The Guardians of Narnia: Daughter of Peace

Chapter 13 - Battle At The How

Drisana and Caspian had retreated to the tunnels below the How where the Narnians were waiting for the order to charge. She looked at Caspian and smiled. They were both counting. Caspian was up on his steed so she reached up and took his hand in hers.

“Time to go.” She told him. With one last squeeze to his hand she changes form as he gave the order. Once in her lioness form she let out a loud roar. They charged forward into the tunnels. After counting to ten the Narnians collapsed the columns holding up the ground above their heads. At the end of the tunnels the trap doors were released, creating ramps for them to get above ground and they flanked the soldiers racing towards the How.

She fought hard with her claws and teeth. She had no mercy for the bastards that had destroyed her home and ruined her life for over 50 years. The taste of the blood made her sick but it was a price she had was willing to pay to fight for her people. Her fur was covered in sweat, dirt and blood and anyone who didn’t know it was her would think that she was just a crazed animal. She stayed close to Caspian not wanting to lose sight of him.

When she heard the Telmarine horn she turned and saw the remainder of the Telmarine army marching toward them. Most of the Narnians retreated to the front of the How where she saw Peter and Edmund hadn’t even started to fight yet. As they got to the How the entrance was collapsed by the enemies’ catapults. The remaining Narnian army turned to face the enemy once again. Each of the royals looked at the other, all nodding at each other signifying they were ready to start fighting again. Peter put his sword in the air and let out a battle cry that was quickly backed by the rest of the Narnians. AS the battle continued she found that it was much harder to keep track of Caspian. With all the extra soldiers she couldn’t see him in the crowd as easily. His armor had been from the Telmarine armory so he blended in with the rest of the army. Soon she spotted him at the edge of the pit they had created, and she quickly began making her way over to him. There was a man before her and she knew him. It was the young man that had helped Mina retrieve the load of laundry that she had dropped when all of this began. She didn’t want to kill him, knowing he had a kind heart. In fact as she watched him fight she noticed that he wasn’t killing, he was simply knocking The Narnians out. She reached out with her mind.

‘You have a kind hear, young man and there is someone back home who fancies you. You have proven your worth to the guardians, move to the edge of the battlefield and wait for a guardian to find you when this is over.’ She watched as the man slowly moved to the edge of the battle, knocking out both Narnians and Telmarines. She smiled a little at the man before focusing on helping Caspian once again. He was still where she had last seen him. Now there was a clear path to get to him. She stalked forward, sneaking up behind a soldier who was about to attack the Prince. She got close enough and let out a low growl roll from her throat. The man pivoted around to see her standing there. She was bigger than the average lioness and his eyes widened at the sight of her. She smirked seeing that he was frozen in place. All she had to do was bat him out of the way with her front right paw. Her head followed the soldiers body as he flew a good two or three feet to her left. Caspian stood in front of her, his eyes wide but laughing at what she had just done.

The moment was short lived as she watched a soldier bump into him, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards into the pit. She was quick to jump in after him, landing to his right and stood guard while he got his bearings. Suddenly a rush of magic surged through her and she could faintly hear the roar of another Lion. She mimicked the sound, allowing a loud roar to tear from her throat. Most of the soldiers around her covered their ears and stopped fighting momentarily. This allowed the Narnian to take advantage of their vulnerability.

Caspian finally sat up next to her but his eyes widened at the sight of General Glozelle coming at her with a spear. She growled at him and he paused, looking between her and Caspian. The spear lowered, no longer aimed at her. Without warning a tree root came flying out of the ground and grabbed the general, lifting him off the ground and thrusting upward at the edge of the pit. It released him and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Above them the trees had come to life, taking out the Telmarines and their war machines. She let Caspian use her to support himself as they climbed out of the pit. They met Peter, Edmund and Susan at the top and followed the Telmarines to Beruna where they had built the bridge.

They got to the rocky shore in time to see Lucy and Aslan standing there, at the end of the bridge. Lucy had her dagger out and looked pretty determined, standing next to her father. Aslan roared at the men trying to cross the river. They only stopped momentarily. As they continued to cross the river the water level began to sink suddenly and from up river they could see the swell of water that was coming at them. All the men on the bridge and in the water all turned around to head back to shore as fast as they could. Only Lord Sopespian was left standing on the bridge as the river came rushing up to him and formed into the shape of a human woman. ‘Nerissa.’ Drisana thought with a smile. Nerissa was the Guardian of the Water and thus had the ability to control water.

The figure looked at her and seemed to smirk before looking to Aslan, who gave her a smile and a nod. With the simple gesture of permission Nerissa lifted the bridge from the river bed and held it to where it was level with her eyes before swallowing everything she held and washing away the evil that had been in the river.

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