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Hidden Lightning



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Chapter One

Denki Kaminari, the energetic idiot of Class 1-A, was sitting in a small café near UA, waiting with his two friends - Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinsou - for their ‘friend’ to get there. He was taken from his thoughts when he heard Hitoshi talking.

“Where is that stupid bird? I get he’s busy most of the time but we agreed to meet here at seven.”

Denki looked at the clock, it was nearly eight. Too much longer and they would have to go back to their UA dorms. Just as Izuku was getting ready to leave, the café door opened and the café went silent. The three of them looked at the door to see Keigo Tokami, or more often known as Hawks, the former No.3 hero, and the current No.2 hero. Keigo walked over to the three students and sat down, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sorry I’m late, I had to help out with something.”

“Yeah well you could have dealt with it quicker, listen, T gave me these to hand out, this one is yours.”

Hitoshi said as he handed a sealed envelope to the slightly shorter man.

“He expects a report soon, too. We three have already given ours.”

Keigo shrugged and made a gesture which basically translated to ‘I’ll do it later’, something that the blonde said often. This made Denki roll his eyes, they all knew that ‘I’ll do it later’ actually meant ‘I’ll get someone to write it while I say it out loud’. Nobody really had anything against that, as they knew that Keigo was the busiest of the four of them. It took a great liar to do what he was tasked with, and an even better actor.

“Keigo, us three have to go, but will you be able to find an excuse to watch our training in UA?”

“Yep! I already got one, don’t worry. I’ll be there tomorrow, I even got an excuse for Hitoshi to join in with your training.”

Keigo got up and left, then the three students left together and started walking back to UA.

They were quiet on the way back, only speaking to say goodbye to each other, and when Izuku turned to walk to the class 1-A dorm, he saw Hitoshi kiss Denki. How cute. And pathetic, in Izuku’s opinion. Halfway back to the dorms Denki caught up to him and gave the other a smile.

“Sorry, Hitoshi wanted to talk to me quickly.”

Denki knew that the boy did not believe him, but he didn’t mind. When they got back to the dorm, however, their homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa, questioned them as they had been out of the school longer than expected. They simply lied, saying that something happened at the café they went to and they helped out. Luckily for them, their teacher believed that.


"Good. Now shut up before I change my mind."

Keigo let go of the man's collar, dropping him. He had followed the violet haired man until he was alone with him, then had grabbed him to get information. Keigo didn't expect for the man to have a powerful quirk, but he was surprised when the other had managed to knock him away without even touching him. Luckily, he had been too fast for the man and had him pinned to the wall with one of his wings' feathers against their neck, and the information Keigo demanded had practically poured out of him. Now, Keigo couldn't risk someone knowing that the No.2 hero wasn't who he said he was, so as with the others, when he was walking away he used one of his feathers to stab the man's throat.

He hated putting up this stupid hero facade, as he knew the three students did too, but they had the easy job. They didn't have to fool everyone, every civilian, every hero. At least he had permission to act like an actual hero, even though that meant damaging or arresting both villains and nomu's. He had been told that he could stop pretending to be a hero soon, so he dealt with it for now.

As Keigo walked to his home, a penthouse, he saw someone he recognized following him. He spoke, smiling only slightly.

"So you're stalking me now hm? You really are protective."

He turned around, looking directly at the other, who was recognizable as Dabi, a member of the League of Villains.

"You were late to get to your penthouse, I was concerned something had happened to you. I didn't want to have snuck past all that security for nothing."

Keigo shook his head, he knew Dabi could be an idiot but if his security had caught him or seen him in his penthouse then he knew what would happen. He continued walking, nearly ignoring Dabi but staying aware of his presence. Once near his penthouse, in order to make it less likely for Dabi to be caught, he grabbed him and using his wings carried him up to the penthouse's balcony. He ignored the other man's protests, Dabi hated being up in the air, and when he let go of Dabi he opened the balcony door and walked inside.

"You can wait wherever Dabi, I'll be back in about twenty minutes."

Keigo then walked into one of the rooms, leaving the other to walk around the different rooms.

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