Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 16 Nothing Looks Alive

Chief Swan made his way through the maze of police tape to the two ravaged, unrecognizable corpses of the paramedics. Whom were suppose to deliver ironically the four corpses from the pier to the Port Angeles Morgue where more scientific testing of the venom could be run.

However it appeared the bodies were stolen. The two witnesses torn apart blood drained dry from their bodies. There wasn't even a drop on their bodies which was extremely abnormal. Charlie analyzed the facts and came up with two possible criminals.

Either a man who was part animal which made no sense to his logical believe only the facts mind. Or that this person was a vampire this thought only made him want to reach into his secret drawer at the station and have shot of whiskey. However he was a good hour from his desk and his flask of whiskey so they would both have to wait.

"Are you sure the bite marks are human, I mean how can you tell Roger their throats are torn from side to side." Charlie asked once more. Not that he didn't trust his old friend but he was starting to doubt the man's mental health.

"Yes, I am absolutely positive Charlie I would tell you if I weren't. And I'm telling you there are some things that are easier to dismiss than believe. The thing that did this is one of them." The bald man commented.

"Well..that's cryptic. I am telling you Roger there are no such creatures or people or whatever the hell. As Vampires. They don't exist they don't even scare kids nowadays most of them want to be like them. But who would be sadistic enough to try doin' something like this?"

"That I can't answer my friend, but whoever he is I wouldn't wanna meet him unless steel bars and a restraining mask were on him. This guy's making' Hannibal Lector look kind and thoughtful." Roger said shaking his fat balding head in bafflement.

"Well I got a couple of leads on this I'm going down to the old warehouse at the end of the pier. Apparently some of the regulars have seen some pretty sketchy looking characters hanging around down there. I want the results of those tests as soon as you gett'em if not before." Charlie hollered over the roaring engine of the ambulance as he ran to the cruiser.

"Will do, oh and uh..Charlie be careful. Wouldn't want to make your daughter a fatherless child now would you." Roger replied lightheartedly.

"Always am, catch ya' later Roger." The the chief was off on the hunt.

Speaking of hunting...

"Alice you should go hunt you know Bella and Carlisle won't be back for another..Well actually I don't know when they'll be back you might as well feed before they do arrive back though. Because I know you and you want to leave Bella's side until you're practically a slave to your cravings." Esme advised her daughter as she pruned her hemlock bushes. The snow had been melting all day because the sun was shining. It was the perfect time to get in those hardwood clippings for next spring she had wanted to plant around the rest of the house.

Bella having no protection by vampires ironically from vampires. Decided to feign sickness. Nothing too dramatic of course after her near death round with cancer. Charlie had bought and told his daughter to stay with the Cullen's until she felt better. Mainly because he knew Carlisle was the best doctor in this dinky town also because he couldn't stay home with her. So her plan had worked out swimmingly.

"I suppose you're right considering they'll be home in exactly forty-five minutes and twelve seconds. I guess since there's nothing I can do I might as well eat." Alice said depressively hopping out the window and into the Cullen's woods.

Bella traipsed lightly through the brush that surrounded the Quileute reservation. Carlisle followed closely and even more quietly than his young partner in crime. Everything was going well until Bella stepped on a long thing branch and it crackled beneath her feet. "Oh, crap!"

Carlisle heard someone coming before he saw them and jumped into the highest tree he could find on short notice. Luckily for them it was Jacob Black. He was short haired now with a tattoo on his right arm. He wore no shirt even though it was freezing out and a pair of tan cargo cut offs. He smiled his toothy grin at the pale face before him.

"Bella!" He exclaimed taking her in his arms and lifting her up a little way off the ground in a bear hug. "I save your life but you don't write you don't call..I'm beginning to think you don't want to wear my ring." He joked referring of course to the cereal box order form items he found.

"Well, yeah about that Jake I'm not alone. I've come with someone and we kind of need your help?" Bella said calmly but Jacob could sense the worry in her subtones.

"Where is this person and what can I do to help?" Jacob inquired further.

"Um..one more thing before you ..ya' know meet this person..he isn't exactly a.."

" Upstanding member of the community ?" Jacob guessed.

" No."

"A person with a home?" Jacob tried again he was so dense sometimes.

"A person he's kind of a...vampire." Bella eased out trying to soften the blow.

"What! You brought one of those filthy bloodsucking Cullen's here ." The dark haired wolf boy hissed.

"Yes, Jake don't get mad." Bella soothed reaching a hand out to place on Jacob's now hardened eight pack abs. His skin had become nearly as tough and dense as a vampire's since the last time they had seen each other. Before the transplant anyway.

"Mad, I'm not mad..I'm well I don't know what I am." Jake leaned closer to whisper to his paler friend. "If the elders catch him or Sam catches him on this land a war will be started Bella."

"I know that's kinda why I was hoping we could go to the old school building and talk. It's important Jake..please. Once you hear what we both have to say Carlisle and I will be on our way. I promise." Bella swore to her friend.

Jacob always was a sucker for Bella's brown eyes and persuasive, stubborn personality. Even if it felt like part of his old self was disappearing in the fog of his own transformation. Into a creature of myths and campfire stories. Sometimes he felt invincible others he felt mad at the world. He rolled his own dark eyes and sighed folding his arms. "Alright, come on both of you. No sense in hiding it's not like I can't smell you from a mile a away bloodsucker."

While that meeting was taking place another one across town was about to as well.

Charlie pulled up to pier warehouse 51 he left his cruiser running. The closer he got to the old wooden building with chipping grayish paint. The more uneasy he felt and the worse the smell was getting. It reeked of death. Charlie drew his pistol from it's gun belt and aimed the weapon towards the building he was going to. He reached the door and the smell was now so bad that he had to hold his handkerchief to his mouth and nose. Pressing the cloth to his face with his left hand and holding out the loaded weapon with his right hand. He proceeded to enter the building.

It was completely dark in the warehouse despite the beaming sunlight outside. Charlie made his way over to a window rather the only window in the building. Pulling the blind upwards letting light beam into every corner of the place. Then Charlie saw the reason for the smell there were two dead torn apart bodies in the far corner. On an old matress lay a single man blonde mid twenties to early thirties. The man glanced in the Chief's direction noticing the drawn weapon he snickered.

"You're under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, anything you do or say can and will be held against you in the court of law, you have the right to an attorney if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for your lazy,jobless murder some rear.."

As quickly as Charlie pulled out his handcuffs James was standing in front of him. Icy glare filtering through his red eyes. Charlie put more pressure on the trigger of his weapon. "I'm warning you once any closer and I'll shoot." James took one more step forward Chief Swan fired upon him.

James grabbed his chest where his heart was dead in it's cage. " Ouch, that might tickle a little." The evil vampire cackled.

Charlie fired his weapon until he heard a familiar clicking sound. His gun barrel was empty. James was closing in on hid target. Playing it slow so he could smell the fear now actively coursing through Chief Swan's bloodstream. He was on top of the police chief now sniffing the air around the skin of his neck.

"Hmm..high cholesterol if you were going to live through this process I'd tell you to eat a salad. But seeing as how you won't..I don't care." Just as James was about to bite.

Two vampires crashed through the door. It was Emmett and Jasper come to save Bella's father having trailed him all morning by scent through the trees. Emmett hopped on Jame's back and the two vampire's began fighting for their UN-lives. Jasper being exceedingly faster and more skilled at sneak attacks waited until James was on the ground then pounce on top of him. Punching and biting growling like an untamed animal.

Charlie couldn't believe what was before his own eyes. Surely he was halucinating this entire scenario. He couldn't take the shock and fainted Emmett caught him in his large muscular arms.

"Whoa easy there chief Swan, Bella won't like it if we bring you home with a concussion." Emmett said to thin air because Charlie was out cold.

Jasper cracked the evil vampire's neck ripping his head off and turning him to dust instantly.

The two vampires rushed back to their forest home with their newest human guest. One human like Bella knowing their secret was an issue but as big an issue as two humans knowing. This would not set well with Carlisle. The boys had no choice on their surprise attack though or Charlie would be dead.

At the Quilu Reservation.

"Why should we help you exactly, if it wasn't for you 'harmless' little Cullen's showing up none of this would be happening." Jacob demanded.

"There's an army coming." Carlisle started to explain.

"Hold on..I thought it was just one vampire..what damn army?" Jacob inquired hostily.

"There's an army of newborns..our kind being created and they're all coming for Bella. Alice saw in a vision this morning the army will be complete in less than a week at this pace. The ones created are already killing. There aren't enough of us to do the job of killing them all." Carlisle furthered his explanation.

Jacob held up a hand to silence the vampire and his best friend. His pupils dilated. He was calling the rest of the wolf pack there. In a matter of moments about ten werewolves show up in human form.

"What's with the babe and the bloodsucker, you're not supposed to be on these lands fang." Spat Quill.

"Chillout Quill, there's a good reason behind his presence on our lands. Bella's in danger. There's a newborn vampire army coming after her and the vamp creating the army is the one that wants to kill her." Jacob caught everyone up quickly.

Carlisle was suddenly surrounded by his worst nightmare an army in their own right of werewolves. "We need your help there are going to be too many to safely fight them there would be no point. However if we combined our abilities with yours. We might have a fighting chance." Carlisle explained to the wolf pack.

The wolves huddled together talking with their minds..discussing..deciding. Jacob stood at the head of the wolf pack.

"We're in. Just let us know when we start training. One more thing if you set foot on our land again I can't protect you Cullen." Jacob fired off his warning and the wolf pack descending from the old building transforming and scattering through the trees.

"We'll just be going now, thank you for your help in this matter." Carlisle offered his hand up to shake on the deal.

Jacob took the offered hand reluctantly shook it firmly and quickly. " Come on I'll escort you to the border between our woods and yours. That way you won't be dog food. " Jacob said waving an arm over his shoulder motioning for Bella and Carlisle to follow.

Alice was in the middle of her second small deer when the visions hit her. James was dead, Victoria was pissed and the attack was still going to happen by now it was out of the sire's hands. The infection would spread with every bite until there were no humans left in Forks. This place would become a ravaged abandoned haven for the walking dead. God help the poor soul that should happen to pass through here on a trip.

Alice ran back to the house as fast as she could, stopping only to wash the blood from her face. So as not to appear unkempt.

Carlisle arrived back home at almost the same time as Alice. With Bella in tow on his back.

Bella saw her lover and hopped off the older vampire's back. "Thanks for the lift..I feel like I should give you gas money or something." The mouse haired girl said sarcastically.

"No, need though I appreciate the thought." Carlisle chuckled lightly he placed a hand on the human girls shoulder. "Go see her , I'm going to go talk with my wife."

"Right, see you later Carlisle." Bella replied in parting returning Carlisle's gesture by patting the doctor on the shoulder.

"Ali-Al" Bella tried getting the vampire she loves attention. "Alice." She attempted once more.

"Bella, we gotta get inside before..too late." Alice exhaled a deep sigh.

"Too late for what? ..." Bella trailed when she heard gravel being thrown. She turned around in the yard to see Emmett's Jeep pulling up in drive.

Out hopped Emmett and Jasper with the passed out body of Charlie Swan.

Bella gasped in shock. "Oh, my God, Charlie..is he?"

"No he just passed out when he saw vampires. He went down to the pier after getting a lead on the 'murderer's' whereabouts. James attacked him but he never even got a nibble in Jazz and I were on it. In fact he ripped James in two." Emmett told their story to Alice and Bella.

"I'm sorry to report that your unshockable nature towards the weird and unexplained is not genetic. However Charlie will be fine once his mind rests he should regain consciousness in an hour or so. I'll put him in the guest room."

Emmett held his hand up to stop Carlisle. "I'll do it I'm used to lugging him around now anyway."

Carlisle nodded and motioned for the bear of a vampire to go on. "Alright come on old guy let's go." Emmet stated picking Bella's father and carrying him into the guest room.

"So which one of you killed James?" Alice asked with her hands placed on her tiny hips.

"That would be me, He would've killed Charlie had I not done something to stop him. You know better than any of us how determined our kind can be when they set their sites on someone. The one who turned you didn't even stick around to help you through the adjustment." Jasper replied not in a mean way but still defending his choice of action.

"I just hope you realize now that you've killed James his mate Victoria is coming after not just us but Bella as well. Since you killed James to protect my mate she feels it only fair to return the favor you've just doubled my girlfriends danger." Alice hissed.

" I'm sorry Alice but Emmett and I couldn't just watch Bella's father die. " Jasper tried to explain. Though it was useless. Arguing with a seer was never something that ended in your favor Jasper sighed in surrender.

" It's cool Jazz I mean it's not like I wasn't already in danger and you did save my dad. Thank you." Bella soothed the situation between the two vampires before it became too heated.

In the guest room Bella walked and set down in a small chair by the bed. Watching her father rest. 'What the hell am I going to say to him about being a vampire's lover when he wakes up.' She thought to herself with a heavy heart.

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