Don't do it


A father broken from the loss of his daughter attempts to kill himself but gets a visit from the supernatural

Thriller / Drama
Anthony Richmond
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Don't do it

The day was May 23, 2010, when I lost my daughter in a car accident... she was only 5 years old. The next week, my wife Lisa and I went to go buried her beside my mom who died in 2006. 1 month later I started drinking again heavier than I ever did when my mom died also Lisa and I started arguing a lot. On January 3, 2011, Lisa wanted a divorce... so I gave her what she wanted, and Every day I blamed God for taking my daughter away from me the best thing apart from my life was gone forever... I would always question well Why did you take her from me.

May 20, 2011, for 4 months I have been in therapy, talking with a group of people who also lost loved ones but nothing seems to be helping. After group talk was over a guy from the group walked up to me, he had a beard, long silky hair, and an odor. The guy said to me "hi my names john McCain and you know there's a way I can help you content your daughter from the other side" just like that straight with it and I looked at him with extreme resentment, john then gave me a piece of paper with a phone number in told me to just give him a call when I am ready So I took it and left.

The next day I woke and drank some of the liquor from the floor... It's been a year now since her death I just can't get over it, I slowly got up from my bed looked down at the floor and I see the piece of paper that the guy gave me yesterday so I gave him a call. 1 hour later I went to the guy's house and it looked a little old the house had few cracks, few broken windows soon as I walked near the front door, He already was waiting for me. As I was about to walk in I heard someone say "Daddy don't do it" my eyes opened wide that voice, I know that voice it was my daughter's voice and so I told the guy you know what I'll let this pass when I said that he looked disappointed in told me "you sure because I really can help you" and told him I'm sure.

May 23, The day my daughter died I was just sitting on the couch crying and wishing she was here but that voice i her yesterday sounded just like her. while I was on the couch drinking I pulled my pistol out looking at it in pointed it at my head and all of a sudden I heard someone say 'DADDY DON'T DO IT'. I turned around and saw my daughter Katy, I dropped on my knees frozen with fear in felt peaceful at the same time then she walked up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever and whispered in my ear and said "It's gonna be ok daddy you're safe" I held her so tate then placed both my hands on her puffy cheeks and said "I love you so much sweetheart" she looked at me smiling saying "promise me you and mommy will be together again" she just faded away, I stood there with a big smile thinking god for letting me see her one last time.

When she left I knew that she was in a better place and I threw the liquor bottle in the trash But then the tv turned by itself it was the news they said "breaking news a killer by John McClain has been arrested for the murder of 5 adults found in his basement and 2010 for hitting a car killing 5-year-old Katy Morrison on May 23, 2010" I was shocked because I was about to go into his house... he's the one that killed my daughter and if my daughter didn't stop me, my corpse would have been found in that basement.

1 year later, Lisa and I were back together like I promised Katy, and every day I think God for the time he gave me with her.


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