High School Love


Destiny has its way. What’s written in it is bound to happen, no matter how hard we try to change it. How destiny brings together two people during their high school journey? Get into the world of High School Love to know.

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Destiny has its way. What’s written in it is bound to happen, no matter how hard we try to change it.

The same thing occurred in their lives too. They both had different lives, even though they lived in the same city. But not even once their paths crossed until fate decided to intervene.

If you ask me how it all started? The answer is very simple.

This all took place when they were still in high school. People even said they both were poles apart. If one was north, the other one was south. But opposite poles attract, right?

They crossed paths when they both were teenagers; an age where a person is sensitive and is still in the growing phase- a phase when one is still trying to figure out the outside world; the world, that’s crueler than the world they live in, in during their teen years. It’s an age when a person hardly understands the meaning of love.

They were in High school to be precise- A phase where many people look for their one true love. It’s a place where many hearts break, and many hearts unite.

It’s a small world in which we live our lives freely. But in that free world, we search for freedom. Ironic, isn’t it? Most of us don’t even think about the consequences we would have to face in our future.

However, some are worried about their future and their lives. Even some take a moment and think about how destiny has written their lives’ book.

They were amongst the lot that strongly believed in the working of fate, which changed everything for them.



Hey guys! My first ever book on Inkitt.

Do give some love to it. <3

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