The Guardians of Narnia: Daughter of Peace

Sequel Preview

She was running on all fours as fast as she could with the wind whipping past her. Not a day and a half ago Kamara had fallen from the skies looking frightened. She had, had a vision a about a battle that Caspian and the allies were fighting in against the Calormen empire. It had been nearly two and a half years since she had been home and upon hearing Kamara’s vision she had set off to keep it from happening. She feared what would happen if it came to pass. Caspian was in danger and if she didn’t get there in time Narnia’s future would be lost. She ran for miles and miles, non-stop for thirty-six hours and she was tired but she kept pushing through. By the time she began hearing the sounds of the battle the sun had began its descent below the horizon.

At the edge of the battle she paused to survey the damage that had already been done. The Narnians were winning but her issue was locating Caspian. Panic started to rise within her as she kept trying to find him. Her panic disbanded slightly when she saw him at the center of the battle fighting furiously. She took her chance to dart forward into the maze of fighters, not taking her eyes off of her Kings form. She killed anything that got in her way as she got closer. Though she was still a few hundred feet away, she still heard Caspian’s cry of pain, the first sign that Kamara’s vision was true. Her pace quickened, jumping over and pouncing off of men when she had to, leaving them in a state of shock. She was only fifty feet from him when she saw the archer on horseback. He was already aiming at the oblivious King. She lunged forward into a sprint as the archer released the arrow. As she got closer she let out a roar that stopped all the fighting around her. Caspian whipped around to see the arrow coming at him and he froze. She took her last chance to stop the vision from coming true and she leapt in front of her King as a shield from the arrow. It struck her in the side, barely grazing her bottom rib. She cried out and the animalistic roar morphed into a female human scream as she landed on the bodies of the fallen soldiers in her human form. She laid there, her eyes clenched shut from the pain the arrow was causing her. It had been awhile since she had been injured.

Caspian’s angered yell made her open her eyes and watch as her King raced forward and mercilessly kill the archer who had tried to kill him. She shut her eyes once more as the pain sent another wave through her body. The next thing her mind registered was the wind that was caressing her bare skin as she laid there. Even though it hurt to do so she curled herself into a ball, hiding her body from the world.

“Dris?” She heard Caspian scream as he ran to her and fell to his knees beside her. “Fetch me a blanket or a cloak to cover her with!” She heard him order.

“Caspian?” She whimpered, wanting him to hold her, but knowing he couldn’t without exposing her. “Break the arrow.” Again she cried out from pain as he did as she asked

“Help is coming, Dris. Hang in there." He told her as he brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“I’m not going to die. I’m just going to pass out silly.” She jokes.

“Is that supposed to make me worry less?” He asks in bewilderment.

“Yes.” She whispers and laughs a little as the incoming darkness swallowed her.

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