Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 17 To Keep A Secret

Charlie stirred slowly wincing when he opened his eyes to the light filled room. It was evening now and the lights were on. Question was where was he that there lights were on and what was he lying on it was soft and warm. He opened his eyes fully only to have a bright light shined into them.

Letting his eyes adjust to the light being shown upon them. He realized it was the doing of Carlisle 'Doctor' Cullen. " What's up doc ?" Charlie said sarcastically. Shoving the doctors pen light away. " Really I'm fine you put that thing away."

" Well I can see it's like father like daughter when it comes to being a stubborn patient. " Carlisle grinned. Helping Charlie up with an icy cold hand.

" Wow, doc your hands are really cold. " Charlie grimaced as he sat up slowly.

" Of course they are Charlie I'm a doctor." Carlisle made the excuse.

" Ahuh, well what happened why the hell am I back at the mansion? " The police chief questioned the full room of people.

" Well Charlie Jasper and Emmett were down fishing at the pier when they saw you enter the old warehouse at the end. They heard gun fire and ran to see if they could help you in some way or call nine, one, one however the man you were shooting at jumped out the window before you could hit him and .."

Charlie waved a hand in Carlisle's face. " Cut the bullshit and tell me what really happened Carlisle. I'm not in the mood for spin. I fired right at that guy and the bullets just bounced right off. It's like..like he wasn't.."

" Human ?" Carlisle finished.

" Yeah, but that's impossible what could possibly look like a man but be bulletproof ?"

" Superman was pretty good at that. " Edward chimed with a smartellic grin.

" Charlie what if I said he was both a man and not a man at the same time and that my family and I are the same way ? " Carlisle questioned.

The policeman frowned suspiciously. " I'd say the medical board needs to include mental health exams in their tests. Before they hired you. "

" That's what I thought you would say, however I can assure you it's true and I have proof. Come with me to my office Charlie. "Carlisle replied calmy rising from his seat at the guest bedside." Come on I won't bite you."

Charlie got to his feet with Bella's help and followed the doctor. "So what am I lookin' at doc?"

"I want to show you my story in paintings Chief Swan. This portrait was of me in 1598 in Italy. I lived there for a couple centuries with others like myself. We.."

"Bella let's get out of this nut stand. Doctor Cullen has lost it!" Charlie yelled for his daughter racing down the stairs as fast as his feet could carry him. Rosalie stood in front of the door to block his escape. He had to hear the rest of what the family had to say.

As Charlie looked around for an exit in a panic he noticed that the Cullen kids had all chosen a possible escape route and blocked him from it successfully. Including Alice and Bella who were standing together at the large bay window.

"You've turned my own daughter against me ! This is insane."

"Chief Swan you need to calm down you've got that spontaneous high blood pressure. Here take one of these and sit down. " Carlisle said forcing the freaked out mortal to sit. Then handing him a xanex. Esme brought him a glass of water to swallow it with.

"Now Charlie you need to listen to this my family and your daughter well..now yourself as well are in danger." Carlisle began once more.

"Danger from what the loony bin?" The cop frowned.

"No, danger from a vampire named James and his lover Victoria. James was killed earlier by my son Jasper. However this only added fuel to his mate Victoria's fire. She will not give up until this whole town is turned into Vampires. My family and I are vampires but we do not drink the blood of humans we find animal blood just as nutritious and it draws less attention to us. As a rule of thumb we are not supposed to tell humans about our existence. However Bella here figured out Alice's and the rest of our secret. " The Vampire doctor explained.

"Bella is Alice's mate and we believe her to also be part of a prophecy written a millenia ago. " Carlisle continued. "You were never supposed to know these things Charlie and I'm sorry that you have to now. However you saw too much at the warehouse. It was either tell you or skip town and what kind of people would we be if we up and left Bella in such a predicament by her self. " The doctor finished taking a seat next to Esme on the small love seat which matched the rest of the decorum.

"I think I'm gonna faint again." Charlie let slip looking a bit green around his gills. "You know I like to think of myself as an open minded guy. My daughter's gay and dating your daughter. Didn't phase me. When she came home for clothes yesterday glowing I suspected that they..had taken things to the next base. I wasn't exactly ecstatic about that but she's seventeen if I don't trust her to make her own decisions now when can I. But to find out her girlfriend and her girlfriends family are vampires is almost too much for me to .."

"Deal with dad? I know it was for me too. His daughter chimed. "But Carlisle is telling you the truth and you and I are in mortal danger. The killer you were trailing well you found him dad. If it wasn't for Jazz you'd be dead or a vampire yourself by now. " Bella stated with her arm wrapped around Alice's shoulder.

Alice leaned in to whisper into Bella's ear. "Not exactly he'd just be in the process of turning. It takes about three days to fully turn." The pixie girl corrected her mortal love.

"Whatever Ali." Bella shook her head bemused. "My point is that you have got to be more careful dad Victoria is picking up where James left off. She's creating an undead army to take me down and anyone who tries to protect me. That's why I've been staying here all the time. The Cullen's can keep me relatively safe and the house isn't bad to have a vacation in either." The teenager joked.

Alice rolled her eyes as did Charlie. Charlie just loved Alice the whole time Bella had been ill , she was right there by his daughter's side. Helping out him and Renee with anything from cooking to helping her up the stairs. He tried stitching the facts together in his head. The Cullen's always spoke as though they were from another century entirely. They were ghostly pale and Carlisle's hands were always cold. They didn't go to school or work when the sun was fully shining. But they were out today.

"Alright as far fetched as this is, I'm trying to believe it. But how is it that if you're all vampires you were out in the sunlight today? Doesn't you're kind melt or fizzle or turn to dust or somethin' like that?" The Chief questioned.

"We don't actually do that it's part of the fiction from books and movies. We sort of sparkle in the sunlight like a cake covered sugar glitter." Edward simplified.

"I see. I hate feeling helpless I'm a police chief for God sakes. Isn't there anything I can do to help?" Charlie inquired.

"There are several things you can do to help." Carlisle offered. "One you can stop going into empty warehouses around town and two you can keep our secret a secret from the rest of this town."

"I think I can do both. I can see why you wouldn't want people knowing. Everyone would be in a panic just like I was a few moments ago. There'd be mass hysteria." Charlie worked out in his own thoughts. Getting up and walking to the door. "So am I ever going to see my daughter in my home again?"

"Yes tonight as a matter of fact Charlie. Alice will be in her room guarding her and Emmett, Edward and Jasper will be in the woods surrounding your home. So all should be safe and tomorrow we start training with Jasper so you and Bella should be here with us where we can surround you and protect you from the army." Carlisle told the concerned Policeman.

"Tomorrow then I'll call Jake and let him know when to come out here." Bella responded absent-mindedly.

" Wait a minute Jake you mean Jacob Black? What's he got to do with all this?" Charlie inquired.

" Yeah, dad Jacob's kind of a.. werewolf." Bella replied with hesitation. "He and the rest of the kids at the reservation with a direct lineage to the original Quileute tribe. They're joining forces with the Cullen's to fight the newborn army." Bella explained.

"You know what doctor Cullen I think I'm gonna need that guest bed again." Charlie told Carlisle shaking his head in confusion.

"That's our queue Alice my dear let's get Charlie home in one piece he's had a long day today." Bella stated. Alice giggled and jumped in front of her girl twirling around as though she were dancing with Bella. The human humored her girlfriend and spun her with her right hand as the girls headed for the door.

Later that night Charlie had relaxed knowing his house was being guarded. Albeit by the same form of person that was after them in the first place. Bella and Alice were cackling from the kitchen which made Charlie laugh a little under his breath. His eyes lit up just knowing his daughter was happy and healthy again. The girls were cooking dinner for him.

Charlie's initial response to Alice offering to help Bella in the kitchen was somewhat amusing. He blurted out. "Vampires can cook food..I thought you all ate blood gumbo or somethin' like that." Alice laughed so hard she almost died again.

After she explained that she learned so that she could cook for Bella. Charlie nodded and let the girls go on with their little kitchen experiment.

Bella and Alice were attempting to make sweet and sour chicken from scratch. Bella could cook she'd done it since she was twelve. However this was one recipe she'd never tried. Alice of course was the one with this bright idea. So there she stood covered in flour from breading the chicken and deep frying it in the cast iron skillet. Giving her pixie sized love a death glare. Alice just grinned dusted her mortal woman's nose with more flour.

Turned out the recipe was quite good after they finished with a flour fight that ended in them making out. Alice cleaned the kitchen insisting that she'd started it so she would clean it up. Leaving Bella and Charlie to eat.

She finished sweeping up the white grain powder and took a seat at the kitchen table. " You know I'm curious since I watched the recipe being made on food network. I would like to try a bite."

Bella took little bit of each thing on her plate onto her fork she gathered the Asian food. Delivering the delightful dinner into her vampire's mouth. Alice was concentrating really hard to try and absorb the flavors in her mouth and not just endure them. "I do believe I'm a genius that wasn't too bad even to me. I'd still rather have the actual chickens blood than the chicken fried. But not as insufferable as those french fries you let me try at the mall that time before you were sick." The vampire critiqued.

"Well I'm glad you like it, but you really don't have to try and eat people food for my benefit." Bella reiterated.

"Yeah, or mine really as long as you're drinking the life blood of a goat in front of me. I don't care what you eat." Charlie agreed downing the last few bites from his plate and heading for seconds. "Can I get you some more Bells?"

"No thanks dad I think I'll just finish this and go up to bed I've had a long day." Bella replied.

" Charlie you don't have to do that I'll get you some more. Hand over the plate." Alice insisted the Chief already knew there was no arguing. Especially with the tiny vampire he surrendered.

Later the girls snuggled in bed together each of them mentally exhausted from the days activities and revelations. Bella snickered a bit.

"What's so funny honey?" Alice asked.

" Nothing really it's just I can't take anymore revelations or wars or newborn vampire armies or..mmph.." Alice shut Bella's rambling up with a slow, sweet kiss.

Bella rolled over so that she was on top of her vampire and the girls both knew no one was going to sleep tonight.

While outside Emmett was jumping up and down trying to get a good look at the two girls and what they were doing. Charlie heard a loud thundering sound coming from the front yard and poked his head out the door to see what was going on. "Emmett!" The chief exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing?" He questioned.

Emmett immediately ceased his actions. "Umm...I was just ..doing some..jumping jacks you know can't ever be in too good of shape."

"Good night Emmett." Charlie stated in a threatening tone knowing he was probably trying to peak in on his daughter. Just because the old shovel and a gun warning wouldn't work on his kind. Didn't mean he couldn't start a large bonfire tomorrow. His eyes lit at the thought and he made a mental note to do so tomorrow just to maintain some sort of order plus it would be funny to see the look on Emmett's face.

The day was over finally the town was quiet with the silence night brings. To small towns like Forks. Except for the scenes taking place downtown as a large crowd of newborn vampires ranging from children to the middle aged. Gathered to hunt, kill, feed and destroy the town of Forks.

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