Hearts Of Fire And Ice


I sat in the waiting room. My father was the head of the emergency room and I was stuck setting in the waiting room. I couldn't believe it, What was worse was that he was the one who had told me to wait out here. I may as well have been a peasant to him.

It wasn't too much longer before Charlie showed up in his fishing clothes. Smelling of outdoors and something else like wet dog. It permeated off of him like burning wood through the forest. I almost was sick to even smell him. Then I remembered that the Quileutes were werewolves. Charlie was friends with some of the men from their reservation. That must've been what stunk to the high heavens.

" Alice ! Is everything , is she alright ?" Charlie asked me his voice a mix all the parental emotions at once. Panic, love , concern..etc

" I don't know my father made me wait out here, because I was too nervous he said. Well you'd be nervous too if your girlfriend's temperature clocked in at one hundred and four. " I retaliating to no one since Carlisle was nowhere near earshot with all of the white noise in the hospital.

" A hundred and four !" Charlie exclaimed. " What in the ..how did it get that high, Bella never runs a fever that's any higher than ninety nine. "

" I don't know Chief Swan, we went shopping this morning she seemed fine to me, we had lunch in the food court at the mall. She had an all veggie panini , some fries and a coke. Nothing out of the ordinary for Bella. "

" No, maybe it's that nasty flu that's been spreading itself around town. " Charlie commented as he took a seat next to me , removing his ball cap playing with it in his hands. He put a comforting hand on my shoulder. " She'll be fine my little girl's a fighter, and please for the of Pete call me Charlie. " He requested with a small smile.

" Okay, Charlie that's gonna be hard getting used to. "

" One of the perks of dating a family member. " He joked.

That's when Carlisle came out of the ER doors and walked over to us. He shook Charlie's hand in greeting though he had a solemn look upon his face. Which told me nothing he was about to say could be good.

" So, is it the flu doc or something else ?" Charlie asked.

" Well, mister Swan I'm not sure how to tell you this. Bella has a rare form of leukemia. It is immune to most stages of treatment and highly lethal. I'm so sorry the only thing that can save her now is a bone marrow transplant. " Carlisle said with sadness locking in his voice.

" What's the mortality rate, how long does she have is a donor match cannot be found ?" Alice questioned.

" The mortality rate for this type of cancer is very low only a handful of people survive the disease. Most with long term effects unless a match can be found. " Carlisle answered.

Charlie and I exchanged looks both of us thinking the same thing. " She's gonna live. " We stated in unison.

" Well, for her sake I hope you and my daughter are both right. " Carlisle replied with a thin smile lining his face. " If you want to see her she's been admitted she'll be here until we can get her fever down and start a radiation regimen. She's in room four hundred and six on the fourth floor. I must be getting back to work now, Alice I'll see you at home dear. "

" By dad, come on Charlie let's go see our girl. " Alice stated with renewed confidence albeit some of it was forced as chief Swan's was as well.

We reached the fourth floor and the circulation desk nurse showed us to Bella's room. Before we could go in she gave Charlie and me a mask to cut down on the germs flying through the air. Mine wasn't really necessary but I wore it anyway.

I looked down at my beautiful Bella she was resting. Sweat had built up on her forehead from the fever. Her bangs were wet from it, I parted them slightly with two fingers. Charlie scooped up her right hand. Which didn't have an I.V. in it and proceeded to kiss it through the mask.

" I think we should let her sleep don't you ?" I asked.

" Yes, I'm sure that would be best, she needs her fighting strength. I'm gonna go start calling' family members and some of the people down at the rez. " He whispered back to me as we both left the room.

Later on that evening at the Cullen residents.

There was an open debate going on between my family members.

" All I'm saying is that she's probably in all statistical reality not going to survive, Rosalie ! " I yelled at my sister.

" And all I'm saying Alice is wait until she regains consciousness and let her decide, I never got to choose none of us did give her the chance to make that decision. " Rose yelled back at me and flew up the stairs.

" Alright , we could argue like this all night and be no closer to helping Bella, " Carlisle interrupted. " I think it best we just put it to a vote majority wins. "

" All those in favor of turning Bella should her outcome turn for the worst, raise your hands. "

Edward raised his hand. Then Emmett , Jasper,Carlisle, Esme and myself.

" All those oppose. "

Rosalie raised her hand from the top of the stairs.

" Right then it's settled should Bella not respond to the treatments become worse or in the event that a suitable donor cannot be found. Alice will turn her and Bella will become a full fledged Cullen. " Carlisle finished.

Meanwhile at The Swan residents. Charlie was busy on the phone to family members. He had called Renee and she was flying out on the red eye. When first told her she had fainted and and Charlie thought she'd hung up on him. Luckily he didn't hang up and Renee did not have any concussion.

As soon as he got off of the phone with family. he quickly called the Blacks and the Clear waters. They immediately said they would get their blood tested. Along with several other tribe members. Jacob volunteered to drive up there tonight and give his blood for testing. Everyone else however would be waiting until the morning.

They had all told him if he needed anything just to call. Once he was done talking to everyone. Charlie 'Chief' Swan set at the kitchen table with his beer and cried. He vowed that night before himself and God only that if Bella pulled through this. He would be a more attentive, worrisome parent like Renee was. He would no longer go off on fishing trips every weekend. Instead he would spend family time with his only daughter.

Only problem was he wasn't sure how to do that. He hadn't ever tried before.

The next morning there was a line clear out the door at the local clinic where the blood typing was to be held. Charlie noticed the total absence of Alice, Bella's girlfriend. He grimaced why wasn't she here ?

At the hospital Alice sat in the square tan chair that happened to look three times her size. There was room for a whole other person next to her in the thing. Bella stirred and blinked her heavy lids open.

" Bella , Bella honey how are you feeling ?" Alice asked with anticipation, she had , had no visions of Bella living or dying since the girl had become ill. She guessed the outcome was still too fuzzy either way. She took hold of the mouse haired girls free hand and pressed it ever so slightly to her lips.

" Um, tired oddly and every bone in my body hurts, except for the one you just kissed. " Bella grinned weakly.

" Well, honey that's because uh, I can't tell you without Charlie here. I told him I wouldn't say anything before we left here yesterday. "

Bella frowned. " Wait, why am I in the hospital, Ali ?"

" Bella, you were running a pretty high fever they had to give you medicine through an I.V. to bring it down. " Alice breathed deeply an unnecessary reflex. She was doing it to avoid crying.

" How high, I never run fevers. "

" A hundred and four, Carlisle said it hit one o'five before it started going down. " Alice replied.

" So what do I have botulism ? The flu that been going around, I knew that sandwich tasted funny yesterday. " Bella inquired trying to joke.

" No, " Alice smile and chuckled in a small tone. " It's very serious it's an allergic reaction to shopping. Apparently if I take you to the mall again, you could have some kind of anaphalactic shock. " The pixie haired girl tried to tease bending down and giving her girl a kiss.

" Seriously Alice what's going on you're not usually this avoid-y ?" The stubborn mortal pressed on.

" There you are , I wondered why you weren't down at the clinic getting blood typed. But I see you were having uh..um..'girl time' . " Charlie coughed awkwardly a smile in his eyes.

" Dad, Alice can't give blood, because she's got that sun allergy it's in the blood. " Bella corrected her father.

" Oh, right sorry Alice I forgot. " He apologized looking embarrassed.

" It's cool ch-Charlie. " Alice accepted almost calling him chief again.

" Charlie why won't Alice tell me what's going on, why am I in the hospital other than the fever ?" Bella interrogated her father.

" Well, Bells it's like this doctor Cullen ran some tests on you. While you were in the emergency room yesterday and he told me that...you have a rare form of..." Charlie trailed. His tears nearly getting the better of him. He pulled up the other visitors chair and sat down opposite Alice's chosen side of the bed. " A rare form of leukemia and the only thing..that can save you completely is a bone marrow transplant..." Before Charlie could finish Carlisle walked into the room baring a smile and a chart in his hand.

" Which we seem to have, Bella you're one lucky girl. This could've killed you but now with a little radiation stop your immune system from overreacting to the bone marrow. I won't lie it won't feel good and life won't be back to normal for a while but you now have an eighty-eight percent survival rate compared to only thirty percent last night. " Carlisle explained.

" So I have cancer," Bella stated to confirm everyone nodded. " I could still die, " Everyone exchanged glances then nodded once more. " Well why not I'm finally happy it's fate or karma or something. I haven't even alive long enough to harm anything. So I'm getting radiation treatments ?"

" Yes, it's not that bad anymore either all we do is hook it up to your I.V. and it drips into your system. You can't be around animals, or small children or people who want to have children for extended periods of time. It will cause them to become sterile. " Carlisle explained further.

" You have a marrow donor already, " Carlisle nodded. " Who ?"

The doctor checked his chart, " A Jacob Black was the one who was an exact match. You have an extremely rare blood type Bella. You're very lucky in a town this small that there was anyone around with the same type. I have some other patients to attend to I'll return later on to explain things further to you. " Carlisle excused himself from the scene that was about to take place. He'd told other people they were sick before this was different however. He must return later to explain to Bella she was about to receive werewolf marrow...

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