Hearts Of Fire And Ice

A Housewarming to Melt Your Heart

Alice gave me directions the whole way she whispered them into my ear. Her cold breath was hitting the sensitive parts of my inner ear and my lobe. I wanted nothing more than to pull this bike over along the gravel road and kiss her silly.

We reached a clearing in the trees that had a long gravel path. I was glad I got the off road tolerable tires for this thing. Or else I would've had a flat two miles back when we went over some harshly large gravel rock. However, Alice held onto me tighter and secured her head to my shoulder when that happened. I couldn't help but have a big dumb grin on my face.

Alice told me to go up the driveway in the clearing. As I rounded the corner of the clearing a house came into view. Well if you could call it a house. It was more of a manor like an estate house. I mean this thing was huge. It could've accommodated Charlie's two stories one and my old house with Renee back in phoenix. Then still have maneuvering room. My pixie girl was loaded I didn't see that one coming. Frankly, I didn't care. Money was just something to attain while alive. It was nothing more than a possession acquired for power and social standing.

I parked my bike behind a yellow Porsche with racing stripes. I couldn't but admire how sweet the ride was but I still liked my bike better. I stopped after getting off the bike and removing the shell casing from my head. I just stood still taking in the beautiful house and it's surroundings.

" Wow, Alice your house is gorgeous. " I said in a breathy voice still kind of worked up from the closeness of the ride over.

" Yeah, you know what, though. It's bigger on the inside silly come on you can meet my family while I get changed for the party. " Alice stated happily dragging me by the hand and arm through the front door.

We were greeted by absolutely no one. Then I smelled something heavenly cooking as we neared the industrial sized kitchen. " Get a whiff of that, it smells great. " I commented.

" Yeah, it doesn't it. Ready for the embarrassing part where you meet my crazy family ?" Alice asked with her charming sweet smile.

I half smiled back at her. " As I'll ever be, lead the way. "

Alice stepped up into the kitchen first. We had to climb a flight of stairs just to reach it. Alice announced our presences by clearing her throat. " Everybody I'd like you to meet my new friend Bella Swan, She's my guest for the party. I hope that's okay Carlisle ?"

" That's fine Alice dear. " A young looking man of maybe thirty wiped his hands from chopping onions and walked over to shake my hand. " It's lovely to meet you, Bella, I am Carlisle and this beautiful specimen to my left is my wife Esme.

At the sound of hearing her name announced Esme walked over to hug me in a motherly fashion. " Bonjour Bella, it's nice to meet you. Please feel welcome at our home anytime my dear. "

" Alright, it's nice to meet you too misses Cullen. " I said remembering my manners for a brief moment.

" Misses Cullen I'm Esme however you can call him mister Cullen he likes that. " Esme said teasing her husband it was clear because when she said that to me. Carlisle reached over and gave her arm an affectionate pinch.

" Don't mind my wife Bella you may call me Carlisle and these two handsome young men are two of sons the other is out hunting with someone he met at school today. Mike Newton, I believe. He won't be back until after the party has started. Anyway, this is Edward to my left and to over there at the refrigerator is my oldest boy Emmett.

" Nice to meet you both I'm sure. " I said in a friendly tone. Edward was shorter than Emmett he had an interestingly spikey slash messy hairdo and Emmett was a classic Jock if I ever saw one. Tall and muscular with short hair.

" You as well Bella, you're in biology class with Alice and I aren't you ?" Edward inquired raising his brow slightly.

" Yes, I am and as a matter of fact Alice and I seem to have every class together. " I replied.

"Well, I can honestly say Bella I'm kinda disappointed that you're not in any of my homerooms. It'd be nice to have someone as cute as you there. " Emmett commented giving me a bear-sized hug. Because well he was bear sized.

" Thank, you Emmett, it's nice to meet you too..I think. " I said whispering the last part. The big ape just chuckled he must've also had ears like a dog to hear me say that last part.

Then the sliding glass french door opened up. Off a large thick Sycamore, tree branch came a beautifully stunning strawberry blonde looking girl.

Carlisle looked over to where my eyes were and smiled. " Bella, this is Rosalie she's my oldest daughter. Rose this is Bella Swan. Chief Swan's daughter and Alice's new friend from school. " He introduced.

" Nice to meet you, Bella, Is that your bike parked out front ?" Rosalie asked me curiously. I couldn't blame her my bike was pretty cool it even had an iPod dock.

" Yep, pretty cool huh ?" I said with confidence.

" Yes, it is would you mind terribly if I took it for a spin sometime ?" Rosalie inquired about riding my baby. Well, I'd just have to go through the checklist with her.

" Have you ever driven a motorcycle before ?" I asked.

" Yes, many times I had one back home but sadly it broke down and well I had no time to fix it. " Rose explained.

" Ever been in an accident ?" I said bluntly asking the hard questions.

" Nope, I even get that safe driver discount thingy through my insurance. Any more questions general ?" Rose spat her voice covered in sarcasm. Then a grin went wide across her features.

" No, I think that covers it, " I tossed her my keys, " Don't keep her out too late she's my ride home. " I joked.

" Cool, I won't you have my word. Be back in ten. " Rose replied running to the front door.

Alice had gone upstairs to freshen up and change. Leaving me with the Cleavers. They were one of those families that were sickeningly affectionate and involved in one another daily activities. It kinda warmed my heart to see such devotion especially given that the kids were all adopted. I had overheard some other kids talking about it in study hall.

I felt nervous just standing around doing nothing. I felt like I was being an imposition while they worked dutifully on dinner preparations. " Can I help with something, I cook at home all the time and I'm pretty good at it ?"

" Sure Bella you can take this tray of kebabs out to the grill and place them on it if you'd like. Then you can help me make the vinaigrette for the salad. " Esme replied handing me two large plates of kebabs. Which I most assuredly would've dropped. Had it not been for Emmett that is. He saw my situation and used his athletic agility to rush over and grab one of the plates from me just as it had started to wobble in my hand.

" Thanks, Emmett. " I smiled at him.

" No problem ma'am, he joked making his voice drawl. What do you say we get these bad boys cooking? " He leads me out to the patio where a large barbecue the kind that are stainless steel and cost you're first born to own. Was sitting along the wooden railing of the huge bi-level deck.

" Wow, what a view. " I commented as Emmett held the plates of skewered meats and seafood with vegetables and perfectly cubed potatoes.

" You know I never really paid any attention but yeah it is nice isn't it. " The large athletic man added.

" Nice is putting it mildly. Your house should be in nature lovers magazines not in Forks Washington. " I told him with my amazed stare. He chuckled.

" Yeah, but if it were then everybody would want a piece of it. They'd want to show it daily and we'd never get any relief. " He said smirking.

" True. " I nodded in agreement.

" So Bella my sister must really think you're something special it being her first day in school here. To be bringing over a friend. We don't usually get a lot of company here. " The pale athlete brought up.

" I guess so, I think she's pretty special too, she's smart and fun and very sweet natured. " I added laying it on thick. I really didn't want to give her big bear of an older brother. Any reason to use my face as a punching bag.

" I'm glad you think so since she's my little sis I'd hate to think she was getting to be friends with someone who couldn't appreciate her fully. For who she is inside. Not just her outside. " Emmett explained further the whole time getting closer and closer to me. Like a lion getting ready to pounce on its prey. He looked deep in my eyes for a few moments then grinned. " Chill Bella I'm just playing with ya' I'm personally just glad she has a friend at this high school. " The big man chuckled giving me a strong pat on the shoulder then taking the empty plates back into the mansion.

" Well, that was interesting. " I said to myself as I was the only person on the patio now.

" Don't mind Emmett he's just the protective big brother type. " A familiar voice said from behind me. I turned to make sure I was correct in my assumptions. I was it was Alice. " Alice, where did you come from ?" I questioned curiosity getting the better of me.

" Silly Bella, I climbed down the ladder built on the kitchen tree. It circles up to my room. So who put you to work Esme or Carlisle? " The thin girl asked with a grin as she walked over to the banister and leaned on the wooden surface.

To be honest, once I took in what she was wearing my hearing went out the window. " Huh, oh I volunteered to help. I didn't want to seem like a brat or something. So Esme put to the task of cooking the kebabs. Emmett helped me carry the plates out I almost had an accident with one of them. But he was so fast he got to me before I could even think about my reaction to nearly dropping it. It was so funny because he was clear across the kitchen from where Esme and I were standing. " I explained puzzled almost questioning but not being upfront about it.

" Well, that's because Emmett has a great reaction time. Mostly from running track at our old school. He always lettered and got ribbons he's very fast. So what do you think of this view isn't it something ?" Alice inquired of me, changing the subject.

" Yeah, that's what I said to Emmett while we were putting the food on the grill. Those trees they go on or I should say up forever and all that greenery mixed in with the different colored flowers. It's amazing. If I lived in a place like this with this scenery I'd never go to school. " I replied leaning on the banister next to Alice. We both stood there for what felt like an eternity and yet not long enough to take in everything around us.

" What are those little white flowers can you tell me, Alice ?" I asked pointing to a large bush cover in the little white flowers.

" Sure those are white lilies they're..." Alice couldn't finish her sentence because something, even more, beautiful than flowers had caught her attention. Bella's big green eyes she was lost in them. Like a fly in a spiders web.

Bella, in turn, was equally caught in her new friend's eyes. The gold with black streaks in them looked like little lightening bolts. Striking out all at once around her pupils. It was indeed the perfect storm. The girls leaned closer and closer to each other.

" Bella I think I...that is I might be starting to like you more than I should. " Alice said in a breathy whisper. Now mere inches from the mouse-haired girls face. It was the very interpretation of so close yet so far.

" Strange me too I mean here I am about to do something with a girl that I've barely even done with a guy. Not that that's bad in any way. It's totally good I'm just a little.." Bella couldn't find the rest of her words because while she was lost in her ramble. Alice leaned in the other ten percent of the way and placed a very chased kiss on the lips of one Bella Swan.

Bella felt what was happening before her brain could process it. She closed her eyes immediately and sighed. It was like all the tension had been building around the two girls all day. Like humidity before a storm. Then in one small sweet kiss. The rains came, the thunder boomed and lightning not just the little bolts she could've swore she saw in the pixie girls unnaturally golden colored eyes. Struck then there was peace once more.

Alice stifled a giggle. Apparently I still had my eyes closed looking like I was asleep standing up. I finally opened them to see Alice's beautiful pale face. Her perfect features seemed to glow.

" That was nice. " I said grinning and leaning closer to my new 'friend' slash girl I want to date now. Among other things. .

I leaned in all the way this time after looking over my beauties shoulder to make sure we were still the only ones present. Then I kissed her with fervor. Making sure she knew I wanted this as much as she did. We were just starting to establish a rhythm. When we heard clapping and vigorous whistling.

" Way to go sis !" It was Emmett laughing and looking excited all at once. I instantly turned red and hid my face in my girls neck. Her skin, even her mouth was so cold. I didn't understand how someone as warmhearted as Ali could feel so cold.

" Hey, you two lover birds wanna come check the food or what? The guests are arriving." Emmett announced jogging through the kitchen and I assumed to the front door.

I looked at Ali and she looked at me we both started laughing. As we went over to the grill to check the kebabs I took Alice's hand and held it in mine. Our hands fit together like individual pieces of the same puzzle. That had finally been put together. I never wanted them to be apart again.

Esme And Carlisle's P.O.V.

Esme and her handsome husband Carlisle. Both looked out the large kitchen windows at their daughter and Bella kissing and holding hands.

" Would you just look at those two Carlisle, " Esme said with a romantic sigh smiling endearingly at her husband.

" Indeed, our Alice seems to have finally found her mate, however, she is a mortal. This won't end well. " Carlisle replied putting a hand on his wife's shoulder.

" Oh, that's what you said about us Carlisle we ended well, Esme stated with a smirk, However, this won't be an easy relationship for either one of them. And one day hopefully not soon, though, but one day Alice will have to make a choice whether or not to turn her love. "

" You've been around me a hundred years too long darling. You're starting to think like I do. " Carlisle smirked wisely. " However their choice won't come today so let us enjoy our daughter finding happiness. The one person who can truly warm her cold heart. "

" Yes, lets. " Esme agreed and they walked to the foyer to greet their guests.

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