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New Adventures

By CarpeDiem

Adventure / Drama

First Day of Forever

Jasper Jordan and Monty Green have been best friends for as long as they could remember, every memory they had was with each other. The Jordan family had moved into the small house next to the Greens exactly ten years ago, when little Jasper was just a year old. Ever since the two families met, their sons were inseparable.

Now, these two families were magical and they lived in one of the few magical areas that wasn’t completely hidden from the muggle eye. Jasper Jordan was a half-blood wizard, with a pure-blood mother, who was sorted into Ravenclaw, and a muggle-born father, who was sorted into Hufflepuff. Monty Green, on the other hand, was a pure-blood with both parents from a strong Ravenclaw background. As the duo grew up, the parents would often discuss where they thought they would end up. It was a silent agreement that Ravenclaw was the ultimate choice for the two. They were both intelligent, creative, and held that true Ravenclaw spirit in their hearts.

After watching them and debating for ten years, today was the day. Monty and Jasper were being sent off to Hogwarts for the very first time, and their mothers could not control themselves. It took a total of twenty minutes for them to finally break away with a final kiss and a promise to write everyday. They boarded the train and waved to their parents, watching as they wiped away their tears. Today was the day their lives were changed. Jasper and Monty exchanged their knowing look before taking off.

They ran down the halls of the train, bumping into people, laughing and apologizing until they ran out of breath. They caught their breath and laughed until it hurt. After getting a stern look from a sixth year, they made their way towards a compartment. They settled into the seats across from each other. Jasper brought out a bag of treats and began to stuff his face.

“This is good stuff, Mont, you want any?” Jasper stretched out his hand, offering his sweets to the dark haired boy. Monty shook his head, “Nah,” he said. “I’m stuffed from mum’s goodbye breakfast. The woman cooked an entire banquet.” Monty let out a laugh as he looked out the window. The hills were passing rapidly, his stomach started to twist.

“Hey, Jasper?”

“What’s up?” Jasper turned his attention towards his silent friend.

“What house do you think you’re going into?” Monty fumbled with his hands, turning over a small coin he had. “I mean, I know our parents always said we’d both go to Ravenclaw, but what do you think?”

Jasper shrugged, rolling up his small bag. “Honestly?” Monty nodded his head. “I feel like they’re right, you know, about how well we’d do in Ravenclaw, but I don’t know. I think I’d get bored. I mean, I guess I’m smart, yeah.” Jasper shrugged again as he rolled his eyes. “I don’t like learning like you do, though. I guess, to answer your question, I’m hoping for something different. I’d love to be in Gryffindor.”

This wasn’t much of a surprise to Monty. He knew Jasper went along with the Ravenclaw idea for his parent’s sake, but deep down he felt that Jasper belonged elsewhere. Jasper had always wanted to be the brave one, always taking the risk that Monty felt were too uncontrolled for him. He wanted his best friend to be where he belong, but the thought of being separated from his best friend made his heart hurt.

“What if we end up in different houses, Jasper? Will we still be friends?”

“Of course, Monty! Why wouldn’t we? Best friends for life, remember?” Jasper smiled and held his hand up by his ear, Monty did the same. They both shared a laugh as they high-fived themselves and carried on. They talked about their expectations of Hogwarts, wondering if it would live up to all the glory it received. Before they knew it, a prefect was knocking on their compartment door. The door slid open to reveal a girl with brown hair and Hufflepuff robes.

“Hello, boys. Just letting you know we’ll be arriving at Hogwarts in ten minutes, so please start changing into your robes.” Both of them nodded and thanked her before she went on her way.

Ten minutes later, Jasper and Monty were changed into their blank robes and being escorted off the train along with a whole herd of first years. The boys clung to each other as giant man, with a giant beard, called for all first years to follow him on the boats. The man waved and said his name was Hagrid. Frankly, Jasper was terrified of Hagrid. Monty slapped his friend on the arm when he expressed his fear. They hurried onto a small boat, only to be joined by two girls. One of them had wavy blonde hair, that fell to her shoulder, and blue eyes. She had a baby-faced look, like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. The other girl had dark brown hair, olive toned skin and green eyes that looked like they could kill you with one glance.

“Nice goggles,” The brunette smirked as she pointed at Jasper’s head. Jasper’s hand shot up in a self-conscious manner. “My name’s Octavia.” She extended her hand towards the boys. Monty was the first to shake it.

“I’m Monty, this is Jasper, you must’ve caught him off guard.” Monty cracked a smile as Jasper blushed and shot him a look. “Who’s your friend?”

“I’m Clarke Griffin.” Clarke waved, looking at the two. “We just met on the train, what about you two? It seems like a lot of people are making new friends here.”

“Oh no, me and Monty have known each other our whole lives.” Jasper grinned as he threw an arm around Monty’s shoulder. “Right, Mont?”

“Right he is, lived next to each other for as long as I can remember.” The four kids talked until the boats started moving. Once the waves hit the side, their attention was only on their destination. They could see Hogwarts in all it’s glory. Lit up and put back together after the destruction of war. Awe passed through all four of them, silence and only the sounds of water clapping against the boats could be heard. It didn’t take as long as they thought, because before they knew it they were stepping off the boat and walking up steps, only to be stopped. The doors flew open, Monty saw Octavia jump and grab the back of Jaspers robes, to reveal a tall man. He had blonde hair and a face that has seen the worst and the best.

“Hello, and welcome to Hogwarts! I am Professor Longbottom.” The crowd began to whisper, he fought in the war, the whispers said, Very close friends with Harry Potter. Monty could feel his hands clam up. “I am head of Gryffindor house and I hope to see many of you there. I am about to take you into the Great Hall, where you will stand to the side and wait for your name to be called. Please follow me.” Professor Longbottom turned around and led the group through the large halls. Every child was silent, their eyes glued to the walls. Some of the children had heard of Hogwarts from their parents, but the actual sight of it was even more enchanting than words could describe. Others, hadn’t heard of Hogwarts, or even magic, until the day their letter arrived. You can only imagine what they felt.

After a few seconds, Professor Longbottom pushed open two very large doors, revealing a large room, with a ceiling so high the top couldn’t be seen. Floating candles and a skyline view was visible when you looked up, four extremely long tables took up most of the capacity of the room. Each was filled with children wearing one of four colors, red, green, yellow, or blue. At the front of the room, another table stretched across a platform. It was filled with adults, teachers most likely, all who had a look of excitement. Clarke had gasped in excitement when she had seen everything. Her and Octavia chattered excitedly amongst themselves.

Longbottom turned and signalled the first years to stop before walking up the steps to a hat on a stool. What a weird sight it was, such a ratty hat. “I don’t want that on my head.” Jasper whispered to Monty, causing him to laugh. The two went silent as Professor Longbottom began to speak.

“Attention, students, it’s the time everyone looks forward to. The sorting of first years!” Everyone in the room cheered and clapped, excitement rushed through the area. “The roll is in order of last name. When you hear your name, you will come up here and sit on this stool. The hat will be placed on your head and will sort you into Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor.” Each house screamed as they were announced, hoping to get the most kids that year. “May we begin?” Everyone clapped as Longbottom rolled out a long parchment.

It only took two people being called before Blake, Octavia was called. Octavia took a deep breath and glanced at the others. They all gave her a thumbs her before she started towards the stairs. Octavia walked up slowly, playing with the ends of her robes. In the distance someone shouted, “It’s alright, O!” The shout made Octavia perk up instantly, she smiled and made her way to stool. She sat and Professor Longbottom placed the hat on her head. When the hat spoke to her, Octavia nearly fell off the stool. The hat discussed with Octavia for a little bit. Octavia chewed on her lip, anxiously waiting.

“SLYTHERIN! The hat yelled with such determination. Octavia gasped as the hat left her head. Her newly made friends looked on as she made her way to the Slytherin table, glancing down at her new green and silver tie. A few more people were called, being scattered amongst the houses.

“Collins, Finn!” A boy with long brown hair made his way up, eyes darting around the room. The hat was barely on his head when it yelled out, HUFFLEPUFF, causing cheers to erupt.

“They’re getting close to you, Monty.” Jasper poked his friend, who looked like he was about to pass out. “Hey, don’t worry, wherever you go, you’ll do great.” Monty smiled weakly as the next name was called.

“Green, Monty!”

Monty gulped. This had been the moment he had been built for his whole life. Wherever he ended up determined the next seven years of his life. Looking at Jasper from the chair, he hoped he would be with him. The hat covered Mony’s eyes, he couldn’t see at all. The hat dug through Monty’s brain, for no cause it soon found out, as Monty only belong to one house.

RAVENCLAW!” Monty hopped off the stool. He glanced at Jasper, who gave him a huge smile. Monty sighed and went on his way to the blue and bronze table, being congratulated by his fellow housemates. He took a seat next to a girl with light brown hair and brown eyes.

“Griffin, Clarke!” Another name down.

Clarke bit her lip, nodded towards Jasper, and made her way forward. The journey seemed never-ending before she actually made it. Sitting in front of so many people made her sweat. Gripping the edge of the seat, she balanced herself as the hat was placed on her head. It seemed to debate itself awhile before finally making it’s decision. The hat had decided—

SLYTHERIN!” The table clapped and cheered as Clarke ran towards Octavia, wrapping her up in a hug before sitting next to her. Jasper was the last of the group to be called and he had never felt more alone, his nerves started getting the best of him. Did he really want to separate himself from Monty?

Jaha, Wells had been called and sorted into Hufflepuff rather quickly. It was much longer before Jasper heard his name called. This was it. He walked past the few student left and walked on stage. Slowly he sat on the chair, receiving a kind smile from Longbottom as the hat was placed on his head. Much like Clarke, the hat debated for awhile. It was silent in the Great Hall, an awkward moment before the hat yelled out its decision. “GRYFFINDOR! Jasper’s wishes had been answered, he made it into the house he had dreamed of, but looking across the room at Monty made him regret his sorting immediately.

The last bunch of kids were sorted, restoring the peace. Professor Longbottom gave his wishes to the first years and turned the attention towards the Headmistress. Headmistresses McGonagall was everything anybody said she was. She was tall, with sleek grey hair. Pointed eyes and stern expression that showed tolerance and punishment. She greeted the students with a warm tone.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, to our first years, who I hope enjoy and cherish every moment here. Welcome back, to our older students, who may be here for only the second time, or even the last. I hope everyone is prepared for the year, which is filled with excitement no matter the age. Please remember, the Forbidden Forest is indeed, still forbidden. Please stay out of trouble, and as I close my speech, I wish you all good luck.” McGonagall raised her glass as everyone cheered. A feast appeared on the tables, every food imaginable was visible.

At the Slytherin table, Octavia and Clarke talked to each. Expressing their great joy of being sorted into the same house. A girl sat across from them sipped from her glass. “Well, I’m so glad you’re excited about joining Slytherin.” The two girls glanced at each other, then at the stranger. She had sharp features and long hair. “Lexa, nice to meet you.” Lexa extended her hand towards Clarke and Octavia.

While Clarke and Octavia made a new friend, Monty sat at the Ravenclaw table rather solemn. The brown haired girl next him seemed to notice the silence. She took a bite of her biscuit and nudged him. “Why aren’t you eating? Home sick?” Monty shook his head.

“No, not that. It’s just— Nevermind, it’s nothing.” Monty placed food on his food as the girl raised her eyebrow.

“Well, nice to meet you, Nothing. I’m Raven Reyes.”

Jasper, on the other hand, was not having as much luck. He tried to strike up conversation, but no one was really interested in talking to a first year. He sighed as he ate his food, desperately waiting to be released to bed. This was not what he had in mind when he thought of going his own way into Gryffindor.

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1. First Day of Forever
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