Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 18 On The Horizon

Bella awoke tangled in sheets and of course Alice. Their legs were intertwined the girl couldn't help but laugh which awoke her lover. "What may I ask is so funny exactly?" Alice asked with a cocked brow.

"Nothing." Bella coughed. "It's just we look like a giant Twizzler all wrapped around each other like this." The mouse haired girl laughed.

Alice followed suit and buried her face in the nape of her human's neck. "Bella Swan only you would think of something like that in this moment." The pixie haired beauty giggled.

"True but that's part of my charm." The mortal pointed out.

"Touche, my love, touche. Should we shower and get you something to eat. The sun is hidden behind the clouds today you know what that means my darling." Alice hinted.

Bella groaned internally. "Yeah, school..Ali..I don't wanna go I just wanna stay here and love you some more."

Alice smiled and Bella knew if she could she would be blushing. "As much as I would love to humor you my dearest. We can't have everyone thinking my family and I abducted you and don't intend on returning you ever."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah at least we can conserve some water together." Bella stood up from the bed and held out her hand for her girl to grasp.

"Uh..uh Missy you do it by yourself because if we both go into that shower together. You and I both know we won't be coming out soon. I've seen it and it gets us in terrible trouble with Charlie so shew go on take your shower and I'll run home and do the same. Somebody else will be in your room when you get out. To keep a better guard on you." Alice reasoned although it wasn't without traces of disappointment lacing her voice.

"Err..okay but you owe me.." Bella stated in a grumbled voice as she bent down to give Alice a chaste kiss. Before heading to the bathroom with her robe on. Alice tossed her clothes on and headed down the stairs. Where she greeted the next shifts sitter.

"Edward, I'll be back in just a few, Bella's in the shower and she needs to eat something for breakfast. It's a human thing if she doesn't eat every six to eight hours she gets low blood sugar or something. There's some fruit in the fridge if you don't mind chopping it up."

"Right, no problem just go and get ready for school. We have mock war with the werewolf pups today too." Edward replied in his honey toned voice.

"Alright later." Alice waved before racing through the woods to her own home.

Edward half smirked and shook his head at his adopted sister's scattered thoughts. Entering the Swan residents he found the kitchen and began chopping up the refrigerated fruits. For the human girl his family had come to treat and love as their own. Edward couldn't see into the future like his sister but he was not the most dense being in the world.

He could see another addition to his family coming soon. Whether that meant by marriage or turning or maybe even both. He was not sure however when that would be. Edward stopped chopping when he heard footsteps entering the living room.

"Bella! Good morning I'll be your body guard til Alice gets back." Edward explained.

"Cool, wow that's a lot of fruit!" Bella stated taking a bowl full of the cantaloupe,apples, strawberries and blueberries.

"Yeah, well I have my orders. Alice said to make sure you ate something so here I am performing the duties of a butler." Edward joked sarcastically looking at the apron he had put on so as not to get berry juice on his clothing.

"Right of course this is great. Thank you man servant." Bella chuckled.

Edward stepped out from behind the counter and removed his apron taking a bow as he threw the garment over his shoulder. "I live to serve."

Both parties began laughing. Then Edward stopped and frowned. "Okay, I need to ask something of you Bella?"

"What's that?" The girl asked before biting into a perfect square of the sweet melon.

"Could you please keep your thoughts about your activities with my sister and how she tastes like those berries in every way to yourself please. I don't think I can look at either of you the same again. After the mental image of you and my sister ...together." Edward said in his honey laced tone low and concentrated.

Bella spit our her previous bite of food choking nervously. "Heh, I'm um..sorry but I couldn't help myself. I mean Alice is my..mate and she's soo..hot too. I'll try to think about school or something instead." The girl laughed internally taking another bite this time swallowing the whole piece. A cocky grin laced across her lips.

"Yeah, that's right just have a good time at my expense go on..next time I'll figure out a way to stick meat in something I fix for you." Edward threatened in a teasing tone.

"Oh, I'm shaking with fear. Besides I have enough to worry about right now other than accidentally having a chicken leg. Alice wants me to go to winter ball with her and I can't a dance a single step without falling over my own toes. So it's like my worst nightmare I've got the suit, got the girl but I don't .."

"Have the moves to go with it." Edward finished with a half grin like he had something up his sleeve. "Well you know vampires we're very graceful I could show you how to waltz right now if you like ?"

Bella put her fork down standing from the table and extended her hand towards the brother of her girlfriend. "Show me."

" Alright, now I'm assuming since my sister is a big girl and you're more or less a little less so. That she would want you to do the leading. " Bella swatted at Edwards hard skin playfully.

"She's not a big girl she's just ..well she's...alright she is a girl's girl."

"That very true in more ways than one." Edward quipped back with a cackle in his boyish voice. After receiving a glare from the mortal woman he ceased his laughter." Right then so you're leading just remember these steps back, back, sidestep, forward and do it slowly enough that it doesn't look like you're trying. Okay now you lead me." The slightly taller male vampire instructed.

Bella began taking the lead from Edward at his order. "Like this?" She asked unsure.

"That's it Bella you're doing it." The vampire encouraged. "I feel like the bell of the ball." He teased.

" Ha ha, very funny, Alice is gonna be so stoked when she finds out I can slow dance with her at the winter ball. "

The two dancing teenagers never noticed Alice in the doorway as they teased each other and slow danced all over the kitchen. Alice was too late to have heard them talking about it being for her benefit. When they turned around they saw a shadow pass by quickly from the doorway.

" Maybe that was.."

Edward held up a finger to his lips. " Shh..I'm gonna go check it out stay here. "

When got to the door he found the intruder. It was his sister stomping off like a two year old who wasn't allowed a share of cookies. " Alice what's wrong with you ?"

" What's wrong with me..what's wrong with you stealing my girlfriend from under my nose !" She bellered.

Edward looking stunned and laughed a bit nervously. " Alice it's not like that Bella and I we're just friends. I was helping her learn something for you. "

Alice growled through clenched teeth. " That's sick Edward what could you possibly..."

" He was teaching me how to waltz so I could impress you at the ball, really after everything we've been through you have so little faith in me that you honestly think I would cheat on you with your own brother !" Bella spat at her lover who now sported a self-deprecated look instead of her menacing growl.

" Bella I'm sorry..I just saw you and..I was stupid.."

" Well, you're right but if you would actually assume something that drastic about me. Maybe you and I could use some space." Bella replied saddened. " Edward would you take me to school please ?"

" Really Alice you ought to know better, I would never do that to you I'm your brother. I know it's not by blood but I still always think of you as my little 'sis. Trust me you don't wanna lose her. " Edward stated flatly in a tone only the two vampires could hear.

" I know. I'm sorry. " Alice said without making eye contact.

" Don't tell me tell her but give Bella some space first. " Her brother advised.

" Edward, we're gonna be late !" The human girl hollered from the passenger seat of Edward's Volvo.

" Coming, Bella.." Edward replied. " Try after school, bring flowers I read her mind she loves red roses and cactus blooms. "

" Thanks Eddie! " Alice exclaimed hugging the taller man.

Edward jumped over the car to the drivers side he started the engine and back out of the drive.

" Why would Ali even think I would cheat on her, especially with you ?" Bella pondered outloud.

" Ouch that hurt. " Edward teased clutching his chest.

" No, it's not that you're not ..it's just that I've never been..attracted to men. That's what gets to me the most she knows that. I mean hello you're a boy you have a penis ! For crying out loud you don't even have man boobs let alone perky.."

" Again with the ouch, Alice was right you are a pistol. " Edward chuckled as he drove without really even looking at the road ahead. " It's not that Bella it's just our kind are territorial like animals we judge this way. We use scent for attraction to our mates. The stronger the scent the deeper the bond. We're very jealous I'm lucky she didn't crack my head off right there in Charlie's kitchen. She'll get over it trust me. She can't stay away from you for the long. "

" Wow that's very observant of you, But I've only got twenty bucks on me so I hope the first session is free. " Bella stated sarcasm oozing off of her tone.

" My advice for today only is free to humans. " Edward grinned as he parked his shiny Volvo in the student lot.

" Lucky I caught in on the special huh,..I'm still gonna keep my distance for the day she needs to know how hurt I am. There's no other way to show her silly vampire self that I'm crazy for her and only her. Then a little tough love. "

" Well be careful don't be too hard on her. Or you might lead her into thinking you aren't crazy about her and that you're just crazy. " Edward shot back quickly. Before he joined up with the other Cullen's.

" Right to the point but not offensively so. " Bella saw Alice running up to her like a little kitten in need of assurance. The human girl kept on walking.

" Bella..please give me five seconds to.."

" Look Ali I still love you but right now I'm upset and I need some space just..can you give me to the end of the day please. " Bella confessed then walked ahead of her lover to her first class. Which was not an escape at all because she had every class with Alice. When she walked into first period English she saw a new member to the student body. Mike Newton he was back. Dressed in black and with a pierced lip. So the months in jail weren't good to his bad side. He looked like he'd joined forces with Cradle of Filth and Darth Vader. Bella breathed deep trying not to hyperventilate. She took her seat which was even more suffocating right next to Alice. She couldn't wait for this day to end and the next one to start.

At lunch Bella finally got a break when her human friends flagged her over to their groups table. The topic of conversation of course was the new goth Mike returned from juvey.

Mike sat alone at the single smallest table in the corner eyeing everyone and especially Bella. Which made Bella's already stressed condition. Cause her stomach knot up so badly she couldn't finish her spinach salad.

After the awkward silences of having classes together with Alice always of course having also the seat next to her pixie. The school day was over the bell rang and the entirely student population bolted for the doors. Bella walked over like she was going for her bike but she then remembered. She rode with Edward today because there was an army of the undead out to drink her blood. She was still recovering from her bout with a deadly cancer and oh yeah she just had words with her love this morning

" Bella, honey can we talk and by we I mean can I please apologize for being a jealous ass ? " A voice from behind the stressed out girl chimed. Bella let out a heavy sigh and tightened her hold on the shoulder bag she had on her right side.

" If I turn around you better not be holding flowers and candy. " Bella deadpanned then turned around to face her girlfriend.

Alice stood frozen guiltily holding a vase with a blooming cactus in it. " Well there's no candy." The vampire sighed looking at the ground.

Bella snickered under her breath running a hand through her ever lengthening hair. " Well it's not exactly a bouquet either so I guess you're not in trouble for that either. Come on what do you want to say Ali ?" Asked the girl who was examining her cactus.

The shorter girl perked up a bit smiling cautiously. " I never should have thought those things, It's just when I saw you with Ed this morning you were acting like a couple of teenagers in love and I only want you to act that way with me." Bella went to speak but Alice held a hand to her lips silencing her girlfriend. " I realize now you were both just being friendly and that he was teaching you to dance so you could impress me at the dance. I've seen it you do great the best dancer there and I get to be your partner. So will you forgive me Bella ?"

" Yes, of course I forgive you Alice. " Bella answered with relief in her voice no longer trying to teach her lover a lesson she let go and wrapped her warm arms around her less than room temperature girlfriend. " Just next time please get all the facts before reacting okay ?" The mortal woman rasped through crying with the let down of being able to hold and kiss her pixie again.

" Yep, I'll look into the future if I have to. I missed your warmth all day honey. " Alice confessed her eyes misting though tears weren't formed and falling. She was feeling just as much relief in their embrace. Their first fight and they made it.

" Well you got me now baby. Wanna go to your house ?" Bella asked with a hitched brow and a mischievious grin.

" Why is that exactly ?"

" Because I've had a long day. Plus I wanna have my way with you. " Bella replied teasingly.

" Oh, well in that case sure. Let's go. " Alice surrendered dragging her lover by the arm to her car. Before Alice could start the engine she froze.

" Ali what's up, are you getting a vision ? " Bella asked with concern.

" Yes, it's Mike Newton he's going to bring a gun to school tomorrow, Bella you're the first one he aims for... you...you..die ! " Alice gasped.

" Who else Alice who else does Mike hurt ? " Bella repeated until the vampire answered her.

Alice sighed there was no bother in keeping the gory details from her love. " Jessica, Eric and Angela and a couple of the teachers go down before he shoots himself. I can't believe you used to be friends with that kid. "

" Oh, my God, Alice we have to help stop him. " Bella stated shock still fresh in her voice. She whipped out her cellphone and hit #2 on her speed dial on her droid. " Dad'll know how to handle this. "

" Chief Swan speaking. " A bored , tired voice answered.

" Dad, it's Bella. "

" Hey, Bella what's up you don't usually call me at work, is something the matter ? There isn't how do I put this anything bothering you is there ?" Charlie asked thinking it might be the vampires after his daughter.

" Yes and no. "

" Go on. " Bella's father urged.

" Yes, there's something bugging me and no it's not what you think. This is an all human problem. I need your help with it. " Bella started.

" Continue. "

" Dad did I ever mention that some vampires get special gifts when they're turned ?"

" Don't remember you mentioning anything about it right off hand. " Charlie replied. " Why ?"

" Well , Alice is one of those vampires that got a gift she can see the future. Dad Mike's back he going to bring a gun to school tomorrow and kill me and a lot of other innocent people. You've gotta do something. " Bella pleaded.

Charlie sprang up from his office chair grabbing his gun belt and coat. ' A real case, finally I don't have to set on my butt in this damn office anymore. ' He thought to himself. " Okay, here's how this is going to work since I can't exactly out your girlfriend for being living challenged and gifted. listen to me very closely Bella, did Mike seem different at all when he was in school today ? "

" Yeah, he was wearing black a lot of black and chains. He had piercings in his lip and ears. He just sat alone at lunch glaring at everyone. " Bella recalled to her father.

" Okay that's all I need to at least make an inquiry to his state of mind. Bella be safe okay. " The human girl's father ordered concern now in his voice.

" Always am. " Bella replied offhandedly.

" Hey that's my line get your own. See you later Bells. " Charlie quipped before hanging up the phone at his desk. He flicked the piece of paper with the information he had just obtained scribbled on it. " Alright, finally something a mere mortal can deal with. "

" Dad's looking into it, now what are we doing ?" Bella asked of her pixie girl.

" Going to my house like before, there's mock war with the wolves today. So maybe there'll have to be a rain check on the seduction sweetie. " Alice joked.

" Oh, right I completely forgot, Alice you're not fight are you ?" Asked a worried Bella.

" Well, of course I am silly but not today. I can see everybody's moves before they do. I'm not fighting until the actual fight. However that won't stop me from watching the action. " Alice giggled as though she would be getting some sort of joy out of this whole massacre.

Right then the differences between Bella and her love were becoming clear. Alice was designed for the kill. The thrill of the hunt was like a double shot of espresso to her. Was this the person that she had come to know all the months ago before she was sick. Was this the person that sat by her bedside when she couldn't even speak because she was so weak ? No this was the demon, the monster within calling out to her for some sort of violent , malevolent act to quench it's evil desires. Bella wouldn't let that monster take over her beautiful pixie not now , not ever.

" Alice , do..do you enjoy killing ?" Bella asked with a tone of worry in her voice.

" No, " Alice replied firmly. " I was referring to seeing how the wolves stack up to our kind. Are you crazy I hate killing , I don't even like killing things to feed Bella. I'm gonna let this slip since I assumed something bad about you this morning. But that hurt. "

" I-I'm sorry Ali that's why I asked it just didn't seem like you baby. " Bella instantly felt bad for her questioning. However that blood thirsty monster was still inside her lover. Whether or not Alice chose to accept it or not.

" So you think it'll be a tie or ..one side is better than the other ?" Bella changed the subject as they drove into the Cullen's driveway. Quill flew over Emmett's jeep from the backyard. Alice looked at Bella as if to say. 'There's your answer.'

" Ooh, we're missing' the good stuff. " Alice squealed and hopped out of her Ferrari. She grabbed her mortal girl by the arm and tossed her on her back. Racing toward the backyard so as not to miss anything else that was cool.

" Hi, Bella I've made some popcorn for you if you want to sit back and watch the games. " Esme greeted her daughters girlfriend warmly. Handing her a small bowl of popped corn and a coke. Then going off to spar with Leah the only female member of the wolf pack.

" Okay, that's it I'm outnumbered. " Bella said plopping into the lawn chair placed out of the way but still in view of the action. " I surrender myself over to you masochistic mike Tyson types. Violence is the answer. " The girl deadpanned tossing a kernel of corn in her mouth.

Alice just giggled. " Chill Bella honey. It's mock war we're only sparring to see who gets teamed with whom. That way it's a fair fight one vampire to one werewolf against the army. "

" Really, is that part of the treaty or something the council of ancients made up at the rez ?" Bella inquired boredly.

" We both came to the agreement without their councils help. I thought you like wrestling Bella, where's my tomboy ?"

" She died when she found out her lover might be killed fighting these vampire children. " Bella returned.

Alice place her hand on Bella's knee and rubbed her leg comfortingly. " I'm not going to die Bella I would've seen it. I'll tell you when to worry okay honey. Why don't you just enjoy this is supposed to be partially practice and partially fun. Esme even cooked for the wolves. Apparently this generation isn't as hostile towards our kind. Probably because they've learned how to walk upright. "

" Hey, I resent that remark Cullen, Hi Bella. " Jacob grinned getting a drink of Gatorade from the table of refreshments Esme had setup that woman was all about the people pleasing.

" Hey Jake how's it goin' getting your butt kicked yet ?" Grinned Bella.

" No, " Jacob said insistently. " Your lack of confidence in me is kind of insulting. "

" I just call'em like I see'em. " Bella teased laughing before she could even deliver the line well.

" You're off my Christmas card list honey. " Jacob retorted placing his hands on his hips and shaking a finger effeminately.

" Oh, my god would you like some mascara to go with that attitude ?" Bella was cackling at this point until Emmet threw Jacob over his shoulder and drug him back to the practice field.

" I'm sorry he can be such a queen sometimes. " Emmett lisped.

Alice and Bella nearly fell over as they watched Jacob try to beat his way free of the husky vampire.

Practice ended at dark. With the pairings being Jacob,Quill and Emmet, Leah, Rosalie and Jasper. Edward, Paul and Embry, then Sam,Carlisle and Esme. Since the numbers were odd they had to team each group differently.

Alice of course got Bella sitting duty. Which made Bella extremely happy to know she wouldn't have to worry as much about her girlfriend being torn to shreds.

Everyone broke it up and went home after that. Alice drove Bella to her house and the couple settled in for the night.

As the eternal lovers slept away. At three in the morning Mike Newton was being hauled out of his large two story Victorian home. Handcuffed and swearing every word in the book at the officers. The goth appearing teen had been found in his parents basement having picked the lock on his father's gun cabinet. Setting on the floor with an opened beer and a box of bullets loading his assault weapon of choice for tomorrow. A double barrel hunting rifle.

Charlie stood at the roped off area for the CSI people to gather evidence for conviction. They were also searching Mike's hard drive and found a note to his parents about tomorrow. Down at the edge of Port Angeles in the dock area evil was rising in numbers straight out of the waters that were never searched as four bodies had floated up to the shore two days ago. Nearly thirty new born vampires walked right up from the lake bed. The newborns walked into the bar and nightclub district and began their assault grabbing people from alleyways and off of motorcycles.

One vampire grabbed a man as he pumped gas at the one stop and liquor store causing the nozzle to drop to the ground and gasoline to spill out on the ground. Which in itsself was not a problem but when the cigarette fell from his dead lips and ignited a blaze. This caused the army of undead to react wildly flipping cars and screaming. Victoria jumped down from her perch atop an old brick building joining her creations in the mayhem.

Carlisle sat in his office reading from an old medical journal. When his small flat screen showed 'Breaking News' the doctor nearly fell out of his seat reaching for the remote to turn the volume up he call the Cullen clan into the room.

"This is Lori Locklan reporting from a chopper hovering above what used to be the 'Port Angeles party district' It looks as though the party had ended, transforming into sheer terror as some sort of cannibalistic cult is biting and drinking the blood from anyone in site. As you can see they're so sadistic they've even roped children into their sickening lifestyle. The police are trying an all weapons assault and the national guard is working closely with the local authorities. However nothing seems to be stopping these people. Back to you Tom. " The reported segwayed.

" Family I think it's time to call the wolves. We have to help those people Charlie could be in that group of policemen. We've vowed to protect him and Bella. " Carlisle addressed the room.

" Hell, yeah I've just been itching' to kick their newborn buts all day. Let's go. " Emmett proclaimed leading the family out into the garage.

Alice awoke with a vision sitting straight up in bed. " Bella, Bella. " The pixie whispered shaking her girlfriend awake gently.

" Ugh,,what is it Ali it's four in the morning. If you want something from me you're gonna have to wait until I get another three hours in. " The mouse haired girl joked.

" No, it's not time for that. " Alice shook her head bemusedly. " We have to go into our hiding place for the war. It's begun the newborns they attacked Port Angeles tonight and their causing a scene. Carlisle and the others have called the wolves they're going to initiate the newborns and lead them away from the population of humans. "

" Oh, crap I'll get dressed. " Bella said hopping out of her warm bed and into a pair of faded bleached jeans and a black sweater. " We have to go help your family..our family Alice we can't just hide me out because I might get hurt. We have to help you're the only member of your family with future sight. Please Alice ?" The human begged selflessly.

" I know you're right but we do this my way you understand we can't just go barging into that scene we'll hide out in the trees and I'll feed Edward my visions from there. Alright. "

Bella nodded in cooperative agreement. " Let's go already. " The teen stated hopping on her lover's back and the two were off. Into the horizon of a war that was only just beginning.

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