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By CaitlinOlivia


Chapter 5

The library has always been my favourite place in Hogwarts. I find the quiet peaceful and the smell of parchment is everywhere, which I love. Over the years I’d managed to create my own private study area behind the History of Magic shelves, because nobody ever does that homework accept me, where I could hide books that I needed but couldn’t carry back to the common room. I’d also stashed several cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties along with a big fluffy cushion to sit on in one of the storage cupboards nearby. I settled down in my private corner of the school ready for a rainy Sunday afternoon of reading and putting the finishing touches to my homework. I decided to put the homework first just to get it out of the way so I could really relax and get some well needed me time. I pulled the various pieces of parchments and books from my bag and then retrieved a few pasties to keep me going.

A few hours later I found myself staring out the window over the lake. I could just make out Hagrid, with the collar up on his massive hairy jacket, skirting the edge of the waters with his boarhound puppy loaping along beside him. I couldn’t get the look on Severus’ face out of my mind’s eye; it bothered me more than it should have. I’d tried to think of a way to forgive him but I couldn’t find one. It was the biggest insult anyone could ever say to someone like me in the wizarding world and on top of his dark arts involvement, I’d lost Sev.

The back of my neck began to prickle as I felt a presence in my usually empty corner. I looked over my shoulder but there was no one there but when I turned back to my table there was suddenly someone sat opposite me.

“Merlin Potter, don’t creep up on me!”

The scruffy haired boy in front of me chuckled as he tucked what looked like a jacket or something material into his backpack. “Sorry Evans but the look on your face was priceless!”

“Great so now you’ve come to my private area just to mock me” I grumbled shoving my parchment back into my bag. He stood up quickly blocking my exit.

“Wait” he said holding his hand up in surrender “I didn’t come here to mock you I promise, I just-”

“Spit it out Potter”

“Will you please sit back down Lily?” The use of my first name shocked me so much that I actually did as he asked. I sat bolt straight on the edge of the chair and watched as he slowly lowered himself opposite me.

“I just came to say I’m sorry for everything”

“Everything?” I scoffed “that’s a bit broad you’ve done a fair bit you know”

“Fine” I saw his teeth clench and unclench. “I came to apologise…for berating you all these years trying to get you to go out with me and for bullying Snape when he was your friend and he didn’t deserve it and I wanted you to know that I’m going to stop, that I’m and immature idiot who has some growing up to do”.

He sighed deeply and got up to leave; I stayed watching at his empty chair but when I didn’t hear his footsteps walking away from me I looked to see why. His back was still to me and he was still. He turned on his heel.

“There is one thing that’s been bothering me recently though” I froze anticipating his next words. When I didn’t speak he continued. “What’s that?”

I relaxed seeing what he was pointing to – the pen I’d been doing my homework with was still out on the table.

“Oh James, that’s a pen; a muggle quill”

And that is how our rocky friendship started.

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