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I Love You ..But Do You?


Y/N loves Jungkook from the begining of their friendship but wasn't courageous enough to to confess . But one day Jungkook starts dating his crush. which hurts Y/N . as time passes Y/N and JK work together but something happens in their relationship which changes JK friendship towards Y/N as Hatred. what happens to two bestfriends ?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

' JEON JUNGKOOK! STOP RIGHT THERE.' I was shouting at my bestfriend who is running after spilling coffee on my assignments.
Hi I'm Y/N I am 20 years old and to be honest in this freakingly big college I have only one friends because I'm an introvert I'm not comfortable talking or starting a conversation . But with this boy I'm really comfortable. We have been friends for more than 4 years and we do share each and everything with each other.
Y/N: ' Are you going to do this stupid assignment again? You are so dead now.'
J.K: ' HAHAHHAH! Y/N when I told you that if you won't listen to me I will drop coffee on your work .... I WASN'T KIDDING HAHHA!'
He said laughing loudly like crazy.
Y/N : ' Okay stop! I can't run anymore . Just tell me what you wanted to say I have to go to class also'
J.K : ' Promise me you won't hit me once I come there."
He said showing his bunny teeth which made me smile.
Y/N :' okay..'
He came back to his seat and we took our places "So what is it?" I asked which made him - blush? I was confused i wait for his answer but he didn't reply . " Boi are you going to tell or not?" I said again which made him more blushed . At this point I was so confused . I looked at him confused again waiting for his and not acheiving anything other than a wide smile. I sigh and said " Okay whatever it is tell me after the classes end I'm already 5 minutes late for the class" I said getting up from my seat and turning around to leave but he said something which stopped me .
J.K: ' IU accepted my proposal!'
he said I turn around to see no one else but a weirdly smiling Jungkook.
Y/N: ' Congratulations kook'
I said and smiling and left the place.
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