The Guardians of Narnia: Daughter of Peace

Chapter 14 -The Clean Up and the Journey Home

Once the water had cleared Drisana and the Royals made their way across the river to where Aslan was waiting for them. Dris took her place next to her father, laying beside him and resting her head on her paws. The Kings, Queens and Prince all kneeled down before Aslan.

“Rise, Kings and Queens of Narnia.” Aslan said to them. The Pevensie siblings all stood but Caspian stayed down on his one knee, his head bowed. “All of you.”

“I do not think I am ready.” Caspian replied, not even looking up.

“It is for that very reason I know you are.” Aslan said. Caspian hesitantly stood from his spot and looked up at the siblings who were all smiling at him. She closed her eyes and dozed off for a little while. The next thing she knew she was being nudged awake. The others had gone and only she remained with Aslan by the river. She stood up at stretched before shifting into her human for. Her body ached all over and the golden armor she was wearing was covered in blood and dirt. In the blink of an eye though she was clean and back to the state she had been in before she had started fighting. She looked over at the lion who was staring at her already.

“You didn’t have to do that.” She comments. Aslan simply ignored what she aid and skipped to a different topic.

“Did you solve things with Peter?” he asked. She cringed, hating that topic. She didn’t answer right away and reached out to the soldiers mind. She found him easily and told him where he could find her.

“Sort of. There is one more thing I must do.” She replied as she walked beside him on the river bank.

“You could have broken your curse.” He told her, but she shook her head. She didn’t love him like that. She thought she had once but after he left the feelings vanished. She discovered that she had fallen in love with the idea of being in love.

“And watch him leave again? No, that would be a curse within itself. I’ll find my Prince charming someday.” She explained a small smile on her face and she couldn’t help but think of Caspian.

“Perhaps you already have.” He told her, a knowing smile on his face. She tried her best to ignore the comment and changed the topic again.

“Am I to leave with you this time?” she asked. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the soldier in the trees. She acknowledged that he was there and gestured for him to wait.

“For a while yes. Caspian must learn how to rule without you by his side. After a year or two you will be allowed to return.” He told her. Her shoulders dropped in disappointment. She didn’t want to leave, not one bit. She hated the thought of leaving her people and Caspian. “All of the guardians will be retreating for a while. To observe and learn the new ways of the kingdom.”

“Caspian will be a good King. I have faith that he will bring peace back to the world.” She tells him fondly, thinking about the way she had raised him.

“There is a man waiting for you. I will leave you to talk with your friend, Antaeus will send you a horse to ride back.” He informs her. She nods in thank and watches him leave. She sits down on the river bank and waits for the lion’s presence to vanish. Once she knew he was gone she called out to the man she had spared. She didn’t open her eyes as he approached with hesitant steps. He was tired from the days struggles and cautious of her, not knowing whether to trust her or not.

“My Lady. She could easily tell he had dropped into a bow. She waved her hand at him to sit beside her on the river bank.

“What is your name?” she asked kindly.

“Gareth, my lady.” He replied. She finally opened her eyes to look over at him. He was handsome young man with the traditional olive skin and dark hair of his people. His eyes however were a dark ocean blue.

“Just call me Drisana.” She tells him with a smile.

“Drisana? As in the hand maiden to the Prince?” he asked looking over at her with confusion written all over his face.

“The one only.” She smirked, shifting her form to look like she used to. He gasped in amazement and she chuckled allowing the magic to drop. “You were very merciful on the battlefield today. Why?”

“I couldn’t bring myself to kill the people that the rightful King was fighting to protect. Miraz was a tyrant and cause this upheaval on his own. He forced Caspian to run when his son was born.” He paused, thinking about his words. “I have always believed that Caspian would be a better King than those before him, but I feared the consequences that would go along with my thoughts. Miraz killed a total of six men who thought that what he was doing was wrong.” He replied, looking confident in his thinking but sad that he had waited until now to speak his mind. This is why she had chosen him out of all the other soldiers. She knew long before the battle was won that she was going to have to leave Caspian. When she left she wanted to know she had left behind someone she knew and trusted to protect him. The day she had seen him help Mina, she had made up her mind that he was the one for the job.

“That is the reason I chose you.” She informed him. “The first time I saw you a maid had bumped into you and instead of brushing past her or yelling at her you stooped down and assisted her in retrieving what she had dropped. That act of kindness led me to believe that the Telmarines still had hope for change.”

“What is it that you are asking of me?” He inquired, looking at her.

“I am to leave the day after the coronation. I will return in two years time but I need someone to look after Caspian until I return. As the new King he will have many enemies to face. Can I trust you to protect him?” She asked. He thought for a moment before a smile graced his lips.

“You love him?” he asked, a fond look in his eyes.

“I care a great deal for the Prince but to say that I love him would be an uncertainty. I have never been in love before.” She explained. All she wanted was for him to be safe until she returned.

“Then you can count on me.” He stood and kneeled before her, holding his sword in both hands, for her to take.

“You shall be one of the protectors of the King.” She announced with a chuckle. She had never been good with the formalities of court. As they both stood, a horse came galloping out of the trees. Being as there was only one horse she quickly mounted onto the horses’ bare back and allowed Gareth to mount behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist to keep himself from falling off as they took off towards the castle.

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