Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 19 Kick Bite Let's Fight !

From high atop the camouflage of the tallest tree Alice could find. Set Bella on a large old branch behind Alice. Who was perched on the edge of her toe on the next branch. Concentrating her visions on the fight that was starting below.

On the ground two sides lined up across from each other like opposite sides of a chess board. The pawns in front with major players in the back protected by their most brave warriors.

"What's going on down there, it's like they're waiting for something?" Bella pondered out loud to her lover tipping her head down in the direction of the fight crowd.

"Yes, they are the newborns are waiting for someone from our side to initiate the battle physically. They just don't know that Carlisle detests fighting and won't be the one start this blood feud."

"You mean this feud for blood don't you, I..I mean this whole battle it's over my blood. None of you would be in danger if .."

"If what Bella..?" Alice asked annoyedly knowing what the words were going to be.

"If you had just lost control and turned me the first time we were intimate." Bella finished.

"Bella I love you alive and well not dead and cursed to walk this path never being in the light. Never knowing what could've been. I want for you things that I never got to experience when I was alive." Alice confessed putting her left hand on Bella's cheek and raising her lowered chin with her thumb.

"Alright, but I still feel guilty but I'll let it go for now because I think you have work to do.." Bella surrendered pointing toward the ground at the scene below.

"Not yet I don't Carlisle is trying to talk peace with them..and alrighty then that's not going to work. Here we go.." Alice concentrated once on the task at hand keeping her family safe. Looking to the future through her talented mind. She saw the first of the attacks coming a large vampire would clothesline Edward from behind. Alice quickly sent her brother the vision through telepathy.

On the ground Edward almost stopped in his tracks when he received his sisters vision. Along with it came the intructions "duck!" and the explanation. "I'm in the trees with Bella."

Edward being the flexible dead man he was ducked down and did sweep kick at the much larger vampire's ankles striking him down.

The wolves were also on the attack at this point transforming and ripping apart two and three vamps at a time. Jacob saw that Esme was in trouble and jumped on the scene of her fight with a rather handsome vampire. He had blonde hair and was wearing of all things an Armani suit. He leaped on the evil vampire and tore his throat right out with his razor like teeth. Spitting out the cold flesh and snarling as he ravaged the rest of his body ripping him apart limb by limb and throwing the pieces into several opposite directions.

Alice sent another vision to Emmett this time. He was currently flying through the air as was the woman he was fighting. The closer they became the more clear Alice's vision was in his head so he altered course and sideswiped right past her. Then he saw the large knife she'd had stashed at her side. "Thanks Ali, Rose says I'd lose my head if wasn't attached I'd hate to prove her right on this one."

Jasper was battling like a pro being he was the only one who had actual war experience. Until Victoria came up behind him before Alice could warn him and slashed her claw like finger nails at his neck.

Alice noticed the scene playing out from her tree top perch and quickly jumped to the ground from the her fifty foot seat.

"Alice Cullen get your butt back up here!" Ordered Bella worry lines creasing her forehead.

"I'll be right back , somebody has to help Jazz out and I'm the only one whose not preoccupied. You'll see I'll be back in a flash." Swore the vampire.

"Fine but please be careful." Bella sighed and watched her lover run into the middle of what looked like a recreation of the Spanish Inquisition. "I love you, you foolish vampire."

Alice sprang onto Victoria's back cracking her neck efficiently. The sound of breaking bones resounded like an echo in mountains. Jasper called out for help as a vampire is only as dead as the amount of pieces you tear them into.

"Sam, Jacob, Carlisle!" Called out the curly haired vampire.

The wolves were keeping pace with cold doctor as they reached their goal. Quickly aiding Alice and Jasper in the dismemberment of the evil vampire. Throwing the various pieces into a bonfire that had started from a wrecked car leaking gasoline into the streets.

The last piece of Victoria to go into the flames of the raging inferno was a foot with a heel attached. The crowd dispersed back to pick another fight with the newborns left. The numbers were declining fast. When out of nowhere a newborn leapt onto Jacobs back while he was distracted fighting another vampire. The newborn boy looked to be fourteen at most and wasted no time in slashing his claws into the brown wolf's back clawing all the way around his neck. Tearing into his flesh causing him to growl and whimper at the same time.

Bella saw the brown wolf that was her best friend in his shifted form fall. She didn't even know she'd been screaming until Alice rejoined her in the tree for comfort and she noticed her throat was sore.

The battle for all it's intensive purposes was far from over. though today it was at it's ending as sun fell over the horizon. Blanketing the sky in hughes of purple, pink and orange. The vampires and werewolves headed back to the Cullen house.

Once at the home of Esme, Carlisle and their children. Carlisle wasted no time in tending to the wounded werewolves once back in their human forms. Jacob and Paul were the most severely injured. Charlie's cruiser could be heard pulling into the gravel drive and the policeman hopped from his vehicle and broke into the fastest pace he'd gone since academy training.

"Bella, Bella." Charlie called out through the living room of mass confusion he found his daughter crying near Jacob. He grabbed his little girl and hugged her tightly. "I'm so glad you're safe."

"Of course I'm safe dad Alice wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. Besides it's Jake that's got problems. One of the newborns tore into him and nearly sliced him in half. We don't know if he's going to make it through the night. And Paul was nearly maimed those damn newborns almost tore his whole leg off. Carlisle said it's wait and see and Jasper didn't escape without his wounds either he's gone off into the woods to recuperate. I'm about the only one who escaped without some kind of battle scar." Bella explained to her dad.

"I watched in the cruiser tried to hold the other guys off until the whole thing was played out. I was finally able to give'em the go ahead without them suspecting anything but my insuring their safety. Now of course the cover up has to be plotted out as for what exactly happened I'll probably blame it on gangs. Port Angeles has that sort of problem." Charlie rambled out fastly then looked around. "Is Alice okay I haven't seen her?"

"Yeah, dad she's fine she's in her room trying to sort out whether the newborns are going to return or not. That is where I'm headed to check on her. Carlisle's over there if you wanna get the ground details from him. Because I was lile fifty feet high in a tree with Alice for the whole thing so..I'm gonna go."

" Alright honey let me know if there's anything I can do to help." Charlie said to his daughter.

"Right, I will dad thanks." Bella nodded giving the police chief one last quick assuring hug and racing up the stairs. As she neared the entrance to the bedroom of her girlfriend. Bella notice that the door to the large room was partly open though just a crack. The mouse haired girl peeked inside the room before entering fully to take note of how quiet to be. Even she knew Alice could probably have heard her coming clear from the bottom of the stairs. Vampire hearing was keen. However something could be said for the sneaking footsteps. Bella had taken from the top of the landing all the way up to Alice's room.

She saw Alice sitting in the middle of her bed in a meditative pose. Bella watched her setting there as still as if she were stone. Though the human girl had gazed upon the immortal beauty before her eyes many times before now. There was a calm, a peacefulness surrounding the woman on the bed she had never seen in her life.

"Come in Bella you walk too loud and smell much too good for me not to know you're right there." Alice stated plainely.

"Sorry if I interrupted your visions I just wanted to see if you were alright. So ..are you alright?" The mortal woman asked.

Alice gave up her perfect meditation pose for a more comfortable one. " That all depends. "

Bella snorted. " On what , did you find out if they're coming back ?"

"Yes, they aren't their numbers are too few they wouldn't risk it. But I also got a vision of you ..as a member of my family." The pixie haired girl confessed.

"But I already am a ..member of your family aren't I?" Bella asked unsure for the first time since meeting the Cullen's.

"Yes, of course you are Bella but I meant as a full fledged member of this family as ..one of us. I couldn't see how it was going to happen either. I could only see the wounds, this bothers me because I couldn't see who inflicted them. It could be anyone ..even me." Alice said pleadingly.

Bella knelt down on her knees in front of her vampire and placed her warm hands around the other girl's cold ones. "Alice I know you, I know what's in here." She started placing a hand over the part of her chest where a heart should beat but didn't. "You wouldn't do that without my asking it of you. We'll just have to be careful about who gets that close to me and you'll get a clearer vision when it's nearer to happening right?"

"Probably. So I worry too much I can't help it when all I wanna do is keep you safe." Sighed the vampire.

"Well I appreciate the effort but you already do keep me safe by loving me. I was so lonely and angry before you came along. All I could think about was leaving here , now I can't even picture leaving you." Bella confessed taking a seat next to her girlfriend on the large bed.

"That was very sweet of you to tell me. But you might want to leave here someday and I'll just have to follow you." Alice perked up.

"We'll see about that one I'll have to travel to places that are shaded like Forks. Then you can be with me everyday." Bella said with a small smile. "Better question is what do you guys do after a fight like what just happened?"

"That all depends Emmett works on cars, Esme tends her gardens, Carlisle takes extra shifts at the hospital, Edward sits in his piano room and composes, Jasper and Rosalie like to go horseback riding. I go shopping!"

"Oh, no..but..bu- we just went shopping remember?"

"Ah, Bella new things are bound to have arrived since then, we start tomorrow. Now let's go to bed shall we. Do you need to eat firs?" Alice asked as an after thought.

"No, I'm actually not hungry right now. But sleep I could deal with."

The mortal and the immortal lye in peace together holding on to one another. Not knowing the trials that would soon be facing them...

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