Hearts Of Fire And Ice


A fter a long day with Jake and an even longer evening with about half the rez and Charlie. I came in the door dragging my feet through my house and up the stairs. I grabbed a quick shower having already anticipated being covered in grit, grime and mud. I had already laid out clothes on top of the hamper in the small bathroom. A pair of flowered guys board shorts and a blue tank that only came down about halfway to my belly button. I had alternate reasons other than comfort for choosing that particular top. I knew Alice might come over through my window tonight.

I got out of the shower, got dressed and entered my room. Which was dark except for a twinkling of twilight. Shining through my open window. I turned on my small touch lamp and turned around only to see a figure setting in my comfy chair. " Alice !" I said in a loud whisper.

"Hey, Bella. " She greeted me like it was the first time we'd ever met. No kiss, no hug, her face solemn with her expressive eyes telling me something was going on.

" Ali sweety what's the matter, what's up with the sad eyes ?" I questioned I didn't like not seeing bubbly happy Alice.

" I have something to tell you Bella, The reason I omitted from telling you earlier was that I was afraid once you knew that you'd freak out. An' I don't know run for the hills or something. " The pixie like girl worked up to her confession.

" So, spill it Alice what didn't you tell me, let me see you're a vampire , you're in love with me as much as I am with you, you sparkle in the sun like a diamond mine, you are the most beaut-" I was silenced by Alice giving me a tender chaste kiss.

" Bella, I didn't tell you that once a member of my kind says " I love you' to anyone especially a human. They've picked the person they're to be with for life and after but that's your wanted me to make sure you were completely informed. You're only sixteen Bella I don't know if you're ready to say something that's so full of depth and meaning. I don't even know if I should've said it. "

My face fell to the floor. " Didn't you think I meant every word I said, what did you think I was just saying those words to test the waters and see what it was like ? Mary Alice Brandon Cullen, you don't know me at all if that is truly what you think of me. " I was hurt I felt like my insides were caving like something had come sucked all the air out of me.

" No, no Bella don't do that I just wanted to make sure you knew. That I will love you forever now there is no start over point for me. You're it for me Bella. " As my pale pixie explained the depth of the situation I felt my heart swell with pride in my chest.

" Alice , Ali I feel the same way about you , you know. I don't know if you can call it star crossed or not I don't really feel the need to off myself. But I don't ever want to know what it's like to be without you. You're it for me too baby. " I told her making sure I put emotion into my words to stress my point. Inching closer to her to take her in my arms and hold her there until she was okay again.

" Oh, Bella, I need you so much, I love you so much. " Alice said with mist in her eyes, I knew she wanted to cry but she couldn't. I was teared up enough for the both of us.

" I need you and love you just as much. I was so bored with life until you came here with your family. I was so alone. I ..never ..want to be without you either Alice. " I affirmed and she just looked at me with those gorgeous lightening storm gold eyes.

" Come with me there's something I wanna show you. " Alice said gently grasping my hand I knew that with her strength she could pick me up with her pinky finger had she so desired. I paused.

" What, what's wrong ?" My vampire questioned of me.

" Nothing it's just how are we getting out of the house without waking Charlie exactly ?" I asked.

" Easy , magic. " Alice replied winking at me and flashing her somethings up smirk. " You trust me don't you Bella ?"

" Yeah, in theory. " I replied taking Alice's cold hand in my warm one and letting her toss me onto her back. We hopped out the window and practically flew across the driveway and onto a nearby tree.

Which Alice then scaled like a monkey. For as much as I could look as being that high without the help of some kind of anti anxiety pill was nearly impossible for me. I liked going fast on the ground not in the air. We were traveling like some kind of really fast marsupial. Then we stopped about fifteen minutes later. At a clearing in the woods, deep in the woods.

I couldn't even spot trail heads or any well place arrows marking the to and fro. I turned around to hear Alice laughing. I saw the most breathtaking site outside of my vampire. A waterfall with lots of blooming flowers and giant rocks around it. There was an opening in the trees around the waterfall and the moonlight shown heavily down upon the rapidly moving waters.

" Ali, this ...wow. " I gasped.

Alice just smiled at me her impossibly white teeth showing. " This is my quiet spot, I wanted to share it with you because you're so special to me. This place is also special to me the first day we met after you went home I came here. I realized then that I was in love with you and always wanted to be with you. "

'' Oh, Alice that is the most kind thing , the - sweetest thing anyone has ever..come here. " I demanded grabbing hold of Alice's shirt tail and pulling her close. I kissed her as we got more into the kiss and it deepened. We lowered ourselves towards the ground beneath us. I was half on top of my girl , our legs were intertwined. She ran her cold hands over my back leaving sexy chills where ever she touched.

I kept one hand on the back of her neck as we kissed each other senseless. My other hand worked it's way under her layered linen shirts, I ran my hand over her taught stomach she moaned into my mouth. Just as I was inching my hand ever closer her breasts she stopped me with her left hand.

" What's the matter ?" I asked my eyes probing her's for the reason why she had made me cease my ministrations.

" We can't Bella, I promised Esme you and I wouldn't..um.." Alice searched for the right words to describe what we were about to do. It wasn't just sex with anyone. I would be making love to the most special person in my life.

" Consummate our love ?" I finished for her the paler woman nodded with relief having been saved from saying the wrong words.

" Yes, I promised we wouldn't do anything more than make out until ..that is until we were married. If we married. " Alice finally got out.

" M-mm-married ! " I exclaimed. " Alice I love you I never wanna be without you but married at ...and we can't..until we're but I'm only seventeen. " I could barely make a sentence come out of my mouth. I was in a word panicked.

" Bella..ISABELLA, " Alice got my attention by saying my full name which I would have to get her for later. If that was allowed.

" Yeah ?"

" It's only if you decide we should and it wouldn't be until after you finished college. Besides you know I've never been to college before. Maybe you could pick a less sunny place to go study. I could tag along as a student myself. What Eddie can't hear can't hurt the family. Silly Bella did you think I wanted to get married tonight ? I'll have you know I'm young too. "

" Really ? I somehow doubt you're that young. " I stated wiggling my brows flirtingly.

" How old do you think I am Missy ?" Alice asked with a giggle.

I placed my hand under my head to support my neck. Concentrating on Alice's eyes since the rest of her was not exactly tell tale for age markers.

" Give up yet ?" She asked smirking evilly.

" No, not yet I don't know if this is a good guess or not, a hundred ?" I asked squinting in case she decided to beat me stupid for my guess.

" Nope, I'm the youngest girl, I'm only eighty-six. Nice try though considering you can't really tell I'm a day past twenty four. "

" You're twenty four. Oh, god an older woman that is soo..hot I'm dating an older woman, score !" I exclaimed throwing my hands in the air.

Alice swatted at my shoulder. " Shut up you sound like Emmett, I think you two have started channeling each others idiocy. "

" Hey you take that back, my idiocy is my own. " I pouted.

" I have a serious question to ask you ?"

" Oh, and what is that ?" I shot back.

" Have you figured out how you're going to tell Charlie about us yet ?" Alice asked me with an intense look on her face.

" I'm going to tell him tomorrow morning before he leaves to fish again. I'm gonna get up early and break the news to him. I'm going to say Charlie..no I'll call him dad for this news..."

The Next morning.

Bella poured herself a cup of coffee along with Chief Swan.

" Dad, I've met the most wonderful person and it would mean alot to me and her if you would meet her too. I'm gay and there's nothing wrong with me and nothing I can do to change it. "

Charlie had the unfortunate luck of trying a sip of piping hot coffee. Right as his daughter said that she was gay . He swallowed the liquid so fast he burnt his throat and coughed a little. After he'd been quiet for couple minutes setting in silent contemplation as to this new development. " Bella I'm kind of hurt that you thought I might have a problem with this, you're my only daughter I can't not love you.

Even if you weren't I would still think nothing less of you. You can't help who you're attracted to anymore than I can make this killer animal in the next town show itself. " He said and got up from his seat walked over and hugged me. " So does this girl have a name or do I just call her.."

" Alice, Alice Cullen nice to meet you Chief Swan. " The pale girl stated walking out from the living room. " Sorry Bella the suspense was killing me, I let myself in I hope that's alright ?"

" That's fine Alice you're welcome here whenever you like. Well gotta go catch some dinner for tonight. " Charlie said walking toward the door.

" Be careful dad don't let that fifty pound bass get the drop on you. " Bella joked.

" Always am and don't worry your old man can handle one little fish. Nice meeting you Alice you two no funny stuff while I'm gone and for heaven sake Alice get her to go out somewhere, wheres there's people. " Charlie ordered in his cop voice.

" Oh, don't worry sir I'm taking Bella shopping for prom. " Alice gleamed.

" Well enjoy your little girl thing. Later Bells. " Charlie finalized and walked out the door.

Bella smiled until Charlie was gone then she stood up and backed Alice up against the fridge. " You're taking me where for what ? ! I swear if I didn't love you I wouldn't put myself through this grueling torture." Bella said before claiming Alice's cold full lips in a quick kiss.

" Have you eaten ?" Alice asked me.

" No, I don't do breakfast. " I replied.

" Ahuh, why don't you make some toast and I'll find you something to wear that isn't .. so bleak looking. " Alice stated jogging up the stairs to my room. I could hear her complaining about my lack of a color scheme as I buttered my toast.

We hit the Port Angeles mall at nine thirty a.m. at noon I made the excuse that I had to have a human moment and eat lunch. She sat with me while I ate my veggie panini and fries. Eyeing my eating curiously.

" Bella, can I have a fry ?" She asked me.

" Sure Ali but you don't have to pretend for me I know you're not human well not all human and I'm fine with it really. " I assured her.

" I know that silly, I just wanted to know what one tasted like, " She said shoving the fry in her mouth and chewing it.

" So what do you think of my peoples consumables ?" I asked her teasingly.

" Well , I've had worse. " She said narrowly.

" Okay, I've gotta ask since you live off animal blood , what does you've had worse mean ?" I pried.

" Once I stowed away in the bottom of a ship. A long time ago before planes were popular. I had to live off rats they are the most disgusting little creatures God ever put on this green planet. That fry was much better tasting to me than the rats. " Alice explained in gory detail almost making me regret eating lunch.

" I see well I happen to find them vastly better tasting than rats. " I commented shoving one of the deep fried potatoes into my mouth.

Alice and I finally went into the prom dress store. I didn't want a dress, to which she replied. " We'll get you taken care of but I'm getting a dress. " Ali stated going up to the nearest associate. " Hello I'm looking for a prom dress and my girlfriend over there would like something in a nice pant suit. " She chimed despite the curious looks she garnered from saying girlfriend.

We got fitted for our attire. I was wearing a white pant suit with black vest. Alice was wearing a white dress with blue lace around the edges. We left the store with bags in tow. I was dragging my feet glancing at my watch I noticed it was three o'clock. I had been in that miserable place for eight hours. It wasn't all bad though Alice had insisted upon buying me a couple of outfits. Which I was not too keen on I didn't like her spending her well predicted stock money on me. Even if she didn't have anything better to do with it. But she convinced me or tortured me into agreance.

I felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders. but it wouldn't completely disappear, until I told Renee and she gave me her view on my new found love.

I would e-mail her sometime, not today though or maybe I'd call her. Nope, e-mail would give her more processing time.

" You're awfully quiet honey, what's going on in that noggin of yours ?" The pixie asked me.

" Nothing really just a little bit of everything, I was trying to decide what the best was to tell Renee would be. I decided on e-mail because then she could process her response and give me better feedback. About how she feels. " I replied tiredly.

" I see , I hope she takes it as well as Charlie. " She added as fast as Alice drove we were pulling into my driveway in no time. " Come on sleepyhead. I'm going to have to get you some vitamins you seem to be low in vitamin shop til you drop. " The black haired girl stated lifting me up the stairs.

" Yeah, yeah , yeah just come sleep with me I feel very hot and I'm terribly tired. " I commented as she laid me down on my soft bed.

" Bella you're burning up, I'm ice cold and even I can tell you've got a fever. Come on we're taking you to the hospital. Carlisle can check you out. " Alice explained picking Bella's fevered body up once more and speeding down the stairs and to the car as fast as her tiny legs would go.

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