Hearts Of Fire And Ice

You're My First..Ever Part 2

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I didn't want hear birds chirping or my alarm going off in the background, I didn't want to open my eyes. Because that would mean I would wake up and she'd be gone and I would realize I was merely dreaming all of this. Something funny happened to me though. My lips were captured gently by another's. My heart soared everything that happened last night and for two whole weeks was real.

Alice was here with me , she and her family were vampires..good ones. She did love me like no other. I quickly turned off my inner monologue to respond to her gentle kisses. While my Itunes radio played a song I knew I would have play again tomorrow morning. Just so I could savor this morning.

never thought I'd get here; I was so far away I didn't believe in love, thought it was just a game People played Everything changed when I met you touched your hand, you took my heart And you led me to a better place, just the two of us In the dark...

Alice slipped her tongue into my awaiting mouth. I moaned at the cooling sensation not to mention all the other sensations I felt whenever she kissed me. They shot straight through me like an electrical charge to the pit of my stomach. She moaned as well because of my warmth. We truly were the very definition of fire and ice. When we came together there was always a storm raging inside of our hearts and bodies.

This is my idea of heaven,

lying here with you This is my idea of heaven,

nothing else

I'd rather do

I never thought you'd get here,

why'd you make me wait?

And when I looked into your eyes,

I recognized your words My faith I've been living in a lonely shell,

with no windows,

to the world How in God's name did you find,

a Lone star Loneliest girl...

Kissing my Bella was like nothing I had ever experienced. Well to my knowledge anyway since I couldn't really remember my human life. But nothing could have compared to the way this human woman made me feel inside and out. I loved her and the song she had on her computer was like it had been written just for us two. Because I truly was in my own idea of heaven since I would never experience it personally. I knew it had to be close to the way I felt right now. Wrapped together in her warm arms our bodies as close as possible to one another.

She broke our kiss to gasp for breath then she attacked my mouth once more. Her heart was racing. I could smell her blood and it was like lasagna and garlic bread smells to humans. I suddenly realized I hadn't fed in a couple days and I was suddenly very thirsty. "Mhhmm...Bella.." I tried to break gently free from our kiss so as not to hurt her feelings. It was too late I could feel the burning in my throat as quick as my reflex could be forced to react I shoved myself off of her and against the nearest wall.

This is my idea of heaven,

lying here with you This is my idea of heaven,

nothing else, I'd rather do

To feel your heart, beating

To feel our limits meeting

This is my idea of heaven, ooh In heaven,

love is everywhere There is no pain,

there are no tears In heaven,

love lasts forever, it doesn't, disappear...

I gasped for unnecessary air. The scent was too strong I held my breath. " Bella, honey ?" I noticed she had her head hung her long locks draping a curtain over her lovely features. " Bella look at me it's nothing you did, I wanted to kiss you too, but I haven't fed in a couple of days and I'm so thirsty. I need to go and feed and we'll pick this up later today okay..I love you.." I reassured her kissing the top of her head and twirling a strand of her hair between my fingers.

This is my idea of heaven,

lying here with you This is my idea of heaven,

nothing else, I'd rather do

To feel your heart, beating

To feel our limits, meeting

" I understand, I just thought maybe I was pushing to far again. " Bella replied blushing oh, God I have to eat something..NOW !

" No you weren't I wanted to stay but I need to eat or else you'll become even more appetizing to me than you were when you were talking in your sleep and snuggling up to me. See you in a bit I promise. "

This is my idea of heaven,

ooh This is my idea of heaven,

lying here with you

" Alright, love you catch enough rabbits to stay with me for another night huh ?" Bella said wiggling her eyebrows suggestively toward me as I hopped out the window effortlessly. I winked at her and took off in a dead run for the woods.

Bella's P.O.V.

Wow I spent the night with Alice and while we didn't do anything. We did plenty. Sleeping next to the person you love even without sexual contact is something I've always considered to be extremely intimate. Definitely not something I would do with just anyone. But I'm in love with my pale princess and I would sleep next to her for eternity if it were possible.

I knew however that it was not because if she and I were both human we would eventually die probably not at the same time. However if we were both vampires we would never need sleep again. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. But there would come the time and place when I would have to decide where I stood on the subject. I knew I could not be turned by anyone but my mate I.E. Alice. Or I would be made to be evil in carnate. The kind of loathsome, despicable creature that gave kids nightmares. I didn't want that.

I grabbed a cup of coffee Charlie had made before apparently leaving a note. Saying he'd be gone fishing for the day. Not to bother with dinner because he was going to the Black's for a fish fry and I was welcome to join him if I wanted to.

Hmm..I wasn't sure how long Ali would be gone hunting and I hadn't seen Jake in a while. Why not I thought to myself. Alice and I had spent every waking hour together since we'd met two weeks ago. I should do something with a friend.

I sat down in front of my laptop and IM'd a couple of friends from school. Since Angela had forgiven me immediately my first day back in school . The rest of my so called friends followed suit quickly. I read my e-mail mostly messages from Renee telling me how Phil's coaching was going and that his high schooler's were heading for state. She was teaching a second grade class as a sub and missing her kindergartners. She wanted to know if I was seeing someone special and how my readjustment period was going.

I decided to reply and see what kind of response I would generate. When Renee found out I was dating a girl. The most wonderful girl in the whole world that is.

After sending out my carefully worded e-mail, I got a shower and dressed. Put on my old jeans from yesterday and the same t-shirt too. I was going the Quileute rez which was famous for it's dusty, dirt roads and I might as well not get all fancied up if I'm going to be biking through mud holes. I tied my hair back with a rubber band and decided to leave early so I could get some buddy time in with Jake. Before our dad's decided to come back and act like bigger children then their own children.

I called up to Jake's house first to see if he was busy and wanted to hang out. If he wasn't doing anything special. He told me to "Come on down Loca !" I had to laugh he had such a warmth about him. It was quite the contrast from my cold as ice girlfriend whom I loved so much. In such a short time we had gotten rather close. I just wasn't sure how I was going to tell Charlie I was in love with Alice a woman. The only woman for me ...ever. I headed on down to the rez.

Jake and I spent part of the day hiking and the other part biking. I guess he traded his rabbit in for a Suzuki power sport it was red with black claw marks on it. All in all a pretty cool and fast bike. We stopped off at Emily Uley's place for some lemonade and a muffin. Well I had a muffin Jake had about six before I drug him back outside so he could help me tune up my bike. He was the best mechanic type friend a girl could ask for.

While he changed the oil and checked the engine we made small talk. " So how goes life on the pale side of things ? " He joked grinning his wolf like smirk. " Anybody special or still goin' solo ?"

I smiled wide and blushed ducking my head. Not that it helped since my hair was pulled back so I couldn't really hide.

" Ooh, way to go Bella who's the lucky girl ?" He inquired never losing his grin for a second.

" Um..she's new to my school she and her family just moved here. Alice..Alice Cullen. She great Jake she's kind and sweet and ..."

" Yeah, I know something about the Cullen's, the tribe elders used to tell us stories about them. I'm sure they're not even the same ones , well maybe they are considering the plot of the story. " Jake replied sounding a bit more serious than usual.

Oh, crap I thought could the Quileutes know about the Cullen's ? Maintaining some composure and with my morbid curiousness getting the better of me. Plus I knew Jake wouldn't shut up until I let him explain. " W-what about them ?"

" Well it's really just an old story Bella, you can google it actually the elders finally went viral this year. " He laughed. " It's called the cold ones. Basically Quileutes are descended of wolves and well they were out hunting one day and they came across an enemy clan hunting on our lands. The story goes that it was the Cullen's and that they were different and sought to make peace with the Quilu tribe. So a peace was made a shaky one that as long as they stayed off our lands. We wouldn't expose what they really were to the 'pale faces ' or I guess in your case Bella it would be the albino faces. '" He teased.

I threw a dirty grease covered rag at him and took off. I knew he'd chase after me. We were having so much fun I didn't want to ruin it with the bitter truth that the story was accurate. I had to ensure that if Jacob ever did find out that my Alice wouldn't be harmed.

Alice P.O.V. or what she was doing while Bella was being a dirty grease monkey with the filthy dog.

I went hunting with Emmett and Carlisle. I actually took down a moose which was unusual for me I was never that hungry. Sleeping next to Bella and then making out with her and not having eaten in two days. Almost got the better of me especially when I wanted nothing more than to suck her dry this morning. I would have to keep my hunger satisfied until I was more used to her blood presence. It was hard when your girlfriends blood smelled entirely of innocence and purity and strawberries. Oh, maybe I could dress her up as a strawberry for Halloween. Then I laughed and shook my head picturing an annoyed Bella dressed in a giant piece of stuffed material.

Carlisle and the rest of us discussed what the game plan would be. To make sure no approaching vampires could scent out Bella. Every day before school and after Emmett and Jasper would check the woods and countryside making sure the surrounding area was clear of other vampires scent, also that there were no mutilations anywhere since we buried our kill. It would be easy enough spot another vamp in the area.

Esme decided to go to the grocery store and I went with her. She said she wanted to have plenty of food on hand with a human around. She didn't want Bella having some kind of sugar crash whilst she was here on sleepovers or family events.

It had been years since any of us had needed the sustenance of store bought foods. Esme and I looked around the store she bought something called kool aide and some doctor peppers. Then we bought ingredients for salads since I told her Bella was a vegetarian.

" So she reacted pretty well considering she was in a house full of us ?" Esme said questioningly.

" Yeah, I was surprised she took it so well, she said it made sense that we were vam-unique. " I caught myself before I brought Esme and myself undue attention. " Then we both told each other that we loved one another.

Esme's eyes widened slightly and her brows raised. " Really, and she knows the implications of telling a vampire she's in love with them ? "

I looked at the floor avoiding eye contact. " Alice .." Esme nudged.

" I kind of..maybe didn't tell her we were um..sort of a little busy kissing.." I confessed.

" Mary Alice Brandon Cullen ! You didn't tell her and to top it all off you confess your love for each other and made out for what..how long ?" Esme tapped her foot on the linoleum floor of the small grocery store.

" I don't know three hours twelve minutes and thirty seven seconds. " I said shyly I hated it when Esme got all motherly on me.

" Oh, dear I'm surprised she's still breathing. Just remember no funny business other than kissing until you two have decided to marry. " Esme shook her finger at me.

" Yes, ma'am, I'll tell her tonight we I go to her house to watch over her. "

" Alright, but break it to her gently, and don't be upset if she has a bit of a reaction that the words I love you mean something completely different to vampires. Now what is Hagan Dahs and does Bella like it?"

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