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Escape From Aincrad

By wonk0007


Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Let the game begin (Devin)

When I woke up the morning of November 6th 2015, I did not expect to be trapped within a game and forced to live and fight to survive and escape. All I knew was, my let's just say "sister", Samantha was going to be unveiling her invention that took two months in order to complete. I walked into my basement, avoiding the mess my sisters had made, and approached the back wall cautiously. Upon doing so, I pulled a remote out of my pocket and pressed the big red button on it. Suddenly, the wall in front of me began to crack. The wall where the crack appeared split open to reveal a vortex, which I then entered.

After exiting the vortex I was in a basement almost exactly the same as my own, but this one had a few differences, I then proceeded to watch the crack repair itself and disappear. I then walked towards what looked like a fuse box, and technically it was, and pressed the button that calls the elevator to the surface. I, of course, entered the elevator and took it down to the lab of my "sister" Samantha.

I entered the lab, a mix of sweat and some kind of oil filled my nostrils, and noticed a set of blueprints on the giant monitor of Sam's computer. Just because I think you might need a little setting explanation the lab is a large, rectangular, room with a computer with a giant monitor in the corner farthest from the elevator. The rest of the room is filled with Sam's countless inventions on display.

The walls, normally really clean, seemed to have burn marks on them. In the center of the room was something being covered by a large tarp. I was going to look at what was beneath the tarp, but Sam ran in and stopped dead in her tracks in front of me.

"Good to see you!" Sam exclaimed to me, sounding much more excited than usual, while crossing to the tarp and removing it. Underneath it was a table with three odd, yet familiar, looking helmets on top of it.

"I have two questions," I began, walking up to the table behind her, "What are these? And why are there three of them?".

"Simple enough." She answered, picking up one of the helmets, "These are a kind of memory storage device, which extracts your memories into it and replaces them into the head of someone of your bloodline after a time set by the wearer. Also, there are three because I asked Jamie to join us."

"Why are you letting me know now?!" I exclaim to her as I hear the sound of the elevator opening behind me and saw Jamie step out. Jamie is a year younger than us, but is actually a bit taller which feels kind of odd. Of course I am older than a friend of mine by a few months, and he is taller than me so I can't complain too much. I notice her nails slowly transforming back to their normal state, as well as a bit of hair receding from her hands. Meaning she must have transformed into her wolf form, and back to her normal form, at one point before heading down here.

"What happened?" I asked as she walked up to us with a nonchalant expression on her face.

"I may have attacked your cat Sam." Jamie replied to Sam, a ashamed expression on her face.

"Again? Really? You need to quit attacking her when she hisses at you!" Sam exclaimed, trying to turn our attention to the experiment.

"Well she needs to learn not to aggravate me, or she has it coming!" Jamie counters as she tries to keep calm.

"So how did you get time to build a third helmet?" I questioned Sam, starting to think of how it took two months to build two of them.

"It's simple really," Jamie began walking towards me, and placing her hand on my shoulder, "I asked, she delivered.". Jamie began to examine the helmet, checking for anything that seemed the least bit odd, and when she found nothing just decided to wander around the room for some reason.

"Should I even ask?" I questioned as she began sniffing around for something of interest to her. "It's best not to." Jamie answered, continuing to sniff around the room, "Aha! Found it!".

She then pulled out a small device, that looked a camera, out of a corner and proceeded to crush it with her foot. "We were being watched!" Jamie exclaimed as she went to the elevator and went for the lockdown button.

"Actually," Sam stated, stopping Jamie from hitting the button, "that was a hidden camera system I've been working on, that cost thousands of dollars to produce, so thanks.". You may be wondering how Sam got that kind of money? I myself have no idea. Trust me, I've tried asking her about it, but she won't divulge to me where it comes from only that it exists.

Once Sam took an hour to build a new camera to replace the old one, we were ready to get back on track again. "So where are we going to?" I asked Sam as we walked back to the table.

"Probably around seven years or so because I am unsure of how far we are able to travel." she answered picking up one of the helmets and turns a dial on the side that sets the year. "All we have to do is place it on our heads, set it, and turn it on not in that order." Sam continued after setting the year to 2022 and placing it on her head. Jamie and I followed hesitantly and we all turned them on.

Everything went black and I felt like I was falling slowly towards a ground that didn't exist. Suddenly I actually was falling, off a cliff to be specific, when I suddenly gained control of my body and grabbed onto the ledge before I could fall any farther. Looking around I saw a field spread in front of me with the cliff right behind me. Then, out of nowhere, a boar suddenly began charging at me and pushed me a good few feet away from where I previously stood. Just now noticing the sword in my hand I began to slash at the boar until, for some odd reason, it burst into a bright light and disappeared.

I then noticed a town not too far from where I was and ran into it. Upon entering the town, I began to notice a few very odd things that I did not notice when I first arrived. First off, there was music playing that changed as I entered the town. Second, I noticed a weird GUI out of the corner of my left eye with a health bar and level, as well as the name Alex to the left of the health bar. Next, I had accidentally opened a menu by moving my hand in a downward motion. On the menu I looked at all the stats, items, and skills that I had just as a message popped up on my screen...

To: Alex
From: Dax
Subject: Are you alright?
Hey sis, sorry that I'm a bit busy in town. Are you alright by the way?
I saw that you took a large amount of damage, and thought that you
might needing a bit of help. So, if you need it, let me know and I can
help you out with fighting because of my experience in the beta of SAO.

...The first thing to catch my eye was that he said "sis" which made me notice, for some reason just now, that I was a girl. Another thing, that also had to do with that statement was that he called me his sister, meaning I must be related to him. I had decided to send a message back to him, telling him I'm okay...

To: Dax
From: Alex
Subject: No need to worry
Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine and I think I can handle myself. Thanks
for the offer though. I just got into a town so I should be fine.

Just as I sent the message, something else sank in. He had said SAO, meaning Sword Art Online, which is an anime I had watched until I had started watching Steins;Gate. I then started wondering how I could be within this death game. Just then two girls ran past me and toppled me over. Standing up, I chased after them as my head began to flood with the memories of whoever I was. I began to see memories of her parents, and noticed that I happened to be this girl's father but was unable to recognize who her mother was. I also recognized the two girls that had pushed me aside. The one on the left was the daughter of Samantha, and the one on the right was Jamie's daughter. I started to question how it was possible that we could be the parents of kids close to our age seven years in the future.

"Hey!" I yelled to the other two as I caught up to them, "Why the hell did you push me over!". They turned to see me and took a second to exchange glances before answering.

"Sorry, we were just looking for someone we ran into a few minutes ago." Sam's daughter, her name is Erica by the way, apologised before continuing, "Have you seen him? He said his name was Devin, and I don't mean your older brother.".

"Hold on, Samantha is that you?" I asked suddenly recognizing the speech patterns of the self-acclaimed "Smartest Girl Alive" because she has her own way of speaking.

"Devin? Well, I must say I like the new look." Sam jokes, becoming less tense knowing that it's me, "How the hell did that happen?".

Resisting the urge to slap her I answered, "How should I know, all I remember is turning on the helmet, and then waking up about to fall off the edge of a cliff.". We took a few minutes to ponder what could have caused all of this, but ended up drawing a blank. "Also," I continued with another question to ask Sam, "how did we end up in the bodies of our kids if we are in the year 2022?".

This stumped Sam and made her take a while to think, but was unable to come up with an answer to that question either.

Suddenly, there was a large flash of light and we were teleported into, what looked like, the center of town.

We all began trying to figure what it was that just happened, when something that looked like a force field appeared in the sky with the words "System Message" showing within each hexagon-shaped panel of the force field. Everyone went silent as something that looked like blood dripped down through the force field and formed a giant empty cloak with hands floating above the ground.

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