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Snake of Greece


|TaeKook| |YoonMinSeok| |NamJin| GREEK MYTHOLOGY AU ⚠️S M U T W A R N I N G!⚠️ He was raise in the castles He was raise in the caves He trained to become a better warrior He trained to survived He is the reason of fear He is the definition of fear But yet he is loved by many He is still feared by many He is respected by many He is respected by his love ones That person is Jeon Jungkook That person is Kim Taehyung The Son of Athena The Son of Medusa *** T O P ⤴️ Jung Hoseok Kim Namjoon S W I T C H 🔁 Min Yoongi Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook B O T T O M ⤴️ Park Jimin Kim Seokjin

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Author’s Note

~Welcome to Snake of Greece~

Heyyyy Readerellas! I just want to say thank you very much for supporting my first fanfic, Fire Meets Water. I appreciate that you were able to keep up with my story even if my writing if crappy af.

I learned a lot tbh from my first fan fic like what the readers wants, what the readers expect and what the readers hate and all that.

I even notice how my writing changed as I read my first fanfic. I also got help from some of the Readerellas to help me improve my story. So really guys thank you so much for stating out your opinions about my story because it helped me improve more!

Please forgive me if I don't publish early because I am also writing my LESBIAN fanfic! You can check it out if you want! It's called United. It's a Catradora fanfic!

Now ya'll are probs wondering if Ami is gonna be here or if she gonna be here who will be her love interest.

So the answer is yes, she will be here but I decided to put her as a side character since I've noticed a lot doesn't like OC characters, ofc it broke my heart to see some complains about it but I couldn't help it since I already published my book so I decided to make Ami a side character.

So Im really thankful that you guys stick to my first fanfic despite it having a OC character🤧🙏

So if you all like Ami, Im really sorry to make her as a side character🙏. Ami will be gay af btw.

Her ship name with her love interest is JadMi. Now ya'll must be wondering on who the fuck is JadMi

*gets a white board and fixes her imaginary glasses*

Mi comes from Ami, meaning Army which is the Fandom of BTS now you're probably wondering why do I want to stick with the name, Ami and tbh it's because I got lazy thinking of a name lmao—

Jad comes from Jade. I know what your thinking who tf is Jade. Maybe if I say Jade West, does it ring any bells?

YES! YOU ARE VERY MUCH CORRECT, It's the one and only scissor lover, Jade West from Victorious, one of the greatest of the greatest shows in Nickelodeon! Man, I miss the old shows! Who's with me 🙌

Can I just say Im totally gay for her. Especially when she sang Take a Hint. The way she counted 1 2 and 3 made me even more gay than ever and the way she said "Baby girl" to Cat in that episode!!! Besides *puts on a lenny faceu* I know ya'll are gay for her too.

If Im being honest Jade is the reason why I changed my sexuality☺️☺️☺️ and I ain't complaining....

Can I just say I don't ship Beck and Jade that much because Beck is a bad boyfriend, he legit just let the girls flirt with him and Jade has to be the one that stops the girls. Im like boiiiiiiii wake the fuck up.

I actually ship Tori and Jade more lmao but I wanna try JadMi.

So if you hate the idea of Jade being ship with you (Ami), you can leave because Im not asking you to read my book😊

Okay sorry, Leggo back to the story

Before we start with the story, shall we go with the list of warnings?


1) Contains an OC main character

2) Contains boy x boy (Taekook, Namjin)

3) Poly Relationships (YoonMinSeok)

4) Contains girl x girl (JadMi)

5) Smut and kinky shit

• T O P ⤴️

- Hoseok

- Namjoon

• B O T T O M ⤵️

- Jimin

- Jin

• S W I T C H 🔁

- Yoongi

- Taehyung

- Jungkook

6) Intense Bullying

7) Your author's shitty writing.

Incase you guys don't know what a switch is. A Switch is a person who can be a dominant and submissive at the same time.

Since I really don't know any k pop groups, wanna tell me your favorite ship from your favorite group? So I might put them hereeee!!!

If you wanna know more about Jade, I highly recommend to watch Victorious. It's on Netflix!

OH BTW! For the new readers here! When I was writing Fire Meets Water. I officially call my readers, Readerellas because of a song I made with Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

I call myself Fairy god Author but readerellas here call me Author-nim which is find too AHAHAHAHAH.

Enjoy Snake of Greece, Readerellas!!!

Word count: 772

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