Hearts Of Fire And Ice

Chapter 9 It's In The Blood

Bella's P.O.V.

Alice stayed with me the whole day which must've been hard for her. Because she seemed kind of distant and distracted at times. I felt very tired so I would drift in and out of consciousness. Emmet came to visit me...yeah that was interesting. I got the feeling he could smell the blood and the sickness running through mine. He kept wrinkling his nose up when he thought I wasn't looking at him.

However he had heard from Alice and Carlisle. That I would be having an extended stay. In this 'deathtrap' well that's what he called it. That's Emmet ever the cheerful one. He went out and bought me an XBOX 360 and like ten games so I wouldn't go out of my mind. He also brought me my laptop at my request. Jasper couldn't come in because of all the blood that was around the hospital. But he sent me a wrapped present which turned out to be a journal. Emmett told me it was so I could write down all my feelings.

Mom came to see me she'd been coming in and out of my room all day as well, Charlie was of course not far behind. Renee said she would be staying for as long as I would need her and until after the transplant of bone marrow.

When Renee saw all the gifts Emmett had brought from the Cullen's I thought she was going to faint. She didn't seem as though she was having a problem with Alice being my girlfriend. She must've had time to read that e-mail I sent out. Before I got sick.

After visiting hours were over and everyone but Alice had gone home. I convinced Renee to go ahead to the house and get some rest. With the promise that Alice would call should anything go awry. Like if I slipped and fell on the way to the bathroom or if I started to get sick from the chemo. Although doctor Cullen assured her I would not start feeling the major effects until the next week's treatment. Which meant I had vomiting, aches, chills and a whole slew of new problems to bring me pain.

When Carlisle began explaining it all as the nurse hooked me up to the special drip. Alice gripped my hand tighter. I knew even for a vampire she was scared. So I did my best to keep a strong resolve in the way I acted around her.

Which wan't easy as weak and tired as I felt. According to doctor Cullen that would only worsen as the treatments wore on. Six months of the damn things, I don't get the whole point of killing off someones immune system. Just so they can introduce a new one, well a new chance for the old one. But I guess that's how things are done considering I've never had cancer before I was unsure of the exact time the shock would wear off. And the reality would sink in.

Jacob Black was my blood in shining armor, we had always been best buds. But now we would be as he put it when he came in to visit me today. Blood brother and sister. "You're gonna be half Quileute Loca." He had stated with a grin a mile wide. He was getting muscular wow he was like..buff and he was only sixteen a month ago. How'd that happen ? I shrugged he was probably just filling out. His hair was still long, his eyes still brown and his attitude still full of warmth. I would be happy to be half Quil-u.

Now it was evening time everyone was gone. except for Alice who was laying next to me her head on my shoulder. Her cool body nestled next to my warm one. It felt pretty good since unlike other hospitals this one was warm a lot.

" So, Carlisle said he'd be back in while to tell me something that was ' in the family' what's the big secret ?" I asked.

Alice kind of laughed when weakly held up my fingers in quotation marks. " Well, I'm not exactly sure, I do know it has something to do with Jake. " She replied kissing my neck then my cheek and stroking my arm with her cold fingers. I moaned at the feel of her touch, her body next to mine it was a lot to take in. Especially as achy as I was from the fever of the previous day.

It always surprised me how someone as strong as Alice could touch me so gently. That it actually felt good even though I was feeling like this. I turned my head towards my pale girl and kissed her sweetly. Of course it soon turned passionate as it always did, plus I'm a sucker for romantic gesture. So when she'd climbed into bed with me and shown me her tenderness and compassion for me. Even though I was mortally ill, i couldn't resist showing her some love right back.

Alice broke our kiss. " Carlisle's coming he'll be here in about five minutes give or take."

" I think I'd take away on that one Alice dear. " A wise male voice replied with a smile. It was Carlisle.

" Carlisle , finally I've been here..waiting like all day." Bella blurted out. " So what's this news about Jake and his bone marrow..wow those are three words I never thought I'd say together. " She thought out loud.

" Bella , I'm not sure how to tell you this.." Carlisle prepared himself.

" Well when you don't know how to say something a certain way, you just say it any way you know how. " Bella replied tiredly.

" The blood is totally fine, but there's something in it..the Quileutes did they ever tell you any stories, Bella ?" Carlisle inquired thinking it would be easier if she at least met him halfway. In the figuring out department.

" Jake told me one just a couple days ago it was about you guys, I think he called it 'the cold ones' or something like that , his tribe was descended of wolves. It was completely out of the realm of possibility, I mean no one can just change from a man to a wolf. " the sick girl commented.

Bella watched the expressions on Alice's and Carlisle's faces change. " So they were descended of wolves ?"

Carlisle nodded. " Yes, it is true and Jacob Black is a direct descendant of one of the werewolves. "

" Okay , so recap..Jake's story was true, he's direct descendant of werewolves. And I'm getting his blood in a few months. So does that mean that I'm go-gonna be a..Alice turn me , turn me right now I mean it. I'd rather die to become someone like you than live to be your mortal enemy. "

" Calm down Bella, " Carlisle responded. " There is no way of knowing whether you will have a direct change or just more tuned up senses. For instance your eyesight may become clearer, or your sense of smell. We'll just have to wait and see, no one in our family turns a human without reason. You have another option and we're looking into it first. However by the time you receive his blood my family and I will have been here long enough to have caused him to change if at all."

" It's a wait and see game Bella, I will be sure and keep you posted. But your with our best update service dating Alice here. " Carlisle explained with a smile. " I will leave you both, Alice let the girl get some rest, she goes home in a few more days. You will only be readmitted should your temperature spike once more or for treatments. "

" You mean I don't have to be here for six months, woo-hoo party !" Bella exclaimed with a tired smile. " Later Carlisle. "

" Goodnight , Bella. " With those parting words Carlisle left the room.

One Week Later...

" I just don't understand why it is if I feel well enough to walk. I have to be confined to this wheeled prison. " Bella complained as Charlie , Renee and Alice exchanged amused looks. Charlie rounded the corner out the hospital doors with the other two women right behind him.

" Well, it's hospital policy Bells, plus you know you are kinda accident prone, and we can't very well readmit you for clumsiness. " Charlie teased. He had received his miracle as far as he was concerned. It was his turn to be the better father he'd promised the man upstairs he would be. Charlie found he was actually enjoying life more after realizing it wasn't all work and fishing. Renee was learning to be a slightly more alert mother when it came to her daughter's feelings and needs.

" Fine, but just so you all know I'm not happy about this arrangement. After the transplant I'm walking outta this place, doctors orders or no doctors orders. " Bella protested confidently.

" Well maybe Charlie and I will just carry you out against your will, right Charlie ?" Alice said in her normally perky tone smiling wide.

" Um..yeah right but ya' might wanna eat some Wheaties first there Alice. " Charlie replied with a chuckle. To him Alice was just a normal petite teenager. He had no idea she could juggle all three of them with her thumbs.

Bella let out a laugh for that exact reason.

They got home and got Bella settled in her room. she wouldn't be able to attend school most of the time. So she would be homeschooling between Emmett, Jasper (over the phone only), Alice of course and Edward. They all had certain subjects that after hundreds of years of studying them. The Cullen kids held their expertise in one or two areas of study. This of course came with the permission of the school. only because the Cullen's tested out so high in their placement exams.

The Cullen teens , Charlie and Renee had combined their schedules so that Bella wouldn't have a moment alone in the house. They didn't need her falling or becoming ill without help there. Luckily Charlie's insurance was paying for most everything all the remainder was paid by Renee and Phil who was currently on a nationwide ball tour after getting an offer from a local Jacksonville team, he put a hiatus on his coaching to tour.

Charlie got called into the station to investigate a murder in Port Angeles. A gang shootout or something. Bella didn't even know there were gangs around here. It was news to her. It was also quite convenient because that left her and Alice alone for a few hours. Since Renee went out to the pharmacy for Bella's list of prescriptions and some decent food.

Bella was still on her hype from being dismissed from the hospital. Her arms were bruised from blood being taken and the I.V's that had been there. Alice had to leave the room when Carlisle had removed them she thought she would lose her composure. Seeing Bella's bruises for the first time plus the scent of her blood leaving body. Was too much for the littlest vampire.

The mouse haired human was sitting in the comfy chair by her window with a blanket draped over her lap. She looked over at her girlfriend who had seated herself on the window ledge questioningly. " Hey, we're all alone Alice. "

" Yes we are Bella and your point ?" Alice asked trying to hide her grin.

" My point is why the hell are you so far over there?Get in the lap come on.." Bella teased patting at her blanketed legs like she was inviting a dog to jump on her.

"Alright, but you'll be sorry..once I get comfy I'm not going to be east to move. Even if you have to get up. I shall not be moved. " The pixie haired vampire joked.

" Even if I have to pee..?" Bella shot back cleverly.

" Well, okay then I would be moved. " Alice re-stated.

" I thought so," Bella replied. " So now that you're closer why are we wasting my breath by talking. We could be kissing ri-'"

Alice saw her human's point and claimed her mouth with new zeal. The vampire and her family for that matter were just happy she had been well enough to go home. No relapse of fever or anything to even suggest she was sick. Except the soreness in her bones, the cough she had developed and of course the endless tiredness.

She had, had two chemo treatments one the day they found the donor. Then one yesterday before she was dismissed. They wanted to make sure she had it before the day she was to go home. That way if she had any side effects they would have a chance to atleast partially subside. Since she wasn't receiving direct radiation treatments there was a good chance she'd keep her hair. Which Alice was currently running her cool hands through making her girl moan.

Bella ran her hands around the smaller girls back and began rubbing her hands down and up then back around to her ribs. She then did the same thing only with her warm hands under Alice's white cashmere sweater.

Alice's hands went from massaging Bella's scalp down to the top of her chest. She broke the kiss and headed down to the girls neck licking and nipping at her tender flesh. She could hear the mortals blood pumping faster and faster through her veins. The speed of her pulse was driving the pixie crazy.

It took so little to turn her human on like this. It engulfed a fire inside her to make her keep going. She unbuttoned the first half of Bella's old red and grey plaid shirt. Kissing the top of her chest and stroking her collar bones gently.

Even though Alice was technically the core temperature of a refrigerator. Being this close ignited a spark of fire inside both of them.

They were getting so hot and heavy they never even heard the front door open. Then a presence heading up the stairs. ...

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