The Guardians of Narnia: Daughter of Peace

Chapter 4 - You're Meant To Save Us

(Drifting in and out of consciousness)

"You see it don't you?" she heard a familiar voice say next to her.

"What?" another male voice asked. Caspian she thought glad to know he was alright.

"You sense something is not quite right about the way she appears, don't you?" That voice was so familiar to her but she couldn't place the name to go with it.

"Yes. I've notice for a few years but never said anything. Do you know why?"

"It is not my place to say but it has everything to do with Magic. There are few who can see through the spell on her." He mind was racing. Who knew her well enough to know this about her? Trufflehunter! He wasn't supposed to tell Caspian this! it wasn't his time to know. "You must mean a great deal to her."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Caspian asked.

"You have had a long night. Get some rest." That was all she heard before her mind took her down again into a dreamless sleep.

'You are a pathetic waste of a Guardian!!!'

Her body jolted into a sitting position. Immediately she regretted her actions. Her head throbbed painfully and she felt as though her last meal was ready to come back up. Groaning she swung her feet off the edge of the bed only to yell and pull them back and they came in contact with something squishy. Looking over the bed she saw Caspian laying there his eyes beginning to open. He blinked a few times before looking up at the ceiling. He shot up quickly just as she had done and she barely had enough time to move out of the way to avoid getting head butted. She noticed how tense he looked; more than usual.

"Caspian?" his head whipped around to look at her and he visa my relaxed.

"Dris, you startled me. How is your head?" his hand came up to brush the bandage around her head. He slid it off glad to see the tiny wound scabbed over.

"Hurts. Nothing I cannot handle though. Where are we?" she asked looking around. It was vaguely familiar but nothing came to mind.

"The home of a badger." he replied. She had bags under her eyes still, like she had been unconscious but not resting.

"Trufflehunter?" she asked curiously. The doubt in his eyes told her he had not heard the Narnians name. She stood up quickly only to stumble. Arms shot up to steady her wobbling frame. She gladly leaned on the support allowing her vision to clear and the room to halt in its spinning. Looking down she gave him a thankful smile.

"Ugh! This bread is so stale!!" She recognized the voice from the night before. He had been the one to hit her. She already did like him.

"Fine. I'll just get them some soup." It wasn't a voice she remembered hearing last night but it was one she knew all too well.

"You said you'd get rid of them." The dwarf growled.

"No, I said I'd take care of them. It'd be like murdering a guest!" Trufflehunter replied.

"And how do you think their friends are treating their guest." she took that moment to show herself.

"Trumpkin knew what he was doing, Nikabrik. Do not blame the boy." she said leaning against the opening to the room she'd slept in. Her sudden appearance startled the poor badger and he jumped backwards dropping the tray of food to the ground.

"Ugh it's you! I'm glad I hit you when I got the chance! I would have killed your friend but..." his glare turned from her to the badger. She laughed at him.

" You know why you can't. He used the horn. No stopping what's coming now." She sat down on the steps putting her still throbbing head in her hands. A presence appeared next to her placing a hand in her back. Rotating her head she caught a glimpse of Caspian's concerned stare.

"Are you alright?" he asked in a low voice. She just nodded continuing to rub her temples.

"Here, the food will help. It’s still hot." a sweet aroma filled her nostrils. Trufflehunter's favorite soup. It may have smelled sweet but it was far from it if the plants used were not ripe. She took it in her hands sighing at the warmth that spread up her arms.

"Since when did we open a boarding house for Telmarine soldiers and maids?" a hard knock echoed through the room. Over the badgers head she could see the dwarf’s knife sticking out of the table.

"I am not a soldier." Caspian said, his accent becoming thick again. The rubbing on her back also ceased. "I am Prince Caspian, the tenth." he made eye contact with the two oblivious Narnians before gazing into hers. He had no idea who or what she was. Guilt washed over her and she looked down at the soup in her hands. She wished she could tell him.

"What are you doing here then? And with her?" she looked up at the dwarf, shocked by his sudden change in tone.

"Running away. I helped him escape." she told him gently.

"My uncle has always wanted my throne." his gaze met her own as he said this, the betrayal written all over his face. "I guess I have only lived this long because he did not have an heir of his own." His brown eyes darkened as he continued to look at her. Reaching over she took one of his hands, giving it a squeeze with the reassuring smile she gave him.

"Oh...well that changes things." Trufflehunter said thoughtfully looking up from cleaning the mess she had caused him to make.

"Yeah. Means we don't have to kill you ourselves."

"Nikabrik!" she shouted, giving him the best angry glare she could muster.

"He is right." Caspian went to get up but she put her hand on his shoulder, keeping him from rising fully. "My Uncle won't stop until I am dead, then he will come after you, Dris." she cringed know he was right. She hated to admit it but death would have already taken her had she stayed behind.

"You can’t leave! You're meant to save us!" Trufflehunter pleads. She nodded in agreement.

"You blew Queen Susan’s horn last night Caspian. Legend says it will call her and her siblings back. They can help you, help them" she says gesturing to the Narnians in the room. "The other Narnians would have heard it as well and they will be looking for our."

"I cannot just stay here!" he said in a slightly panicked voice.

"I know." She says standing up slowly. "I'm going to take you to the Narnians.

"How would you know where they are?"

"I will answer all you questions later as to my knowledge of the Narnians. It will take a lot of explaining that we don’t have time for at the moment." She says to him looking down in as the guilt continued to spread through her body. She hated lying to him. "Do you trust me?" she asked. 'Why should he? You lie to him every day. Why should he trust you sister?'

"With my life." he says his eyes softening and a small smile gracing his lips.

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