Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 4 Something about the Cullen's

Chapter 4.There's something about the Cullen's...?

By the time Alice and I had made our way back inside with the second round of barbecue. There were about 20 guests that had arrived and were talking and visiting with each other. As with any party the guests had separated into tiny groups in the huge living room. There tea lights everywhere they went well with the Chinese lanterns that were hung out on the back deck/patio area. Where a couple of stragglers had gone as Ali and I were coming inside.

Alice said she wanted to go freshen up and left me to mingle with the crowd. That was mostly made up of doctors and nurses. Carlisle's colleagues from work no doubt. Then were a couple of directors I recognized from a picture in the paper about a local fundraiser. These were no question the men responsible for throwing the larger paycheck and doctor Cullen.

I looked around for a face more familiar than someone I recognized from a newspaper article. I found a recognizable face. Edward was standing over by the large stereo system slouched against the wall hands shoved in his slack pockets.

He must be in charge of the music. I thought to myself. When a slower song came on some of the more adventurous, UN-ashamed or just non-vertically challenged began pairing up and dancing. Even Carlisle and Esme were dancing. They were an adorable couple.

I made my way to were Edward was standing to ask him a question. The closer I got to him making my way through the crowded room. The more I noticed how depressed and tired he looked. Matching purple circles he had under each eye told me he slept about as good at night as I did. Which was definitely less than average.

" Hi, Edward. " I greeted.

" Hello, Bella. " He returned with a small smile that seemed to put a bit of a sparkle into his eyes.

" I have to confess I'm over here to ask if you're in charge of the music ?"

" Yes, is there something I can play to your liking ?" The pale boy inquired perking up a bit. " Perhaps something to get my sister in the mood to dance a dance or two with you ?" He guessed raising his eyebrows and winking at me while pretending to waltz without a partner. It was pretty funny.

" Yes, but the problem is I have the song on my iPod you would happen to have a docking speaker would you ?" I asked hesitantly I didn't want him to think I was going to take off with it to the nearest pawn shop or something. Since anyone with eyeballs and functioning good sense could see the Cullen's were loaded and I was definitely in the mid working class census.

He thought for a moment then held up a finger. " Wait here, I'll be right back. " The boy said and jogged up the stairs with lightening speed.

I stood in front of the sound system waiting looking lost really. In no time at all he was back in front of me. Like he had discovered some way to manipulate the space-time continuum. In his long bony fingers was a battery operated speaker set with an iPod plug on it. " Will the work for you Bella ?" He asked with hopefulness.

" Yes, this will be great, thanks, Edward. You're a nice guy. " If only he'd get out in the sun for awhile he'd be quite the ladies man. I thought to myself. Carrying off the light plastic speakers. " Oh, if you see Alice tell her to meet me outback. "

" Will do, " he nodded then returned to his former slouched pose like a stone statue.

" Okay well, it's safe to say he got the weird gene in the family. " I thought with my inner voice. Though he was nice. Returning to my destination to the curtain of large trees veiled in moss in the path of the beautiful garden.

I found a decorative looking tree stump and set up the player to the speakers frantically searching for the song I needed. Finding it on my latest playlist I then just had to wait for my pretty pixie girl to find me.

Which didn't take long at all. I had noticed my converse sneakers had come untied when I bent down to tie them up again. I heard a voice behind me. " Bella, what're you doing out here ? She asked. The parties inside. "

I turned and grinned at the girl standing before me. " Wow, that was fast, I just got out here. " I commented.

" Edward said you wanted me to meet you out here. " Alice said looking puzzled.

" Yea, I noticed everyone was dancing inside, well the song I wanted to dance to I wanted to play for you and only you. " I grinned shyly dancing was never one of my better activities. I was silently praying I didn't crush her feet.

" Oh, really well let's hear it then ?" The paler girl requested now full of curiosity.

I pushed play and took her icy hands in mine.

"When you look at me I start to blush

and all that I can see is you and us

Oh baby, I'm so afraid to be in love

With you , with you

We danced slowly together our bodies pressed so close it was like heaven. I had waited seventeen years to be this close to another person. Now I was falling head over heals for a girl I'd barely known a day. Somehow it didn't bother me though. It was like we knew we wanted each and the rest we had eternity to find out.

" Wanna be in love with only you

Wanna watch the sky turn grey and blue

I wanna know the kiss that's always new

I wanna be in love with only you, just you

I noticed the longer we danced the colder I became. It seemed the cold chill radiated off of Alice like heat radiated off my friend Jake. He was like his own freakin' sun. Alice was like her own iceberg. I didn't know what was up with that. For that matter when I had met the other members of Ali's family earlier they seemed to all have the same coldness. Their personalities were warm and caring. But their physical temperatures had to be somewhere close to that of a refrigerator.

When the stars are falling dark

we'll light the way

we'll hit the ground and fall

into the shade

I'll light the night with fire

And run away

With you, with you

I was starting to wonder what was up with them being so cold. Did they all have a circulation problem? No I told myself that couldn't be it. Because the kids were all adopted so they couldn't all possibly suffer from the same ailment. I would have to google this when I went home to study. I had an Algebra exam tomorrow. I really would've rather faked a fever and sick stomach and stayed home. Girls and math don't usually mix unless you're some child prodigy nerd like my friend Angie.

Wanna be in love with only you

Wanna watch the turn gray and blue

I wanna know the kiss that's always new

I wanna be in love with only you

Just when I was getting lost in my thoughts and the rhythm of mine and Alice's bodies swaying in slow motion together. I heard her sigh contentedly and place her head in the crook of my neck. Which she could barely reach she really was tiny exactly like a pixie. I wonder if she'd mind too much if I started calling her tinker bell. Then I thought better of it. Then I heard her sigh again and say " Warm, so warm. Feels good. " I thought my heart was going to melt and explode at the same time. It was awesome.

I wanna be in love with you

I wanna be in love

I wanna be in love

Alice's P.O.V.

I wanna be in love with you

I wanna be in love

I wanna be in love

I wanna be in love with you

I'm glad I have tough skin Bella stepped on my feet twice. But after that she got the rhythm going. Bella was so warm. I couldn't help but dance closer and closer to her. I had not felt warmth like this in forever. Well eighty some years at least. Plus I couldn't remember any of the time I spent as a mortal. Something always told me it was better not to know. That it wasn't very good. It must've been terrible for me to block it so effectively.

Wanna be in love with only you

Wanna watch the sky turn gray and blue

I wanna know the kiss that's always new

I wanna be in love with only you

We danced slower and closer all the time until there wasn't enough room between Bella and I to fit a clothespin. I was seriously falling for this beautiful human woman. I lay my head in the crook of her neck and sigh. She was so warm like her own sun. I wanted to revolve around her forever. Of course to do that she would have to be changed and I wasn't sure if I could stand the thought of that. unless it was absolutely necessary I wouldn't do it. She couldn't know the gravity, of seeing everyone mortal you knew in the world from time to time.

Growing old and dying and having to wait for someone and exception to the rules to come along again. Only for the events to replay themselves. It was literally like watching history repeat itself.

Just you, yeah

Just you, yeah, just you

I wanna be with just you, yeah

I caught myself on the second sigh and knew I had said she was warm out loud. Damn, I hope she wasn't noticing how cold I am. How could someone not notice was a better question.

I ain't got not more that's real

Then came the questioning statement I had hoped wouldn't escape her beautiful thin lips. " Alice you're so cold...why are you so cold, You're the whole body it's-it's like a block of ice. " She looked at me with such concern as if I should be the one who was scared and not her.

" Uh..um..well that is I don't know how to explain it to you. " I stumbled on my words. This is what you get for liking a human Mary Alice Brandon-Cullen. I thought to myself with slight irony.

" You're sick! She exclaimed not with a surprise just as a guess. I mean are you sick ?" Bella rephrased.

" Well, yes sort of..I suppose you could say that I have a blood disease. " I phrased carefully.

" Um, oh my god Alice why didn't you tell me before? If you're not feeling well let me know and we'll go inside or something. " Bella stated now with more concern spreading across her pretty face.

" Well it's nothing all that bad, it just makes me cold a lot my circulation it doesn't work like it should that's all. I'm fine really Bella. " I tried to soothe her concerns. All the while without telling her I was something she probably had nightmares about as a small girl.

" So how long? " She asked.

" How long what ?" I returned.

" How long have you had this circulation thing ?" Bella reiterated.

" All my life that I can remember, it's nothing fatal Bella I swear. " I replied with the best, most flattering smile I could muster.

Bella's P.O.V.

No see I knew this was too good to be true, I thought maybe she'd tell me some lie and that I'd believe it for a day or two. But no Alice has a circulation disease and now I'm gonna get all researchy when I get home. The next day I'll be like all protective not wanting her to get sick and then I'll end up being her warden instead of her girlfriend. Which is really what I wanna be. Maybe if I don't think about it I can at least enjoy tonight with her.

Then she asks me the question I have to lie about. "Whatcha thinking, up there ?" Alice questions lightly touching my forehead with her left hand.

" Just a bunch of things at once, why did I zone out ?" I asked sheepishly as if I didn't know that I was rambling to myself in my own head. What I told her wasn't really a lie either.

" Name one ?" She asked curiously not like in a mean tone.

" About you and this and if there's us forming or if I'm just your way to fit in until you're not new here anymore and the sheen has worn off. " I rambled I'm also good at that while speaking too.

Oh, no I said it wrong I always say stuff wrong. This is why you're like your dad meant to be a terminal bachelorette.

Looking hurt she asks me. " Do you doubt that on my first day somewhere I couldn't keep it together enough to know whether or not, I want to see you. I mean I'm already breaking rules that aren't made to be broken just being this close to you..." She got mist in her eyes and I knew it was my fault she was crying. I suddenly felt terrible I had said anything.

I put my right hand under her chin and lifted her head to meet mine and kissed her sweetly. " I don't doubt your feelings for me Alice, but you have to admit it kinda happened quickly. I wanna get to know you better and I like you and your family a lot okay. I feel bad I even said anything really I-ah I ramble in my head, like all the time. Ask anyone well anyone that's talking to me right now. Which would be Angela and well you guys so. Guess that was a moot point. " She placed a cold finger to my mouth and shushed me. " Thank you. "

" Thank you too. Bella. " Alice smiled at me like an angel it wasn't her smile though. It was her whole demeanor she was an angel sent from heaven just for me to fall for. Who was I to question this beautiful gift.

" Welcome, I laugh a little and roll my eyes just to let pressure off, You wanna go inside it's starting to get a little chilly out here. " I added.

" Okay, then it was her turn to laugh we had been out here so long that the guests were leaving. Guess we lost track of time. " She added smiling and giving me a wink.

" Oh, crap how late is it? I have a curfew !" I exclaimed, looking at my armband watch. Uh, oh it was eleven o'clock. It was cool my curfew was 11:30 on weekdays. I pulled my cellphone out and called Charlie. Telling him that I would be home shortly and that I was having so much fun I lost track of time.

It didn't seem to bug him apparently he'd met doctor Cullen and thought he and his family were perfectly nice. He said something Charlie almost never said. Don't worry about it I know you are safe. I swear I wished I'd turned on my voice record on the cell.

" Is it all okay did I get you into trouble Bella ?" Alice asked innocently.

" Nope we're cool actually he said he'd met your dad and knew I was safe so...I do have to be going now, though. " I told her. " School tomorrow and I need some sleep I'm sure you're tired too. " I remarked and didn't really get an answer, Alice, just kind of looked around. Odd. I bid the family ado and was off on my bike.

It was late I was in bed I was dreaming of Alice Cullen. That was the first night I dreamt of her. Little did I know it would be the first of many dreams. Starring the angel that had beseeched my interest.

Then I came into consciousness it was morning the birds were chirping. You could hear the wood peckers out making cork board holes in the tallest trees they could find. Which wasn't hard since Forks was littered with tall trees.

I grabbed a shower and got dressed in record time for me anyway. Then I rushed downstairs and chugged a glass of orange juice then grabbed some toast. The only food Charlie knew how to make other than fish fry and barbecue. Shoved it in a paper towel to eat on the way and I was off.

I couldn't wait to see Alice again. I could tell she was going to become a habit that I didn't want to break. Still there was something about the Cullen's that I couldn't put my finger on. They were all pale white even more so than I and their skin was all the same temperature which was refrigerator cold. They all had golden eyes. When Alice looked at me it looked like there were lightening bolts going off on her eyes. This was something I would have to figure out first then when I came to my conclusion confront her with.

I googled circulation diseases and only came up with two possible answers either she was ninety and her arteries were clogged severely to be soo..cold. Or she had that smurf thing in which case she would've turned blue last night. I wasn't really mad it seemed like she was being forced to keep a secret from me. She'd only known me for one day, she didn't know if she could trust me fully.

When I got to school I saw her brother Edwards Volvo. All the Cullen's were hanging out around it talking before the bell rang. I headed towards them remembering I had left my iPod there last night. I thought I'd ask if I could come over and get it.

" HEY, Bella! " Emmett exclaimed smiling wide holding something in his ape-sized hands. " You left this at our house, babe. Hope you don't mind I added some games on that thing for you. " He said in high spirits I had the feeling Emmett was always in high spirits.

" Thanks, no that's great actually, I was wondering what all I could put on here besides the pics and music. " I said happily myself. " Wheres Alice ?" I asked concerned.

" She's around I think she said something about trying to get you a permanent pardon from gym class. I guess you need ballet for the balance thing. " Emmett joked.

" She's what I'll see you guys later. " I waved at the Cullen kids and headed for the reception area to stop Alice from getting me flunked and getting her face plastered onto the enquirer. I hadn't even told her family I knew she could see the future. I knew it was something special she had shared with me to save me.

I found her arguing with miss Eldridge. Passionately so she was making a pretty good case for herself. When I went up and grabbed her by the arm. " Alice, what are you trying to do here get us both expelled ? Give it up I'll survive gym class we only have a track next time. It's only once a week I can handle it. " I told her. Then I looked at miss Eldridge the pudgy secretary. " I'm so sorry. '' I apologized as I drug Alice off and into the not so crowded lunch room.

" What were you thinking, if you had told that woman that you had visions in your head they would've locked you up in Osawatomie or something. Did you ever think for a second how much more the would've hurt me than a broken leg or a concussion? " I interrogated her. Suddenly she was hugging me tightly too tightly she was awfully strong for such a small girl.

" Thank you, Bella, I can't help it I get passionate about things sometimes and I can't stop. You would really make excuses and suffer the consequences of a broken leg. Just to make sure I'm not exposed for a.."

" Visionary. " I finished with a sly grin. She leaned up on her heels and gave me a peck on the lips. Then smiled at me. " Come on let's go to the class trouble. " I joked.

" Oh, you are so going to get it for that later. " She came back.

" We'll see about that," I said with a raised eyebrow. I Now had something else to add to my list of weirdness's about the Cullen's, Inhuman strength. I had to do so much research when I got home.

Alice and I walked to class with arms wrapped around each others backs. I would let this go for now and just enjoy my girls company. But later there would be questions.

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