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High School Love

Chapter- 1

“Elfi! Wait for me!”

Lily, her best friend shouted while she was entering the school gates.

Elfi looked behind and saw Lily, one of her best friends, making her way through the hordes of students. A bright smile crept on her face when she saw her struggling with the crowd.

Lily came from a wealthy background; her parents owned the biggest shopping mall in the city.

Elfi, on the other hand, was not so rich. She was a scholar. Her parents did not own any malls or companies like the students in the school.

But never even once Lily showed off being rich. Students barely knew who exactly she was. Only people close to her knew the real Lily.

She didn’t want anyone to know about her family or even about herself. Since this school was for kids whose parents were of high standards, people barely paid any attention to their surroundings.

Elfi was glad to have friends like Lily in her life along with eight others.

“Hey!” Lily huffed when she was successful in getting through the crowd.

“What’s up, beauty queen?” Elfi grinned at her while Lily stood there frowning.

“How many times have I told you not to call me that?” Lily pouted adorably while Elfi was awed at her cuteness.

“But all I say is the truth. I don’t care whether you like it or not.” She teased.

“Yeah, yeah. You and your truth. But, I missed you so much,” Lily hugged her after rolling her eyes at Elfi’s comment.

“We met yesterday night, Lily.” Elfi chuckled while hugging her back. “How can you miss me when you are just four houses away? We meet each day and spent every night together.”

Elfi couldn’t understand Lily sometimes. One moment, she was all childish; the other, she looked ready to dominate the whole world.

“I just do. Now, stop with your never-ending questions, and let’s go.” Lily dragged Elfi inside making her way through the gathering crowd.

When they both reached their lockers, they met with Sam.

“Hey, Sam!” Elfi and Lily both greeted another friend from their group in unison with huge smiles on their faces.

“Hey, my sweet girls!” Sam mirrored their expression as soon as she saw them coming. They did a short group hug and went to their respective lockers.

Sam was smart and fluffy.

Her parents owned the most expensive restaurant. It was several decades old and gained more popularity with each passing day.

She was a sensitive girl. But she too had a dual personality just like Lily. Whenever Sam got angry, she spits out fire.

But Lily was the worst of the lot. She was the scariest when she got angry. She never uttered a word in her anger. Her stare was enough for a person to pee in his/her pants. They were that deadly.

They all knew one another for nine years. In those nine years, they got so close that now they were inseparable.

“I hope our third year of high school goes by without any hassle,” Sam spoke. Her face was inside her locker searching through her books.

“Yeah, I hope so too.” Elfi agreed. She was trying to put the extra books in her locker while putting the necessary ones in her small bag.

“Let’s get going. If we get late on our first day, our homeroom teacher won’t spare a second before punishing us.” Lily spoke after she shut her locker, and looked at them with impatience. The other two laughed at her rush.

“I hear she is very strict,” Sam remarked while still searching for something.

“Who cares when we have dodged the strictest teacher of all years?” Lily giggled at her statement. Sam and Elfi looked at her with narrowed eyes.

“We? More like you Lily.” Sam shook her head at Lily’s careless and fearless attitude.

“Yeah, right,” Lily spoke sarcastically.

After they had gotten all the necessary types of equipment and tools from their respective lockers, they headed for their classroom. When they entered the class, they were glad they weren’t late on their first day.

Students were shouting and running here and there.

Elfi sat occupying one of the seats in the front row. Lily took the seat beside her, Sam sat across them.

Soon their homeroom teacher entered the class.

She was young and beautiful. But as beautiful as she was, every student knew how strict she could get when it came to studies.

“Take your seat students.” She instructed in a firm tone. After everybody was seated and silence followed suit, she started with the attendance.

“Here starts our first-ever lesson of the third year,” Lily whispered beside Elfi.

“Best of luck to us for the coming year, and for tolerating boring classes,” Elfi remarked, and with that, their first lesson started.

With the new session starting, fate too started playing its role. But who knew what was about to happen later? And what change was it going to bring in Elfi’s life?



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