Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Bad Things Happen to Good Vampires

Charlie Swan was a simple man. It did not take much to please him a flat screen, Monday night football, couple of friends and his daughter's happiness. Lately her happiness had been found in the arms of Alice Cullen. An odd but charmingly sweet girl he thought. He had taken the news his daughter was gay quite well for an old fashioned guy.

He didn't want to be cool all accepting dad. But this was something Bella could no more help than she could help the freckles across her nose. Or the fact that she was more clumsy sometimes than a bull in a china shop.

However he was beginning to think that the Cullen's were adopting his daughter for their own. He hadn't seen Bella in two days and something just didn't quite add up. Which was why he was headed out to the Cullen house in his squad car as a surprise drop in on his only child. Just to make sure the whole Cullen family was there and not just her and Alice which would mean hanky panky might be going on. The only problem was Charlie had always prepared himself to threaten boys.

Which basically meant a simple line or two about castration and his daughter would be a shoe in for virgin 'til graduation. If he was lucky grad school !

However given the recent turn of events in finding out his daughter played on the other team. Also meant that Alice Cullen had no organs to be threatened with removal. However it also meant she couldn't get pregnant until they were able to afford some kind of adoption or whatever that thing was with the turkey baster. Which made him wince to think about so he immediately switched his train of thoughts to the playoffs.

Elsewhere in the wooded trails directly behind the Cullen's whale of a house. Bella had Alice pinned up against a large old sugar maple tree. Kissing her vampire girlfriend senseless.

Alice was in heaven she was raking her finger nails along the sensitive skin of Bella's back as they kissed passionately. Alice's center was pressed against Bella's and all was under control. Until Bella started moving her hips pressing herself into Alice with more pressure added. The vampire had to moan loudly.

"Oh, god Bella do you know what you're doing to me right now?" Alice moaned out breathlessly. As the human lavished kisses all over the pixie girl's neck and collar bones. Luckily Alice was wearing a low-cut top today. Which made access much easier for her lover even from this angle.

Bella smiled into her immortal's neck. " Of course why else do you think I'm doing it?"

"Maybe to be amazingly torturess. You are just playing you don't actually intend to take me right here in the forest behind my house where my whole family can hear do you?"

Bella pressed herself firmly into the black haired beauty causing her to scream. " What do you think? "

"My, my, my one night with me and you're a regular nymph..Oh, OH wow..okay you want me you got me." Alice said before she couldn't speak any further. Bella's mouth was on hers their tongues danced across teeth and the other's tongue memorizing every crevice.

"You're mouth tastes so sweet..baby." Bella moaned outloud. As Alice's fingers reached under Bella's tank top and started to massage her stomach and breasts. Slowly pressing and kneading then pinching. Her girlfriends sexiest parts as they kissed.

Inside the house Emmett was playing a game of pool with Carlisle. When his dog like ears zeroed in on something coming from the woods. After a couple of seconds he knew exactly who the parties were and just what it was they were doing. He got a gleam in his dark brown eyes. "Um..Carlisle let's just call this a tie I'm going to go check the grounds one more time just to be sure those creeps aren't hiding' anywhere on our land."

"That sounds like a fine idea I'll join you." Carlisle replied still focused on making his last shot count before heading out with his 'son' .

Emmett coughed a little. "Um..no that's okay Carlisle I want to be alone for awhile and cool off I'm still kinda mad about earlier with James, I can handle it alone."

"Well , alright then just call us if you need us to help. I'm going up to my study for a bit then." Carlisle replied and jogged up the stairs at normal speed.

Emmett was headed into the back yard when felt a hard painful tug on his ear. " Just what do you think you're doing Emmett Cullen ? Off to spy on those poor girls. Sometimes you make me ill. " Rosalie spat at her husband.

"No ..I..I wasn't I just wanted to peek really quickly." Emmett confessed grinning shyly like a little boy caught with fire crackers and a lighter underneath a bee hive.

"Ugh, men must you all be alike pulse or no pulse. Okay now I know Bella isn't like my best friend or anything. But Alice is my sister and I'll tell you right now if you go out there and interrupt their little love fest. I will turn you into a woman and then you won't have to spy on two women kissing. Because you'll already know when you kiss me." Rose warned with a deep growl.

" Yes, ma'am. You never let me have any fun. " Emmet moped.

"Sure I do I let you paint my toes last week. Now back in the house with you. " Rosalie ordered swatting her mate on butt then grinning at him.

"Oh, ugh, Bella.." Alice moaned out as Bella ground her hips into the pixie once more. Sending her and Alice over the edge. Their release was so intense they both collapsed on the forest floor. Breathing hard Alice lying half on top of her girl. She ran a hand along Bella's jaw bone then kissed her sweetly. Laying her head on the mortal's chest.

"Hey, we should get up and go into the house to sleep baby..it's probably not too safe out here. Al..Alice..well crap I've put her to sleep again. Damn pheromones..Alright. Guess it's my turn to carry you. " Bella said to herself getting to her feet and bending down to pick up her pixie sized lover. When a hand reached out and grabbed her pulling her down on top of the smaller girl.

"Gotcha!" Alice giggled. "I'm not asleep yet, just..YAWN..sleepy. Besides vampires are a lot heavier than we look. You would've been back in that stupid hospital for hernia repair."

"Oh, and now instead I can just go there for heart failure. I didn't know what the hell was going on when I was being pulled down." Bella laughed tapping the tip of Alice's little nose with her fingertip. "Ali, you know I'm never going to leave you right, you know it's not just this stupid puppy love phase?"

"Bella, yes I know but it's just going to take awhile for several members of my family to understand that too. It's easy for me to be sure of you because of what we've been through together. Carlisle is about the closest to understanding our love. Because he and Esme were in love even though she was mortal and he was a vampire that had to turn her so she could live. So he has less doubt than say Esme. Whom you gave a large piece of your mind to. I know, I know before you say anything." Alice held up a hand. "She can play the overbearing mommy bit a little too well sometimes. But she means well."

"Do you think I should apologize for losing it in the kitchen with her. It's just I've had a long day and so much shock to absorb. First you come to town and we fall in love , then I get cancer and have to have werewolf marrow to save my life, now a pack of bloodthirsty bad guys wants to have me for dinner. It's all a bit overwhelming you know." Bella let it all spill out of her as she ran her hands through her lovers medium length spiky hair.

"I know and I'm sure Esme knows that too. Tell you what I'll go with you when you talk to her. Tomorrow though because you're making me so tired right now I don't think I could function to defend you at all right now." Alice assured running her long fingers through the short hair on her love's head.

" 'Kay, guess I better get off you .."

"Yeah, you should Charlie's here..oh I need a nap." Alice whined tiredly as Bella stood and helped the sleepy girl to her feet. Once Bella and the sleepy vampire were in the house they were greeted by an officer in uniform.

"Hey, dad." Bella greeted her and Alice both standing at attention Alice letting out a yawn.

"Hello, Bells I hadn't seen you all weekend just wanted to come by and .."

"And check up on me to make sure I'm being a good girl right dad?" Bella said with sarcasm dripping from her voice.


"Chief Swan what a pleasant surprise to have you in our home. I hope you didn't come over here thinking Bella was shacked up with our daughter. Because we've been here all weekend and I can assure you nothing that wasn't supposed to happen did." Carlisle chimed making his way down the stairs and over to shake the human officer's hand. It wasn't a lie considering the fact that Alice and Bella were mates.

"Well..no of course not,just wanted to come over and see my daughter before I-" Charlie's cell phone went off." Chief Swan here..huh..ah uh..yep on my way." With an annoyed look on his face Charlie turned back to face his daughter. " Guess I have to go the local fishermen found four bodies washed up on shore this evening. The only sign of injury was a single set of teeth marks on their necks. "

"Oh,my what is this world coming too." Carlisle sighed. "Well it was nice of you to stop by and don't worry about Bella my wife was about to call you and ask if it was alright that she stay over another night then Monday Alice will bring her home from school."

"Actually with a new sicko out and about I feel better knowing Bells isn't alone at the house. I'll see you tomorrow dear at home, speaking of which doctor Cullen you have a nice one..it's very..big." Chief Swan stated adjusting his belt and shaking Carlisle's hand in parting before showing himself out the door.

"That was weird..dad never checks up on me?" Bella pondered.

"Well you humans are an unpredictable species always getting suspicious of every little thing. " Edward pointed out coming into the house from his watch at Bella's home." Everything is clear on the home front at Bella and Charlie's place Carlisle. "

"Well, that's good news perhaps James was making empty threats after all even a psychopath like him knows that to turn enough people to make an army would garner unwanted attention from the Volturi." Carlisle said folding his arms he always did when was in deep thought about something.

"Yeah, not to mention humans especially as nosy as they can be." Emmett commented offhandedly. Bella flashed him an 'Oh , really' look. "Present company excluded sorry Bella. "

"Well no offense Emmett but not all of us can read minds like Edward or sense emotions like Jazz. So some of us have to dig for the answers we seek."

"Dually noted, Bella." Emmett replied making a check mark in the air with his thumb and forefinger.

"Tomorrows plan Alice and Edward will take Bella to school, When they take her to her house Emmett will be in the woods hiding out and Alice will of course be in Bella's room waiting. Edward will take the car home. So that it looks like Bella is completely alone. We'll see if James tries something then. If nothing happens then we can be pretty certain James has moved on to new prey."

At the pier. Chief Swan pulled up in the cruiser lights on and shut down the siren. He got out of the squad car and zipped up his leather police coat. Jamming his hands in the coat pockets he walked over to the medical examiner.

" What exactly am I looking at here Roger ?" Charlie inquired.

Roger was a short, chunky balding man in his fifties. He currently had a jelly doughnut in one hand a cup of steaming hot coffee in the other. "Well I'm not quite sure have a peek with me Charlie." The man peeled backed a tarp covering the four bodies all male." The jugulars have been punctured by teeth in only a single place on each of the four victims." He took a cotton swab out of his pocket and rolled it on the bite wounds.

"And this green gunk that almost resembles snake venom is present on each of them too. Charlie who-whatever did this was human or at least partially human the bite radius and form on the oral cavities are human in nature."

"Jesus! Roger are you tellin' me a cannibal is walkin' the streets of Forks?" Charlie shook his head in disgust.

"No, if it were cannibals you'd be finding leftover fava beans and a couple of pitch forks in their abdomens. What we're dealing with is someone involved in necromancy. Or someone who thinks he's Dracula."

"He? the killer is a male?"

"Yes, judging from the size of the teeth marks the killer was a male. I'll know more when I gett'em to the morgue where I can run tests that are conclusive. I'd say you're looking for a man no younger than twenty four and no older than thirty. There's another thing this person would have extremely perfect teeth. There's not one indent on any of the Vic's skin suggesting cavities or missing teeth. He most likely used snake venom to paralyze his prey then CHOMP! He bit into'em like a dog to a mailman's ass. "

Charlie gave Roger a friendly pat on the back. "Thanks Roger let me know for sure when you get the results. I'm gonna go back to the station and lookup necromancers in the FBI's database of predatory killers."

"Right, then good luck my friend you're gonna need it." Roger shook his head looking once again at the tattered and torn bodies of the deceased.

At the Cullen's.

Bella had finally gotten Alice up the stairs and to her room the two women were laying there. Well Alice was snoring which she thought was just the cutest thing her vampire lover could be doing. Actually seeing a vampire sleep was just as intriguing to Bella as Watching her sleep was to Alice. Since the girls had been going out for several months now this was the first time she'd seen her girl sleep ever.

All the events of the day were mulling about in her tired mind. It was enough to give anyone a mental block. But all this trouble she was going through with her befriend family of UN-dead immortals. Was worth it to be with the girl who was snuggled up to her chest at this very moment. With that thought in her head her eyes slowly lidded over and slept took her.

At the Port Angeles Morgue. There were four bodies being delivered by the local meat wagon. But these bodies were far from average.

The paramedics that volunteered to haul the bodies into the freezer were having a bit of trouble. The bodies had seemingly become nearly too heavy to carry. "Great whales these guys were real porkers huh, Mortey?"

"Nah it's the salt water gets in their system when their dyin' then settles and creates deposits of salt in the body adding extra bloat. I saw on TLC last week." The man brushed off. As the two struggled with the second man. Some happened one of them noticed what looked like a hand move inside the body bag.

It was so startling he took a second glance just to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. There was no movement. The medic blinked a couple of times. "I either gotta stop workin' nights or switch to decaf. I coulda swore I just saw this guys arm move "

"That ridiculous if these guys were any deader they'd be zombies." The other medic shot back. He unzipped one of the bags laid out on the sliding tray. Raised up the dead man's hand for the other medic to see for himself as he let go of the dead limb to watch it fall to the corpses side. "See dead as a friggin' door nail."

"Not exactly." Came a strangers voice the two men looked all around them then their eyes came to rest upon the 'presumed dead' body of the man they had just unzipped out of the bag.

Both medics jumped as far away as they could. But they were not a match for one let alone all four of the lifeless bodies that were headed straight for them.

They huddled around the two breathing men.

"Smell that boys, that's dinner." Growled one of them then he grabbed one of the medics and but right through his throat. Blood was streaming out of his dying body and all over the white walls and linoleum floors of the morgue.

"AHHHHH!" Screamed the last man standing alive. As the newborns huddled around him to attack. Growling and playing with him before striking at his body and killing him.

"AHHHH...!" Alice jumped straight up in the bed where she and Bella lay in her room. Having just had the horrible vision of newborns attacking paramedics. Eating them like wildcats eat goats.

"WHAT!" Bella screamed to get over the top of her lover. "What is it baby, did you have another vision?" The human asked rubbing her sleepy eyes open.

"Yes, and it's bad We have to get the others. NOW!" Alice exclaimed throwing on a bathrobe and running down the hallways to alert the rest of the family. Who were currently all in their different rooms doing different things. Jasper was doing a word search at vampire speeds. Emmett was doing Rose. And Doctor and Esme Cullen were currently watching the discovery channel while Edward was writing in his current journal and listening to Debussy.

"Edward, Claire DE Lune can wait along with your brooding thoughts of the day. There are bad things afoot. We have to save my girlfriend from the horrible man eating vampire. Come on down here with the rest of the family." Alice stated pulling him from his solitary fortress of a room.

"So what gives Ali, Rose and I were kind of ..you know..busy." Emmett worded carefully hinting that he'd still prefer to be busy with Rose that actually down here right now.

"I had a vision in my sleep."

"Jeez, Alice you and Bella did it again can't you two keep it in your-" Rosalie complained.

"I want you to pause that sentence so that I can add at least you didn't walk in on us doing it." Alice shot at her sister.

"Yeah, I know I always miss the fun. Dammit." Emmett whined.

"Yes, yes that's quite enough from all of you. Now Alice you were saying about a vision?" Carlisle inquired.

"I saw them...the army of newborns James is creating so that he can take this town over and turn Bella. He recognized her scent from the description in the Vamphricon. He wants her to be his dark queen. We have to stop him." Alice said quickly almost so fast that Bella couldn't hear her. But she did her hearing was getting more keen lately she chalked it up to another side effect of the werewolf marrow.

"But how we're outnumbered in every way and theres no way I'm crazy enough to join force with the Volturi." Edward added.

"I think I know someone who can help." Bella responded with a raised hand." But Carlisle and I have to be the ones to ask him."

"Bella I don't usually talk ..to you much..it's because I try not to breathe when you're around so I won't smell your blood. That way I won't want to kill you all the time. But we're not exactly on good terms with the Quileutes especially the wolf pups." Jasper explained in carefully controlled tones.

"No, I realize this that's why it won't be just you asking. I'm going to ask Jake to help us out. I can't stand the thought of even possibly losing one of you. Just because of the way my blood appeals to your kind. Esme I'm sorry about earlier I lost my cool. I've had a lot to think about lately and I took it out on you. For that I'm sorry but just so you know I love Alice with my whole heart. " The girl said taking her pixie's hand. "I would never just drop her like a hot potato or..in your case I guess it would be a frozen one. I'm not going anywhere without my little pixie vamp-girl."

"You're too sweet but do I really look like a pixie?" Alice gleamed.

"Oh, yeah big time short stuff." Emmett interjected.

"It's okay Ali, I meant you're like my own little tinker bell." Bella giggled brushing her free hand through the shorter girls dark , spiked but soft hair.

"So how do we work this Bella our family, our whole race isn't allowed on Quileute lands. Without violating the treaty?" Carlisle inquired.

"You just leave that to me Carlisle." Bella assured the hundreds of years old vampire.

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