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UA is threatened by a murderer infiltrated in the place. The only clue they have is a notebook with photos and information on each student and teacher. The race begins when the killer promises to save one of them. Will they succeed?

Horror / Mystery
Trainer Pink
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A deafening scream of pure terror shook the entire building causing everyone to run to where the author of such a disturbing sound was.

Mina! What happen?! Are you okay ?! —Kirishima asked as he placed himself at the level of the pink-skinned girl, not caring that in the process he hit his shoulder with the furniture.

The pink-haired girl did not answer, she simply clung to the body of the redhead who continued to cover her with his arms.

What had she seen to provoke such a degree of surprise and fear?

The rest of the group moved closer to see it with their own eyes.

They were prepared to attack, so it also took them by surprise.

What is there?—Ochako asked as she approached Sero and Bakugo, who had been the brave volunteers.

Quickly the blonde turned around hugging the brunette and thus preventing her from looking at the scene.

Shit ...— He whispered without letting go of the girl.

Uraraka was still confused and no matter how much she asked, Bakugo refused to let her look or even tell her what was there.

Deku, move your ass and do something worthwhile for once in your fucking life.—He exclaimed as he handed over to the confused young man demanding that he not let she look.

Once the place cleared, they began to solve such problem.

Kirishima, take Mina out of here, Sero you’re going to help me cover this while the officers arrive.— Katsuki ordered, taking the lead instantly.

Each one set off, even Todoroki had offered his help to cover the scene.

Meanwhile, Iida was calling the appropriate authorities.

They soon filled the academy with police vehicles and an occasional ambulance.

Another scandal engulfed the prestigious academy of heroes, but this time the level increased.

Everyone gathered in the classroom was silent waiting for the words of their tutor who simply looked at his group with regret.

There is a murderer in the Academy ...— He declared with a serious tone.

Asui’s death confirmed it, but who was it?

Ochako understood instantly, what Mina had seen was the lifeless body of the cheerful amphibian quirk girl.

Witnessing that heinous crime charged the cheerful girl very high bills.

Now she looked duller, as if her soul had left her body since that morning.

No matter how hard her friends tried, she seemed not to come out of that trance.

One day the inevitable happened, Kirishima found Mina’s corpse.

On the bed there was a small note that said:

“Sorry, I can’t take it anymore...”

Witnessing that scene had destroyed her mind, so she decided to end his life by hanging from the highest point of the room.

That monster had claimed the life of another person.

But this time it would be accompanied by a valuable clue to put an end to that martyrdom.

Apparently the murderer left this in the corridors of the building.—The class representative exclaimed as he placed the evidence on the living table.

An album?— Sero asked confused, it was the last thing he related to a criminal of his level.

—It’s not just any album.— Yaoyorozu quickly clarified. —Apparently here are photos and information about each one of us.—

The atmosphere now took on terrifying shades.

How had he gotten such information and worse, those photos that seemed recent?

Without warning, Kirishima got up and ran to one of the balconies of the place.

Who the hell are you ?! Here I am, show yourself you damn coward!— He shouted into the air, waiting for his message to be received.

Anyone would think that that ray of sunlight had succumbed to the darkness of madness.

But those were only the laments of a man who had lost the love of his life.

A man with a heart and soul broken into a thousand pieces.

A slight push was what he received in response, for when the others arrived at the place they only found the cheerful redhead lying on the cold concrete floor.

His face looked calm as red liquid dripped relentlessly from his fractured skull.

Someone had pushed him into the void.

With Kirishima’s horrible death the counter increased to three students.

They had to act fast if they wanted to survive.

The next morning, the would-be heroes woke up with an unusual “gift.”

It seems that you finally noticed my presence.


It only took three deaths to get it.

I admit that watching all of you slowly freak out is fun for me.

So I have decided to make the game more interesting ..

Whoever guesses who I am will survive.

Good luck!”

The representative’s voice fell silent as he helplessly crumpled the note.

It was obvious that that damned being was playing with them, and the consequences would not be long in coming.

It is obvious that Midoriya is the murderer!—Mineta released, directly accusing the freckled boy.

Me ?!— He only managed to answer in his defense, he wasn’t even expected to be a suspect.

Mineta is right!, He’s the only one who keeps writing down things about us and the teachers! —Support Hagakure desperately searching for the valuable immunity.

Don’t be idiots, if the murderer was Deku it wouldn’t leave such an obvious clue.— Katsuki surprisingly defended him, even so he had a good point.

With fear to the surface, everyone present began to release accusations without rest.

What if it’s Monoma?” He hates us. —Aoyama proposed.

Maybe it’s Bakugo, he’s always saying he’s going to kill us.—Kaminari released receiving a unanimous look of disapproval.

The chaos that Iida had so much fear happening was even worse.

It was a war of all against all.

The days passed as if they were centuries.

They had all turned their sense of caution into a sick paranoia.

Quickly the number of students dropped considerably.

One day they found Sero’s body mutilated and covered with a blanket, the corpse had no emitted odor so that caused the others to make such a horrible find without any warning.

Only Kaminari and Bakugo remained from that trouble and joyous group.

The latter ordered the boy with the electric quirk to sleep in his room, feeling that the killer was particularly after them.

Kyoka, Yaoyorozu and Hagakure mimicked the explosive boy’s action, unfortunately it ended with a triple murder where the three young women were burned alive.

Time was running out and despair was becoming more and more evident.

Ochako was the only girl who was still alive and that caused her a strong fear.

She didn’t know when that person would decide to end her life.

There was so many things in her head that makes notable struggles in her health.

She development a strong problem to get asleep, she didn’t eat, even her happiness was gone.

That saddened and worried everyone.

Uraraka-san, you should get some rest.— Midoriya asked with concern.

The brunette nodded regretfully, but that night she slept surprisingly quiet.

An enormous peace enveloped each of her fibers when she felt her body rise.

She was no longer worried.

There was no more pain.

There was only peace.

The last murder and the strangest of all was discovered three days later.

Uraraka’s inert body lay in one of the gardens, her stomach was wide open and her heart had been extracted.

From the hole where her organs were supposed to be, beautiful multi-colored flowers came out.

Surrounding her was a multitude of butterflies and with a peaceful smile on her face, the brunette had received one of the most elaborate deaths and to some extent the most beautiful.

Over time it was discovered that the cause of her death was poisoning with a substance that caused a quick and painless death, so she had not suffered much either.

That loss was a hard blow for everyone, especially for Katsuki who had strong feelings for the girl.

Bakugo, I’m very sorry about what happened with Ochako ... I know it’s very difficult for you to overcome this.— Kaminari said trying to use the correct combination of words.

He wanted to console his friend but he knew that it would be very unwise to do it in front of others, so he waited for night to come and in the solitude of that room he expressed his condolences.

It doesn’t matter, nothing matters anymore.— He replied with hurt

The degree of pain he felt was evident and apparently he was not afraid to show that human part of him.

The next day everyone was meeting in the room, discussing how to solve that situation once and for all.

He’s obviously making fun of us.— Todoroki let out visibly frustrated.

Each and everyone had received at least one attack from the mysterious assassin.

In a lucid moment, one of them analyzed the painful situation, asking a question that would be key.

Who was the only one who did not receive an attack?— Midoriya questioned making everyone synchronize.

A laughter was heard then causing terror-filled gazes to be directed to that point.

The place was awash in a faint smell of gas.


A few days before...

At Midoriya’s request, Uraraka trudged to her bedroom.

She threw herself on her bed and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, thousands of things overwhelmed her and that began to tire her.

Her mind was on everything and nothing.

Without prior notice, the door opened, letting in a figure that with slow steps approached where the girl was.

She didn’t bother to get up and face the sassy one who had violated her privacy.

Deep down she knew who it was.

All this time ... it was you, right Bakugo?— He asked in a calm voice without looking at him.

The blonde just smiled slightly at her as he got up to her height.

He gently take her hand, as if he were taking a rose whose petals are dying.

Sorry Pink Cheeks, but someone beat you.

Every word seemed to cut his throat, that situation hurt him.

But the girl was ignoring that, she no longer needs the blessed immunity, now that she knew that Katsuki was the author of those crimes she felt strangely calm.

The fear was completely gone, although she had no hope of survival.

She knew he was going to kill her and right now she didn’t care if he did.

I’m dying? .— She asked calmly.

Bakugo couldn’t hold back his tears anymore, it was stupid to want to hide his feelings.

Yes, the poison must be drying out your organs now.— He answered with a slightly broken voice.

Time ran as if it were water between the blond’s palms, he was seconds away from losing her forever.

Ochako... I love you with all my being .... please forgive me.— He asked bursting into tears and covering his face in the chestnut’s arm.

She simply used her last strength to caress the boy’s face and force him to look at her.

Katsuki, you don’t know how happy you make me.— She said with tears in her eyes and a sweet smile.

She agreed to die at the hands of the boy who had stolen her heart.

She knew he was insane.

But even knowing that, she reciprocated those feelings.

I don’t care about your sins, I love you and always will.

With that promise, Uraraka Ochako closed her eyes never to open them again.

Katsuki let out all the pain at that moment, placed his lips on her forehead that still retained some heat, and deposited a gentle farewell kiss.

She had become his angel now, the angel who would advocate for his damned soul.

The poison prevented the smell of decomposition from beginning to appear, but the boy still wanted to transform her into an art piece.

Carefully placed her in one of the gardens that she observed with admiration daily, took out a knife and with great precision cut the body leaving it with an opening from the belly to the chest.

He took out her organs and buried them right next to the body, keeping her heart for him.

Once he had the body completely clean, he deposited special soil and some poppy, cosmos and gerbera seeds, that was a perfect combination to attract butterflies.

Without a doubt, killing the girl who one day came to stay with his heart was the most difficult task of all, but he could no longer turn back.

At least he cared about giving her a calm and painless death, turning her existence into the most beautiful sculpture.

Those memories next to Ochako’s face flooded his mind as the gas spread throughout the building.

I confess before God that I have sinned, I have failed a commandment ...—He whispered while the others ran like ants trying to save their lives.

Bakugo released a few small sparks as he watched with those beautiful crimson eyes how their lives were about to be extinguished.

Please God, I implore you ... let me go with my angel.—Those were his last words before the building exploded.

Because only death could cleanse his sin, only death could soothe his shattered soul.

Only his death could compensate for ending the symbol of peace.

Hours before....

Hey idiot, Aizawa-sensei said there would be an emergency meeting in the gym, go there now.

That was the last text that Kaminari received from Bakugo.

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