A New Beginning - Vampire Academy fanfic

Chapter 7

"I'm not really sure the exact moment. When we first met, I knew she was different. I had a feeling she was special, I just didn't know in what way." I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. I'm entranced by the sound of his voice. A smile crosses my face as I close my eyes to listen to his bedtime story.

"I wasn't sure what the two girls were up to, what game they were playing. Running away was reckless, but sneaking out of the Academy unnoticed was crazy, brash and quite frankly I thought it was amazing. When I was assigned to Princess Dragomir as her official sanctioned Guardian, I was given her file, which to my surprise came with a rider file – Rosemarie Hathaway. I didn't ask questions I took the files and studied them thoroughly. When reports were called in that they'd been spotted I lead the team to retrieve them. I was given orders to bring back the Princess alive and well, but I was also authorized to use any means necessary against Miss Hathaway." I flinch slightly, but I'm not surprised Kirova would allow that.

"I never had any intention of harming her." Dimitri says to quiet Eddies protest.

"As you can imagine, her file was thick. So I already had a good idea of the type of person she was before I even met her. But her file didn't do her justice." He takes a deep breath before continuing.

"When we found them she saw me and I underestimated her. I thought it a possibility they may run, but I honestly didn't think she'd be that observant. When we caught up to them we had them surrounded. She protected Lissa so ferociously, the look in her eyes so defiant, I knew she would fight me and my team. When she attacked I assessed her skill. She had good form, just not the speed or strength behind her moves. And that's when I saw her neck. She'd been keeping Lissa alive and recently too." He sighs.

"In that moment, I realized there was a lot more to her than what was in her file. I was intrigued by this girl that had a file as thick as an encyclopedia and labeled a troublemaker. Yet she had the courage to keep her friend alive with her own blood, the audacity to defend her when she was out skilled, outnumbered, and while feeling the side effects from the endorphin's."

"Yeah, that sounds like our Rose." I hear Eddie say.

"The way she carried herself walking through the commons upon returning, told me everything I needed to know. I always felt bad about doing that, but I was ordered to bring them through with as much public humility as possible. Ironically, it didn't appear to have the desired effect upon Rose. She carried herself so knowingly, so sure of herself. I admired her for that. Everything I'd seen of her thus far was contradictory to what I'd read in her file. I saw the potential of an amazing guardian in her. During her meeting with Headmistress Kirova I saw why her file was so thick." A chuckle escapes his lips.

"Very rebellious, wild and undisciplined, she reminded me a lot of myself at her age. And then in her first class, she was so cocky and full of herself. She shocked me and I didn't think that possible. Her words, 'If you're going to think about me naked, do it on your own time' have been forever engraved in my mind." A laugh erupts from Eddie.

"I remember that. That was such a dramatic entrance, but then again that was pure Rose Hathaway style and we wouldn't have expected anything less. We were all glad to have her back." Eddie says after recovering.

"And the way she handled herself in Guardian Alto's class, how she responded under his scrutiny. Once again she surprised me. At the end of her first day I was once again amazed. I knew how defeated she was, but reluctant show it. She was too proud and stubborn." Another laugh escapes his lips.

"But, watching her for the first time being pulled into Lissa's head, truly had me worried. I was genuinely concerned for her. Then later during our first training session I felt a connection to her I'd never felt before." There was a long pause before he continued. "I guess my affections grew from there."

"When did you find out she had feelings for you?" Eddie asks.

"That my friend is a story for another time." I say as I sit up in bed. Dimitri looks at me lovingly and flashes his most sexy grin. Oh, my heart flutters with desire.

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