The Guardians of Narnia: Daughter of Peace

Chapter 12 - Executing The Plans

“Dris can you come help me with this?” Caspian asked. He was across the room attempting to tie the arm brace to his right forearm. Trying and failing.

“You are hopeless.” She chuckles, making quick work of the ties that had been causing him trouble.

“You do it faster than I can. We'd be here until next year if I had to do it myself.” Caspian tells her as she continued to fasten his armor to their respective places on his torso.

“Very true.” She chuckles before going over to the chest that she had been able to locate. She opened it and inside was her armor and weapons. On the top was the white chainmail dress that she quickly slipped on. Next came the golden over dress that shone brightly in the torch light. Below was the rest of her armor; the parts she required help with. “I'm going to need your help as well. It has been a while since I last did it myself.” She informed him. He just shook his head in amusement. It didn’t take long and soon she had the tan leather corset and braces in place. Caspian took a step back as she finished strapping her weapons on her back. Her hair was in a long braid down her back and he had to think that he had never seen anyone more beautiful than her in that moment. “Thank you.” He nodded before approaching her to tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear. She froze at his touch, surprised. She looked up at him and saw the look in his eyes and was shocked to find that they were shining with fondness. Despite what they were about to walk into he looked happy.

“Stay safe today.” He tells her cupping her cheek. She leans into his touch, taking in the warm sensation on her skin. She reached up and gripped his wrist, not wanting him to drop his hand.

“You as well. I have a surprise for you later.” She tells him, a mischievous look in her eyes.

“I’ll be waiting.” He whispers to her. They were standing at a very close proximity and she couldn’t help but notice how they were both leaning in. She looked down at his lips and realized she wanted nothing more than to kiss him. But the moment was ruined by none other than Peter.

“Miraz accepted the challenge.” He looked like he wanted to say more but he saw them standing close and the words caught in his throat. They quickly stepped apart but their movements were proved a mistake as she nearly stepped into the chest her armor had been in. She stumbled as her foot caught on the side of it and she nearly collapsed over it but Caspian caught her wrist and pulled her to him before right herself.

“You need to head out Dris.” Peter said sternly before walking away. She let out a heavy sigh before making her way to the doorway.

“Come on Caspian.” She gestured for him to follow her and he did just that in a half dazed state.

Lucy and Susan were already waiting when Dris and Caspian arrived. Destrier had already been saddled up as well as the other stallion. She gave Caspian’s hand a squeeze and swung up into the saddle on top of Destrier.

“Destrier has always served me well. You are in good hands.” Caspian told Lucy as he handed Dris the reins.

“Or hooves.” Lucy joked hoping to lighten the mood. Drisana chuckled as she took the reins. As she did, she grabbed Caspians hand and gave it a reassuring

“Good luck.” Caspian said to her, returning the gesture.

“Thanks.” She replied at the same time as Susan. She looked over at the Queen to see that she was smirking with a slight blush on her face. She too blushed realizing that Susan was smirking at the fact that they had been holding hands. He released her hand and walked over to Susan, pulling the horn from his belt.

“Look. Maybe it is time I gave this back.” Caspian said, handing the horn up to her. Susan shook her head and held the reins in both hands.

“Keep it. You may need to call us again.” She replied before giving her steed a firm kicked to the ribs. Both horses took off into the tunnel, leaving Caspian standing there. Drisana twisted around in the saddle and looked back at the Prince. He looked worried. She turned back around once he had disappeared from sight and it wasn’t long before they were out of the stone structure and racing into the forest.

“They’ve seen us!” Lucy yelled from in front of her. She kicked Destrier in the ribs and they settled into a gallop. When the first arrow went flying past her face she chose to let Lucy go on without her and Susan. They wouldn’t make it if they didn't fight the soldiers and let Lucy go ahead.

“Take the reins.” She ordered Lucy as she pulled the mare to a stop.

“What are you doing?” Lucy exclaimed as Dris swung herself out of the saddle.

“Sorry Lu, but you'll have to go alone. Susan and I will hold them off.” Drisana told the youngest Queen. The girls nodded at each other before Dris slapped the mare’s rear and they watched as both mare and Queen dashed off into the forest.

Dris turned to Susan who had stayed on her horse. She knew that the two of them could probably take on the six or seven soldiers that were racing towards them but she wanted to be sure. Taking a leap of faith she called out to Caspian with her mind, hoping that he would hear her. ‘Caspian! We need you!’ She screamed it in her head as the Telmarines closed in on them. She pulled her twin blades from her back and stood there waiting. Susan took out four of the six with her arrows before the remaining two soldiers got too close for her to use her bow. One soldier went for Susan while the other came at her. She tried to avoid the horse as best she could but the steed still ran into her, knocking her on her backside where her head impacted with a log. She laid there stunned as the Telmarine came to finish her off. Her vision was blurry and doubled but she could make out a man who had appeared from no where and was fighting her attacker. When her vision finally cleared she realized that Caspian had heard her call in time. He was looking down at her with a satisfied grin on his face. He had just saved her life just as she had done many times before.

“Sure you girls don't need that horn?” Caspian asked, reaching down to help her up

“Don't mock.” She chastised. She quickly snaked her arms around his waist as they took off back towards the How.

As they came back out of the forest, she saw Peter and Miraz standing in the duel area, talking. As they approached she watched as Peter walked towards Edmund. Susan was the first off her steed and she heard as Peter asked about Lucy. Caspian dismounted, careful not to hit her before turning around and helping her down. His hands lingered on her hips for a moment once she was off.

“Thank you Caspian” Peter said, interrupting yet another close moment. Caspian stepped away from her and pulled his riding gloves off.

“Well you were busy.” Caspian remarked.

“You better get up there. Just in case. I don’t expect the Telmarines to keep their word.” Peter told Susan who nodded and ran into the How.

“Keep smiling.” Edmund commented, gesturing to the Narnians who were looking worried. Peter smiled and raised his sword to them. They cheered loudly. After they finished cheering Peter went to move his opposite shoulder but hissed at the slight movement.

“Here, let me.” She gestured to the chair, having him sit so she could take care of his minor injury.

“I think it’s dislocated.” He grunted her as she removed the shield and shoulder plate. She put her hands on his shoulder and prepared to put it back in place. “What do you thinking happens back home if you die here?” he asked. As he said the last word she expertly popped his shoulder back in place with a loud crunch. He cried out in pain. Edmund smirked at her knowing she had slightly enjoyed doing that. He had been a complete ass to her since they returned and that had been her revenge. Though she wasn’t a terrible person and she massaged the tender area to get the blood flowing again. “Do you think things would have ever worked out between us?” he asked her.

“Let’ not talk about this right now, Pete. Right now I’m focused on the battle." she told him a little harshly. She took a deep breath before speaking again. "You’re doing well. Just remember what I taught you. You wounded him, so use it against him.” She told him, placing the shoulder plate back where it belonged. He stood up, refusing both his shield and helmet.

“Good luck.” She told him before taking her spot next to Caspian. No words were exchanged between the two men, as the battle commenced once again. she watched hopelessly as Miraz managed to disarm Peter. However he was quick to grab the older man’s shield, twisting underneath it and pinning the arm attached behind his back. She had shown him that trick all those years ago when he had first been in Narnia. In response, Miraz elbowed him in the face, causing Peter reel back from the shock and pain. Quick to react, Peter went for his sword, rolling for it. However he got stuck on the ground as Miraz attacked him in his vulnerability. Peter fliped himself up off the ground. Both men stood waiting for the other to attack. Miraz goes at Peter and they clash swords for a minute before Peter gets disarmed once again. Using the metal arm guards he blocks the blows Miraz keeps coming. Finally Pete uses the last move she ever taught him and stabs Miraz with his own blade. Miraz gasps from the shock and pain. The man falls to his knees and Peter drops the sword to his side.

“Now is not the time for chivalry Peter!” Edmund calls. Peter ignored him and turned, holding the sword out to Caspian. She grabs his upper arm and gives it a squeeze before he walks forward to retrieve the sword. Once it was in hand Peter limped back to stand beside her. She noticed him looking at her from the corner of her eye but she kept her eyes focused on Caspian as he raised the sword above his head.

“Perhaps I was wrong; maybe you do have the makings of a Telmarine King after all.” She heard Miraz say to his nephew before bowing his head in defeat. For a moment she though Caspian was going to kill his uncle. But the emotional scream that tore from the Prince's throat proved otherwise. For as much as she knew he wanted to kill his uncle for all the pain and suffering he had cause, she knew that his uncle wasn’t worth it. She watched as Caspian spoke to his uncle in a low tone before leaving him kneeling there on his own with his head bowed. Caspian walked back towards her and she pulled him into a hug.

“I am proud of you.” She whispered in his ear. As they pulled away she heard Lord Sopespian yell.

“Treachery! They shoot him! They murdered our King!”

‘Guess I won’t be seeing you dearest sister.’ Kasmira sneered in her head and Drisana couldn’t help but smirk.

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