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The Christmas Dance: Starring the Harry Potter Next Generation


A cutesy chatroom starring the Harry Potter next generation.

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The Christmas Dance: Starring the Harry Potter Next Generation


Harry and Ginny Potter:

JAMESpotter1 – James Sirius Potter, 16 years old, Gryffindor

AlbSevPot – Albus Severus Potter, 15 years old, Gryffindor

LilPotter<3 – Lily Luna Potter, 13 years old, Gryffindor

Ron and Hermione Weasley:

Rose_is_better_than_you_;) – Rose Weasley, 15 years old, Gryffindor

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong – Hugo Weasley, 13 years old, Gryffindor

Bill and Fleur Weasley:

VicWLup_ily_TedLup – Victoire Weasley Lupin, 21 years old, ex- Ravenclaw

DomWeasley – Dominique Weasley, 16 years old, Gryffindor

RavenWeasley:P – Louis Weasley, 13 years old, Ravenclaw

Percy and Audrey Weasley:

MollyWda2 – Molly Weasley, 15 years old, Gryffindor

LucLovesU – Lucy Weasley, 14 years old, Hufflepuff

George and Angelina Weasley:

Roxy_Weasley – Roxanne Weasley, 14 years old, Gryffindor

LikeUncleLikeMe – Fred Weasley, 11 years old, Gryffindor

Luna and Rolf Scamander:

-LorcanIsHere- - Lorcan Scamander (Lovegood), 11 years old, Ravenclaw

-Lysander- - Lysander Scamander (Lovegood), 11 years old, Ravenclaw

Remus and Nymphadora (Tonks) Lupin:

TedLup_ily_VicWLup – Teddy Lupin, 23 years old, ex- Hufflepuff

Draco and Astoria Malfoy:

ScorpiusM – Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, 15 years old, Slytherin

Original Characters (OC's):

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl – Annie Longbottom, 13 years old, Hufflepuff

ZabiniKid_(-_-) - Sammy Zabini, 15 years old, Slytherin

ALLYthomas<3 – Ally Thomas, 16 years old, Gryffindor

PRIMpuff – Primrose Finnigan, 13 years old, Hufflepuff

PeetFinn – Peeta Finnigan, 13 years old, Gryffindor

AngC<3Someone_;) – Angie Chang, 15 years old, Ravenclaw

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad – Tom Wood, 16 years old, Gryffindor


JAMESpotter1 has signed in.

JAMESpotter1 says: Hello? Is anyone here? Tom?

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad has signed in.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Hey James. What did you want to ask?

JAMESpotter1 says: I wanted to ask you-

ALLYthomas<3 has signed in.

ALLYthomas<3 says: Hi Tom, James :). Whats up?

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Hey Ally. James was about to ask me a question.

JAMESpotter1 says: Hey Ally :). Tom, I was going to ask if… we had quidditch practice today.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Yeah, we have it in an hour, I better go and set up. You better be on top game for our match against Slytherin, James. We have to win to win the cup.

JAMESpotter1 says: I will be. Don't worry.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Awesome. See you two in an hour. Bye.

JAMESpotter1 says: Bye Tom. See you in an hour.

ALLYthomas<3: Yeah, bye Tom. See you at practice.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad has signed off.

JAMESpotter1 says: So… uh. Bye Ally.

ALLYthomas<3 says: Bye James.

JAMESpotter1 has signed off.

ALLYthomas3 says: Why won't you ask me out? Ugh. Boys.

DomWeasley has signed in.

DomWeasley says: Hey Ally :) What's new?

ALLYthomas<3 says: I was just talking with Tom and James :/

DomWeasley says: Aw. What happened?

ALLYthomas<3 says: NOTHING! James was asking Tom a question and it was if we had quidditch practice today!

DomWeasley says: That sucks. So do we have it?

ALLYthomas<3 says: Yeah, in an hour. Did you notice that James was not "in" the game last week? Tom said something to him about it.

DomWeasley says: Yeah, he was like staring off into space, the snitch even went right up to his face, and he didn't catch it. We better start heading off to get ready Ally. Meet you in the dorm?

ALLYthomas<3 says: Sure. Meet you in five.

ALLYthomas<3 has signed off.

DomWeasley has signed off.

After dinner

AlbSevPot has signed in.

AlbSevPot says: Hello? Anyone here?

AngC3Someone_;) has signed in.

AngC<3Someone_;) says : Hi Albus :)

AlbSevPot says: Hi Angie :) Can I ask you something?

AngC<3Someone_;) says : Sure, what's up?

AlbSevPot says: I was wondering if.. uh.. you would.. go out with me?

AngC<3Someone_;) says : Yes! I have been waiting for you to ask me forever!

AlbSevPot says: Really? Awesome! Sorry it took me so long to ask you, I was really nervous.

AlbSevPot has changed their name to AlbSevPot<3AngC

AngC<3Someone_;) has changed their name to AngC<3AlbSevPot

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : Sorry Albus, I have to go finish writing that essay for Annie's dad.

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: O.K. See you tomorrow for breakfast?

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : Sure, see you tomorrow. Bye <3

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Bye <33

AngC<3AlbSevPot has signed off.

LilPotter<3 has signed in.

Rose_is_better_than_you_;) has signed in.

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Heyy Lil and Rose :D

LilPotter<3 says: Hey Albus. Hey Rose.

Rose_is_better_than_you_;) says: Hey Lily, Albus, when did you ask Angie out?

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: A few minutes ago.

LilPotter<3 says: Yay! I'm soo happy for you Albus! You finally got yourself a girlfriend!

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Thanks Lily. Can you help me with the Potions homework, Rose?

Rose_is_better_than_you_;) says: Sure. Meet you in the common room in 3 minutes. Bye Lily. See you soon, Albus.

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Thanks Rose, you're a lifesaver. See you in 3. Bye Lil.

LilPotter<3 says: Bye guys!

Rose_is_better_than_you_;) has signed out.

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed out.

LilPotter<3 says: I'm bored. I think I'll go now…

LilPotter<3 has signed out.

The Next Day (morning)

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong has signed in.

RavenWeasley:P has signed in.

PeetFinn has signed in.

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong says: Hi guys! Coming down to breakfast?

RavenWeasley:P says: Heyy Hugo, Peeta. Meet you in the Great Hall in 15?

PeetFinn says: Sure, Louis. 15.

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong says: Yeah!

HUGEWeasl3AnL0ng has signed 0ff.

RavenWeasley:P has signed off.

PeetFinn has signed off.

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed in.

AngC<3AlbSevPot has signed in.

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : Hey Albus <3 Heading down to breakfast yet?

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Hey Angie <3 Yeah. Just came on to see if you were coming too.

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : Heading out now. Meet you in the Great Hall :) <3

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Sure :)< 3

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed off.

AngC<3AlbSevPot has signed off.

During lunch break

MollyWda2 has signed in.

LucLovesU has signed in.

Roxy_Weasley has signed in.

Roxy_Weasley says: Hey Mol, Luce. You two eat already?

MollyWda2 says: Hey Roxanne. Yeah, I ate already. What bout you Luce?

LucLovesU says: Yeah I ate lunch. Worried about potions though. I haven't finished the homework yet.

MollyWda2 says: Well, we can help you Luce :) I did it last year, remember?

LucLovesU says: Thanks sis. You comin Roxy?

Roxy_Weasley says: Sure, I gotta finish too. Meet in the library?

MollyWda2 says: Yeah. See you two in a few minutes :)

MollyWda2 has signed off.

Roxy_Weasley has signed off.

LucLovesU has signed off.

PRIMpuff has signed in.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl has signed in.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Heyy Prim :) What's up?

PRIMpuff says: Hey Annie :) Just jealous of what you have with Hugo.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: You know its only a matter of time before Louis asks you out.

PRIMpuff says: Yeah, I know. But he is taking SO long!

RavenWeasley:P has signed in.

RavenWeasley:P says: Hi ladies :) How's life?

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Hi Louis :) It's all good. You know what, I should go meet Hugo, we were gonna hang out before class started again. See you guys in Herbology with dad :) Bye

PRIMpuff says: Hi Louis :D Bye Annie :( See you later

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl has signed off.

RavenWeasley:P says: So… Prim?

PRIMpuff says: Yeah, Louis?

RavenWeasley:P says: I was… wondering if…-

DomWeasley has signed in.

DomWeasley says: Hey bro, Primrose. What's up?

RavenWeasley:P says: Oh, nothing. Sorry I have to go. Bye.

PRIMpuff says: Yeah, I have to go too. Bye Dominique.

PRIMpuff has signed off.

RavenWeasley:P has signed off.

DomWeasley says; Well, that was nice. :/

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad has signed in.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Hey Dom. You did great in practice yesterday :) We are so going to beat Slytherin because of our chasers :)

DomWeasley says: Thanks Tom. We wouldn't be able to do so well if it weren't for our fantastic keeper AND team captain too :) Well, there's the bell. We better get going to Professor Longbottom. You know how much he hates it when we are late.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Yeah, you're right. Meet you in the common room and walk together?

DomWeasley says: Sure :) See you soon :)

DomWeasley has signed off.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Urgh. When am I going to get a chance?

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad has signed off.

Before dinner

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) has signed in.

ScorpiusM has signed in.

ScorpiusM says: Hey Sammy. We should head to dinner.

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) says: Yeah, lets go.

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) has signed off.

ScorpiusM has signed off.

After dinner

-LorcanIsHere- has signed in.

-Lysander- has signed in.

Likeunclelikeme has signed in.

Likeunclelikeme says: hey Lorcan, Lysander. What do you think of the News we were given at dinner?

-LorcanIsHere- says: A dance? EWWWW. Definatly not going. What about you Ly?

-Lysander- says: Not going. For sure.

Likeunclelikeme says: we should pull a prank during it!

-Lysander- says: Totally! What though?

-LorcanIsHere- says: Talk in the Great Hall?

Likeunclelikeme says: sure. See you two in 5 minutes.

LikeUncleLikeMe has signed off.

-LorcanIsHere- has signed off.

-Lysander- has signed off.

RavenWeasley:P has signed in.

RavenWeasley:P says: A Christmas dance? The perfect way to ask her out :) Now just when to ask her?

PRIMpuff has signed in.

PRIMpuff says: Hey Louis :) You excited for the dance?

RavenWeasley:P says: Heyy Prim :D Speaking of the dance… will you go with me?

PRIMpuff says: YES! Yes, I will go to the dance with you <3

RavenWeasley:P says: Really? Yay! <3

RavenWeasley:P has changed their name to Louis<3Prim

PRIMpuff has changed their name to PrimLovesLouis

PrimLovesLouis says: Wanna hang out before we have to go to our common rooms?

Louis<3Prim says: Sure :) I'll meet you outside your common room in 10 <3

PrimLovesLouis says: See you in 10 <3

PrimLovesLouis has signed off.

Louis3Prim has signed off.

The Next Day

RoseW<3SM has signed in.

MollyWda2 has signed in.

MollyWda2 says: Oo. Rose, who's SM?

RoseW<3SM says: Scorpius :) He asked me to the Christmas dance last night! :)

MollyWda2 says: Cute! But your brother won't like it. You know how they don't get along…

RoseW<3SM says: Oh, stuff Hugo. I'm his OLDER sister remember? And guess what Scorpius told me!

MollyWda2 says: What did Scorpius tell you? That Sammy likes me, and is going to ask me to the dance?

RoseW<3SM says: YES! That's exactly what he told me. So, are you going to accept? That is, when he asks?

MollyWda2 says: Idk. I gotta go uh, study. Want to tutor me in Charms? I didn't understand what we did yesterday. I'm in our dorm.

RoseW<3SM says: Sure I'll help you :) What else are friends for? Specially best friends :) See you in a few.

RoseW<3SM has signed off.

MollyWda2 has signed off.

Louis<3Prim has signed in.

Louis<3Prim says: Hello? Anyone here?

VicWLup_ily_TedLup has signed in

VicWLup_ily_TedLup says: Looky here. My baby brother finally got himself a girlfriend.

Louis<3Prim says: Haha, very funny Vic. What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be with Teddy?

VicWLup_ily_TedLup says: I am with Teddy. He is sitting right next to me. We actually have some news for you guys. I owled Dom to come on now too.

DomWeasley has signed in.

DomWeasley says: Hi Vic. What's so important that you had to tell me now? Since when were you dating Primrose, Louis?

Louis<3Prim says: Since last night. We are going to the dance together.

DomWeasley says: Aw. How cute ;) The 13 year olds are going to a dance together

Louis<3Prim says: At least I have a date AND a girlfriend Dom. You don't have a date to the dance OR a boyfriend!

DomWeasley says: Touche little brother.

VicWLup_ily_TedLup says: Will you two stop fighting long enough for me to tell you our news?

Louis<3Prim says: Sorry Vic.

DomWeasley says: Sorry. And Louis started it ;)

VicWLup_ily_TedLup says: I don't CARE who started it. Anyways, the news Teddy and I want t0 tell you is that we are having a baby! :)

Louis<3Prim says: Congrats sis :)

DomWeasley says: Awesome Vic :)

VicWLup_ily_TedLup says: Thanks for the support. Hopefully Mum and Dad will be just as happy… :/ Bye

VicWLup_ily_TedLup has signed off.

DomWeasley says: Mum and Dad will definitely be surprised… Bye Louis

DomWeasley has signed off.

PeetFinn has signed in.

PeetFinn says: Hey Loius. Wait. Since when are you dating my sister?

Louis<3Prim says: Since yesterday. You knew I fancied her though.

PeetFinn says: I know, but I'm just surprised is all. You guys are going to the Christmas dance together?

Louis<3Prim says: Yeah. What about you mate? You gonna ask my cousin?

PeetFinn says: Lily? Yeah I think I will.

Louis<3Prim says: Well you better do it soon mate. The dance is in three weeks.

LilPotter<3 has signed in.

LilPotter<3 says: Hey Louis :) I see you asked Prim out. Hi Peeta :)

Louis<3Prim says: Heyy Lil. Yeah, I did.

PeetFinn says: Hi Lily :) Can I ask you something?

LilPotter<3 says: Sure :) What's up?

PeetFinn says: Alone?

Louis<3Prim says: Oh, I get the hint. I'll leave. But I'm coming back in two minutes ;)

Louis<3Prim has gone to away.

PeetFinn says: I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Christmas dance with me?

LilPotter<3 says: Yes, I would love to go to the dance with you <3

PeetFinn says: Really? Awesome <3

PeetFinn has changed their name to PeetFinn<3LilPotter

LilPotter<3 has changed their name to LilPotter<3PeetFinn

Louis<3Prim is back.

Louis<3Prim says: I see your together now.

PeetFinn<3LilPotter says: Yeah, we are. I have to go now. Last minute studying for Professor Trelawny :/ not that there's not much to learn…

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: Bye Peeta <3 See you at dinner :)

Louis<3Prim says: Yeah, bye Peeta. I have to go study for the same thing. Meet in library?

PeetFinn<3LilPotter says: Sure Louis. See you soon. Bye Lil <3

PeetFinn<3LilPotter has signed off.

Louis<3Prim has signed off.

JAMESpotter1 has signed in.

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: And what do I owe to this great visit on the chatroom from my eldest brother?

JAMESpotter1 says: Oh, shut it Lil. You're dating Peeta Finnigan? If he hurts you at all, I swear I will end him.

LilPotter3PeetFinn says: Yeah, he literally just asked me out. Have you read your email recently?

JAMESpotter1 says: No, why? Hold on a second, I'll check it.

JAMESpotter1 has gone to away.

ALLYthomas<3 has signed in.

ALLYthomas<3 says: Hi Lily :) I see Peeta finally asked you out. Good on ya :)

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: Ello Ally :) Thanks :) I've been waiting for ages for him to ask me :D

JAMESpotter1 is back.

JAMESpotter1 says: You got the email from Vic too? We are going to have another baby cousin? Oh, hi Ally :)

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: Yeah I got it. Weird right? Anyway, I should go… good luck in your game tomorrow you two :) I'll be in the stands.

ALLYthomas<3 says: Hi James :) Bye Lily ;) thanks

JAMESpotter1 says: Bye Lily :)

LilPotter<3PeetFinn has signed off.

ALLYthomas<3 says: So… uh. You are gonna have another cousin?

JAMESpotter1 says: Yeah. Victoire is pregnant. So the baby will be like our second cousin or something… Hey Ally?

ALLYthomas<3 says: Yes James?

JAMESpotter1 says: I was wondering if—

ScorpiusM<3RW has signed in.

JAMESpotter1 says: Hi Scorpius. Uh, I have to go, uh study. Bye Ally :) Bye Scorpius.

JAMESpotter1 has signed out.

ScorpiusM<3RW says: Well… bye James. Hi Ally.

ALLYthomas<3 says: Hi Scorpius. Who's RW?

ScorpiusM<3RW says: It's a surprise. You'll see at the Christmas dance.

ALLYthomas<3 says: If I even go… I don't want to go without a date :(

ScorpiusM<3RW says: You will get one :) I bet James will ask you after we cream you tomorrow at the match :)

ALLYthomas<3 says: You mean after we torture you :) Ugh. Speaking of the game, I have practice. Bye Scorpius.

ScorpiusM<3RW says: Bye Ally

ALLYthomas<3 has signed off.

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) has signed in.

MollyWda2 has signed in.

MollyWda2 says: Hi Scorpius, Sammy :) What's up? Rose told me Scorpius. She can't keep that big of a secret from me. I won't tell anyone if you want it to be a surprise.

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) says: Hi Scorp, Molly :)

ScorpiusM<3RW says: Hi you two. Thank you Molly. Keep it a surprise. I want to see peoples faces when they see a Malfoy and a Weasley together :)

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) says: Molly? Can I ask you a question?

MollyWda2 says: Sure Sammy :) What's on your mind?

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) says: Do you want to go to the dance with me?

Few Minutes Later

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) says: Molly? You there?

MollyWda2 says: Yeah, I'm still here. Sorry I didn't respond. I'm just shocked.

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) says: So will you?

MollyWda2 says: Sure :) I'd love to go to the Christmas dance with you. <3

MollyWda2 has changed their name to Molly<3Sammy.

Zabini_Kid_(-_-) has changed their name to Sammy<3Molly.

ScorpiusM<3RW says: It seems that I had been forgotten :/ Don't worry guys, I understand. Sam, we have practice in 10 minutes so hurry up with your goodbyes. Bye Molly.

ScorpiusM3RW has signed off.

Sammy<3Molly says: Scorpius is right. I need to be getting ready to make your cousins cry tomorrow. See you at dinner?

Molly<3Sammy says: You mean you are getting ready to cry because my awesome cousins CRUSH you tomorrow :) Sure, see you at dinner <3 Bye

Sammy<3Molly says: Bye Mol <3

Sammy<3Molly has signed off.

Molly<3Sammy has signed off.

After Dinner

AngC<3AlbSevPot has signed in.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl has signed in.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: I see you're dating Albus now. Congrats Angie. Did you know that his dad dated your mom when he was in his fifth year?

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : Really? I didn't know that. How do you know that?

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: You know how my dad likes to talk about when he was in Dumbledore's Army? It was in their fifth year. He told me about it one time.

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : Weird. How's third year turning out for you? I remember mine being so hard, with all the extra classes.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Yeah, it sucks, but at least I get to spend some time with Hugo between classes :)

AngC<3AlbSevPot says : It is difficult getting to have some time just to talk with Albus without having to worry about O.W.L.'s coming up so soon. :( Speaking of O.W.L's I have to study. Bye Annie :)

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Bye Angie :)

AngC<3AlbSevPot has signed off.

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong has signed in.

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong says: Howdy An <3

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Howdy? Hi Hugo <3

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong says: Just felt like saying something other than Hi or Hey. Wanna hang out before lights out?

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Sure <3 see you in the Great Hall in 15 minutes :)

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong says: Awesome <3 See you in 15 :)

HUGEWeasl<3AnLong has signed off.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl has signed off.

The Next Day (Breakfast)

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad has signed in.

JAMESpotter1 has signed in.

JAMESpotter1 says: Hi Tom, ready?

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Hi James, yes I'm ready. Wbu? Don't think about Ally during the game. Just think about the snitch.

JAMESpotter1 says: I won't. And you don't think about my cousin ;) It's obvious that you fancy Dom, Tom.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Does she know?

JAMESpotter1 says: No, I don't think she notices, considering the fact that she is always drooling over you :)

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad says: Really? I never noticed. But we need to go eat now James. Come on.

JAMESpotter1 says: Yeah, let's go.

JAMESpotter1 has signed off.

TommyBESTkeeperSINCEdad has signed off.

After the game (Midday)

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed in.

Likeunclelikeme has signed in.

Likeunclelikeme says: WE WON! WE WON the quidditch cup!

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Yeah, we did! :) Did you see Scorpius, Fred? He was SO upset! :D

Likeunclelikeme says: yeah, we totally crushed him and the slytherin team! :) I have to go, Bye Albus :D

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Bye Fred. Don't be stupid ;)

Likeunlcelikeme says: no guarentees :) bye

Likeunclelikeme has signed off.

-Lysander- has signed in.

-Lysander- says: Hi Albus. You're dating Angie?

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Hi Lysander. Yeah, I'm dating Angie. What's up?

-Lysander- says: I am looking for Fred, have you seen him?

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: He just left. He said he had to go.

-Lysander- says: O.K. thanks Albus. Bye

AlbSevPot3AngC says: Bye Lysander.

-Lysander- has signed off.

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas has signed in.

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas says: Hi Al :D

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Hi James :) You were great today, Scorpius didn't even see the snitch, when you caught it :) Since when are you dating Ally?

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas says: Thanks bro :) Since 2 seconds ago. I just kissed/asked her out :D

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Awesome :) I gotta go meet Ang. We were going to study for Transfiguration today. Bye bro :)

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas says: Bye. I'm sure you'll get a lot of studying in ;)

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Haha, very funny James. Bye

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed off.

LucLovesU has signed in.

LucLovesU says: Hi James :) You played great today :)

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas says: Thanks, Lucy. How's your fourth year treating you?

LucLovesU says: Good :) How's your sixth year?

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas says: It's been good. A lot of work, of course, but other than that good :)

LucLovesU says: And you finally asked Ally out, which makes it better I'm guessing?

JAMESpotter<3ALLYthomas says: Yeah it does. Sorry, Lucy. I have to go. Bye cous :)

LucLovesU says: Bye James :)

JAMESpotter3ALLYthomas has signed off.

Two Days before the dance

LilPotter<3PeetFinn has signed in.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl has signed in.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Hi Lily :) Excited for the dance in a couple days?

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: Hullo Annie :) SO EXCITED! My first proper date with Peeta :D wbu? Aren't you excited to be going with my cousin ;)

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Lil, pretty much half of the school is your cousin or brother… but, yes I'm excited for the dance with Hugo.

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: I KNOW that Annie :) I just love making fun of you for actually dating my little cousin :) Do you know what you're going to wear?

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: No, can you help me? Meet you in the second floor bathroom in 20 minutes?

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: Sure An ;) I'll help you pick out something if you'll help me :)

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl says: Yeah, sure Lily. See you in 20

LilPotter<3PeetFinn says: See you in 20.

AnLong<3HUGEWeasl has signed off.

LilPotter<3PeetFinn has signed off.

ScorpiusM<3RW has signed in.

RoseW<3SM has signed in.

RoseW<3SM says: Hi Scorpius <3

ScorpiusM<3RW says: Hi Rosie <3 How are you?

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup has signed in.

RoseW<3SM says: I'm good, great now that I get to talk to you <3 Wbu?

ScorpiusM<3RW says: I am having a great day, which only keeps getting better <3 The day we tell people is in 2 days… You nervous?

RoseW<3SM says: A little. I would think you would be nervous. I have a large family. AND I'm one of the youngest.

ScorpiusM<3RW says: I think I'll be okay. When your cousins found out about Molly and Sammy, they were fine.

RoseW<3SM says; Yeah, but Sammy's dad didn't help You-Know-Who in his sixth year.

ScorpiusM<3RW says: Scare me then Rose <3 Bye. I have to study for O.W.L.'s with Sammy.

RoseW<3SM says: Bye Scorpius <3

ScorpiusM<3RW has signed off.

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup says: And why is it that I didn't know about this THING with Scorpius Malfoy?

RoseW<3SM says: Teddy? How much of that did you see?

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup says: enough to see that you are DATING! Why didn't you tell me Rosie? You used to tell me everything.

RoseW<3SM says: I wanted to tell you, really, I did. But it seemed you had enough on your mind with the baby on the way and all. Please keep it a secret? We were gonna tell people at the Christmas dance.

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup says: sure I'll keep it a secret for the next two days. But you tell Malfoy that I know, and if he hurts you at all, I will personally kill him.

RoseW<3SM says; Oh, Thank you Teddy ! :) How's Vic and the baby?

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup says: I actualy came on to talk to someone about that. Last night Vic got sick, and she had a miscarriage. :'(

RoseW<3SM says: I'm SO sorry about that Teddy.:'( You seemed so excited to become a father. I'll tell the others, if it's too hard for you.

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup says: Thanks for the support Rose. Would you tell them? I don't think I have it in me to tell them all.

RoseW<3SM says: Sure I'll tell them. I'll tell them at dinner, considering its in an hour.

TedLup_ILYVicWLup says: Thanks again Rosie. I better go take care of Victoire. She is more torn up about it than me. She keeps blaming herself for it.

RoseW<3SM says: You're welcome, cousin in law ;) Tell Vic that I love her. And miss her. Bye :)

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup says: I will. Bye :)

TedLup_ILY_VicWLup has signed off.

RoseW<3SM has signed off.

Dom<3Tom has signed in.

ALLYthomas3JAMESpotter has signed in.

ALLYthomas<3JAMESpotter says: Hi Dom. How's Tom?

Dom<3Tom says: Hi Ally. Good. How's James?

ALLYthomas<3JAMESpotter says: Good. This is weird. The four of us are always together. Why ask eachother how our respective boyfriends are?

Dom<3Tom says: Yeah it is weird. Do you know what you're wearing yet? The dance is in two days…

ALLYthomas<3JAMESpotter says: NO! I have many options, and not a single idea. Help me after dinner? Just tell the boys we are having a girl drama. Which I am… ;)

Dom<3Tom says: Sure. But first let's go to dinner. I'm starving.

ALLYthomas<3JAMESpotter says: Same. Meet you in the common room?

Dom<3Tom says: Already there. With Tom and James so hurry up. Don't worry, they just came down.

ALLYthomas<3JAMESpotter says: COMING! See you in a sec.

ALLYthomas<3JAMESpotter has signed off.

Loius<3Prim has signed in.

Louis<3Prim says: Hi sis :) What's up?

Dom<3Tom says: Hi little brother ;) Nothing much. Just waiting for Ally to come so we can go to dinner. What about you?

Louis<3Prim says: Waiting for Prim so we can meet and go to dinner.

Dom<3Tom says: Cool. Bye. Ally just got here.

Dom<3Tom has signed off.

Louis<3Prim says: Bye. Oh, wait you left. Where are you Prim?

PrimLovesLouis has signed in.

PrimLovesLouis says: Hi Louis <3 Ready to go?

Louis<3Prim says: Hi Prim <3 Yeah, I'm ready. Meet you in the usual spot?

PrimLovesLouis says: Sure :) See you in 5 <3

Louis<3Prim says: See you in 5 <3

Louis<3Prim has signed off.

PrimLovesLouis has signed off.

Three Hours Before the Dance

-LorcanIsHere- has signed in.

-Lysander- has signed in.

LikeUncleLikeme has signed in.

LikeUncleLikeMe says: Hey Guys. Is everything ready?

-LorcanIsHere- says: My stuff's ready. You Ly?

-Lysander- says: Yep my side's ready.

LikeUncleLikeMe says: And I have the perfect duo to embarress.

-Lysander- says: Who?

LikeUncleLikeMe says: Lucy and Roxanne. They are always telling us what to do, and they are my sister and cousin, so it makes it that much better.

-LorcanIsHere- says: And I heard Roxanne tell Lucy that she is upset because she doesn't have a date. Lucy said that they would go together. It works for us because then we don't have to get their dates in the mess too. Less work for us :)

-Lysander- says: This is going to be the best prank ever pulled in this school :)

LikeUncleLikeMe says: Yep :) Lets go set up now

LikeUncleLikeMe has signed off.

-Lysander- has signed off.

-LorcanIsHere- has signed off.

The Next Day

Roxy_Weasley has signed in.

RoseW<3ScorpiusM has signed in.

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: Merry Christmas Roxanne. :) How are you feeling after what your brother and the Scamander twins did?

Roxy_Weasley says: Merry Christmas Rose. I'm just in shock that Freddie would actually pour red and green paint all over Luce and me. FOR NO REASON.

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: Are you in shock because Fred did, or because the twins did. They do know better. All of them do. But Fred is always playing jokes on us. You know that.

Roxy_Weasley says: I guess you're right, Rose. I thought Lorcan was better than that. He was actually being nice to me, and not just because I am Freddie's sister. At least that's what I thought. :( Im just going to go now. Bye Rose.

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: Bye Roxy :)

Roxy_Weasley has signed off.

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed in.

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: MerryChristmas Al :)

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Happy Christmas Rose. Can I ask a question?

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says; You just did, but sure. Go ahead.

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: How did you keep a secret like you dating Scorpius MALFOY from you're best friend and cousin?

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: It wasn't hard. You and Angie were always together, so I just did a lot of studying and since I am always studying anyway, you weren't suspicious when we were together.

AlbSevPot<3AngC says: Speaking of Angie, we were going to meet up before we left to go home. Bye Liar ;)

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: Haha very funny Albus. You do know she is coming to the Burrow for our families New Year's party right? Oh, Never mind. Just go say bye to your girlfriend.

AlbSevPot<3AngC has signed off.

RoseW<3ScorpiusM says: Hmm. Speaing of the New Year's party. I should ask to invite Scorp. Hmm. I'll ask Mum when we get home.

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