Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 20 Bells Of The Ball

Alice and Bella awoke at close to the same time. Much to both girls surprise to a quiet house.

"What's up with the quiet, your family is never this still?" Bella enquired foggy from sleep. She climbed out of Alice's large canopy bed. Rubbing her eyes she and Alice held hands down the halls of the large house. Looking for any traces of activity.

All they found were sleeping vampires.

Carlisle was asleep with a book on his head in his leather office chair. Feet propped up on his cherry colored wooden desk. Snoring. The couple giggled to themselves.

Emmett and Rose were asleep in their bed curled up next to each other. Esme was on the couch with the remote control to the plasma television in her hand and 'Better Homes And Gardens' Network blaring loudly.

Edward was slumped over his piano drooling.

Jasper was the only one awake in the garden doing push ups. One armed of coursed Bella thought Vampires are such show offs.

"Good morning Alice, Bella is anyone else awake yet or just us three?" Jasper smiled wiping sweat from his forehead with a towel.

"No it's just us Jazz. What happened?" Alice inquired.

" Ask your half wolf girlfriend, She's the one with the pheromones." Jasper replied grinning.

Bella chuckled. "That's impossible I don't have that kind of po-wait a minute the wolves were here last night weren't they?"

"Yeah, but they were gone this morning. Guess the line is drawn again." Jaspler replied.

"Don't they excrete hormones when they sleep too?" Jasper nodded at Bella's question.

Bella grinned at her intelligently correct guess. "Well there you go they were healing and resting and they just shot up the whole house with pheromones."

"Thank heavens they can't blame it on our other activities..Bella look at the time." Said the girl vampire. "Let's go get ready for school!" Alice suggested pulling the human back into the house. Realizing to Jasper's grin and her embarrassment what she had almost said.

"Later Ja-sper." Bella giggled out as Alice gave her arm one more tug pulling her into the house completely.

Jasper smiled and waved staying silent. The scent of Bella's blood was still a bit of a temptation for his vampire side.

At school the only thing anyone was talking about was the Winter Ball which was tonight. Jessica was going with some jock from the football team. No one knew who Angela was going with and Eric was going with a girl from the paper team. Sarah was her name. They were about cute both as nerdy as could be. Alice and Bella were part of the talk of the school of course. It wasn't everyday that two girls went to a dance together at Forks High School.

"Are you nervous about tonight Bella?" Alice asked in a whisper during lab.

"No," The human girl replied too quickly. "I mean yes but only in that butterfly in the stomach way."

"I'm surprised even though I've seen you be happy at the dance. I honestly didn't know if it was genuine or put on. I know how much you hate social events Bella." Alice stated simply.

"I do but you like them and I do get to go with the most beautiful girl in all of Washington state. So I'm happy." Bella grinned before the teacher cleared his throat and looked at the teenage girls.

The Dance..

Night fell over the sleepy little town of Forks. Though for once a clear sky full of stars blanketed the canvas above. Bella heard the sound of Alice's Ferrari as it slowed to a stop in Charlie's driveway. She took in a nervous breath for it was the first time her girlfriend would be seeing her in formal wear.

'Please don't let trip in my heels, please , please don't let me trip in these heels'. The mortal girl prayed to herself before descending the stairs. Why she had let Alice talk her into heels with a pant-suit in the first place. But she knew she'd have lost the argument anyway.

As Bella got to the landing an anxious Alice came into view. Then the sight of Charlie with a camera in hand. Bella winced internally.

"You look so beautiful I'm the luckiest girl living or not." Alice stated with a broad smile placing a corsage carefully on Bella's left wrist. It was a purple lilly that went beautifully with the white frilled suit Bella was wearing.

teenage dream tonight

Bella placed a white orchid on Alice's wrist to compliment her blue dress.

Then the mortal teen noticed Charlie poised and waiting with the camera to his eye. "Oh, come on dad, we're already getting pictures taken at the dance..why?" Bella groaned.

"It's not my idea it's your mother's she wants pictures of the happy couple before the dance. Do you really want me to irritate your mother?" Charlie replied.

"No. Let's get this humiliation over with. Flash your pictures old man." Bella teased.

Charlie snapped about three with Alice taking a new pose for each one. Then Alice drug her love off to the dance. When they arrived at the school Monte Carlo night was in full swing. All the guys were wearing tuxes and all the girls were wearing cocktail dresses. There were roulette tables and slot machines as far as the eye could see.

So this was the winter ball at Forks High even Bella had to admit it was impressive. She and Alive posed for more humiliating pictures. Rosalie and Emmett were there Rose was in a red glittery evening gown. Jasper and Edward were there ..as well.

"Um..oh my God are Jasper and Edward here t-together?" Bella asked with surprise on her face.

Alice looked at the other two vampires and they nodded. "This is our last secret for you to learn about our family. The reason why Jasper and Alice didn't work out as a couple is because Jasper fell in love with Edward. Apparently he goes for the dark brooding facial hair type." Emmett explained to Bella. "I say give me a nice hairless member of the opposite sex any day. But whatever tosses your salad."

"Emmett!" Rosalie smacked him in the arm.

"Ouch, what is it babe?" Rosalie just eyed him and walked off. "What'd I say , Rose come on, come back.."

"Really our last secret to you is that in five seconds those two are gonna be makin' out in a closet somewhere on these premises." Alice joked.

Bella giggled nodding her head in agreement. "That's not so much a secret as it is a fact."

A new song came on and Alice grabbed hold of Bella's hand heading out to the back of the school. Where the gazebo had been decorated with hundreds of white lights. The couple started dancing slow.

"Maybe it's intuition

But Some things

You just don't question

"I can't believe I'm dancing... at prom.." Bella said out of nowhere. "With the most beautiful girl here too."

Like in your eyes

I see my future in an instant

There it goes

I think I found my best friend

"Me either even though I saw it before tonight. I'm still in disbelief that you're still with me after finding out about me and my family. We're so different Bella." Alice said almost in a dissapointed voice.

I know this might sound

More than a little crazy

But I believe...

I knew I love you

Before I met you

I think I dreamed you

Into life

I knew I loved you before I met you

I have been waiting all my life

"It doesn't have to be that way you know, you could change me then we wouldn't be so different." Bella stated in a shaky but sure voice.

There's just no realm or reason

Only the sense of completion

and in your eyes

I see the missing pieces

I'm searching for

I think I've found my way home

"And you're ready, tonight?" Alice asked curiously her gentle feminine voice cracking.

I knew I loved you

"Yes." Was the mortal girls reply as she bared her neck. For her lover's immortal bite.

Before I met you

I think I dreamed you into life

I knew I loved

Before I met you

I have been waiting

Alice leaned in and kissed her girlfriends neck. "Is it not enough , to have a long and happy life with me?"

All my life


A thousand angels danced around you

"I dream of being with you forever Ali. I won't stop until we are." Bella replied more assuredly.

I am complete

Now that I've found you

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Alice grinned widely her inhumanly amazing teeth shining in the darkness.

I knew loved you

Before I met you

I knew I loved you...

No one will surrender tonight. Because I know we were meant to be eternal lovers.

The End..?

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