choice Bella this guy won't stop until he's killed you."

"Or until we've killed him." Emmet responded smashing his doubled up fist into his open hand. "I've had to fight our kind before but they're not easy to kill."

"No, we'll have to tear them apart and burn the pieces." Carlisle added further explanation. "I to make this clear though I don't relish the thought of killing another living being even a sadistic one like this James."

"Bella you need to stay where we can fully protect you, so I'll call Charlie and ask him if it's okay that you stay with us tonight." Esme interjected.

"Wha-what about Charlie he's my father James could try to go after him to get to me. I won't stay here knowing he's in danger." Bella vowed.

" Jasper will go and watch over the house with Edward. While Emmett, Rosalie , Alice and Esme with myself will be guarding you." Carlisle reassured the young girl.

"Alright, so I guess it's the guest room for me tonight, Carlisle I hope that bed is actually as comfortable as the sales guy said it was." Bella said stretching and standing up a small yawn escaping her throat.

"No, you won't you're staying in Alice's room." Esme stated. " You need to be in a room with at least one of us at all times. Alice is your mate you will stay with her. I'm sorry I made you promise to not be together until you were married. I guess I just feel so much like your mother I wanted what was best for you. I see now that Bella is your true mate and that certain feelings come with that kind of connection. Feelings that can rarely be suppressed. So you have mine and Carlisle's blessing. "

Alice hugged her mother figure with all her might. Smiling happily even with such strained circumstances. "Thank you Esme , you are my mother though because you're the only one whom I can remember. Plus you're great with helping me in a crisis. Come on Bella let us get you to bed. You've had a bad scare you need your rest."

"Holy werewolf droppings you can fall asleep with her!" Edward exclaimed with shock in his usually brooding eyes.

Rosalie and Emmett exchanged baffled but amused looks. "Vampires can't sleep you idiot , you sure you don't have your mind reading dial tuned to too high a frequency." Rosalie stated half laughing.

"No, it's true actually Bella has found her gift from the bone marrow transplant with Jacob Black. She can excrete pheromones that actually cause even our kind to sleep." Alice shook her head.

Esme tossed her long hair back, folded her arms together and laughed. "Yes, but that's only after sexual contact between a vampire and a werewol- Oh...OH I see well congratulations. I'm just going to go make something for Bella to eat now. So I'll be in the kitchen if..anything is needed from me." The vampire said quickly excusing herself from the full living room.

Bella just knew if Esme were human she'd be redder than a mustang convertible. The human laughed at the thought of her would be mother in law turning such a shade. "Uhm..wow this is awkward I'll just go talk to Esme."

Bella ran up the stairs into the kitchen where she found the motherly immortal. She was chopping vegetables and placing in a large bowl. "Hello, Bella , Alice told me you were a vegetarian so I thought salad would an apropriate thing to fix you."

"Yea, no that's..salad is my favorite thing to eat actually. Could I give you a hand?" The younger girl asked carefully.

"Yeah, just grab a knife out of that drawer over there and start chopping." Esme replied pointing to the small utility drawer nearest the sink.

As the two women stood chopping ,dicing ,slicing. Bella chose her words carefully. "You know Esme we , that is Alice and I didn't plan on this happening it just did. I'm happy it did I feel so much more connected to her I didn't even think that was possible."

"Of course it is Bella..there's so much that hasn't been explained to you isn't there?" Esme inquired.

"I guess, would you wanna be the person to make things clear? My mom's back in Florida and Charlie isn't exactly someone to talk to about ..these kinds of things."

"Well when one of our kind shares a romantic connection with a human it's usually because they are the vampire's singer. This means that their blood sings to the vampire it makes them completely at the mercy of their instincts. Doesn't usually end well for the human. However Alice is a bit different when she found out you were her singer she controlled the thirst like it was nothing. Did you want more tomatoes than that dear?" Esme paused her explanation and asked.

"Just a few more maybe, I like tomatoes. You were saying?" Bella urged on.

"Well, we knew that when she controlled it so well amazingly well. You weren't her singer at all but her mate you see the difference is that with mate attraction the thirst it there but it's manageable. However with a singer it's more like a bloodlust situation. In the extremely rare chance that one our kind makes love with a member of yours even without turning them. It's a marker a promise of eternal unity. When you and Alice did this, you gave her body the eternal promise of your body. I know you're in love with Bella it's just I'm not sure that as a young person you realize what kind of.."

"Whoa, stop right there I'm with Alice I wanna be with Alice forever, I would never ..ever even think of being with another person the way I was with her last night. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I can't have depth, I'm not just some blind, insensitive mortal fleshling or whatever you call me when I'm not around. I know my being with Ali is hard for you. I'm just not sure if it's because you're a like this caring motherly being who wants nothing but the best for her. Or because you're a homophobe! In either case I suggest you get over it." Bella stomped out of the kitchen into the living room where she seemed to either ignore or not take notice of the fact all eyes were on her.

With surprise and a few snickers. Grabbed Alice by the hand pressed up against the wall and kissed her harder than she'd ever kissed anyone in her life. Alice was completely swept away and although unnecessary breathless. "In case anybody was still wondering I'm gonna be here with Alice for my whole life and if you don't like it I got two words for ya."

Alice was so hot now she was practically drooling. " Come on Bella lets go to the somewhere..else. "

Jasper almost couldn't handle the emotions in the room. They ranged from total amusement, to Bella's anger , to Alice's arousal from that kiss. Which almost knocked him on his behind.

The girls headed up the stairs. Leaving the room in confusion. Carlisle shook his head. "Why did I have to add members to my family I couldn't just endure eternity alone. I just had to pick a wife and kids when men with heartbeats and sun tans would kill for a life like mine." He thought to himself bemused at the current situation. "Mother always said there would be days like this why did they all have to be.."

In a darkened alley outside of town. Blood dripped from the mouth of a shadowed figure with glowing red eyes. On the ground a victimized body shook with the signs of venom poisoning their system. Like a snake bite paralyzes it's prey.

"Soon I'll have an army of newborns like us Victoria and we will run this wretched town."

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