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The Alphas Avenger Mate


This Story takes place after the snap but The Phoenix was able to use her power to save the avengers that Thanos was trying to snap out of time. But what I didn't know is that I sent us to another earth where werewolves exist, and I was the Alphas mate. But see what happens and see how the final battle against Thanos ends.

Action / Adventure
Jesse Streeter
Age Rating:

The Snap

Chapter 1

The Phoenix POV

I saw what Thanos was planning to do, and I had to save us somehow. So I used my powers against him to try and save us, but I still saw myself disintegrating, and then I black out .

Alpha Riot POV

I was sitting in my office going over some paperwork, and my wolf Knox was really agitated today. " What is your Problem Knox?" I asked my wolf. " I feel like something good is going to happen today." Was all he said.

I forgot to introduce myself I'm Alpha Riot Payne of The Avengers Pack. I know sounds like something from a comic book, but it's had that name for a couple hundred years.

Anyway I was working on some paperwork when I got a mind link from my Beta. His name is Rider Smith. " Alpha we found some unconscious people on our land." " I'll be right there Beta Rider." I got up from my desk, and went out the back door, and shifted into my black wolf, and ran where they told me where they found the unconscious people.

When I got there I shifted back, and put some clothes on. When I got closer I started to smell this wonderful scent of strawberries, and chocolate, and my wolf was chanting " Mate, Mate." When I made it to the people I found who the scent belonged to.

The unconscious women was wearing a black and gold costume with some kind of bird on her chest, and even though I wanted to claim her I had to make sure she was ok, and then I notice a young kid in a suit with a spider on his chest, and he looked around 15-16.

" Check on the kid, I'm going to check my mate, so nobody touch her." I growled out. After I said mate I got my congratulations from them before we went back to work.

As I bent down to check on her, her eyes shot open. And boy they were beautiful dark brown, with a black ring around her iris. She looked panic, and she was looking around like she was looking for someone. She Started to get up, and she was looking around saying Thanos. She looked panic, and my wolf and I were whimpering because we wanted to comfort her.

" Hey calm down your safe." I said as calmly as possible. That got her attention because she looked at me in the eye and said. " Where is Thanos." she asked looking around us. " I don't know who this Thanos is but your safe." I said inching closer to my mate. As she was looking around she saw my Beta and Gamma treating the boy, and then all Hell broke lose.

She ran towards my Beta and Gamma, and then all of a sudden she opened her mouth and scream, and that sent my men flying. " Stay away from him." She said as she got in front of him to protect him. " Calm down we are not going to hurt you." I said trying to get this woman to trust me. Whatever happened to her must have been bad. " Where is Thanos?!" She screamed again.

After she asked That question she started to act even more funny. " Stop, no you are not taking control." She yelled while holding her head.

She collapsed to the ground her eyes closed. I inched closer to her, and when I got closer to her I put my hand on her shoulder to try and send some positive vibes through my mate. She started to calm down. and when I looked into her eyes they were no longer the dark brown. They were glowing orange.Start here…

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