Hearts Of Fire And Ice

You're my first...Ever

(Bella's P.O.V. )

Alice and I had been going out for two weeks now. I kept meaning to broach the subject with her over what was really going on with her and her family. However every time I did she'd just look at me with those gorgeous golden eyes and dazzle me into idiocy. I had to admit it was a bit frustrating at least from my point of view. Here I was dating this insanely beautiful, intelligent, sassy woman. I should be able to relax and enjoy her company but all I had been thinking..dreaming lately was what her one secret from me was. How would it affect our relationship if I coaxed it out of her ?

Every night I would wake to see a shadow standing in front of me. But the shadow would always diaper when I'd turn on my lamp. I was starting to think I had lost it. It was funny actually I always thought the frustration of not having a girlfriend to satisfy my teenage hormones. Would be what made me lose it. Seems as though I was just born with my brain cells of common sense dying off.

I would ask her. I made myself a mental note not to look into her eyes. To be strong and ask her what the hell was going on.

( Alice's P.O.V. )

Bella ah, Bella my beautiful , funny , smart. and sweet scented mortal love. She had been prying into the one subject I was afraid to disclose to her. The real reason I was so cold, I never ate, I seemed to never be tired and that I was super strong as she put it for my size. I was a vampire I was not ashamed of it I didn't prey on humans those vamps had issues ! No I just ate a rabbit or sometimes if I was really famished a moose or deer. It wasn't that I didn't want my Bella to know this about me. But if a human knew of our existence and the Volturi found out. She would either have to be turned or turned into a fascinating snack for Aro the most blood thirsty of the three of their leaders.

Just the thought of my precious Bella being hurt sent chills up my cold back. I would have to tell her I knew that in all rationality. I needed to speak with Esme and Carlisle while my brothers and Rosalie were out hunting. I stayed behind having just eaten yesterday evening before Bella and I went to the movies. I was so nervous if I'd have breath I would've hyperventilated.

I made my way from my room to Carlisle's office where he and Esme were talking. Rather seriously I might add. I took a deep breath for comfort only and opened the door. " Carlisle, Esme I need to speak with you both about Bella." I started.

As if they'd read my mind even they did not have those particular gifts. There had to be some room left for their parenting instincts. " We know you need to tell Bella what we are, we've been discussing the exact same thing Alice dear. " Esme finished for me.

" Did Edward read my thoughts and then tell you both or is this just a good guess ?" I asked puzzled.

" Well, I'm sure you could hear Esme and I talking. " Carlisle chimed in and held a book in front of me. " There's trouble coming for Bella and she needs to know who we are so we can better protect her. " He finished.

" The Vamphricon ? " I really was concerned now. The Vamphricon was a medieval bible for vampires it had predictions and rules for vampires for the ages. " What kind of trouble is coming for Bella can we stop it Carlisle say something ! Why couldn't I ..." Just as I was about to ask why I couldn't see this coming. I got a vision it was just some random flashes of scenes yet to play out.

I saw Bella.

Then I saw blood and dark eyes.

I then saw the face the eyes belonged to, Bella.

"Bella !" I exclaimed dropping to my knees with the painful vision. As painful as having this vision was it wasn't nearly as painful as what I was seeing. The vision weren't coming as fast now I was able to piece together the puzzle much easier.

I saw Bella her skin as pale as my own, yet still beautiful, eyes darker than midnight with red rings around them.

Blood dripping from her features, not just any blood, human blood.

In her hand she held a white rose that hadn't yet blood completely.

Droplets of blood came from the white roses petals, Like rain dripping off a gutter.

Then I was back in reality. Carlisle and Esme were with me. Carlisle knelt to the floor on one knee. Placing a hand on my right shoulder to comfort me. Like a small child who had just experienced a nightmare.

" Alice are you alright , my dear what did you see ?" Esme asked. She was standing to the left of me her hands placed on that shoulder she ran one across my back to comfort me.

" I'm not sure if I can repeat it, I saw Bella turned to one of us. But she was unlike any of us I had ever seen before. Her eyes were bla-black with..red circles around her pupils. She was..her face was dripping with blood and she was holding a white rose. It looked like she was waiting for me Carlisle what does that mean ?"

" It means you need to go find Bella and bring her back here. Where we can protect her from whomever wishes her harm. " Carlisle answered steel jawed like he was holding something back. I knew he would explain everything once I came back with Bella.

" Are able to go alone should Esme or I accompany you ?" Carlisle asked.

I shook my head, Bella was with me I would bring her back myself. Plus maybe I could fit in a makeout session somewhere between her house and mine. " No, Bella is my responsibility. If it weren't for me she wouldn't be in this mess now. "

" I doubt that dearest, you see the Vamphricon mentions a prophecy. Someone who is destined to become like us. Your mother and I think that person is Bella. She will be turned whether by us or someone else. It is going to happen, and much, much worse. Go now get her and bring her here. " Carlisle explained a little more his usual warmth replaced with a side of him I had not seen in many years. Resolve to fix this.

I got up off my knees and raced with my undead speed to the front door, through the woods, in ten minutes flat I was at Bella and Charlie's house.

I composed myself, not wanting her to know something was really wrong. Shaking off dead leaves that had fallen onto me as I traveled. Preparing myself for what I would be telling her and showing her.

Bella's P.O.V.

School was out it was Friday and the sun was shining after months of nothing but clouds. Alice wasn't at school today Alice and her family were allergic to sunlight. However I wasn't and I was making the most of it. I put on my bathing suit a blue two piece. I sat out in the one lawn chair Charlie had. Nothing but me , the sun, a radio I had found in the attic and my spf 15 with tanner.

It was one of only a handful of times I really enjoyed the outdoors. Since moving back to forks a couple of years ago. I was laid back the music playing on the radio was slow and relaxing. I was about to fall asleep and wake the first burnt albino in Forks history. When a shadow cast its self over me. Completely blocking out my sweet sunshine. 'Oh, crap !' I thought. 'Rain !' I quickly rose from my seat to gather everything and hurry in the house. Once I focused. I saw the source of the eclipse. " Alice ! What..h-how are you here you can't be out in direct sunlight, why are so shiny ?" I asked these questions so quickly only count Dracula could've understood me.

Alice's P.O.V.

When there was no answer at the door and there wasn't any prescence in her room. I sniffed her out. I found her in the backyard. In a bikini. My Bella who always had at least two layers of clothing on. In a bikini. I had never seen so much of my mortal beauty exposed to me before. I was staring like some horny teenage boy. Over her perfectly muscled arms her toned stomach, Undoubtedly a benefit from military school push ups. I just stood over her unable to form words. Between her blood smell and her outward appearance I was one turned on vampire. I shook my head this wasn't the time for this.

She must've noticed the shadow because she stood up straight away. Looking panicked she'd probably thought rain was coming. Then she saw me. " Alice w..h-how are you here , you can't be out in direct sunlight, why are you so shiny ?"

I smiled at Bella's babbling. Finding I still could not speak I figured I might as well satisfy my fantasy before I was silent permanently. I leant forward and kissed her deeply. My lips pressing to hers, our tongues twisting around one another. In my moment of weakness I pulled her close to me and ran my cold hands up and down her warm , bare back. When we parted I spoke.

" Bella you have to come with me to my house, my family and I have something to tell you about us. It also concerns you. Will you come with me ?" I asked politely but with force in my tone.

" I'm not sure what in the hell is going on with you Alice Cullen. But if you need me to come with you then I trust you and I will come. " Bella answered with so many questions in her tone. I knew this would be a night that even made me tired.

I let her put some semblance of clothing on, before I tried explaining how it was we would be traveling. When she was dressed in a pair of old bleached jeans and a black v-neck tee. The temptation to ravish her with kisses dissipated... some. We walked to the front yard where her bike was parked. She looked around questionably.

" Ali sweety wheres your car ?" Bella asked me.

I grinned mischieviously. "Well, Bella dear we're not traveling by car or bike." I added so she wouldn't try to get in the truck.

" Well , I'm not hiking thirty miles Ali so just forget it." She pouted that cute little pout she does. She folds her arms stubbornly and looks at me with determined eyes.

" We aren't hiking either. " I replied.

" Then how..are we getting there might I ask? " Bella rephrased her questioning.

" You know how we're always having little discussions and you try and ask me what's really going on with me and my family ?" I asked, she nodded. " Well, I don't have a sun allergy Bella and I don't have a circulation problem either. Well I do but I don't. Because you have to have a heartbeat to have circulation to have trouble with it. Of course you've noticed how I never eat anything or the rest of my family for that matter ?"

She was starting to grasp the reality of the situation. " And how your eyes change from black to gold which while it's complete turn on is kinda freaky. Your skin is pale white and ice cold, Alice what are you saying you're a zombie ?" Bella inquired with wide eyes. " No of course not you've never tried to eat my brains and you smell too good to be decaying. " Her eyes went wide for a second time. " You're a VAMPIRE ! I'm dating a member of the living challenged. I've been making out with a bloodsucker. "

" Bingo, you've guessed right Bella Swan, you're door prize is a rather fast piggy back ride through the woods to my house. Where my family is waiting with rather interesting news of their own. " I smiled if she could call me names then the least I could do was be cheeky about it.

" Um, okay ho-how are you going lift me ? You're so tiny. " Bella asked concerned for my well being.

" Vampire strength duh, now hop on and hold on tight because you can't actually choke me my skin is too hard. " I replied still feeling cocky. I was just glad she hadn't fainted. Although I could smell the acceleration of her blood and hear her heart beating faster as she climbed on my back.

We took off for my house and the news I was living to hear. That there was some way to stop the chain of events my vision's had told me of.

Bella 's P,O.V.

Well , this is news I mean not the most complete shock ever. I have to admit if she'd have tried to tell me this on the first day we met. Then I wouldn't have taken the news as well as now. I barely took the I'm psychic line. I had to admit after some thought, it made sense. A lot of sense while still yet defying all common sense I had about the rules of life and death.

I the blink of an eye we were at the Cullen's doorstep. I was shaking leaves off of me and Alice was laughing at me.

"What ?" I asked unable to stifle my small chuckle.

" Nothing you're just..beautiful to me whether you have leaves on you or not. " I smiled at her sweetly.

She kissed me soundly before I opened the door to a living room full of vampires. I realized for the first time since I had started dating Alice, it made me a bit nervous. Did they think I was just some weak mortal born to a glass existence. That I would break at the faintest trip or stumble. Was I a burden when I cam here did they even like me ?'

"Whoa, Bella you've got to get a little faith in us. " Edward said out of nowhere. I looked behind me and there he was at the top of the stairs. Smiling at me.

" Huh ?" I asked baffled.

" Edward stop being a show off let the girl have her thoughts to herself hmm.." Esme ordered him with that motherly disciplinary look.

" Uh, sorry Bella I can't help it, it's just your thoughts are screaming like a siren. " Edward explained.

I knew there was a reason I was weirded out by him. " It's cool, just don't make a habit of it and let me know when my head's too loud I'll leave town. " I joked sarcastically.

The entire room snickered even Carlisle whom I hadn't seen laugh before.

" So Alice told me you're all vampires, which I have to admit had I known it I probably would've worn a cross or something the first time I came here. But other than that I'm not bothered by it and I'm totally into Alice so you all better just get used to having a human around. " I told them my terms. I wasn't about to leave the girl I had fallen for just because she had no pulse and could still walk better than I could.

" We actually have to problem with you either, butch. " Rosalie smarted at my assertive speech.

" Good, fashion whore, now that that's settled. What is this BIG news that could not possibly be bigger than the fact I'm standing in a room full of vampires ?" I asked after teasing Rose right back.

Carlisle stepped forward with a book in his hands. He handed it to me I took it and thumbed through it quickly. " It's in Italian, I can't read Italian. So does somebody want to further their explanation ?" I looked hopefully at Carlisle.

" Yes of course Bella, In that book you are holding is a prophecy the Vamphricon is a kind of biblical text for vampires. It was written by an evil family of our kind called the Volturi. The prophecy I am referring to is on page two hundred and sixty, six. It speaks of a dark human turned out of sheer want to be a vampire. Her blood thirst was parallel, to any ever seen before. Bella you are that person. I was unsure at first then we told Alice and her visions confirmed it.

If you are turned by anyone but Alice you will become this dark princess. You will crave human blood, well that is my family and I survive on animal blood. That is why our eyes are golden colored. The Volturi and others like them drink the blood of humans. This makes their eyes red. "

" Carlisle won't the dark princess have a natural draw to our kind even when she is human ?" Edward asked.

" Yes , that is right Edward. Bella are you intrigued or frightened right now ?" Carlisle asked me.

" Well to be honest I guess I'm more curious and fascinated. I mean I've been around you guys for awhile now and I know you won't hurt me. Other wise I might be a little of both. Edward's right Alice I have always been fascinated by the macabre and supernatural. Oh, my god I'm going to end up killing people !" I exclaimed through tears, I didn't want to hurt anyone. " I just wanted to be in love with Alice forever, I didn't want to turn into some bloodthirsty monster. "

I choked out through tears and hyperventilation. I found myself running out of the Cullen's home, the place I'd learned to call my second home in last couple of weeks. I wondered through the woods.

I should've known better than to run out of a house with my vampire girlfriend in it. She was right there next to me in seconds. Holding me while I cried it all out of my system. We sat on a large moss cover rock. One of Esme's many decorative touches.

" Shh..It's ok Bella it's going to be fine, if you ever decide you want to be immortal I'm just the only one who can give you the everlasting hickey. " Alice laughed half joking. She looked at me serious now a question in her eyes. " Bella , I don't mean to bring this up and I know it might be a bad time. So if it is then just tell me to shut up and I will, but did you just say you were in love with in front of my whole family ?"

I looked at her through bloodshot tear chapped eyes and half smiled at her. " Yeah, I-I guess I did, I am you know in love with you. I hope that's not too much fo.." I was trying to finish my sentence but Alice cut me off with her thick , icey lips on mine. Our kissing was more mature this time, it wasn't a kiss of discovery. We were kissing like a happily married couple kissed when they knew no one in the world could understand the other person's needs but them.

We kissed until I needed to breathe obviously that was never a need for my girl, if we were both vampires we could kiss forever if we wanted and not have to take one stupid breath.

" That's not too much for me it's just enough, Bella I'm in love with you too, I've been in love with you since the first time I saw you and smelled, you too. Okay I know that sounded more gross than I meant it. But I really am in love with you forever. You can't get rid of this girl. " Alice said smiling at me her little pixie features would've blushed had they had significant blood supply.

" I guess if we decide in a couple of years that we want to be together forever without the untimely interruption of human death. I'll just rub honey on my neck and get you to bite me. " I grinned evilly.

Alice's P.O.V.

As if she would have to rub honey on her sweet neck for me to want to taste that inviting blood of hers. I can't believe she's in love with me as much as I am with her. I want to be with Bella forever but the decision is completely hers. I would never force her and I would love her even when she does look like a grandma. I leaned my head on her shoulder and kiss run kisses along her neck.

" I would bite you without the honey, honey. You smell so sweet, your blood sings to me like a live symphony playing the most beautiful composition ever heard by human ears. Your hearts sings louder than even your blood does to me though. I am not in love with you because of bloodlust just to let you know. I love your personality you're not afraid of things that make weaker humans faint, throw up or have cardiac arrest. You're charming and funny and so..smart..elic. " I added after a pause.

She smiled at me again. " Alice no one..has ever said these things to me, I think..I think I might cry again. I love that you're graceful and sweet, kindhearted to everyone you meet. Never afraid to show your feelings and speak your mind. That you still like me even though I hate shopping with a passion. And your eyes when you're with me they have like little lightening bursts in them it's sexy. " Bella told me blushing furiously.

" So Bella those lightening flashes you're telling me about, do you see them now ?" I asked curiously.

" Um..yes. Does that mean you're all turned on ?" She grinned at me.

" Oh, yeah, come here. " I told her pulling her close to me. We sat on that rock kissing until it was dark and her lips were swollen and chapped. I gave her some chapstick and we walked back to the house. I got my car and took her home. So Charlie wouldn't be worried.

Bella's P.O.V.

Okay so Alice is a vampire , her family are vampires and Alice is the only person who can ever turn me. That's fine by me. I don't want some other creepy dudes teeth sinking' into my neck. I'd hate to be reborn with a reputation for letting anybody bite me.

Alot happened since finding this out, I let slip that I'm in love with Alice. I was meaning to tell her but I was waiting until I knew her secret. However I was not planning on saying it in front of everyone. Esme would never let me live this down. Rose would be giving her Cheshire cat grin for weeks now.

I went upstairs after listening to the messages on the answering machine. Finding out Charlie would be gone until sometime Saturday morning because of some animal attack in the next town. I got a shower still smelling like the woods Alice had run me through. Not that I was opposed to pine, but the moss smell had to go. I got on a pair of my boxers and a tank top. Turned on my laptop and pushed play on my playlist in Itunes. Opened my window and climbed under the blue plaid covers. They were my favorites.

Charlie bought me some purple ones when I'd been shipped here at fourteen. But as soon as I got a job at sixteen. I bought these they were soft and homey. I loved them.

I had my eyes closed thinking about the day and how Alice and I had listed everything we loved about each other. Then making out for three hours we had both parted heatedly. I wanted so much to make love to her. But I was afraid I'd never been with anyone ...ever. I wondered if Alice had been.

I was deep in discussion with the inner voice my head talked to me with. When I heard something then I felt something..something cold laying next to me in my bed. I looked over. " Alice !" I nearly jumped out of my skin. " Alice sweety I realize you're a vampire and you're sneakier than the average person. But for Pete's sake. Don't do that to me again without announcing your presence first. " I warned her.

" Sorry Bella, do you not want me here ? I can leave. " Alice said sounding hurt.

" No, no don't go, just next time ..hey wait a minute you're the shadow in my room. All this time I thought I was dreaming but it was really you here wasn't it ?" I asked demandingly.

My pixie grinned sheepishly at me. " Yes, I like to watch you sleep, it's ..um cute. "

" It's just sleep don't vampires sleep ?" I asked stupidly.

" No , never. We're real night owls and day people rolled into one. " She giggled.

" Well come here, get in this bed I was kind of warm anyway. You can be my own personal air conditioner. " I stated patting the mattress.

" Okay , if you insist. " She grinned. She was wearing a pair of silk black pajamas. God she looked sexy.

" No funny business keep your mitts to yourself. " I teased.

" Oh, you mean these mitts. " Alice shot back holding up her hands then tickling me in the ribs.

" Yes I mean ...hahhhaaa. Alice stop it. Alright, that's it. " I knew her skin was too hard for tickling so I just stretched up and kissed her. It worked you can't kiss me and tickle me the kissing would always win.

You'd think we'd get tired of each others saliva after awhile but sadly no. I had those teenage hormones going full throttle and she had all that sexiness going for her. We were a perfect match.

I rolled us over so that I was laying on top of Alice. She moaned at our contact because I was so warm. I began kissing her neck and the top of her chest where pajama top hung open and I ran my hands up and down her sides. Just as I was about to inch my hands up her shirt. She stopped my exploration.

" What, did I do something wrong ? " I asked feeling guilty.

" No, heavens no, but I've never..in all my years been with anyone. I want to wait if thats okay. Until the moment is special for us. " Alice explained to me.

" I can't believe it, I haven't ever been with anyone either. I just thought that you would be expecting..something by making your presence known now. " I said blushing.

" I don't expect anything but kisses and some serious all night cuddle time with my girlfriend. " Alice stated firmly.

" Alright then, you got it.. " I kissed her and rolled myself up in her arms. I placed my head in the crook of her neck. I fell into a deep sleep in no time. Safe in my vampire's arms.

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