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Swearing to never touch basketball ever again after the fiasco at the National finals, Kuroko Tamaki and Ogiwara Shigehiro chose to leave in order to get away from the memories. Haikyu/KnB

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To Believe


Haikyuu crossover. Swearing to never touch basketball ever again after the fiasco at the National finals, Kuroko Tamaki and Ogiwara Shigehiro chose to leave in order to get away from the memories, finding themselves in Karasuno—with a new team and a new sport, thus deciding to help the once famous team climb to the top.

Right, here is it. The story that so many of you have been waiting for ever since I've first announced it—my first crossover with Kuroko no Basuke and Haikyuu—two of my favourite sports anime. This story is set in an AU in the Princess of Miracles' universe where instead of attending Seirin, Tamaki completely left basketball behind, and along with Shigehiro, left Tokyo where there are so many bad memories.

The chapters of this story will dance around the Haikyuu timeline, with Tamaki and Shigehiro actually taking a rather central role in the events of Karasuno High School. The main story starts a little after Karasuno's practice match with Seijo and before their practice match against Nekoma High School. Also, while I'm familiar with basketball and tennis—having played the two sports during my schooling years, I'm not all that familiar with volleyball, so pardon me if I get some stuff wrong.

As far as pairings goes however, I'm leaning in between Oikawa and Sugawara. Oikawa seems to be some unholy combination between Aomine, Kise and Midorima, whereas I had a personal liking for Sugawara, as he is a complete sweetheart in canon. The Generation of Miracles on the other hand won't be portrayed in such a positive light in this story save for perhaps Akashi however, as those of you who have read some of my other stories will be aware of since I seem to be on a 'hating the Generation of Miracles' roll lately. The first couple of chapters for this story will be pretty much an angst fest, but don't worry, it'll soon get better.

Pairings: Possible Sugawara/Tamaki.

Warnings: AU Universe. OOC. Gender swap. Minor character bashing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and Haikyuu and any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: To Believe

"If you can convince her to help you, that's half the battle won." - Takeda Ittetsu


The sounds of the whistle of the bullet train and that of people shouting over one another were the only sounds that could be heard at the Tokyo train station even as Kuroko Tamaki and Ogiwara Shigehiro stood on the platform, solemn looks on their faces, each with their own luggage and belongings even as Kuroko Yuki came to see them off on the train to the Miyagi prefecture.

It had barely been three days since the results of the middle school seniors' final examination results had been released and since the middle school graduation, but both Kuroko Tamaki and Ogiwara Shigehiro could take it no more.

They couldn't stand to remain in Tokyo any longer—despite it having been their home for most of their lives. The fiasco at the championship league kept surfacing to their minds—of how the Teiko basketball regulars have toyed with Meiko Middle and how they have fixed the score. Neither Tamaki nor Akashi have played in the final match against Meiko due to a head injury that Tamaki had suffered from during the semi-finals match against Kamata West when one of the twins had nailed her in the head with a cheap shot.

Needless to say, the reputation of the Generation of Miracles had taken quite a nosedive after that championship league match with all the other teams, and even with several of the high school teams—though not like they are that likeable before. Everyone was furious with the Generation of Miracles. Oddly enough however, the only person who had escaped any sort of verbal abuse from the furious athletes had just been Tamaki herself, the vice captain of Teiko Middle and also their tactician—said to be a genius strategist that is one of those that would only appear once in every ten years.

It had taken Ogiwara Shigehiro nearly a month to come to terms with the trauma that he'd suffered at the championship league before he had basically thrown out all his basketball gear and books, and just as long before he'd returned to Tokyo once more under the persuasion of his parents and Akashi's constant spamming of his phone to make Tamaki see sense—that none of it was her fault.

From what he'd heard from Akashi however, both Tamaki and Akashi were beyond pissed with their team. The teal head was so angry that she didn't even speak a single word to anyone for over a month save for perhaps Akashi.

Mere hours after the fiasco at the championship league, Akashi and Tamaki were the angriest that they have ever been. The argument that the two cousins have with their entire team was so loud that it could even be heard all down the hallway in the Tokyo Gymnasium, and the argument have nearly escalated out of control that it had nearly came to a fist fight between the boys in the team.

But the damage had already been done.

Tamaki could barely face up to the fact that the team that she and her cousin have built with their own hands have now become monsters in almost every sense of the word. In several ways, the fault lies with her for the Generation of Miracles having turned out the way they did.

And after much discussion with her aunt and cousin, Tamaki had decided to leave Tokyo. She had come in second place in Teiko for the middle school examinations and could have her fair share of any top high school in Japan. However, after much discussion with Shigehiro who had decided to stick with his best friend, both have decided to head to Karasuno High School instead.

Unlike most of the schools in Japan, Karasuno had never placed so much of an emphasis on their sports clubs. Furthermore, the school had offered college preparatory courses for their students starting from freshman year—depending on their middle school results. Tamaki wanted to be a teacher, though she didn't know whether she wanted to be a high school teacher or maybe even a preschool teacher. Shigehiro is still undecided on what he wanted to do, but he still had until his second year of high school to decide.

Hence why the two teens are now in the Tokyo train station to catch a train to the Miyagi prefecture where Karasuno High School is located. Kuroko Yuki is of course concerned and worried about her niece, especially the emotional state that she had been in for the past two months.

Hence why she had contacted a distant cousin of hers who had resided in the town where Tamaki and Shigehiro would be staying in for their high school years. Keishin had agreed to take the two teens in, since he had a couple of free guestrooms above his shop that the two teens could use—and not to mention that he had also missed his niece whom he hadn't seen ever since her parents' funeral when she was in her second year of Teiko.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Yuki." Tamaki murmured. "But I can't stay here anymore."

Yuki smiled. "It's fine. I understand," she said reassuringly. "Email or call me at least once a week. Sei-chan understands too. He is sorry that he can't come today, but he has to head down to Kyoto for his admission procedures into Rakuzan High." She then looked at Shigehiro who is standing beside Tamaki. "Take care of Tama-chan, Shige-kun," she told the orange haired teen who nodded. "And here you go." She handed Tamaki an animal carry case where a small black and white husky with strangely familiar blue eyes is resting in. "A farewell gift. He'll keep you company."

Tamaki smiled, her eyes shining at the sight of the adorable little puppy. "Thank you," she said before there was a whistle from the train behind them. "We have to go."

"Give me a call once you've arrived." Yuki insisted even as the two teens headed into the bullet train, standing by the doors to say goodbye. "I've already told Keishin about your arrivals, and he would be expecting you. He doesn't know much of what had happened. But I had to tell him some of the details of what had happened. He won't judge you, Tama-chan."

"We have to come back to Tokyo once a month anyway for Tamaki's appointment with Dr. Midorima." Shigehiro changed the topic skilfully. With what Hanamiya Makoto had done to Tamaki during her second year—though her left hand isn't exactly crippled, it isn't in the best state either, and she had to go for therapy once a month at the Midorima Municipal Hospital. "We'll see you then."

Yuki smiled before the train conductor left out the final whistle. "See you. And be careful, you hear me?" she said, quickly blinking away tears at seeing her niece—the only thing that she had left of her late older brother leaving her side for the first time.

Tamaki and Shigehiro managed to smile back even as they wave goodbye as the train doors slammed shut before it then moved out of the station.

Yuki smiled to herself as she watched the train disappear into the distance. "Take care of them, Keishin," she whispered to herself.


Takeda Ittetsu hmmed to himself as Sawamura Daichi's words gave him a lot to think about.

The practice match against Aoba Johsai had just ended a few hours ago, and it had been an extremely narrow victory, especially with the sudden entrance of the captain and setter, Oikawa Tohru near the end of the third set. And despite Hinata and Kageyama's constant bickering however, their freshmen duo is as dependable as ever, despite Hinata's 'game jitters' that actually ended up in him serving the ball straight into the back of Kageyama's head at one time—much to the entire team's amusement.

True, what Daichi said had been true. The Karasuno captain had been doing a splendid job as captain and coach thus far, but if they want to make it far, they need a proper coach. Shimizu Kiyoko, while an excellent manager when it comes to the team's needs, she is no training manager and couldn't draw up training menus for the team.

Takeda then furrowed his brows. Hang on, he does know of a student who can do something like that…

"I'll take care of finding a coach." Takeda said at last, much to Daichi's confusion. "I have someone in mind, but I first need to convince him—he is a stubborn one. However, in the meantime, I do know a student who might be able to help you." Daichi raised a confused brow as Takeda wrote something on his notebook and tore a page out, handing it to the Karasuno captain who realised that on the paper is written a name and class number. Kuroko Tamaki, Class 1-4. "Find Kuroko Tamaki. If you can convince her to help you, that's half the battle won. She's churned out a legendary team that are almost legends in their own right." Takeda frowned, remembering what the homeroom teacher of 1-4 had mentioned to him in passing. Even he had heard of that group—that's just how famous they are. "It won't be easy to convince her however. She had some emotional baggage—and she doesn't exactly have very good experiences with the word 'team'."


The Karasuno volleyball team had made their usual stop by the Foothill store for their usual batch of dumplings, but much to their disappointment, had failed to get any due to the soccer club buying the last of it just moments ago. The store clerk however had given the volleyball team a few snacks, snapping grumpily at them to 'go home and eat a proper meal'.

Still high from their victory against one of the top four teams in the country, the entire volleyball team as a whole almost ended up walking straight into two teens wearing their school's uniform walking from the opposite direction.

"Sorry." Sugawara apologised, bowing his head repeatedly to the two obviously younger teens. Due to how dark the street is, none of them have seen them until they've literally run into them.

"It's fine." Ogiwara Shigehiro waved his hand, the other hand wheeling his bicycle along. Kuroko Tamaki was walking by his side—the two obviously back from their part time job.

Tamaki's former employer at the florist shop in Tokyo didn't want to lose her, and as he had already been planning to start a branch at the Miyagi prefecture that coincidentally happened to be located in the same town that they are living in, had asked Tamaki to work there instead. Officially, it will be the florist's nephew who would be calling the shots there. But unofficially, it will be mainly Tamaki who will be running the show there, as she understood the system, and the boss's nephew is still learning the business. The boss had even hired Shigehiro as a delivery boy cum florist for the new shop.

Tsukishima Kei raised one blonde eyebrow as he recognised his classmates. "Kuroko. Ogiwara." He nodded to them politely, surprising his teammates, especially Hinata and Kageyama—as they have never seen their tall teammate acting civil to anyone that doesn't go by the name of Yamaguchi Tadashi.

"Tsukishima?" Shigehiro grinned at his classmate, giving a light wave with his free hand. "Club activities?"

"Practice match." Tsukishima corrected, adjusting his glasses in a manner rather reminiscent of a certain green head. "What about you two? Part time job?"

"Hey Class Rep!" Yamaguchi greeted, appearing next to Tsukishima.

"Well, it's a good thing that I've caught you both here." Tamaki spoke for the first time, ignoring the curious glances from the rest of the volleyball club. She reached into her bag before pulling out a form, handing it to Tsukishima and Yamaguchi who both took it curiously. "You both disappeared right after class had ended this afternoon that I couldn't manage to hand this to you. It's regarding our electives for second year. Turn this in to either myself or Sensei by the end of the week."

"…I understand." Tsukishima nodded absently; mind running over the number of electives that he wanted to take.

"Excuse us then." Tamaki nodded politely to the upperclassmen and to her other two fellow freshmen who bowed back politely, being followed by Shigehiro.

"Who are they? I see them around sometimes." Sugawara mused absently, eyes following the backs of the two freshmen as they disappeared around a corner. "Are they freshmen?" He enquired from Tsukishima who seemed to know them.

"Oh, those two?" Tsukishima finally tore his eyes away from the form in his hand, placing it within his bag. "They're in my class. The orange head is Ogiwara Shigehiro. The girl is Kuroko Tamaki—" No one noticed the stiffening of Daichi's body or even his eyes widening. "She's currently the top student in our grade." He grumbled, still not liking the fact that he had gotten kicked off his top student spot by the teal head herself just last week when they've gotten back the results from their first mock test.

In Karasuno, classes 4 and 5 are college prep classes—and the students in those classes are typically some of the top students in their year. While Karasuno doesn't have the reputation of schools like Rakuzan for academics or even sports, they're still one of the nation's top schools for academics.

Despite getting kicked off his spot as top student however, Tsukishima can't bring himself to dislike Kuroko Tamaki who had been nothing but polite to him. The girl however isn't exactly that sociable. The only person whom he had even seen her talk to is just Ogiwara and a few of the girls in their class and some of the other students from other classes who were part of the Student Council.

"They're both in your class?" Daichi asked, entering the conversation, staring at Tsukishima with such intensity that the blonde almost felt uncomfortable though he didn't show it. "Are they part of any clubs?"

"The Going Home Club," was Tsukishima's sarcastic answer, and Yamaguchi chuckled next to him, and Daichi's eye twitched. In other words, they both aren't part of any clubs. "Kuroko and Ogiwara are our class representatives however—so technically, they're part of the Student Council."

"What's wrong, Daichi-san?" Tanaka asked curiously. "It isn't like you to take an interest in freshmen."

"It's nothing." Daichi murmured. "It's just… That girl…"

Tamaki and Shigehiro entered the Foothill store together after the latter had padlocked his bike by the bike post outside the store. The two teens entered just in time to see Keishin placing the receiver of the phone back in its place, an annoyed look on his face.

"I'm home." Tamaki and Shigehiro echoed together.

And not for the first time, Tamaki felt a warm surge within her at being able to say it to someone rather than to an empty house. Back in her house in Tokyo, she always came home every single day to an empty house—even before her parents have passed away.

High-pitched barking greeted them as a small black and white husky appeared from the back room, running towards Tamaki and jumping into her arms.

"I'm back, Aoi." Tamaki managed a small smile even as her puppy licked her with his usual greeting—happy to see his mistress back home.

"Welcome back, you two." Keishin smiled at the two teens. "Dinner is ready. Wash your hands before you eat. Shige, flip the sign on the door for me, and lock it while you're at it."

"Roger." Shigehiro nodded his head before doing as Keishin asked. "By the way, who called earlier? Is it my mom again?"

"No, it's nothing." Keishin gave a tense smile at the two teens. "You don't have to worry about it. Come on, let's have dinner together. Then you can tell me all about your day." He said cheerfully, placing a hand each on the shoulders of the two teens and guiding them into the kitchen at the back.


It was lunchtime before Daichi and Sugawara made their way down the hallway of the freshmen classrooms—the 'forbidden territory'. The Karasuno captain had filled his best friend in on what Takeda-sensei had told him, and had even shown him the slip of paper that their faculty advisor had given him the night before.

"You know, I'm fairly sure that I've heard her name somewhere before." Sugawara frowned even as Daichi had his eyes fixed to the number plates above the door of each classroom that they've walked past. "I just can't remember where."

"It'll come back to you soon enough." Daichi said absently. "It isn't just you however. I'm sure that I've heard of her somewhere as well." He then paused in his tracks. "Here we are. Class 1-4."

Yamaguchi had to pick that moment to step out of the classroom, a confused expression on his face as he recognised his two seniors. "Huh? Sempai? What are you doing here?"

"Yamaguchi." Daichi nodded to their underclassman. "Is there someone named Kuroko Tamaki in this class?" He enquired.

"Huh?" Yamaguchi only looked more confused. "Wait here." He then turned over his shoulder, calling to a teal haired girl sitting at one of the back desks by the window, with an orange haired teen sitting atop her desk—the two talking in low tones with each other. "Class Rep! Kuroko-san! Someone is here for you!"

Kuroko Tamaki glanced up, and Sugawara was surprised to see that it is the girl from last night. The orange haired teen frowned as he glanced at them before telling his friend something. The two then walked towards the two seniors.

"Can I help you with anything?" Tamaki asked politely, though she had a pretty good idea what this is about. About half the sports clubs in the school had already approached her by her second week in school about being their manager and tactician, but she had turned all of them down, especially the basketball club.

"Takeda-sensei told me about you." Daichi said slowly, startled at seeing that lost expression in the younger girl's eyes. "Would you help the volleyball club as our training manager and strategist?" He asked hopefully.

"…No." Tamaki said bluntly at once without even thinking about it, much to the two seniors' surprise. Sugawara, the more observant of the two was however startled to see the brief look of pain in her eyes before it vanished. "I refuse." She looked at Daichi who looked ready to argue. "Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are both in my class, so I've got a pretty good idea of the situation in your team. However, my advice to you is to find someone else. The last team that I helped to bring to the top become monsters in every sense of the word—thus ruining the game for the rest of us." A dark look flashed across her face, and Shigehiro's too. "I refuse to make the same mistake twice."


Sugawara grabbed Daichi's arm as he protested, and the Karasuno vice-captain shook his head at his best friend before turning back towards the two freshmen. "We can't force you," he said. "I don't know what had happened to you in the past, and I won't pry either. But Karasuno is not your old team. Volleyball is a team sport. No one can play alone. We don't leave anyone behind." Tamaki's eyes widened at that statement, and next to her, Shigehiro looked as if someone had just punched all the air out of him. "At least come to our club practice at least once. See for yourself. We at least want to bring Karasuno to the Nationals this year. We would be graduating at the end of the year—we'll never get another chance after that."

Tamaki was silent for a long time. "…Let me think about it."


"You sure are persistent, sensei."

Her cousin's (uncle really, though Keishin gets mad if anyone calls him uncle) annoyed voice was the first thing that Tamaki heard that night even as she reached home, with Shigehiro behind her. The two have been really silent all day, their conversation with Sugawara and Daichi on their minds. Yamaguchi had been bugging them all day what their sempai wanted with them, but neither one of them had said a word. Tsukishima had finally taken pity on them, and had pried Yamaguchi away from the two.

"I'm back." Tamaki and Shigehiro echoed together, and the two males in the shop turned towards their direction. Tamaki was mildly surprised to see Takeda-sensei in the shop facing her annoyed cousin who is sitting behind the counter reading a magazine.

"Tamaki. Shige. Welcome back." Keishin greeted, standing up from behind the counter, and stubbing his cigarette into the ashtray on the table. He seemed to remember Takeda's presence once more and turned towards the meek looking teacher. "Like I'm saying, being tenacious won't get me to coach them. It is true that my granddad used to be Karasuno's volleyball coach, and he had even coached them at their peak when Karasuno had became legends in their own right, but that was years ago. I'm not my granddad. And I'm not a coach."

Tamaki narrowed her eyes. The volleyball club again? She ran away to the Miyagi prefecture to get away from basketball, so why the hell does people associated with volleyball keeps hounding her instead?

"Your club's captain and vice-captain just approached us this afternoon at lunchtime too." Shigehiro commented, eyes narrowed at their Japanese literature teacher. "Or more specifically, they've approached Tamaki. You're the one that told them about her, didn't you?" He accused.

Keishin looked annoyed at that, slamming his magazine shut. "First you wouldn't stop bothering me about becoming your coach, and now you've got your eyes set on my cousin too?" he demanded, annoyed. "You're persistent!"

"That's one of my good points." Takeda said bravely, not backing down in the least despite Keishin's glare. "I'm sorry, but I really want to see those boys succeed. They all have potential. Kuroko-chan, even I've heard of your reputation amongst the sports circuit—more specifically the basketball circuit. You can help them."

"I won't make the same mistake twice." Tamaki's eyes were cold. "I won't have Karasuno become another Teiko. Besides, I know what you want for the volleyball club." Really, this is really reminding her a little too much of how Teiko had started out. "You want a technical instructor and a manager who could devise tactics and training menus. But in the end, what you're really after is the illustrious name of 'Ukai', and even my reputation—the one that I've got amongst the sports circuits."

"I won't deny that." Takeda admitted wryly. "Honestly, things have been tough for us ever since Coach Ukai had retired. That's why I thought that if you agreed to coach the team, and if Kuroko-chan would become their training manager and strategist—"

"I refuse." Both Keishin and Tamaki said at the same time. They stared at each other before turning their attention back towards the teacher, much to Shigehiro's amusement.

"Kuroko-chan, I don't know what had happened to you during middle school, but Karasuno is not your old team." Takeda said earnestly. "They need your help. At the very least, go to one of their practices. You'll see." He then sighed. "I'll come back again." He bowed, much to Keishin's annoyance.

Shigehiro followed Takeda-sensei to the door to see him out.

"Can you at least convince them for me, Ogiwara-kun?" Takeda asked the orange haired teen.

Shigehiro shrugged. "Don't look at me. Tamaki doesn't exactly have very good experiences with the word 'team'. Honestly, if I am her, I wouldn't want to go anywhere near the sports clubs too, especially with what had happened in Teiko," he stated. "And she's stubborn to the point of obstinate. You won't get her to change her mind once she had it made up."

Takeda sighed. "I won't give up," he said firmly. "At the very least, convince her to attend one practice? She'll see that they're different—that Karasuno is different. She'll understand once she sees those boys play."

Shigehiro sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Keishin-san is right. You're really persistent, sensei," he stated, and Takeda smiled. "But—" The smile on Takeda's face slipped off. "Tamaki's well being and emotional state means more to me than what the volleyball team wants. I'll leave it up to her—I don't know what she will decide. But if Karasuno becomes another Teiko, I'm going to be pretty pissed." He narrowed his eyes. "I couldn't protect her during middle school. But I won't make the same mistake in high school. I promised her cousin and her aunt to watch over her. But…" The oppressive air disappeared, and Takeda could breathe again. "If Karasuno is truly as you said it is, then maybe, it might just be what Tamaki needs… What I need." Shigehiro whispered. "One practice. I can at least convince her to attend one practice. Whether she will agree or not is up to your team."

Takeda smiled and nodded. "They won't fail your expectations," he said with confidence.

Shigehiro closed his eyes briefly. Can they hope once more? Can they try again? Try again with a new team? A new sport? Can they…?

…Can they believe in a new team once more?

A/N: Like I said, it is going to be a pretty angtsy fest for a couple of chapters. Asahi and Nishinoya will make their appearances next chapter. As for Kuroko no Basuke characters, they will still appear, and I'm not sure if I'm going to do some Generation of Miracles' bashing here as I'm not in the habit to bash characters.

Pairings wise, I'm still undecided between Oikawa and Sugawara—though I do like Sugawara better, and it is easier to write him with Tamaki, as his personality is just what Tamaki needs now. Anyway, I hope that you like this story, and please read and review! Reviews give me inspiration to update!

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