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Running into love with Mr CEO


She was his peace. He was her warmth.

Romance / Drama
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Chp 1: First meet.

Pringggggg pringggggg

Yeah yeahhhh i am upppppp i screamed to the clock which didn't stop but then i made it to shut up.

Its 6.30Am

Very much important day is ahead of me today.

A week ago i applied for some jobs in the business world and then i was lucky enough to get a lot of responses in 3 days so i shortlisted 3 companies for whom i would like to work but there's this company.

Kim corporation's which is ruling the business world here in UK.

Its main head company is in korea.

Yeahh i am half asian and half english.

My mum was English.

And i am excited about my interview here because it will be a good opportunity for me to work for both countries.

I have heard a lot about the CEO of the company.

Mr kim taehyung.

According to what i have heard.

He is an intimidating dominant person and with attitude which says i-take-no-fucks

Obviously he is a freaking prodigy at such a young age of 25

and he looks like a greek god.

Obviously if i achieve such things being this young even i would have an attitude but yeahh enough of talking.

I got out of my bed and and connected my phone with its charger and then made my way towards my not so little closet.

I keep it classy and elegant which mean professional. I had my breakfast and i booked an uber which arrived and in sometime there i was standing infront of the company.

I entered the building it was really big inside and i can see people really well dressed and i can see almost all women who are in their 20s or above 25 are dressed like almost sluts no offense tho.

I was told on the call that i should directly come at the 17th floor which was the second last floor so i was in the lift and when i reached the 17th floor. It was so damnn well furnished same as they show in the movies.

I saw women sitting in the line like approximately there were so many women so i was lil bit scared that what if i failed in front of them but still trying can be luck sometimes.

So some ladies gave me a bitchy look and no doubt they were almost naked tho. I didn't give a fuck to them to be honest.

And almost 50 ladies were already interviewed and all of them got rejected. I was about to think that i dont even stand a chance then.

But now it was my turn so first of all i knocked on the door and then i heard someone who replied "Come in". It was a really deep and macho voice tho.

As soon as i entered i was frozen because of the greek god which was sitting in front of me and suddenly he locked his eyes with mine and damnnn i died and went to heaven. I was in awe of his charm. But i just broke the lock eyes thing and i made sure i shouldn't look like i am devastated by his beauty i am here for job and i should be professional enough.

That's what i can think about.lol

I was sitting in front of him with a straight back n all of my confidence.

I am Kim Taehyung

the CEO of Kim Corporations and the one you will be working for.

His masculine sexy voice omg.😍

Hello Mr. Kim i am Park Jinhee and i am here for the interview.

I replied.

And i passed my résumé to him.

And i saw he raised his one eyebrow and then what he told next to me, i thought of slapping myself to realize that is it true????

"You can get the job!!"

He said!!!

I was in nirvana, but still i kept my voice straight.

Ohh thank you MR.Kim!!

I said.


Would you mind working as my personal assistant?

He said.

I just got froze.....his whatt???....omgg.

I just nodded in front of him.

"In here you should reply as yess or no f.y.i!!".

His cold tone exclaimed.

Y..yess Mr. Kim!!

I dont mind.

Thank you!!

I replied.

And i left his cabin and when i went out i heard some comments that how the fuck i became his assistant but here i was so i was told I'll be starting from tomorrow.

I went to the cake shop and bought myself something sweet to eat because unfortunately i had nobody to share my happiness with.

Yesss i am alone and lonely..... forever maybe.

And i was all set for tomorrow

Kim Taehyung's POV

Such a hectic day

Its not fun when you need to go through a lot of overly horny women damnn hormones.

Every woman i met always wanted me to fuck them.

But then she walked in.

And turned the tables!

She didn't wore to impress me or something.

That thing caught my attention more.

She was looking genuine.

So i thought she qualifies more for my PA as she seems harmless and yeahh attractive too.

I dont know why i am so interested in my new assistant........ufff

Tomorrow is her first day and bet me You are more excited than her tae!!

A voice exclaimed!!!

Wait i was thinking out loud??


Ohhhh seokjin hyung??? By the way dont say crap i am not excited!!!

Why would i be huh??

I said....

Okayy fine lets accept you are not baby bro why are you getting so defensive???huhh??

Seokjin hyung said....

Ohhh hyung i am gonna go in my room it is already night time.



Ohh yeahh bad night and bitter dreams!!!

I said... And i heard hyung laugh and trust me he laughs horribly tho...

I entered my room and started unbuttoning my cuffs and then i thought of taking a shower.

Why is she still running through my mind huh why even i am thinking about her for no reason.

I didn't even know she existed till today and today here i am thinking just about her.

I know nothing about her but i want to know.

So i took my phone out and dialled a number, he will help me.

Jeon jungkook.

He is like a brother to me.

Jk: it better be something serious taehyung.

T: why? You fucking?

Jk: i am SLEEPING!!

What's the matter tho?

T: i need a lot of information about someone.

Jk: her name?

T: par..... wait how do you know its her and and his?

Jk: i just know

stop speaking monotonously

T: Park jinhee

And yeah as a boss i should know about my employee so its just random dont make any assumptions.

Jk: i didn't even utter a word

And from when did you start giving shits about your employees huh? You dont even know the name of the HR taehyung who you are kidding. Whatever I'll tell you give me a week or something.

I didn't even respond i just hunged up.


I am sleepy??

Yeahh i am.


To be continued!!!

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