The Guardians of Narnia: Daughter of Peace

Chapter 6 - Preparing for the Inevitable

“Drisana!” From across the clearing she saw an old friend of hers walking up to her. Storm was a full grown centaur now. The last time they had seen each other she had been about a third of the size she was now. Dris barely recognized her.

“Storm! Lovely to see you. It's been a long time.” She would have hugged her but considering the height difference it made it quite difficult.

“Too long my friend. We have a place ready for you two.” Storm offered as she turned around to lead them away from the clearing and into the forest a little ways where their camp lay hidden in the deep forest. They didn’t have to go very far until they reached a single tent where Storm opened the flap and let the two of them in. It was cozy with just enough sleeping room for the two of them. She saw the look on Caspians face but ignored it as she thanked Storm and bid her goodnight.

“She said there is a change of clothes in that bag for us.” Dris says coming up next to Caspian and resting a hand on his arm. She gave him a comforting smile before stepping around him. In the bag she found another shirt and pants but a dress as well. Having grown accustom to wearing dresses over the years she grabbed the pants and the dress and proceeded to undo the corset attached to the dress she wore now. “Cas, can you help me with this?” she asks, having difficulty getting the last few unlaced and opened up to the point where she could slip out of it. She felt him hesitate but she obliged and quickly undid the corset before stepping away and turns away from her. She smiled and rolled her eyes. ‘So modest.’ She pulled the dress down to her ankles where she stepped out of it and tossed it away from her for the time being. She was pulling the pants over undergarments when she felt his curious gaze on her once again. She felt the blush making its way to her cheeks but she forced it to stay down. Next she stepped into the dress but cursed when it fell past her ankles a good two feet. Sighing she retrieved her dagger from her boots and began cutting the dress so the skirts only reached to her mid thigh. ‘Much better.’

“Thank you for the help.” She says turning around and seeing his blush after being caught staring at her. He didn’t get to respond as Glenstorm opened the flap to their tent.

“Drisana, may I speak with you for a moment?”

“Yes of course. I'll be right back.” She tells Caspian leaving him momentarily to follow Glenstorm away from the tent.

“It has been a long time.” He told her walking with his hands folded behind his back.

“People keep saying that.” She chuckled, a hint of sadness in it’s tone.

“We thought you were dead, along with the other guardians.” He tells her looking down at her much shorter form.

“I know. That was our goal. To disappear until we were needed again.”

“Does that boy know?”

“Sadly no. I haven't found the right moment to tell him what he deserves to know.” She rubs that back of her neck as they stop in their tracks.

“You trust him?”

“I raised him. He is a good boy whose parents were killed by the same uncle who is trying to kill him now. He doesn't know that though. After they died I took on the duty of taking care of him. Every ten years I would leave for a year and then come back with a new appearance. All these years he hasn't known that it has been the same hand maiden by his side. He will know soon enough though.” She vowed.

“Good. Get some rest I am sure you are as tired as the rest of us.” Glenstorm instructs her and she nods slowly making her way back to the tent where the Prince was surely waiting with many questions to ask her.

……(Back in the Tent)……

Caspian was already laying on his bed roll the blanket he had been provided with covering his legs, but not his bare chest. No matter how many times she had seen it she had to force herself to look him in the eyes.

“How is it that you know so much about the Narnians?” Caspian asks sitting up on his elbows to get a better look at her.

“It is a very long story that I am going to have to save for another time. Trust that this secret I hold if for your safety and that I will tell you, but when the time is right. I don't want to overwhelm you.” She tells him settling down on her bed roll for the night and rolling on her side to face him as he talked to her.

“I understand, and I trust that you will tell me when you are ready. You and the professor are the only two that have not betrayed me.” He sighs, rolling onto his back where his eyes fixated on the ceiling of the tent.

“And I don't plan to.” She tells him leaning over the small space between their mats to kiss his forehead. “Good night Caspian.” She laid back down on her own mat and rolled over to face the other side of the tent so he couldn’t see the blush raging in her cheeks. ‘Where did that come from?’ She yelled at herself, mentally berating herself for showing such emotion.

“Night.” He replies with a heavy sigh before rolling over to face the other side of the tent.

Later that night Drisana lay on her back staring up at the ceiling of the tent, waiting for sleep to embrace her. Her mind kept drifting to other things. She sat up abruptly, throwing the blanket off of her lap. Careful not to trip over anything she exited their sleeping area. Not knowing where to go she allowed her feet to guide her to a clearing where she sat. Then she felt it. A presence nearby; watching her. She stood up and looked around.

“I know that you're here. Show yourself.” She said, barely enough to reach the edge of the forest where she knew someone was standing.

“I guess sneaking up on you is out of the question.” Two voices reached her ears and she smiled. She turned to see two young men walking towards her, sly smirks on their faces. Standing before her were two of her fellow Guardians; Antaeus and his brother Aeolus. Both stood much taller than her. One 5’11” and the other towering over her 5’5” frame at 6’ 1”.

“Hello boys. Been a long time.” She remarked as they both embraced her in a nearly bone crushing hug.

“Not long enough in our opinion.” The Son of the Earth joked ruffling her hair. She swatted at his hands laughing as she did so.

“Very funny. Have you seen or heard from my sister?” She asked becoming serious once more. She needed know. Not knowing what her sister was up to was eating away at her.

“That evil woman? No. She has been awol for some time now.” The Son of the Wind answered, running a hand through his light brown hair. Out of all the guardians these two were the younger ones and her favorite. They had always known how to cheer her up or push the right buttons to piss her off. However they would always apologize in the sweetest way later, just to get back on her good side.

“We think she is planning something.” Antaeus told her.

Yes, I believe she is. I don't know what but it can't be good. It never is.” She says to them pulling her hair out of the braid she had put it in.

“Well she is the discord to your peace.” Aeolus quipped, trying to keep the conversation light. He had never been one to really like conflict and negative situations.

“Let me know if you hear of see anything please.” She asked of them.

“Always.” They both replied at the same time, their voices melding together as they left the clearing and her behind. She stood there by herself for some time thinking of what to do about her sister. She hadn’t been heard from or seen in a long while and that made her nervous. She had never liked the long periods of time in which her sister would disappear and not be heard from. Nothing but negative outcomes ever came from it.

“Drisana, there is something troubling you.” Another voice interrupted her thoughts. She recognized the voice that had made her jump.

“Kamara, you startled me.” She breathed, triying to calm her now racing heart.

“I am sorry.” Kamara whispered, her voice soft and sincere. Kamara was another one of the Guardians that she had grown fond of quite quickly back in the days of their training.

It's fine. Have you seen my sister?” She asked. Kamara was the Daughter of the Moon, at night it was her duty to keep watch over those that were weak. Kamara could see far and wide over the entirety of Narnia, surely she had seen Kasmira.

“Yes. But you know I cannot tell you.” Kamara replied. It was true She wasn’t allowed to reveal that which she had seen. If she were to do so she would be in violation of her vows that she had sworn to Aslan himself.

“I know.” She sighed wishing that Kamara could tell her.

“I will tell you this however. The curse you share is near its end. Hold tight to those you love, she will try to take them away from you. Never falter, it will only make her stronger.” Kamara warned stopping behind her as she spoke. Before walking away and disappearing into the forest.

“Wait? Near it's end!? How?” She yelled out to Kamara hopping that she would turn around and answer her questions. But she knew she wouldn’t. Her questions would remain unanswered forever.

“Farewell. Until we meet again my fellow guardian.” From the edge of the forest she watched as her friend’s bright white aura took over and she returned to her home among the stars.

“Kamara! Wait! Please I must know!” She fell to her knees, frustrated. “How is that possible?” She whispered to herself.

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