There have always been rumours about a mysterious group of vigilantes – they did anything—even murder, as long as you paid. No one knows who they are. Until Izuki Shun got caught up with them one day.

Action / Thriller
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There have always been rumours about a mysterious group of vigilantes – they did anything—even murder, as long as you paid. No one knows who they are. Until Izuki Shun got caught up with them one day, learning of their identities—and also learning more about their pursuit of justice and their dark shadowy pasts. Izuki/Fem!Kuroko

Meant to start an assassin story for some time now, and the theme might be a tad bit similar to my Blood Red Moon story. Also, since I've been portraying the Generation of Miracles in a not so nice light of late, I thought I want to portray them differently this time. And I kind of want to try my hand at a different pairing for this story, though I honestly have no idea how I'm going to pull it off.

Pairings: Izuki/Tamaki.

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Nice Akashi. Assassin Generation of Miracles. Violence. Gore. Character deaths.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: ICE

"In the end, assassin, civilian or officer. We are all just the same—just pebbles in the avalanche." - Kuroko Tamaki


All six pairs of eyes in the room looked up as one as the door to the room that they're in swung opened with a light creak, and all conversation stilled. Even as they met the red eyes of their leader, they all knew what it is about now—judging by the look on his face.

The teal head and only female of their group—also their second-in-command sighed as she stood up, getting up from the couch that she had been sitting in, closing her book with a light snap even as she faced the ruby red eyes of their leader.

"Another mission?" she stated more than questioned resignedly. The redhead nodded grimly, and next to the teal head, the orange haired boy sighed, covering his eyes.

"How many does this make now?" he murmured.

"Damn it!" The dark skinned boy with short dark blue hair over in a corner slammed his fist down hard onto the table by his side, causing the cup of water on the table to upset itself. "How long are they going to force us to do this?"

"They said that this would be the last, right?" The blonde asked almost hopefully, looking up from where he had been sitting on the carpeted ground in the underground room, leaning with his back against the couch that their second-in-command had been occupying. "That they'll let us go after that—that we can leave the syndicate."

"That's what they said the last time too. And the time before last." The redhead growled, closing the door behind him with a nudge of his foot. "I don't think they have any plans on letting us go."

The teal head was silent for a long time, looking from face to face before she locked gazes with the redhead, and both gave nods. "…We've been thinking about this for some time now," she said at last, and as one, everyone turned their heads towards their second-in-command. "We have a plan—one that we would like you to listen to."

The green head who had been extremely silent frowned. "What are you both thinking—"



Kuroko Tamaki's eyes shot opened as she sat up immediately, narrowly missing hitting Kagami Taiga's nose as he tried to wake her up. Thankfully, the redhead moved his head just in time, or he would be nursing a bruised nose right about now.

"Lessons are over." Kagami told his best friend. "We don't have basketball practice today, but do you want to go to Maji's with me?" He offered.

"Yeah." Kuroko Tamaki nodded, rubbing at her eyes to get the sleep out of it before she got to her feet, packing her books back into her bag before swinging it over her shoulder. "Let's go."

The hallway of the freshmen classrooms in Seirin High are still packed with students all lounging around, as it is a Friday, and they are no doubt making plans for the weekend. Even still, with Kagami's tall and broad frame, they easily made it through the hallway.

Even as they walked, Kagami glanced curiously at the smaller and shorter teal haired girl walking beside him, her teal blue hair reaching down to just below her shoulders, with sapphire blue eyes.

It had been a little over a month ever since the new school year had started, and he had joined the basketball club. Basketball had always been a large part of his life since early childhood when he had been growing up in America. He had been disheartened when he'd first come to Japan, finding that the level for basketball is way below that of America's. At least until he'd entered Seirin and learned about the Generation of Miracles—the legendary team of six basketball players that had taken the basketball world by storm starting from their first year in middle school, thus making a no-name school for basketball like Teiko Middle shoot to fame in just under a year.

Even now, despite Kagami having seen what Tamaki had been capable of during their first practice match against their seniors, the redhead still found it difficult to believe that this petite and small teal head is the vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles—the Number Two player in the basketball high school circuit, and also the legendary tactician. Honestly, having seen what Tamaki is capable of makes even Kagami doubt his chances in a one-on-one game against his teammate.

"It's unusual to see you falling asleep in class." Kagami commented even as they arrived at their lockers, switching their shoes out. "Didn't get much sleep last night?"

Tamaki glanced at him over her shoulder even as she switched her shoes out, placing the indoor shoes within her shoe locker and locking it. "Something like that," she replied, as the pair walked out of the school, taking the route to Maji Burger. "Even still, I can still manage to keep my position as top student. So you don't have to worry."

Kagami grumbled something beneath his breath even as the pair walked into Maji Burger—with one of the counter staff giving a greeting as they walked in. It is true that Tamaki wouldn't lose her position as top student even if she should fall asleep in classes or even skip a few days of school. He couldn't say the same for himself however. If it hadn't been for Tamaki who made a copy of her notes and tutored him in subjects that he couldn't understand, he would likely have flunked every single one of his classes.

"So Inter High is starting up soon." Kagami commented even as he returned to their usual table, carrying a tray with a mountain of burgers and a large cup of Diet Coke, also helping Tamaki to order her usual order of a small cup of vanilla milkshake and a small packet of fries. "You're going to be busy for awhile, aren't you?" He asked his teammate.

Their coach, Aida Riko couldn't be anymore grateful to Tamaki's help with the research and intelligence gathering on their opponents, and even helping the brunette coach to devise training regimes. The teal head definitely didn't gain her reputation as the top tactician in the high school basketball circuit for nothing. She had a sharp mind—always thinking at least five steps ahead of everyone. Though sometimes, her tactics can be a little…brutal. Kagami can definitely understand now why everyone feared facing the Generation of Miracles.

Izuki Shun, the Point Guard of their team had been assisting Tamaki with her work outside of basketball training, and both teens have several long discussions about strategies and tactics, and even training regimes. Apparently, the normally quiet freshman could be very talkative if you talked to her about the correct topics or even asked her the correct questions.

'Can you be my girlfriend?' not being one of them.

Kagami would know; he had chased away countless guys who had been after his teammate like a dog in heat. He was even more unnerved when a couple of seniors were after Tamaki as well.

Apparently, Tamaki's silent and aloof nature attracts people to her like a flower attracts bees. Though come to think of it, Kagami and the rest of the team still doesn't know much about their teammate outside of the fact that she lives alone and is an orphan, and is also the vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles.

"I'll manage." Tamaki answered even as they finished up the last of their food and exited Maji Burger. The skies are turning a crimson orange by this time. "I've been through worse." She added, a flash of something crossing her eyes so quickly that Kagami could only wonder if it is just a trick of the light.

A cyclist sped in between the gap that Kagami and Tamaki had between them just then, causing the redhead to jump out of the way to prevent getting his foot run over. "Hey, watch where you're going!" Kagami hollered at the back of the cyclist who didn't let up in the least, disappearing around a corner. "Damn cyclist." He muttered before turning back to his teammate. "Want me to walk you home?"

"No. I have somewhere else to be. I'll see you at school on Monday." Tamaki said before the two said their farewells, and Kagami then walked down the route that would take him to his house.

Tamaki waited until the redhead was out of sight before she uncovered the slip of paper hidden in her left hand—being pressed into her hand by the cyclist from earlier as he cut in between Tamaki and Kagami. She unfolded the slip of paper, reading the single line written on it in vaguely familiar handwriting before she rubbed on the edge of the paper, thus effectively setting it on fire.

"So it begins." Tamaki murmured to herself.

"Hey Kuroko-chan!" The friendly guard always guarding the entrance of the Prime Minister's residence greeted the teal head as she approached. Darkness is nearly falling by now, but as everyone working in the Japan government and the police knows by now—working in the Prime Minister's residence meant you rarely get days off. "Are you here to see the Prime Minister?"

Tamaki nodded to the guard wordlessly before she entered the residence.

The guard didn't mind in the least that she hadn't answered him; only giving him a polite nod. In fact, the few who had known of her existence and even what she does for the Prime Minister are starting to wonder if Kuroko Tamaki knows how to talk. If they haven't heard her talking to the Prime Minister or even the individual heads of the SP (Special Police) and the Public Security Division, they would have assumed that she's mute.

Katsuragi and Ishigami—the heads of SP and Public Security respectively are some of the rare few that have engaged in conversation with the teen for the past few years, and both are very impressed with the high intelligence that she possesses. They are also aware of her history, and just what led to her working for the Prime Minister—with knowledge of her existence and also that of her friends being kept under lock and key.

"Come in." A voice from behind the door of the Prime Minister's office echoed as Tamaki knocked on the door, and she entered.

A gentle looking man with gray hair sat behind the desk—a face that had appeared on television countless times staring back at her from behind the desk. The Prime Minister of Japan smiled at the teal head as he rose to his feet, even as the teen closed the door behind her.

"Kuroko-chan, it's nice to see you again." He greeted, only to be greeted by a polite nod. "Well, we both know why I've summoned you here." He handed a brown file to Tamaki who took it with a raised brow. A mug shot of a middle aged man stared back at Tamaki as she opened the file. "His name's Kawobe. He's actually arrested for suspicion of murder for several politicians and civilians. However, every single time we are about to charge him with several counts of murder, the evidence somehow always disappeared." The Prime Minister scowled. "Public Security managed to track down his latest location—all the information is in that file." He met Tamaki's eyes. "You know what to do."

Tamaki nodded. "We'll get it done," she said, closing the file with a light snap, and slipping it into her bag.

She was about to leave when she heard a soft apology from the Prime Minister of Japan in front of her, and she looked up—straight into the eyes of the man who had been protecting her and her friends for all these years ever since they've been rescued—seeing to it that they try to lead as normal lives as possible outside of the few 'jobs' that they took up occasionally—given by the Prime Minister.

"I'm sorry." The Prime Minister said apologetically once more. "If truth be told, I honestly don't want you or your friends to continue doing what you were forced to do once—back when you were members of Black Sun. I wanted you kids to try to integrate back into society once more, trying to lead normal lives. But…"

"We understand." Tamaki closed her eyes briefly. "Besides, killing is all that we know. It's the only life we know." She admitted at last. Tamaki walked towards the door, resting her hand on the doorknob before she paused once more. "I got a question, Prime Minister."


"Back then…" Tamaki turned to look over her shoulder at the Prime Minister. "Back then, why didn't you kill us? Why did you spare us?" She met the Prime Minister's eyes. "You had Kashiwagi killed on your orders—and I understand why. But he trained us. All of us. Since early childhood—when we were taken from our families before we were even old enough to understand right from wrong, and given the ability to think for ourselves. We were assassins. The best of the best. All of us trained in every kind of warfare, battle tactics and even trained to use every kind of weapon ever known. We've probably killed as many people as he did by the time that the SP and Public Security have rounded up Black Sun four years ago." She stared at the Prime Minister. "The rest of the syndicate were executed along with Kashiwagi. So why didn't you kill us? Is it because we're kids?"

The Prime Minister was silent for several moments before a wry smile crossed his lips. "In a way, yes," he said. "I have a son about your age—probably just a few years older. He is in his second year of high school now. Back then, I couldn't help thinking that it could have been my son who had been in your place. I couldn't prevent the horrific things that had been done to you. Neither could I prevent that all seven of you have been ripped from your families—and we still have no idea who they are so that we can tell them that their children are still alive. And for that, I'm sorry. But the least that I can do is to make sure that the seven of you live lives as normal as possible."

Tamaki was silent for several moments. "Sei had told you once before—even before you decided to kind of keep our talents as assassins secret, only engaging our services on very rare occasions. We can't really return to normal lives any longer—not with this much blood on our hands," she said wryly. She met the Prime Minister's eyes. "In the end, assassin, civilian or officer. We are all just the same—just pebbles in the avalanche." She murmured before shaking her head. "We'll get the job done."

Then she was gone.

For a very long moment, the Prime Minister of Japan sighed before he reached into his drawer and pulled out a black folder with the words 'Classified' stamped across it in red, with the words 'ICE' written at the bottom of the folder. He opened it, revealing several mug shots of children not much older than eleven or twelve on the first page of the folder.

The syndicate Black Sun had been an organisation that the entire nation of Japan, along with several other nations have been after for years now—even during the time of the Prime Minister before him. Approximately ten years ago, a series of kidnappings have taken place all over the nation, with the children being taken around the ages of two to four—barely toddlers old enough to know right from wrong. Those children were never found, and ransoms were never demanded from their grief stricken parents either.

Then when the Prime Minister himself had just ascended to the post about four years ago, a member of the SP had stumbled across sensitive information about the syndicate Black Sun when a series of killings have been taking place across the world. The member of the SP had stumbled upon a pair of kids—barely middle school age who have turned out to be child assassins of Black Sun, much to their horror. Those children have given them a deal—that if they give them information and tell them everything that they knew about the syndicate, they will offer amnesty to them and their friends who have never wanted to be part of this world to begin with.

Due to their young ages, and after determining that the children speak the truth, the Prime Minister had then agreed. A raid was then launched on the headquarters of the syndicate, with it causing heavy casualties on both sides. In the end however, most of the members of the syndicate were executed. There were still a few that are on the loose however—and the reason why the children's new identities were being kept secret today.

As for the children that have managed to escape the clutches of the organisation, the Prime Minister had created new identities for them, and has some of his trusted officers teach them the basics of everyday life—enrolling them into school after that so that they could live in society.

Due to how they have been brought up however, those children could never really get away from killing—and are essentially assassins. The few who actually knew who they are however couldn't stomach the thought of killing these kids. Finally, a member of the Prime Minister's bodyguard detail who used to serve in Special Forces have suggested that these children be 'contract killers' in a sense for the Prime Minister—there to take out the threats to Japan that they couldn't order legally. It might sound cruel, but it is the only way to suit all parties. Those children who are teens now functions under the unit name 'ICE'. And not all their jobs are given by the Prime Minister either. Some of those jobs are actually requested by the teens themselves.

Essentially, they are given the go-ahead to kill as long as they kept the Prime Minister informed and such. Those teens are no monsters however. The Prime Minister had never recalled a single person that they've killed being an innocent. Those that have earned the ire of ICE are typically villains or those that have wronged someone but couldn't be punished by the law for various reasons.

The Prime Minister flipped over the first page, revealing a profile page of a redhead, complete with a recent photo and his stats and even his skills. The leader of ICE, and also the one who plans their operations. Akashi Seijuro.

"I was too young to remember when I was first taken by the syndicate. But I do remember that Number Two had been my cousin. The syndicate—Kashiwagi taught me how to plan operations. I am a weapons specialist. I was also their leader in a sense, along with one other—"

The next page reveals the shot of a green headed teen with glasses, looking extremely serious and studious—the very picture of a scholar. Midorima Shintaro.

"I am the team's doctor—I was trained in medical techniques—trained to patch up my teammates and comrades from any injuries that they've sustained during training or missions. I was taught to be a sniper—guns and bullets have always been my best friends as a child. There is no target too far away for me. I never miss my shot or my target—"

The third page is that of a handsome blonde—with looks that could easily gain him a job as a model anywhere. Kise Ryota.

"I am their infiltrator—a master of disguises. I could get into any place easily—trained to gather information from any target—man or woman by using my charm to seduce or lie—"

The next page is that of a bored looking teen with unusual purple hair. Murasakibara Atsushi.

"My job is just to make sure that my teammates get back alive. Nothing more. I am their protector, their shield—their Defender—"

The fifth page is that of a dark skinned teen with short dark blue hair, with an almost feral look in his eyes and face. Aomine Daiki.

"In missions, I am the first to be sent in to wreck havoc—to kill as many people as I could before the enemy takes me down. But no one has killed me yet. I am their brawler—the main attacker—"

The next page is that of an orange haired teen with soft brown eyes. At first glance, he seems to be an ordinary kid. Ogiwara Shigehiro.

"I'm an all rounder—a weapons specialist. I typically work with Number Two as the team's information specialist and hacker—"

The last page reveals a shot of the only female of the group—their second-in-command, and also normally their representative when a member of ICE needs to head to the Prime Minister's residence. Kuroko Tamaki.

"I am anything that the team needs me to be—an infiltrator, a hacker, a killer, an information specialist or even a sniper. Guns and knives are my speciality—I attack from far away or even from high places. I can enter places that most would have trouble with. I am their vice-captain—the one to make sure they return in one piece—"

The Prime Minister sighed, recalling the individual interviews that they have with these seven children four years ago when new identities were set up for them, and they became 'ICE'. When they've entered high school earlier this year however, all of them have split into different regions. As far as he knew, only three still remains in Tokyo.

"…We are former members of Black Sun. We have a proposal for you—one that we would like you to listen to…"

The Prime Minister closed the folder with a light snap.

"…Kashiwagi… You truly are a sinful man…"

A/N: It's probably pretty confusing for you at this point, but things will be explained slowly. I'm not sure if basketball will be coming in much in this story. As far as pairings goes, I'm leaning towards Izuki, as I want to write an unusual pairing for this story.

Anyway, I hope that you like this story and chapter, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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