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Chloé Denali (A Jacob Black/Twilight Fan Fic)


Chloé Denali, the youngest sister to the Tanya, Kate, and Irina. What happens when the Cullen's leave Forks to Alaska? What happens when Chloé get suspicious of Laurent and follows him back to Forks? Will things turn for the better or worst? Read to find out. ➰➰➰➰➰➰➰ ATTENTION!!! I DON'T OWN ANYTHING FROM TWILIGHT!!! THIS IS JUST A HARMLESS FAN FIC!!! THANK YOU😇

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chloé Denali

Full Name: Chloé Ameliana Denali

Age: 1,000 Years Old (Looks 18)


~Normal Vampire Gifts (Speed, Drink Blood, Strength, Heighten Senses, Quick Healing, etc.)

~Human Abilities (Cry, Eat Food, Bleeding, etc.)

~Invisibility (Can turn herself and other things/people invisible just by a wave of her hand)


~Tanya (Sister)

~Kate (Sister)

~Irina (Sister)

~Carmen (Coven Member)

~Eleazar (Coven Member)

~Carlisle Cullen (Coven Cousin/ Father Figure)

~Esme Cullen (Coven Cousin/ Mother Figure)

~Rosalie Hale (Coven Cousin/ Best Friend)

~Emmett Cullen (Coven Cousin/ Big Brother Figure)

~Alice Cullen (Coven Cousin)

~Jasper Hale (Coven Cousin)

~Edward Cullen (Coven Cousin)

~Bella Swan (Soon-To-Be Coven Cousin)

~Jacob Black (Love Interest/Denied Rightful Alpha)

~Sam Uley (Pack Alpha)

~Jared Cameron (Pack Member)

~Paul Lahote (Pack Member)

~Embry Call (Pack Member)

~Emily Young (Alpha’s Imprint)




~The Volturi

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