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The Alphas Avenger Mate

Meeting The Phoenix

Chapter 2

Alpha Riot POV

As I was starring at her glowing orange eyes she started to rise and walk towards the boy, and touched him on the head. When she touched his head he woke up. " Uh hi Ms. Phoenix haven't seen you in awhile." The boy said while my mate was helping him up. " Nice to see you to Peter." My mate said to the boy.

" Could someone please explain what's going on." My Gamma said ( And my Gamma name is Jax Smith. by the way.)

My Mate turn to us and walked towards me. " We seem to have some kind of connection I can feel it running through my body, but I will explain what and how we got here." She paused before looking at us again.

" Now what I'm about to tell you may seem strange but it's true. You see we are from a different earth, Earth 616 to be precise. Peter was on a different planet, and I was in Wakanda fighting Thanos army." This woman told us everything from the stones, to the fight, to the snap, to where my mate had use some kind of power to save her team from being wiped out of time. But the powers she was using some how sent them to this earth, which I'm still getting used to that there are other earths. After she got done explaining my mate looked at us.

" Any questions." She said. " Yeah what is this team of superheros from comics named." My Beta asked with a lot of curiosity. " My team is called The Avengers." " No kidding our pack is called The Avengers." My Gamma Jax said with so much excitement. " That is so cool." The boy Peter said with so much excitement. " What is your name?" I asked my mate she turned to me still with her glowing eyes. " Well my name is The Phoenix, and the person that is allowing me to be in her body is named Jes, you see I had to take over so she could calm down from the battle." She paused because it seem like she was talking to someone. " Ok Jes is going to come back now she calm down, and please explain this connection that we have to her."

with that she closed her eyes, and when they opened they were back to her beautiful color. " Now we can talk." was all Jes said before she passed out

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