Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Discovering Alice

Bella's P.O.V.

" You're WHAT ! ?" I exclaimed my eyes more than likely bulging out of their sockets.

The shorter girl looked straight at me with those gorgeous golden eyes. Her face completely serious. As she repeated to me. " I'm psychic Bella. But that's not the point here. The point is that if you go out there and play that barbaric game of dog ball.."

" Dodgeball." I corrected with amusement.

Alice just closed her eyes and opened them again. As if to say what does that matter. " Fine, dodgeball then you will be in the hospital. To be honest judging from my one vision of your athletic abilities, I'm not sure even a hospital would be safe enough for you. " Alice said in a flat tone.

" You, are. Crazy. " I said chopping my words off into one-word sentences. " I thought I liked you Alice but I can see now that instead of showing you to classes I should've been switching mine. "

Astonishment and surprise spread across the face of the pale pixie. " Bella, please you must believe me. I-I wouldn't make this up and I have papers that prove I'm not insane my father is a doctor for God's sake. You would think he'd be the first to know if I were off my rocker. Right now the only that's pushing me towards insanity is YOU !" Alice spat her words at me like a snake coiling up to strike and bite its prey.

' Why me ?' I thought to myself. Listening to Alice's words of concern, Not just her words though her whole demeanor seemed tensed. Awaiting my decision perhaps. Her eyes once a gorgeous golden color now were dark a look deep within them showed hurt and wisdom.

Oh, My God did I cause the look of hurt in Alice Cullen's eyes? Now I felt like a jerk. I suppose it couldn't hurt to trust her 'vision'. Who was I to tell her what was going on in her own mind. It wasn't as though I perceived people's thoughts.

The pale short girl had begun to tap her small feet on the linoleum. Waiting for me to faint, run, laugh or whatever people had done to her before. For her special gifts.

" Alright, I suppose I can fake a period and get a note from the nurse. Happy ?" I replied walking toward the exit door.

Alice smiled and clapped her hands together ecstatically. Like a trained seal at Worlds Of Fun or one of that other animal, cruelties shows families line up for blocks to see.

" Yes! I'll skip with you. If that's alright ?" Alice asked cautiously to come closer to me until she received my answer.

I rolled my eyes and half-smiled at her. " Are you kidding you got me into this you better be coming with. "

" Yay, I'm so glad I met you, Bella, I hope we get to be great friends !" Alice responded hugging me tightly.

" Uhm..yeah me too, come on let's go to the nurses station. " I replied. Just a tad weirded out by her hugging nature. I wasn't a huggy person I was something of a touch me not. Introverted, I didn't talk much I liked being alone. I was used to my walls. I had to put them up or else I would just be disappointed by everyone. No expectations, No reason to be let down when someone didn't come through.

But this girl. She made me want to step outside of my shell if only for a little while. I rounded the corner to the nurses station. It was kind of ironic that the school nurse and the school gym were located within the same house shaped building.

Alice's P.O.V.

I can't believe I just told someone outside my family, let alone a human. About my ability to read minds. Am I going crazy is this what happens when you've lived too long? Well, I am not going back to the mental institution if that's what you think brain then you can just stop speaking to me the rest of the day. Unless you have to send a vision of Bella having a fiery car accident or something then it's okay to speak to me.

I have random arguments with my mental voice every now and then. It keeps my life interesting. If you can call my existence a life. However, I haven't really ever known anything about my human life. When I was reborn as a vampire. It was like I was born for the first time. Fresh, clean with a whole new immortal life ahead of me.

I have spent that time shopping, going to various schools across the continental U.S. and Canada only the cold sunless places of course. If my family or I were to be seen in the sunlight by a human we would put on the cover of every gossip mag from here to Italy. Which given we try to stay out of the eye of the Volturi. Would be a galactically huge mistake. We vampires do not turn to dust or mud puddles or whatever you all believe now. No, we shine and twinkle like we have diamonds all over us. Which is pretty sexy if you're a girl. However, it looks really gay if you're a muscular guy. Like my brother Emmett, he tries to avoid the sun even at home.

Now I am unsure what to do. I am officially skipping a class with Bella. Due to my vision of her awful accident involving of all things big orange balls being flung at her. Eww..I may have just grossed myself out and I drink blood for survival. What on earth is a period anyway? I am going to have to ask Esme this question when I get home. Should I have one or do living dead people even have them at all? I'm not even sure if I'd want one not knowing what it is and all. Unless it's something I can predict. Then I suppose I wouldn't mind.

Bella got her letter of pardon from P.E. and I said I was going to take her home. So here we are walking out of the school and to her..MOTORCYCLE! Holy $#! is she kidding me. I have never met anyone more prone to life-threatening idiocy and I'm dead!

" Whoa, hold the boat sailor, I just save your ass from a concussion and a lengthy hospital stay and you are repaying me by getting on this ...this two-wheeled death machine. I don't think so Bella Swan you are letting me drive you home and my sister Rosalie will bring your gas powered widow maker home when she gets done with cheerleading tryouts.

Bella's P.O.V.

" Alice this is perfectly safe, you know more people die in car accidents than on motorcycles. Plus you never see a motorcycle parked outside a shrink's office. " I tried to joke my way out of riding home with her in a car. I was claustrophobic as it was. I had just experienced the pleasure of being on a crowded bus for two days getting back home. I needed this.

Alice's P.O.V.

I cannot believe this but I am about to give in to her. She's sooo..cute when she pouts. I'm going to have irritated her more often. Well, I suppose If I'm riding with her I can't get hurt regardless. But I can protect her if she has an accident. I stood weighing the pro's and con's of my decision in my mind.

Bella looked at me with those pretty green eyes. Then spoke with what I could only presume was amusement. " Come on Alice cut loose and have a little fun, it's not like it's gonna kill you. Plus like everyone in town is at work or in school so there's like zero traffic. Please ?"

I sighed she's even cuter when she pleads. I'm a goner and I've only known her for a day. " Alright, you win. But please be careful. " Already having weighed the motorbike against the car and not seen anything horrific happen. I must admit though those things did scare the hell out of me haha me the vampire.

" Yes, I promise I'll be careful now get on. " Bella groaned handing Alice her leather Jacket and rolling her own sleeves down.

I looked at the hideous thing she wanted me to wear thinking I was human and would be cold. However, she was so sweet to offer it to me. If I were a human I would've blushed bright red right then. However if I put on the jacket then I wouldn't have to answer the question " Why are you so cold ?"

" Thank you, you're such a gentleman. " I joke accepting the jacket and she even tied it up for me.

" No problem.. " I shook my head when she tried to give me the helmet. " No thanks, I'll be fine, trust me. Besides you already gave me your jacket. "

" Alright, " Bell replied shaking her head. She took a scrunchy out of her pocket and wrapped her hair up. Then she placed the helmet on and climbed onto the bike. Then took my hand and I climbed on behind her. Oh, boy this may have been a mistake being so close to her. It was intimate, personal it was kinda turning me on.

" You have to hold on to me or you're going to fall off. " Bella said laughing bemusedly.

I wrapped my arms around her abdomen as gently and human as I could. Wow, this felt too good for my own good. Oh, well I was going to hell anyway. I might as well enjoy the ride. " I-is this good ?" I asked. Hey, when did I start stuttering? I must be more turned on than I thought.

" Um..yeah that's great, brace yourself pixie. Here we go! " Bella announced as she started the engine and we took off like a bat outta hell. Being scared out of my clean underwear I held on a little tighter and gasped.

Bella's P.O.V.

Alice finally caved and got on the bike with me. I gave her my jacket I didn't want to be rude and freeze the girl to death. She was already chilly. Giving a girl pneumonia. Not exactly the way to make a good impression. A lasting one yes but good no.

I had to instruct her to hold on to me. Making the girl you like fall off your bike another way to make a lasting but bad impression. It had been so long since I'd tried to impress a girl I was a bit rusty. I was in no way doubting my mad skills of flirtation. But I was trying to remember them all.

It felt so good to have her lean her head on my shoulder and tighten her grip when I revved the gas and took off fast. Then I slowed down to the speed limit when I got to the middle of town. So chief daddy wouldn't have another reason to ship my butt off to prison school again.

I had to stop off at the store before going home anyway for dinner ingredients. I did the cooking as long as I was there because I couldn't stand Charlie's idea of cooking. Which was go fishing all weekend and then fry the catch all week long. Or go to the diner and have steak. The old man would keel over with angina eating that way. So I told him as long as I lived there I would cook for us.

He was too happy to agree to the arrangement. I've been doing it ever since and I must admit I was looking forward to the human food. The last week of Military School we'd had war games and everybody had to backpack and survive on those damn, tasteless M.R.E's I honestly don't know how our guys in Iraq are staying up to par on those things. We should stop research on how many different snowflakes there are. Then start researching how to make those bags of barf taste more like food and less like yesterday's garbage.

Now that I'm through ranting like a psycho. I parked the bike in front of Paul's Market. Although it wasn't without debate as well. I wanted to make her hold on to me longer. I would have to figure out a way to get turned around or something on the way home. I know it's wrong to do that to the poor girl who obviously just wants to be my friend. But I figure I'm goin' to hell anyway. If I don't change my ways. I might as well enjoy myself.

" I have to go get some groceries before we go to my house, oh, I'm sorry to do you want to come grocery shopping with me and eat dinner at my house ?" I asked forgetting my manners momentarily noticing that Alice's eyes were now back to being golden colored.

The inhumanly beautiful girl smiled as she unzipped the leather jacket I loaned to her. Actually, I may just give it to her. She looks way sexier in it than I ever could. Plus for some reason, it makes me feel like she with me. Mine and nobody else even though I've only known this special pale princess for a day. I feel like I want to know her more every day.

Which is crazy. That's it I'm going crazy, I've gone completely up my tree. But I'm liking it a lot.

" Yes, Bella I would love to go shopping with you and come over to your house for dinner. " Alice answered sweetly biting her lower lip and half grinning at me.

" Cool well, it's the least I can do you did save me as you reminded me earlier. " I grinned. She giggled under her breath. She was too cute when she did that. Her eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth. It was like a sparkler went off in me when she did that. " Well, let's go shopping. " I started as we looped arms and strolled into the Market. I grabbed a basket with my free hand and handed Alice the list to read to me.

I was making cheese enchiladas for dinner. It was meat tasting enough for Charlie without actually containing meat which suited me perfectly.

" Chilies and Velveeta cheese are next dears. " Alice said in a British wifey tone we'd been playing like we were an old couple shopping to pass the time. I truly hated shopping even it was just for groceries, at least, I could cook. Which meant I wasn't a total failure to my gender.

" Righty-o my darling, I believe the Velveeta cheese is down the same isle as the Chilies," I replied in an old man tone. Alice looked at me her face covered in a sarcastic glare. Then we broke out into laughter. So loudly that actual old people were starting to stare. " So how come you moved here anyway I mean it's Forks ?" I asked wanting to know Alice better.

" Well, my father Carlisle is a doctor and he got a good offer from the hospital here. It was more money than he was making in Alaska. So we packed up and moved here. " Alice answered. " So what went on with you I overheard some kids talking about you on my way to my first class. Something about the military ?"

I was hoping she would ask any question but that one. " Yeah, well. I was caught drinking underage and my dad is the police chief here so to send a message to all the ' law breaking troublesome teens here' As he put it. He sent his own daughter to Military School for six months. It was part of a plea bargain. I had to testify against the guy who bought the alcohol illegally. He went to juvey for two years. He was my friend. I'm responsible for his jail time. " I practically had to choke tears back thinking about how lonely Mike must be in that cell. For having done nothing more than be a stupid teenager one time.

" Bella, are you okay sweety ?" Alice asked me in her attractive voice.

" Yeah, I'm fine I guess let's just get the rest of this stuff so we can start cooking it into something yummy. I'm starving for real food. All we had at that stupid school was M.R.E.'s and beans lots of beans. " I said changing the subject.

" Okay, Bella. What are M.R.E's ?" Alice asked me out of curiosity.

'' It stands for meals ready to eat. The only problem is when you eat them they don't stay down long. " I explained to my pixie-sized friend rubbing my gut for effect.

Alice's P.O.V.

I think I may have touched a nerve in my danger prone friend's heart. It must have been terribly upsetting for her. Having to send your friend to prison then be sent away from your own home like that by your father. Carlisle is the only father figure I can remember. He would never do such a thing. Kids get into trouble that's life.

That school must have toughened her up too much. She won't even cry in front of people. I just have a feeling that's not the real Bella Swan. She seemed so aware of her emotions at school. But now she seems as though her feelings are forced. I wonder what my brother Jasper would do. Oh, heck he'd explode with this girl around. Memo to self only brings Bella over to my house on days when Jasper is being a pain in my neck.

I wanted her to tell me everything about her, but at the same time was it fair? Sure I wanted to know her deepest thoughts and secrets. But I would never be able to disclose my own. That was not fair at all. Like the fact that I would have to go hunting after eating dinner that she cooked and invited me to. Because while tasty would never make feel satisfied. It would probably give me that heartburn I get when I eat things I shouldn't. It's like burping the taste of dirt.

On the other hand extra time with Bella, Yay! Which reminds me vampires have MRE's too they're called pack rats. Ooh, blood sounds good right now, I'm famished from fighting my vampire hormones that made me want to eat this amazing girl earlier today.

" So what is for dinner anyway ?" I asked my cook for the evening.

" Cheese enchiladas, I hope Mexican is okay and it's meatless too I'm a vegetarian. " Bella explained.

" How funny I'm a vegetarian too. " It wasn't a lie in a manner of speaking I am a vegetarian.

" Cool, that's our first thing in common. " Bella replied distractedly deciding whether to get flour tortillas or corn ones.

Please, please Allah, Buddha, God, Krishna anybody up there let her pick flour, it was bad enough I'm eating human food tonight anyway. I don't need indigestion on top of heartburn.

We finally got all of our ingredients and paid for them. Having to eat human food, one case of heartburn vampire style which meant I would literally breathe fire until I drank some kind of blood. shopping in a store for said food. One mild case of irritation over how many different kinds of the same things there are. Getting to hold onto the girl you're interested in while she takes you for a ride her motorcycle. Priceless.

I nuzzled her neck slightly on the ride over to her house. Her scent was so beautiful like a botanical garden of the rareest and precious flowers. I wanted to smell that scent forever. For us vamps the scent is so much more a fundamental part of picking a mate, than looks or even personality. Not that Bella was hurting for any of those other qualities because she was hot and smart, and dripping with sarcasm all at once.

Bella's P.O.V.

Okay we're back on the bike and she's..okay, well that awesome she's nuzzling my neck. Or maybe she's just cold for heaven sake Bella Swan think with your brain and not your overactive hormones. Nope, she's definitely nuzzling. I'm so..so glad she can't see my face right now because if it feels hot to me. It must be turning red. Normally I'd lay my head on hers and see what reaction I'd get. However me wearing a heavy bike helmet and her not I decided against it. Especially since I'm kinda prone to hitting myself and people around me in the head. Usually with my head. Or walls, doors, trees...

" Well, here we are the swan residents. Would you care to accompany me inside Alice ?" I asked jokingly holding my hand out like a butler or someone she was courting in an old movie. Which got me one of her beautiful smiles I was growing fond of.

" Why yes, of course, miss Swan, I would thoroughly enjoy your invitation. " Alice answered trying to stifle her giggles. We'd just walked in the door and I was getting the food out to start dinner when Alice's phone rang.

" Hello, yes, sure, right away. No, it's fine what I was doing can be done another time. I would've like to have stayed but it's alright I understand. See you in a bit. Bye. " Alice appeared to have had a short but serious conversation with someone. I hope I didn't get her in trouble. Charlie's always gone so I never thought if she'd have to ask permission.

" Is everything okay Alice you look worried ?" I asked concerned for my new friend.

" Yes everything is fine, it's just I forgot my family is having a housewarming tonight. So I can't stay for dinner. " Alice explained sounding as disappointed as possible over not having to eat people food. " I don't suppose you'd like to come ?" She asked me as if I'd say no.

" Sure, what time ?" I asked.

" Well it starts in like an hour, casual dress and I guess you'll want to change before we leave," Alice commented looking at me from head to toe. I suppose in hindsight I did look a little on the shabby side.

" Okay, I'll go change. " I grumbled as I made my way up the first three stairs.

" Ooh, I'll help I love fashion! Just wait and see you'll look so fab when I get done with you. " Alice stated giddy as a kid who saw an ice cream truck pass by.

" Please Ali don't ruin this friendship before it begins, I hate clothes if I could I'd run around like Squanto in a loin cloth all day. Fashion is a victim and I'm the murderer okay. " I complained like a two-year-old who didn't want pigtails anymore.

" Just chill out, I won't do anything out there. Trust me. " Alice said with glee. Too much glee in her voice in fact.

We made our way downstairs after about fifteen minutes of arguing and ten minutes of the forceful dress on Alice's part. I was dressed in a dark pair of jeans with a white button up shirt and a gray wool looking vest. She styled my hair so it was parted and gave it some poof. I felt like a model when she got done with me.

Then we donned our jackets Alice her loaner and me my old pea coat that she insisted went handsomely with my outfit. Alive didn't want me ruining my hair so she took the helmet this time. We were off to meet her parents and siblings for a house warming. I only hoped they weren't serving caviar or some other inedible looking thing.

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